Kasım 21, 2023

Come On, Daddy!

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Big Tits

I shouldn’t even be in the same room with you dressed like you are. That short little skirt, no panties and tits barely contained by your top. You mother would kill me if she saw me sitting here looking at you like this. I’m 55. I’m too old for you. But I can’t help myself. I should go do something else. Instead I site here, entranced and lusting after you. You know.

You switch on the DVD player and say “let’s watch this” as you put on some big-tit porn. Tit-fucking and dirty talk makes me so hot. But you know that. You’ve probably gone through my collection.

You don’t stop there, though. Kneeling in front of the DVD player wIth your back to me you lean forward giving me a look at your unpantied pussy. I know I shouldn’t look. I know I should get up and go. This is so wrong. But I’m trapped. I try to avoid looking at your pussy, but there’s another sexy scene on the screen. I moan, and you know you have me.

You stand and turn to face me. You take off your top. You ask “do you like me?” as you lift the front of your skirt and slide a finger through your slippery folds. “Do you like this?” I answer the only way I can: “Oh, yes…”

You take off your top and throw it on the floor. The action on the screen is heating up. I know I should go. It’s long past that point. I want this as much as you. I’m holding on to my last shred of self control. Şişli Escort If you push this, you’re going to find out what happens to girls who tease their daddy.

You flop down next to me on the couch. I watch your tits bounce for a moment. You lean in close, hand inches from my crotch and whisper “you like this, don’t you?” I think you’re as asking about your slutty behavior when you motion to the screen where the big-tit blond is getting reamed from behind. You’re pushing me too far. You’re going to end up like the woman on the screen, taking my cock every way I want. You look me in the eyes and smile that smile that every guy knows, the one that says “I want to get fucked”.

My right hand slides up your inner thigh. Two fingers slip through the folds of your dripping pussy. You moan and spread your legs. That’s it. Whatever happens now is on you. My other hand unbuttons my jeans and lowers my zipper. I slide my pants down and place your hand on my stiffening cock. “Play with it. Slowly and gently.” You cuddle closer and start teasing me with a nearly feather-like touch, occasionally mixed with a couple of quick squeezes or cupping my balls or sliding your thumb through the precum wetting the head. Soon my cock is harder than it has been in years.

My eyes closed for just a moment as I reveled in the sensations. I opened my eyes to find Şişli Escort Bayan your other hand circling your clit. “Take your hand away from your pussy right now! You started this. We shouldn’t even be doing this. But since we are, you’re going to take care of me first.” I push you away and guide you until you’re kneeling in front of me. “See what you did to my cock? You take care of that right now. But don’t you dare try to make me come. I’m nowhere near finished with you, young lady.”

You stroke me slowly, teasingly. You rub the head of my cock against your nipples making them slippery, then stop to make me watch you roll your nipples between your fingers.

Every now and then you lick my cock like a lollipop until I hold your head still and fuck your mouth. Your tongue presses on the underside of my cock as I slide it in and out of your mouth. As I pull almost all the way out you flick the head of my cock with your tongue, then I push once again to the back of your throat. Your mouth is so wet and warm. I’m getting closer to cumming. I pull you off of my cock and warn you “don’t you make me come yet.”

You know this game. You like it: I can tell by the coy little smile and the gleam in your eyes as you descend once again upon my twitching cock. Just for now I let you take control. You bring me closer to the edge and stop. Escort Şişli You know there’s going to be more. One of your hands is back between your legs. At this point, I don’t care. I watch as you stop playing with me to bring yourself off, my hand lightly stroking my cock. I can see you getting close and make you stop. “Me first.”

We play this game a few more times – you shifting back and forth between teasing my cock and desperately trying to get yourself off.

Eventually you ignore me when I sense you getting close to cumming. I tell you stop. You keep going, body shuddering, mouth opened in an “O”, eyes lidded, your breath coming in gasps. “Stop now! Stop!” I try to pull your hands away from your crotch, but you’re already there. You throw your head back and howl as your body goes rigid, then relaxes.

I wait a few moments, hold you, then say “you were not supposed to cum before me.” I stand, help you to your feet and turn you around facing the couch. “Bend over.” You lean into the couch, your ass in the air. “Next time – and there will be a next time – you will do what I tell you.” I slip my cock into your pussy, fucking you slowly at first. As we speed up and you start pushing against me I swat your ass cheeks for being such a bad girl.

I feel my balls tightening. It’s time. No more spanking. My hands go to your hips, pulling you against me harder and faster until all that pent-up frustration and lust comes flooding out. I don’t stop yet. It feels so good slamming into your pussy, again and again and again. Soon I become too sensitive and have to stop.

Don’t you ever tell anyone about this!