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Confessions of a Slutty Cousin Ch. 03

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Stuart must have been able to smell sex at thirty yards, I decided, because after I snuck back out of my room, about a half hour later, to go to the bathroom for a cleanup, he was there. Glaring. Looming. I yelped, because he startled me, blocking the doorway, and my escape, completely.

“Temptress,” he hissed, and backed me into the cramped little room, again, pushing the door shut behind him.

“Uncle Stuart,” I pleaded, “I’m not–really, I’m–“

“You are no kin of mine, Jezebel, I cast you out of my line.” His massive hands were curled around the straps of my corset, and he shook me, hard. I quailed.

I don’t know if Stuart was always crazy, or whether I just brought it out in him.

“Please, I haven’t… Can’t you just…” I babbled. Something about the fire in his eyes was terrifying, and I tried to back away. “What do you want?” I finally asked, my voice almost squeaking, and then wished I hadn’t. He seemed to think it was a proposition.

He shoved me, hard, against the wall. “Temptress!” he repeated, in a rage. “Sinful whore!”

All of a sudden, my face stung. I couldn’t even process the fact that he’d slapped me, until the burning pain of it spread to my temples, and I just stood there, staring, in shock. My eyes watered.

“It’s for your own good,” he muttered, and I slowly began to realize that his hands were wandering over my body. Those hard, huge hands! “The stray lambs must be herded back into the fold. If the dog must bite them or the shepherd beat them with his staff to make it so, then this must they do…”

“Oh, God,” I thought.

“You desperate Jezebel, rutting for seed, even among these holy men, even amongst your own blood…”

“I’m not the one cornering people,” I wanted to protest, but my mouth had gone too dry to speak. My skirt was riding up my hip. My ounce of modesty came to my rescue at last, just soon enough for me to rouse and grip at the hem before it could expose me completely.

And with that, like I’d come out from under a spell of fear, I ducked out from under his arm, and made a break for the door.

Which Stuart, the nasty fucker, had locked. My unsuccessful turn of the knob, and my subsequent grasp for the lock, really only took a moment, I swear. I wasn’t like one of those horror-movie damsels who can’t figure out a knob to save her life, when the chips are down, but it was just enough of a pause for him to turn and catch me–he could almost reach across the length of the bathroom without trying, after all, as tall and long-limbed as he was.

“Jezebel!” he roared, and I wailed a little, as he wrangled me back, struggling, to the opposite wall, and with what seemed like no effort, he’d hefted me up it, and yanked my skirt up again. No matter how hard I shoved at him, spat at him, I couldn’t wriggle free, and somehow I wound up with his dick in my snatch.

Are you keeping a tally? That’s five family cocks in me, one way or another, in just about twenty-four hours of being there.

I’m not sure why I didn’t try to claw his eyes out or pull his hair or bite him, but I think I was starting to believe him, about being a temptress and a whore to my cousins and uncles and all of that. I didn’t want to fuck him, but I didn’t really not want to, either, you know? It was sick and perverse and rough, and it was hard for me not to be turned on by that, even as scared as I was.

It was over in just a few minutes, and as he came—in me–I gave a little thanks for birth control, and hoped he hadn’t picked anything up while returning any other little stray lambs to the fold. I slid back down the wall, and he left. I just stood there and gaped.

I cried a little, while I was cleaning his cum out of myself, but not much.

I tried to stay as near to Jacob as I could, the rest of the evening, but it was hard with Becca there, always staring at me a little too hard, always noticing (I was sure) how my make-up was mostly gone, how my skirt was wrinkled, something.

I wanted to tell my cousin what had happened, though I wasn’t sure what he’d think or do, and I wasn’t even sure what result I would want from it. Would he be jealous, and protect me? Would he be upset, and not want to fuck me again, himself? Or would he be turned on? And did I really want him to protect me? Could I bear him not fucking me again?

Anyway, it was moot, with the harpy hanging over us, and calling David over to talk. To share ideas for the evening. To look.

I hate Becca!

See, it was Becca’s fault that the mothers and children and wives all left, after dinner, to go to Great Aunt Anne’s for bonding in the form of a movie night/sleepover. They promised digital animation or groups of mature blonde actresses, depending on whether you were in the living room or the family room (why are there two?), and none of it sounded particularly interesting to me. The rest could stay and watch the local college football game, or get back to their poker games.

I knew better. I swear I did. But what was I going to do? With them cajoling me–Becca to go with her Halkalı Escort (“Oh, it’ll be fun, we’d just… love… to have you, um…”), convincing me I didn’t want to go, and David cajoling me to stay? And Jacob not saying a word, but pushing his knee up against mine, under the table?

“They’re–they’re playing a rival of my school’s, I should—I should stay to make sure they win. Sorry, Becca.”

“Aw, too bad,” she said in a tone that suggested the opposite. “Well, have fun with the boys, Erin. Don’t stay up too late, though–you look like you’ve been run ragged! You need to get some rest!”

Her ‘concern’ was grating, and I smiled. Stiffly. “Thanks. I’ll try.”

“Hey, Kid, what’s say we blow this joint and go play some gin?”

The game we’d been watching had ended, and most of the assembled had decided to go home, go to bed, or hang around for the next game, but Jacob was standing up to exit. It took me a minute to get myself together, to figure out the dynamics of standing and keeping my skirt down, but I was eager to follow.

“That sounds great,” I said, “I think I’ve had my fill of football for the night.”

“Me, too,” he said, low, and went off towards the game room.

I assumed that would just be a brief stop before bed, just a decoy, but once I caught up, he sat me down by one of the tables and handed me a pack of cards. When I looked up at him a little blankly, he said, “You go ahead and shuffle, I’m just going to get a couple drinks.” He disappeared into the kitchen.

“Maybe that’s what he meant by gin,” I wondered, and obeyed. I could have used a gin and tonic. I shuffled distractedly and way too many times, but I was too busy looking around the room, making sure no one else was there, to really care about the deck.

How I missed the guys coming in, then, I don’t know. My heart must have been beating too loudly to hear over. I could only barely hear the cards as they stuttered into one another.

I yelped and lost hold of them, scattering the cards widely over the table, when two firm hands dropped onto my shoulders. “Hey, E.” It was David’s voice. “Well done.”

I rose, despite the pressure, and bent over the table to gather up the cards as quickly as I could into a pile, forgetting the state of my skirt. I just wanted to have something active to do, so I didn’t feel quite so preyed upon. I just wanted to look Busy.

“Why don’t you deal for five, E.? We can pick back up last night’s game. You seem–ready for it.”

I glanced around, finally, and realized there were four men there–David, Jamie, Paul, and Jesse, who was one of Jamie’s friends, a cousin once removed, or something like that. He’d been owner of the other set of eyes I’d caught on me, the night before, so I was only half surprised to see him.

After some desperate arithmetic and a little scattered gaping, I said, “Six.”


“Yes–yes, Jacob’s just–in there, getting drinks–“

Jamie laughed. “Right,” he said, and pushed me over onto my stomach, on the cards. No finesse, Jamie.

Hadn’t they noticed Jake leaving before me? “I mean it, he’s just–“

“Come on, we know you just came in here for a little rematch, Erin.” I tried to kick Jamie, and struggled as David helped him hold my shoulders down, but I didn’t have much luck.

“I didn’t…” I said, but it was weak. I did want something, but I’d been planning on a reprise of that afternoon, not of the night before. The nagging voice below my belly said I was fooling myself, though, if I thought that was all I was looking for.

“Then why are you in here? At the same table, wearing… no underwear, apparently, and all alone? Why did you even stay here, tonight?” David had tugged my skirt slowly up over my ass, as he spoke. His fingertips dipped into my pussy with terrible familiarity, as if he had every right in the world to see how wet I was.

“Stop!” I gasped. “I told you, I was going to–to play cards with Jake–” And why was he taking so long?

Paul and Jesse were chuckling, now, too. I thought I heard a zipper or two sliding down.

“Hey, man, me first, this time,” Jamie was saying, pushing his brother over. “I didn’t get her pussy at all, last time…”

I braced myself as Jamie leaned on me, wincing my eyes tightly shut. But just as Jamie was fumbling his dick into a condom, and taking aim, I heard a heavy clunk. Two drinks had been set heavily on the table.

“Jacob,” David said, genuinely surprised. I was delighted to hear him sound even a little disturbed. Self-satisfied prick.

“What’s going on here?” Jacob asked, very, very coldly. I almost shivered, myself.

“What do you think?” David replied with an infuriating ease, though I could tell he’d moved, to put Jamie and myself between Jake and he. Jacob had approached. I cheered silently.

“I think you’re trying to take advantage of my baby cousin, that’s what I think.”

I could feel Jamie’s hand on me shaking. He couldn’t move, apparently.

“Oh?” David asked, sounding more convincingly bored, again. Halkalı Escort Bayan “I don’t think I’d be the only one.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jake snapped, but David only chuckled.

“Oh, no, you don’t sound defensive at all, cousin. Staring at her ass, disappearing after her in the middle of the afternoon… And I noticed you leaving her room, last night, too. Were you looking for her? Because she was still in here, then, cleaning up after us.”

“Oh, God,” I thought, and all the blood drained out of my face.

“She was a decent lay,” David went on, pressing his luck, “which I guess you know. So we were just coming back for seconds. You have to understand, we thought she was hinting to us, when we saw her come back here, again, since we’d had her moaning over this table for an hour, yesterday. We had no idea you were sneaking her off for another fuck, or we’d have let you have her.” I could hear him smirking.

“Seriously,” Jamie chimed in lamely, to verify his brother’s account.

Jacob was silent. No one was moving.

Finally, I felt what I thought was probably Jacob’s hand come down on my shoulder, warm and heavy. “You all right, Kid?” he asked, quietly, and I was struck with the terrifying certainty that he was going to just leave me there to this pack of men.

“Don’t leave me!” I choked.

“Yes, the more the merrier,” David said, cheerfully. “You know, there doesn’t have to be a fight, Jake. There’s enough to go around, after all, we could have a good old-fashioned gang-bang.” I literally felt myself dripping, at that point, right down my thighs. “I mean, I know you’re possessive of her, but you are married, after all, and we’re all relatively single men. You’ve got another nearby source of tail, so it’s only right that you share this one with those of us who are less fortunate.”

Implicit in that was the threat of telling Becca, I think. In any case, it made Jacob finally hit David, hard, knocking him to the ground. Unfortunately, it also made him storm away.

“Jacob!” I called after him, “Don’t!” but I didn’t hear any response, and Jamie just went ahead and stuffed his flagging erection into me as best he could. It was back up and running in a trice, and I cried into the table, not sure if I was more scared or more frustrated.

“Oh, don’t be upset. You can have Jacob’s cock later, I’m sure,” David said, sounding a little stiffer than usual. He’d apparently picked himself up off of the floor, but I couldn’t see a thing through my hair and my tears. “Though he is the only one who’s anything as close as a first cousin, which you must admit is a little more morally suspect.” I heard him rustle behind me. “Anyway, for now, we’ll keep you occupied.”

And they did.

After only about a minute, David called Jamie off, and had him rearrange me, turning me to face him and his horrible grin, which I tried not to look at. David tore into another condom and sat down on the table, where my face had just been, and the two of them lifted and lowered me onto David’s dick a few times, only to pull me off, again. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I didn’t ask, because I have my pride. And I’m not sure they’d have answered.

David finally said, “All right, that should be enough.”

“Barely,” Jesse said, sounding fascinated.

“Barely,” David agreed, meanly. “Jamie, pull her legs up around you—high.” Just to keep from falling to the floor, I wrapped my arms, only now freed, tightly around his neck, as he hooked his elbows under my knees, folding me up double.

“Okay, Jamie, you in a little?”

“Yep!” He was. It was a strange sensation, hanging there.

“All right. Let her down. Slowly.”

Then I understood. I wailed, and Jesse’s hand came from nowhere, to cover my mouth; David was forcing his cock up into my ass, lubed (barely) by my own pussy, as Jamie was stuffing himself into my cunt.

I felt like I would be split in two. I was about to hyperventilate, trying to hit Jamie without letting go of him. It hurt so badly, to be crammed so full of cock, but as David’s arms came around me to share my weight, and he started rubbing my clit with one rough fingertip, my body remembered how hot it had been, before. I squeezed at them, and gasped, wishing I hadn’t, and instead tried to push them out with my muscles (which, if you’ve had much anal, you’ll know makes it easier, rather than harder, for something to get up you, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time). They slid in, to their respective bases, and I wailed, but most of it didn’t make it out of my mouth.

There was pain, searing and bright, and an unbearable fullness. And heat. Swollen, pulsing heat.

“Whoa,” Jamie whispered.

As my head fell back uselessly onto David’s shoulder, Jamie bent his head to my breasts, biting and sucking at them over the edge of my faux-corset. After a moment, he pulled the laces free with his teeth, loosening it, and between the two of them, they were able to shove it low, and free my nipples to the air to be pinched and pried and kissed, Escort Halkalı and on it went. It seemed like forever, before they started to move me again. There was just an eternity of David playing with my clit and Jamie with my tits, and me getting wetter and number and almost–almost–comfortable, with the two of them in me. Almost.

But then David thrust.

I groaned.

I started to struggle, when the world moved, and I was sure I was going to fall, but it became clear after a long moment that David was only lying back on the table, pulling me with him. Once we were there, and he didn’t have to hold my weight up anymore, he unwrapped his arm from my ribcage, and brought his elbow up and around my neck, instead, gripping me down against him with the threat of choking. I sank into him, grateful in spite of myself for the new stability. His feet came up onto the table, then, and he held my knees splayed very wide by hooking them back and up over his own.

Then Jamie, who had slipped out in the commotion, drove back into me. The sound that came out of me can best be approximated as “kicked yappy dog,” and I’m not proud of that, but there it is.

Paul and Jesse laughed. I growled.

Once we’d settled and held still for a few moments, David spoke from beneath my hair. “I leaned her back so that one of you can get her to blow you.”

“That was thoughtful.” I think that was Jesse who said that.

Paul sent him forward with a “You go ahead,” generously waving his rights as one of the previous night’s participants. He seemed generally content to watch, after all. I heard some muttering behind us, as Jesse unzipped and approached my face, and then the gin and tonics that had been near my face disappeared. I tried to convince myself that Paul muttering didn’t imply someone else was there–that there was yet another witness to my debauchment by cousins–but it didn’t work well.

But once Jesse slid into my mouth, I was definitely too busy to notice.

It was pure overload. My brain had some kind of meltdown, as one by one they started to move their pricks in me. David had stopped rubbing my clit, but hands (I don’t know whose) were pulling at my breasts, pinching my hips, pulling my hair. I could do so little to any of them, do so little with myself, but no one seemed to notice.

It was enough that there were three of them banging me at once, I guess, and that I was their hot baby cousin. It was enough for me, anyway. God, was it.

The pain was fading, or at least softening enough that it could be overwhelmed by the mad friction. The out-of-synch thrusts, rubbing against one another awkwardly through the thin walls of my flesh, were making me dizzy, making it feel like there was nothing in the world but cock, nothing to me but to be a whore for them. Jamie was cursing sporadically, Jesse was moaning, and there were black spots on what remained of my vision from the blotting out of my breath between Jesse’s dick and David’s elbow, but I think I was moaning, too, at least a little.

It felt like hours were passing this way, pinioned three ways on hot, increasingly violent spears, but it can’t have been very long at all. David, ever the creative one, eventually asked, “Anyone think they can go down on her without getting in Jamie’s way? Or at least want to mess with her a little? Hate to leave you out in the cold, out there.”

In response, some very shy, cool, uncertain fingers came and pried the lips of my pussy wider, inexpertly tickling at me between them, sometimes skating near my clit, sometimes over the hood, sometimes nowhere near, but in context, it was more than enough to do what I needed it to. It was perfect.

“There, Erin,” David said, sounding satisfied. “You’re letting four men–four of your cousins–bang you, it’s your very own little whore’s orgy. Think about that. All these hands and cocks, cousin, and you’re all over them. Barely even pretending to fight… I think you must have known, deep inside, that you wanted us—deep inside. I’ve met whores before, but this…”

I came, then. Very, very hard. And between the spasms, the gasping, the clenching and twitching, everyone noticed. Paul (I think it was) pulled his hands away from my clit, right away, probably surprised at himself.

“Man, you weren’t kidding,” Jesse muttered, laughing a little. “Wow… Hon, you like getting talked to like that?” He pulled out, to smack my face a bit with his dick and stick his balls in front of my mouth. I licked and sucked at them, rather than respond, but he took that for a yes, which I suppose was fair. “Maybe you really are a ho.”

“Watch where you put that, okay, Jess?” David warned, as the cock got nearer to his face than he liked, and Jesse pulled back away, again, apologizing and pushing it back into the safety of my mouth again.

About then I realized that I had had an orgasm, that my flesh had all become hyper sensitive, and that there were still three cocks in me, sawing, in and out, harder and faster and rougher than before. I started to squeal and buck against them, even as I tried not to bite Jesse. My body went into some kind of panic mode. Luckily for Jesse, David tightened his grip on my neck, and wrapped his other arm tightly around my waist, squeezing me viciously hard. Jesse leaned in to hold my arms, and press them flat, as Jamie gripped my hips.