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Coffe House Pick Up Part 03

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Coffee House Pick Up: Part Three
“This story picks up where part one and two left off. You should read both stories first to understand the characters and their actions.”

A few years had passed since Roger’s graduation from collage and we made the decision that we would become a permanent couple. What had started as a quick one time fling with my son turned into regular dating and eventually a full committed relationship.

Roger and I were at our new home I had bought after selling my old house that my ex-husband had left me. The down housing market luckily did not affect the sale as it was in a very special, much desire area. However where my son and I moved to did have slump and we got a great deal on a house with some money to spare. In a new city where no only knew our past history we felt more at ease with each other, yet we were only about an hour from Roger’s college town where he still had friends and contacts. We both had jobs and made an above average income between us. I always gave a public image of mature, refined women, pantsuits and knee high skirts with modest shoes. I only dressed up at home and sometimes when my son and I went out to discreet places.

Sally and I kept in contact and our friendship grew stronger as time passed. I told her that her desires for me sexually would not be accepted but otherwise we could hang together. She loved to text me every morning and slowly I was getting the hang of how to do. This was the only area I felt the age gap between her and myself, I did not mind e-mail but I was a person who got her start on WebTV back in the late 90’s, it was only about six years ago that I got my first computer. And now all this cell phone stuff. It was hard to keep up sometimes.

Sally sent me a message that we should meet this Saturday and spend the day together. I agreed and told Roger about it that night. I never told him that Sally and once tried to kiss me and made advances. But more important I kept from Roger that Sally had figured out that we were more than just lovers but also mother and son. After that day of graduation when she threw the accusation at me it was never spoken of again. But there was always a certain tension in the air between us, we both knew someday it would have to be address.

After dinner I told my son I need a quick shower and I would call him up to our bedroom when I was ready. After my shower I threw on a hint of perfume and did my hair up. I was having to dying it more now as age was creeping in and I did not want my son to see the grey I was fighting off. It was long and dark just like Roger preferred it and I might as well keep the fantasy up for him.

I toss on a sheer black bodystocking I had gotten in the last few months. It was the real deal, pure black nylon, not a tight leather pantsuit that some call a bodystocking today. I loved how it felt against my skin, had the same effect that tights did. And my son loved how I looked in it.

“Wow mom, you look great. I love it when you wear the bodystocking” Roger exclaimed as I walked into our bedroom.

“And you know how much I love dressing up for my darling boy. Now get naked and lye on the bed, it has been sometime since I gave you a massage” and with the end of my words my son quickly got out of his clothes and laid back on the bed. I had my own special version of massaging my son, instead of using my hands I used my nylon covered feet. I walked up to the end of the bed and lifted my right foot and slowly and gently began to rub it across Roger’s chest. My son started moaning as I pressed my nylon covered foot into his chest then across the rib cage, then up to his neck. In a very slow, seductive manner I dragged my foot across my son’s face and then softly into his mouth.

Roger’s body began twisting as he moaned and sigh with pleasure. He licked on my bodystocking and I had to scold him not to tear it with his teeth. And with that and I dragged my foot back down across his body into my son’s crotch. Then I started to firmly rub his dick and balls, back and forth with my foot, driving him into sheer pleasure. My son started screaming he could not take it much longer but I pressed my foot down harder and harder on his wonderful cock, letting him know who was in charge. Finally the road hit the pavement and my son could take no more and he shot his cum all over my foot and right ankle.

“You are the best mom, you are the best” Roger said with a shit eating grin on his face.

I just smiled at my son and climbed on top of him. We kissed for about ten minutes as he rubbed his hands on my nylon covered ass and thighs. The bodystocking had a slit in it at my pussy where I could have sex with Roger while leaving it on. I moved on my son’s body until his dick entered through the opening of the bodystocking. As we kissed he became hard again and I felt his manliness enter into me. Soon our bodies were in perfect rhythm as we bounced up and down in passion.

“Oh mom, mom I love you so much” my son screamed at me but I Beylikdüzü Escort was on the verge of my own earth shattering organism that I only heard part of what he was saying. I screamed like a wild woman as I organism while my son filled my pussy with his hot, loving goo.

“Yes, yes, hot fuck. Do not stop my darling lover/son, do not stop.” Roger kept ramming me harder and harder and I could feel a stream of sweat running across my face. He grabbed my ass and twisted and turned it through the black nylon, being turned on while hoping he did not tear it.

I kept riding Roger’s dick for a few more seconds but finally we both collapsed from the earth shattering sex we just had. I then lay on top of him and while he was naked and I was in my bodystocking we slept the night away in each other’s arms.

Sally and I met that weekend and went to the mall. We both dressed casually, jeans and flat shoes with very little make up. The economy was down in our area there were a lot of vacancies and closed up stories which was a bit depressing for us. But we did find an independent shoe store that was having a clearance sale before they went out of business. We could not believe our good luck as everything was ½ off and they had a huge assortment of boots.

“Look at these red ones Sally, what size do you wear? “ I asked her with a smile.

“Too big for me” she answered after looking at the size on bottom of the red boots.

But that did not deter us and we kept looking and until we found three pair knee highs and one pair of ankle boots that all were Sally’s size. The knee highs were black, brown, and a cream almost white color. The ankle boots were a shiny black. We could find no thigh high boots for her but Sally admitted she was a bit intimidated but boots that intense. I told her maybe at another time we might find something in that area. We laughed and carried on while trying on the different boots. Sally, like a lot of women of her generation was not much into dressing up but seemed to hold me on a pedestal and wanted to emulate and copy me. While there I found a pair of bright yellow boots, something which I had never had before so I decided to treat myself to a pair.

At the cash register I pulled out my Visa card and said it was all on me. Sally protested but I told her that I made such a killing on selling the old house that it would be my treat. She finally gave in and smiled at me.

“Let us put this stuff in the car Sally and go to lunch’ and we put our bags of boots in the trunk of our cars and locked it.

We found a little café in the mall and each ordered a light lunch. Like so many of the other business there that place was virtually abandoned and Sally and I had the place to ourselves.
That is when my best friend decided to open up.

“Diana, may I ask what was it that made you finally chose to become inmate with Roger? It must have been a very hard decision, there are so many things going against it. Or was that part of the attraction?”

I had dreaded this day but in a low voice I answered her while taking gently sips of my ice tea. Thankfully there was no one around to hear me speak.

“It was something I was not looking to do, it just sort of happened. Roger was a bit awkward back then and I tried to fix him up with a sexy older woman who could take him into manhood. But it did not work out and I decided to step in, I thought I could do some flirting in front of his friends and build up his ego. However I got swept up in the moment and one thing led to another. I had not had a chance to be sexy and get dressed up for someone since my divorce and it was fun being the bad girl once again; something I had to stop doing when I got married.”

I took another sip of ice tea and let out a deep sigh.

“I use to think of incest as disgusting, something only the super-rich and super-poor did but not normal middle class people. But my relationship with Roger has turned into something very special and beautiful for the two of us. I hope you do not hate me for it.”

Sally smiled and winked at me and said, “I could never hate you Diana; you have become my best friend, the older sister I never had. Times are changing anyway; in another ten years it might become very in and hip. I wish you both the best.”

I took Sally’s hands into mind and gave them a genital squeeze. I softly said thank you and then asked her how she knew that Roger was son in the first place and Sally said that she had just taken a wild chance and was not sure but had a feeling about it from watching us. That is why she made the remark a few years ago on graduation day, wanted to see my reaction.

“Do not worry; your secret is safe with me my friend.” Sally then pushed some of her brown hair back over her shoulder and asked me a new question. “By the way Diana, what is your thing for boots? I mean you look great in them, all the guys at college use to talk about you; they called you the brunette Nancy Sinatra. But does it not tear Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan up your feet to be in heels that much?”

I respond to Sally’s question with a certain amount of authority and wisdom.

“First off, I am surprised they know who Nancy is. She was even a bit before my time but I had an aunt who listen to her and always wore boots. She said that they gave most women a certain sense of style and presence that regular high heels could not provide. And when I was coming of age she guided me into the world of boots. And it was not always easy; they have been many different times when they were not in fashion. And do not forget about the middle of summer, even I have to pull back then, at least during the day. But still I like wearing boots and how it has become something that is equated with me. And while he did not think much about it before we hooked up, Roger loves it when I wear them for him.”

Sally took a sip of her ice tea and said that she hoped to follow in my footsteps. Or boot steps. We both laughed and finished our meals. We then went to the parking lot and our respectful cars and hugged each good-bye. She promised me to practice wearing her boots at home in her downtime until she became comfortable in them. And maybe we would go on a double date someday.

That night I told Roger about my day with Sally (minus the mother/son discussion) and all the boots we had bought that afternoon. We had a light supper and watched TV for a while. My son then showed me a VHS tape he had bought at a garage sale of a film from 1980 called “Taboo” which the old man who sold it to him said it was about a dark haired middle age woman who has an affair with her son. Boy did that hit home. Roger told him in an innocence manner that it was something he had never thought of. We both laughed at my son’s final remark and pulled out an old VCR we had that still worked.

I snuggled up against Roger on the couch and we lay in each other’s arms while we watched the movie. It was actually a well-made film for its time and I did feel a certain connection to the lead actress Kay Parker’s character of Barbara Scott even though I did not have a British accent or that wild 80’s hairstyle. Still there was feeling I felt inside of me that I felt close to this fictional made up person.

“Hard to believe they got away with this back in 1980? Little did they know what the internet would bring in a few years?” My son remarked during the closing credits.

“I sort of remember your father having this video tape when we first started dating. He had a bunch of the old style porn but he never showed any of it to me. Back then this movie would have shocked me but now you and I are living it out for real” and with that I turned my face into Roger’s and began kissing him on the mouth wildly. My son responded back with equal passion, I had not dressed up for him but I made sure to be braless for him and now his hands were grabbing my breasts through the sweatshirt I had on.

Gently I broke the kiss and got off the couch and went on my knees in front of him. Slowly and seductively I undid his jeans and pulled them to his ankles. I started kissing the front of his white cotton briefs where the bulge of his cock was. My darling son started twisting his torso and calling out my name as I kept licking and kissing him through the thin fabric. I finally pulled his under garment down to his ankles where Roger’s jeans were and took his wonder dick in my mouth.

“Oh mom, mom” my son called out. “It is just like in the movie where Kay Parker took care of her son while he slept” and his words trailed off after that. He was right; we had been living out the film except I always made sure my son was awaked when I sucked him. I have been doing it for so long now it seemed like I had been blowing Roger for a million years. Then he could take no more and shot his load in my mouth. And like the good girlfriend I was I took every drop of it down my throat and into my belly. I got up off my knees and just smiled at my son while he sat on the couch with a bewildered look.

“Hope you liked that lover, not bad for a 48 year old woman. You won’t need a fantasy character from a thirty some year old movie to live out your dreams” and I bent over and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. He said that he would buy the DVD version off the net tomorrow.

Sally called me the next day, saying she thought a lot about our day together and that I was the wonderful friend that she had always wanted. Sally said she got a new perspective on life from me and despite my usual wardrobe and love life I was about the most normal woman she knew. She wished that her mother was like me instead of an alcoholic who collected disability from the government.

“Diana, I spent last night walking around my apartment while wearing different pairs of boots that we bought yesterday. But I am not use to them and kept stumbling and losing my balance. How do you might it look so easy? “

I took Escort Beylikdüzü a breath after Sally’s words, her passion was overwhelming, “just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it in time. Someday you and I can double date; Roger said he is cool with it. How are things on the dating front by the way”?

“I think I may have found someone Diana” Sally said with bit jolliness in her voice. She then went into a long dissertation about her new guy and I just kept agreeing with her. Like she said, I was becoming the mother she never had. I agreed that we would go out soon but she need to create a story to her boyfriend that Roger and were just a May/December romance, nothing more.

Things between Roger and me continue on a happy path and I found happiness with him that I had never dreamed of before. Yet as time went by, I began to feel a certain strange feeling about myself, a depression of sorts. The one night Roger and I were cuddling on the couch when I suddenly started crying. He held me tight and asked what was wrong?

“I do not know my darling, it is just our relationship. I do not know how to express it; I have been having so much fun. But now I feel emptiness, like what we are doing is so wrong. It was fun at first, the seduction, the dressing up, bringing you into manhood with the sneaking around; hoping not to get caught at your school had a sense of excitement to it. But now I just wish we could be free and open to express ourselves, Maybe I am just getting to old for all of this” I said as I wiped a tear a way.

Roger gently ran his finger across my face and wiped away a tear. He was such a carrying, tender lover; I knew he really loved me.

“Mom, come on, what we have is beautiful. Sure it was naughty at first but now we are a couple. It is not just about the boots, bodystocking, and tight sweaters, though I will admit that is the dessert of what goes on between us. I wish that whole world knew the truth about us and would approve but that is just not how it is right now. We need to make do with our current situation; I know I do not want to be with anyone else”.

And with his final world I gave me a son a soft peck on the mouth and buried my head in his chest. To think years ago I was the one trying to build up his confidence with sex and seduction and taking the lead. Now he was in charge and I was putty in his hands.

A few days later when I came home from Roger called out to me as he was busy on his laptop.

“Mom, I think I have found what you need. There is a sub group of women who are sexually involved with their sons and talk in a certain code between each other. I can see the look in your eyes, how did I find it? I know people, who know people, who know people. But they are very, very cautious; you never know who is snooping”.

I was in a state of shock, not sure because there were other people like me out there or that my son found them. I was getting better and better at using the net and felt I would be able to handle this discussion group. I agreed to let my son create a screen name just for this situation and I sat down slowly entered into this world.

“I will leave you to it mom” and with that Roger walked out of the room.

Weeks passed and I became more involved with “the group” as I called it. I counted to make love to my son but as I would lie in his arms afterwards I would think about what I had read that day from other mothers out there. This sure is not the world I was raised in, things were so different now.

As the weeks turned into months I spent more and more time with “the group”, I was slowly being accepted and found sub-cultures within the different discussions. Some of the women were so happy in their relationships with their son, other had nothing but regret, saying it was the biggest mistake of their lives and when the sexual aspect ended they were unable to be friends. My head was spinning with all this new information. Sometimes I was smiling and laughing, others times I started to cry. On the overall most of the moms seemed to be happy.

Roger began to express to me that I was becoming a little too obsessed with my new found friends online. He reminded me I had agreed to go out on a double date with Sally and her new boyfriend with our cover story of me being an older woman he had met while at college.

“Oh crap, I forgot” and I turned the computer off and hurried to get dressed up. Maybe I was spending too much time with the “the group”.

That night Sally looked great, she was learning how to dress up and was getting a sense of maturity about her. I wore my new yellow boots with tight black slacks and a super tight yellow sweater which against my dark hair stood out. Roger asked me to go braless for me as he loved how my nipple always protruded. Sally wore her new black boots with a matching knee length skirt, black pantyhose and a white blouse also without a bra. She was slowly becoming a younger version of me which I took as a complaint. As we walked in the restaurant everyone turned and noticed the two of us, our boot heels clicking on the floor drawing attention in addition to our provocative dress. We both laughed and after we sat at our table Sally and I would shift our bodies around so we could show our boots off to our men and everyone else in the restaurant.