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Christy took us all on!

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Christy took us all on!
When I was at college I used to hang out with Thomas and Mark, two guys like me, who liked films, comics and talking about films and comics, and there was Christy.
She was a short chubby girl, with jet black shoulder length hair, who just liked to hang out with us, and spent most of the time mocking us for our interests, but she was pretty cool to and always had an opinion on what we were talking about.
Anyway, one summers day we were walking through the park talking about the latest blockbuster films out, when Thomas spotted Sophie and her friends on bench ahead of us.
Now Sophie was this hot blonde girl, who was very popular and probably didn’t even know we existed, but Thomas had a big crush on her, and for some reason decided this was the right time to go and talk to her.
So, we strolled up to the bench, and then like the good friends we were, we watched curiously as Thomas nervously approached Sophie, but as he said “Hey, Sophie” her friends Camila and Racheal glared up at him and quickly replied “Get lost geek”
“I’m not a geek” replied Thomas “I just wanted to talk to Sophie a minute!”
“But she don’t want to talk to you!” replied Camila firmly “So goodbye!”
Thomas stared nervously at Sophie, but she just awkwardly turned her head away, and that was that.
We soon walked on, and Thomas barely said anything as we tried to make him feel better.
“Forget her” said Mark “You don’t need a girl like that in your life!”
“Yeah” I said agreeing “Her and her friends are just real bitches!”
“But I just wanted to talk to her, and get to know her” moaned Thomas back.
“No you didn’t, you wanted to see her naked and get your dick wet!” said Christy bluntly.
We all looked at her in disbelief, and she then said “What? It’s true! Your all just a horny bunch teenagers, and only think about one thing! Besides I heard she doesn’t do sex, and barely knows how to give a blow job!”
“So?” replied Thomas angrily “I don’t care about that!”
“You should!” replied Christy “You find the right person who can suck your dick right, and you’ll be in love forever!”
“That’s not true!” replied Mark “And besides how would you know? It’s not like I see you with a hundred guys begging for a blowjob!”
“They would if I gave it to them!” snapped Christy back “I give great blowjobs!”
“Bullshit!” replied Mark
“No it’s true! And i’ll prove it!” Christy then said before she turned and walked off along the path.
“Where you going?” I asked
“To show you how good a blow job I give!” replied Christy “Now come on!”
Thomas, Mark and Me glanced at each other with confused looks, and then intrigued began to follow our short hot headed female friend, and she marched us towards the end of the park, and into what was an ornamental garden, that had been left a little over grown and barely used.
Christy in her tight little blue t-shirt that barely covered her plump round boobs, a short green skirt that barely covered her plump round arse, and knee high striped socks and trainers, then stepped over to a bench hidden slightly by a large green bush, and sat down, before looking up at us.
“Well?” she said
“What?” asked Mark
“Well are you going to get your dicks out or not?” asked Christy.
“What?!” we asked back looking very surprised.
“If you want me to prove how good my blow jobs are, you need to get your dicks out, so I can prove it!” replied Christy firmly “So?” she then asked
The three of us glanced at each other nervously, unsure if she was being serious or not, then Thomas said “Okay” and began undoing his jeans, and in seconds they were around his ankles, and then reaching into his boxers he pulled out his soft cock before giving it a couple of tugs, and then offering it to Christy.
Christy smiled as she moved forward on the edge of the bench, then reaching out she placed her small soft hand onto his dick and Thomas gasped as she took hold of his hardening cock and began to jerk it.
“Ooh! it’s very warm and thick!” she said playfully “Does it get bigger?”
“Yes” replied Thomas excitedly.
Christy then began jerking it some more and we watched Thomas cock getting bigger and longer in her hand, before Christy then grinned, and then opened her mouth and engulfed Thomas’s hard cock.
“Fuck!” I heard Mark exclaim as we watched our best friend getting his dick sucked by another one of our best friends.
Eagerly for the next minute or so, Christy jerked Thomas thick shaft while sucking on his big cockhead, before she then lifted her mouth up off his dick for a moment, glanced over at Me and Mark and asked “Well, are you going to get your dicks out too? Or are you just going to watch your best friend get the perfect blow job?”
We immediately began undoing our jeans, and very quickly had dropped them to the floor before reaching into our boxers and pulling out our own semi hard cocks, and standing either side of Thomas, we offered them to Christy.
Instantly she reached out for them, and wrapping her hands around both our cocks, she began tugging on them, while still sucking on Thomas’s hard cock, and judging by his moans, she wasn’t lying, she was a good blow job giver.
For the next minute or so our hot, short, black haired chubby friend jerked our cocks, and sucked Thomas’s, before she decided to switch, and leaning over began sucking Marks, while jerking Thomas’s and mine still.
This was incredible, I never thought our only female friend would be interested in seeing us naked, let alone touching our cocks, but she was, and at the same time!
Then after sucking on Marks for a bit, she turned her head and engulfed my hard cock, and I groaned loudly in delight as her wet hungry lips slid down my hard length and began sucking my cockhead.
As I stood happily getting only my second blowjob ever, Thomas had clearly got intrigued as to what Christy had under her top, and reaching down he placed his hand on her round hanging cleavage.
Immediately Christy moaned as she felt his hand fondling one of her soft breasts through her t-shirt, and then incredibly, she reached down, took hold of her tight t-shirt and pulled it up, and her big round white chubby boobs fell out, and I heard Mark curse again in amazement, before he and Thomas then reached down and began groping her big soft melons.
This seem to excite Christy a lot, and eagerly she began sucking on my hard teen cock harder, and was soon taking over half of it deep down her throat over and over.
“Oh fuck” I muttered as she sucked and drooled on my cock.
Then after a bit, she moved her mouth off of my cock, and switched back to Thomas’s, but as she began sucking on his hard tool again, Mark offered his length to her at the same time, and we watched in amazement, as she opened her mouth wider, and then began sucking on his meat pole too.
Christy now had both Thomas and Marks hard cocks in her young teen mouth, and eagerly sucked on them both like a girl possessed, and then after watching for a moment, I moved closer to her and reached down to fondle her bare hanging boobs.
As she continued to suck happily on my friends hard cocks, and I fondled her big tits, I noticed her legs had spread quite wide and I could see her bare white thigh flesh above her knee socks, creeping out from under her short skirt, and kind of caught up in the moment, I slipped my hand down and placed it on her thigh.
Christy didn’t say anything, she was clearly to busy sucking on the two cocks in her front of her, so I began moving my fingers up her soft chubby thigh, until finally I reached her mound protected by her panties that were stretched tightly over it, and as my fingers slid over them, I could feel her warmth and moisture, because this girl was cooking nicely.
As my fingers gently rubbed over her soft pussy mound, Christy began to moan louder, with a mouthful of two cocks, and then one of her hands shot down, grabbed my hand and began brushing harder against her mound, and after a moment I realised she wanted me to rub her mound harder, and eagerly I did.
Christy moaned again as my fingers really began firmly massage her soft pussy lips through her knicker material, and she eagerly continued to suck on my friends cock.
Then after a bit longer she suddenly pulled her mouth free of their hard wet cocks gasping for air, before she then muttered “Oh fuck it! I need your cocks now! I need them so badly!”
And then she reached down lifted up her skirt, grabbed hold of her white little panties that were now very moist with her juices, and pushed them down her chubby thighs, over her knee socks and down to her ankles, before she kicked them off, and they disappeared off into the bushes behind Thomas and Mark.
Then she leant back on the old wooden bench, and spread her chubby white legs wide, and we could all now see her perfectly bald shaved wet pink pussy in all it’s glory, with just a hint of a black trimmed bush above it.
“Now! who’s going to fuck me first?” she then asked lustfully.
Eagerly Thomas cried “Oh yeah!” and quickly moved towards her.
Then crouching down between Christy open legs, he placed his hard cock up against her wet waiting entrance, and then thrust gently into her, and they both groaned as he filled her with his hard pole.
Thomas then paused for a moment, I think to try and calm himself because it looked like he was almost ready to blow right then.
But after a moment he then began to move his arse back and forth between Christy thighs and with more groans Me and Mark watched our friends begin to fuck.
Thomas very quickly had a good rhythm going, pumping his hard teen cock in and out of her wet teen pussy nice and steadily, and then Christy leant over towards me, took hold of my cock and began sucking on it again.
I groaned happily as she sucked away on my length, and couldn’t believe our only female friend was now eager to fuck us in public, but she clearly was, and as Thomas continued to fuck her little pussy, and she sucked on my cock, Mark moved in closer as well, and happily she reached over and began jerking his cock again with her free hand.
For a few more minutes we stayed like that, until Thomas began to make loud excited groans like he was getting close to cumming, and immediately Christy pulled her mouth from my cock and told him to pull out, and let some one else have a go.
So, reluctantly Thomas pulled his cock from her pussy, and switched with Mark, and excitedly, Mark quickly got down between her open bare legs, and then slipped his hard cock into her wet warm hole.
Christy was soon moaning again as Mark began to fuck her eagerly, and then Thomas moved up beside me, and happily our hot female friend took hold of his cock and fed it back into her mouth, and now she was sucking on both our cocks, while being fucked by a third.
For the next few minutes Christy sucked and drooled all over our two cocks, while Mark pumped away between her legs, and were all moaning happily, then Christy said it was my turn, and happily I moved between her spread thighs as Mark moved out of the way, and then placing my ready cock up against her soft wet pink lips, I pushed forwards, and my cockhead slipped between them and into her warm wet hole.
Christy again groaned as my cock filled her young little pussy, before I placed my hands on her soft thighs and then began pumping my cock into her over and over.
As soon as I began fucking her, Christy immediately continued to suck on my friends cock, and once again we stayed like this for several amazing minutes, fucking in public where any one might find us at any minute.
Then just as I was beginning to feel the excitement build as my cock continued to pound into her pussy, Christy declared she wanted to try another position, and ordered me to sit on the bench beside her.
So, I sat down and quickly she lifted her self up, and then lowered herself onto me, and I watched excitedly as her little bald pussy slid down onto my pole, before her white plump arse rested on my waist, and then she began to bounce up and down on me.
“Oh fuck!” I groaned as this hot crazy girl I thought I knew, now rode my cock happily.
Then once she was riding me happily she took hold of the other two cocks in front of her and began jerking them again.
For another few minutes Christy happily rode my cock, while tugging on my friends, and all the time I watched her round soft arse lifting and falling on top of me and thought how fucking incredible this was!
Then she wanted to try one of the others, and eagerly Thomas sat down first, before she quickly moved over onto his hard cock, and once she had impaled herself on it, and began to bounce again, she took hold of mine Marks poles and once again began jerking us in time to her movements.
It wasn’t long however before I could hear Thomas groaning excitedly again, and shortly after Christy ordered Mark to sit down, and then eagerly she switched to his cock, and once again we watched her plump little body rising and falling as she fucked herself on one of our cocks.
For another few minutes she continued to fuck herself on Marks cock, while jerking mine and Thomas’s, and clearly she was beginning to enjoy it herself as she was moaning constantly and her breathing was getting heavier.
Then she looked up at Thomas and Me and said “I want to try one more thing before you guys can cum?”
“What?” asked Thomas
“I want all your cocks in my pussy, together!” she replied.
“Really?!” Thomas and I asked in disbelief.
“Yeah! I want it so much! I want to see if I can get all your cocks in my hot wet pussy, right now!” she then said, still siting on Marks.
“Okay” shrugged Thomas, and began to move towards her.
I then watched him straddle Marks legs, before he lowered his hard cock towards Christy’s wet cock filled pussy, and with a little force, he began to push his cockhead inside of her, along side Marks.
“Oh fuck!” I heard Christy groan loudly.
“You okay?” asked Thomas pausing a moment.
“Yes! Just keep going!” groaned Christy back.
So, Thomas carried on pushing in, and after a moment, he had his hard cock in her pussy along with one of his best friends.
“Come on, you too!” urged Christy to me, and slowly I stepped towards her, then realised the only way I was going to get in there, was to climb up onto the bench, straddle her and Mark, and with my arse very close to Thomas’s face, I lowered down and attempted to push my hard cock into her pussy.
My cockhead brushed up against Thomas’s, which was kind of weird, but I soon found Christy’s well spread pink pussy lips, and nudging it towards her, my cock began to creep into her well filled hole, and after a little pushing and groaning, my cock was half into her pussy.
Now this hot black haired short crazy teen, had three hard cocks inside of her, filling and stretching her pussy in ways i’m sure she had never experienced before, and then she urged us to fuck her.
“You sure?” we asked back.
“Yes do it! Do it! I want to feel all your cocks fucking me at the same time! I want to feel so filled I might just explode!” she groaned back eagerly.
So a little awkwardly, we began to move our cocks back and forth, which wasn’t easy as they brushed up against each other, and Christy’s pussy was still pretty tight, but we soon began to find a rhythm, and soon our hot female friend was groaning loudly.
“Oh fuck it’s amazing! It feels so amazing!” she cried “I’m so full of cock! I’ve never felt anything like this!”
As she began to say things like this, and was clearly enjoying three hard teen cocks buried in her tight wet pussy, we began to get a little faster and pump a little harder, spurred on by her groans and cries.
“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big beautiful cocks! Fill my little pussy full of your hard hot meat!” she groaned as she lay back on Mark, getting the fuck of a life time!
For the next few minutes the three of us pumped away at her groaning and grunting as we did, and all the while Christy lay back groaning louder and louder and telling us how fucking amazing it was.
Then as our hard cocks shuttled back and forth almost in time, and Christy was clearly heading to a huge orgasm, I heard Thomas begin to mutter.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m going to Cum! I’m going to cum!” he moaned.
“Do it!” replied Christy with her eyes closed and a big happy grin on her face, as we continued to pump our cocks into her “Do it! I want to feel you cum in me! I want to feel you all cum in me! Do it! Do it! Fill my pussy full of your hot cum! I want it!”
This was incredible, we had all had the safe sex lecture at school and college, but now here was this hot crazy girl begging for us to fill her with our combined cum loads, and she really wanted it!
“I’m going to! I’m going to!” groaned Thomas as he got more and more excited.
“Yes! yes! yes!” cried Christy excitedly.
Then Thomas began thrusting wildly into her, as his orgasm began to build, this began to make me feel excited too, and I think Mark, because in seconds we were all beginning to groan loudly and thrust harder and quicker.
And Christy was now crying out constantly as she took our hard powerful fucking with no resistance, and then suddenly Thomas thrust deep inside of her and cried “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” as soon as I felt him thrust into and begin to cum, I could feel his hard tool pulsing against mine, and with me on the edge too, that was all I needed to push me over the top, and with a hard thrust I cried out too.
And I felt my balls tighten, and my cum began to pump out in big hard squirts, and now with two hard cocks exploding inside of her, filling her unprotected teen pussy with their loads, Christy began to shake and stiffen up, before she suddenly screamed “OH MOTHER FUCKER! MOTHER FUCKER!” and suddenly she began bucking wildly between us as her orgasm ripped through her half naked body.
I think at this point, Marks cock exploded too, because I heard him suddenly crying out excitedly, and now this hot black haired plump short teen was getting her desired wish, and three hard teen cocks were filling her with hot sticky goo.
“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” screamed Christy as she came over and over.
We kept on pumping our loads into her for several incredible seconds, as she continued to twitch and moan loudly, until finally with a big group groan, we all began to relax and stop cumming.
For a moment we all then just stayed where we were, until finally we began to pull ourselves free of that hot little spunk filled hole, and then poor Christy laid back on the bench, her little pussy leaking lots of white goo, as she looked completely fucked and tired.
“Christy you okay?” asked Thomas after a moment.
“Fucking incredible!” she grinned back at us, and we all began to laugh.
Then she called us to her, so she could suck our cocks dry, and after happily doing that, we began to get dressed and make our selves decent for our walk back to our dorms.
“So” said Christy as we strolled back through the park slowly “Am I the queen of blow jobs or what?”
“Your the queen of blow jobs, and fucking!” grinned Thomas back.
“See! I wasn’t lying!” grinned Christy “And if you guys are good to me! I’ll show you what else i’m the queen of!”
We all glanced at each other with confused looks, because the three of us had no idea what she meant, but we were intrigued to find out!