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Cindy’s White Wedding Ch. 03

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Cindy woke up the next morning on the sofa, to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Still naked and in pigtails with only a blanket covering her, she got up and made her way into the kitchen.

There her Father sat at the table, dressed in his robe reading the paper. Cindy kneeled down in front of him and untied it, opening it to see his cock.

“Good morning, Daddy.”

Cindy said, just before taking her Father’s cock into her mouth.

“Oh baby girl, that feels so nice. Suck Daddy’s cock, princess. Mmmm, Your such a good girl for Daddy.”

Cindy’s head bobbed up and down on his cock. She was enjoying his morning hard on, as the coffee finished brewing. Sucking and slurping sounds filled the room.

“Mmmm, oh Daddy. Mmmm your cock taste so good.”

Her Father was about to cum when she got an idea. Cindy reached up and grabbed a bagel from the table. As her Father started to cum, Cindy took her mouth of his cock and jerked it. Spurting his thick cream all over the bagel.

“Oh baby, what are you doing?”

“Getting ready to have my breakfast, Daddy.”

Cindy placed the bagel on the table and made them both a cup of coffee. She sat down and took a sip from her cup and began to eat her cum glazed bagel.

“Mmmm Daddy, taste so yummy. I wonder what I’ll have tomorrow morning?”

Her Father drank his coffee and went to get dressed. Cindy finished her treat and went to take a shower. While turning the water on, she heard her Father leave for work.

After her shower Cindy sat on her bed, thinking about what she’ll do for her Father, when he gets home this evening.

She decided to go on his computer and get an idea of some things that he likes.

Once on, she found his favorite file and opened it. In it she seen a list of his favorite fantasy stories and photos. One she liked very much. It was a story about having sex in public places.

Later, her Father arrived home from work.

“Daddy, lets go out for dinner. Maybe we could go to the mall afterwards.”

“Okay baby, come on.”

They went to a Chinese restaurant just outside of town, named The Grand Dragon.

Inside the lights were dimly lit, so they sat in a booth way in the back. The few people that were in there eating, sat up front at the small tables.

After looking over the menu and ordering, the waitress brought their food. Cindy and her Father talked about the day and Şirinevler Escort ate. When she finished her sweet and sour chicken, Cindy slid her hand over to her Father’s crotch and unzipped his pants.

“Cindy. What are you doing? Not here. We can’t be doing this here.”

“Shh, Daddy. No one can see us back here, it’s dark. And besides, you can see if the waitress is coming.”

Cindy pulled his cock out and stroked it, giving her Father a hand job.

“Do you like that Daddy? Does your fucking cock feel good? I bet you want to cum, don’t you? Does Daddy want to cum in my mouth? Would you like to cum inside your daughter’s mouth? Mmmm, ha ha ha, not yet Daddy. Put that thing away before we get caught.”

It’s a good thing Cindy stopped when she did. The waitress just came around the corner with the bill, as he pulled up his zipper. Her Father paid it and they left.

Outside in the car, Cindy pulled up her dress and slid her pantys off and handed them to her Father.

“See how fucking wet I am Daddy? Smell them. Smell the scent of my cunt juices all over them. Does it make you fucking hard Daddy? I know it does. Come on you pervert, quit smelling your daughter’s pantys drive us to the mall.”

Cindy put her dress back down as he started the car and drove. They walked into the mall and entered one of the fashion stores. Cindy looked through racks of clothing, lingerie, and panties. She gathered a few items and headed for the changing room.

“Daddy, I need to try on a few things.”

“Okay Cindy. I’ll walk over with you and wait by the door.”

Cindy went inside and stripped off all of her clothes, except for her heels. She pulled up a pair of black lace crotchless pantys. Cindy looked at herself in the mirror as she pinched her nipples, and opened the door. She grabbed her Father by the hand and pulled him inside.

“Hurry Daddy, come in here before someone sees.”

“Wha, what are you doing? Cindy, my God you’re so beautiful, but we can’t be in here together.”

Cindy got on her knees to undo his pants and suck his cock. As she sucked, he could see though the slats in the door, a Mother and her daughter shopping. He knew they needed to be very quiet or they’ll get caught.

“Cindy? We need to be quiet, I can see people shopping just outside the changing room door.” He whispered, as her head bobbed.

Cindy stood up, turned Şirinevler Escort Bayan around and bent over.

“Do you like the pantys Daddy? I picked these out just for you. We don’t have much time Daddy, so hurry up and fuck me.”

Her Father guided his cock to her pussy and slid right in. He began to fuck her hard and fast, they had to hurry. While ramming his cock into her, he put his hand over her mouth to help muffle her moans.

Cindy’s tits shook back and forth from the intense fucking. He could hear his balls slapping against her clit. He felt his cock start to spasm, it wouldn’t be long. After a few hard thrusts, he shot a thick load of cum deep inside of his daughter’s cunt.

Cindy felt it hitting her womb and it sent her into a climax. She nearly screamed from her orgasm. Her Father pulled out and buttoned his pants, before sneaking back out of the room.

Cindy got dressed and gathered the items that she took in there. As they walked through the clothing isles on their way to the checkout counter, Cindy hung the cum soaked crotchless pantys back on the rack.

Her Father seeing her do this said, “Baby, you’re so bad. What am I going to do with you?”

“Mmmm Daddy, it’s more like what are you going to do to me.” Cindy whispered, before saying hello to the cashier.

When they got back home, Her Father sat in the recliner and watched the news, while Cindy took her shopping bags to her room, After unpacking them she decided to put some of the new lingerie on before going to bed.

Cindy stripped down and sat at the foot of her bed. She opened the pack of black thigh high stockings, and slid them up over her beautiful long legs. Next was the garter, then the black lace bra to cover her young firm tits. After looking in the full length mirror at herself, she decided to put on her black seven inch heels.

Walking over to her makeup table, she sat and began putting on her red lipstick, smokey eye shadow and eye liner. When she was finished, she sprayed her neck and tits with perfume. Cindy looked like a centerfold, but sexier.

By this time she heard her Father go into his bedroom to change for bed. Cindy got up from her makeup table and walked down the hall to his room. His back was toward her, while he put his watch on the dresser. Not hearing her come in, she slowly crawled up onto the bed and lie down. Finally he turned around.

“Cindy! Escort Şirinevler What are you doing? You startled me, I didn’t even know you were there.”

“Daddy, I enjoyed what we did at the mall, but I want something more out of what we’re doing.”

“What do you mean, Cindy?”

“Daddy,… I want to fuck more. I want to have your cock in my mouth more often. I want it up my tight fucking ass more often. I want to swallow your cum more. I want everything more then we are doing it now.”

“Cindy, what are you trying to say?”

“Daddy,… I’m your daughter, but,… I want to be,… your wife. Please Daddy? Please make love to me? Make me your wife. I love you Daddy.”

Cindy put her arms up as if to hug him, as she spread her legs wide. Showing her pink pussy lips, already glistening with her wet juices.

“Daddy,… fuck me. I’m yours now Daddy, all yours.”

He got up on the bed between her legs and positioned himself, as he slid his cock into his daughter’s pussy.

“Oh baby, you’re so hot and wet inside. Daddy loves your sweet little pussy. Oh Cindy, oh, oh, oh.”

Her cunt felt so slick from her juices. He kept a steady pace as he fucked her, reaching up to pull her bra down so he could suck on her nipples.

“Oh yes Daddy, suck my tits. Suck them Daddy. Suck them and fuck me. I”m yours Daddy, I belong to you. You fucking own me Daddy. You can do anything you want to me, when ever you want. Fuck me, suck me, eat me, spank me. Oh Daddy, you could even fucking rape me for all I care, just give me your cock. I’m your whore, Daddy. I’m your personal little fuck toy. Now use me, use my pussy and fuck me Daddy.”

Her father was violently ramming his cock into her, she had him so turned on. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper into her.

“Baby I’m going to cum.”

“Do it Daddy. Cum inside me. Shoot all of your hot cum inside me. Do it Daddy, shoot in into my fucking womb. Do you like that Daddy? Does it turn you on? Do you like fucking your own daughter and cuming inside of her little pink pussy? Mmmm Daddy, that feels so good.”

As his cock softened he got up from between her legs, and lie down deside her. Cindy felt his cum start to run out of her pussy, as she reached down and scooped some up, licking it from her fingers.

“Mmmm Daddy, you taste so good. If I would have known it was going to be this good, I would have left you fuck me long time ago. Good night, Daddy.”

Hearing her say that made his cock start to get hard again, as she reached over to turn the lamp off.

As his hard cock began to throb, he thought to himself, “Well, she did tell me she is my whore, to use when ever I want.”