Mayıs 16, 2023

Conquring Jules Pt. 03

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I was stumped. I had promised Jules I would take her to Lake Michigan to skinny dip and fuck on the beach. The plan should have been simple. But I knew all of the public beaches in the area were routinely patrolled by the police. They were trying to eliminate high school kids from partying and getting drunk on the beach.

I had to find a private beach to make this happen. All the private beaches belong to the home owners directly on the beach. I didn’t know anyone who owned a house directly on the beach. Problem.

This problem was solved by none other than my mother!

My parents were highly successful business professionals. My father was a traveling salesmen. He was gone most weeks from Monday through Friday. My mother had been a stay at home mom when I was younger. When I went into middle school she got a law degree. Now, she was the head legal counsel for a local corporation. They both worked long hours, which gave me all the freedom I needed to be over at Jules house nearly everyday as we fucked.

I had just gotten home from another fuck session with Jules, when my mother called me into her home office. It was almost 11 o’clock and she was still working. “Where have you been, sweetie?” she asked as I stepped into her office.

“I was at the school shooting hoops,” I lied. I had a key to the school’s gym, and have spent countless hours working out in the gym. The lie was not a stretch.

“It’s the summer. Why are you shooting hoops? Shouldn’t you be practicing football, or baseball?” Mom wasn’t a sports fan. She was a fan of me.

“Mom, I lifted this morning and hit in the batting cage this afternoon. But, I’ve got to stay sharp for basketball. You can’t just pick up a ball at the beginning of the season and hope to be good. You have to practice.”

I had done everything I told my mom. However, I had lifted first thing in the morning, took 100 swings in the batting cage and took 200 jumpers and made 100 free throws by 5 o’clock. The time Jules got off of work.

I was soaked in sweat by the time I arrived at Jules house. She was so horny, we fucked in her kitchen again. This time, I laid on the cool ceramic tile of the kitchen floor as Jules rode my cock. Jules came repeatedly before I emptied my balls in her hungry mouth.

After fucking, I went and jumped into the shower alone while she began cooking dinner. Since we had started fucking, Jules had gotten into the habit of cooking me dinner. She knew from our conversations that I cooked most of my own meals when at home. She took it upon herself to start preparing healthy dinners for me. She said her meals would help me get stronger and give me more energy. After dinner, I did the dishes before fucking Jules nice and slow in her bed. After covering her face with my cum, something she was starting to not hate, I kissed her goodnight and headed home.

“If you say so,” my mother said, staring at the computer screen. “I think you should concentrate on one sport. But what do I know?”

“Did you want something mom?”

“Oh yes. Next week I am going to Europe with our CEO, Mr. Galvin. We’re going to be gone for a week and Mr. Galvin is having some construction work done at his lake house. Would you be willing to stay at his house next week? He needs someone to let the construction workers in and to make sure they don’t steal anything. He’s willing to pay you.

“Plus his house is right Escort Fatih on Lake Michigan. You can take your buddies down to the beach to hang out and cruise for chicks.” my mom said laughing.

I was incredibly excited to hear the news, but did my best to hide it. “If he lives on the lake, isn’t his beach private?”

“Yeah, so?”

“If it’s a private beach, chicks won’t be able to get on the beach.”

“Lord son. I said cruise for chicks. Do some work son.” mom said laughing. I told my mom I would watch Mr. Galvin’s house, as a plan began to formulate in my mind.

I didn’t see Jules over the weekend. Since both of my parents were going to be gone the entire following week, they wanted to spend time with me. We went to dinner, and ran over to Chicago to catch a baseball game on Saturday. On Sunday, we went to a movie and another dinner out. After dinner, my mom took me over to Mr. Galvin’s house to meet him and get a key.

The house was amazing! It stood two stories and sat on a 60 foot cliff overlooking Lake Michigan. The entire back half of the house was constructed of floor to ceiling windows, and provided an incredible view of the lake.

Mr. Galvin gave me a key, and told me the construction workers should be done everyday by 5 o’clock. He did ask I stay the night at his house a couple nights during the week, to make sure the construction workers didn’t return after hours to steal something. When I agreed, he asked me if I would keep an eye on the neighbor’s house on both side of his house as well. Apparently, they were out of town for the week as well. I again happily agreed.

I hadn’t seen Jules since Friday and we spoke once over the week. I called her on Saturday morning, letting her know I wouldn’t be able to see her until Monday. On Monday morning, I called Jules at her office. After telling her how much I missed her over the weekend, I told her I had a surprise for her. I gave her the address to Mr. Galvin’s house and told her to come over after work. Jules said she would be late as she had a late session and needed to go to her sister’s house.

I had the blinds open on the back of the house as I watched a movie in the living room. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the television as the sun lowered over the horizon. I was starting to get concerned about Jules, when the doorbell rang.

I opened the front door of Mr. Galvin’s house to find Jules dressed in a baby blue checkered summer dress. She literally leaped into my arms and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I reached under the hem of Jules summer dress and grabbed her bare ass with my hands and lifted her off the ground and easily carried her into the house.

“Gawd, I’ve missed you,” Jules said, breaking my kiss.

“Me too, baby. Would you like some more wine?” I could tell she had been drinking wine with her sister and had a slight buzz.

“Yes, please.” I lowered Jules to the floor and went to the kitchen. “Whose place is this?”

I told Jules about Mr Galvin and why I was there as I opened a bottle of wine from his wine cellar. I poured her a big glass of wine and headed back to the living room where Jules stood admiring the dying light of the sunset.

I walked up behind her and handed her the glass of wine as I leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder. Jules took a sip of the wine. “This view is incredible.”

“Yes it is. Fındıkzade escort Come on, let’s go down to the beach.”

“No, let’s stay here,” Jules turned in a tight circle and pressed into me.

“I want to go to the beach. I’ve been waiting for you to go. Come on. You can bring your wine.”

Jules relented and we walked arm an arm down the steps to the beach. The sun had completely disappeared from the sky, but the temperature was still hot. There was a low surf on the lake and little breeze coming off the water. We walked a little ways down the beach with our bare feet in the cool water.

I told Jules about my weekend with my parents as I waited for an opening. Thankfully, Jules provided it almost immediately. “I can’t believe how hot it still is,” she said taking another drink of wine.

“Let’s go swimming.”

“I can’t.”


“I don’t have a bathing suit, silly,” Jules said, laughing.

“We don’t need bathing suits.” I reached up and pulled the strap of her dress off her shoulder.

“What are you doing? Stop,” Jules said, pushing me off. I persisted and continued to pull the top of her dress down.

“We’re going swimming. Either you’re going in naked, or in your dress. It’s your decision.” I ripped my shirt off and dropped my shorts, revealing my cock. Naked, I reached down and scooped her up effortlessly in my arms. Jules squealed as I turned and started to walk into the cool water.

Jules pleaded for me to let her go as I carried her into the lake. She finally relented as I reached knee deep in the lake. I carried her back to the shore, put her down. She struggled against me a bit as I reached behind her and unzipped her dress. The dress was loose without being zipped, and I grabbed the straps of the dress and pulled them off her pale shoulders. Jules pressed her hands to her breasts, holding her dress up.

“Jules, let your dress go,” I said.

“No. We’re out in public.”

“Who cares. Now, let your dress go.”

“No. Someone could see us.”

I grabbed Jules and roughly pulled her to me. I kissed her hard and held the back of her head so she couldn’t pull away. I finally broke the kiss. “Oh gives a fuck is someone sees us? You are fucking hot! You have big, gorgeous tits and a firm hot ass. And I’ve been told I have a beautiful cock. Now, lose the dress,” I growled softly at Jules.

Jules lunged at me and kissed me hard as she wrapped her arms around me and let her dress fall into the sand. We broke the kiss and I stood back and admired her. Her skin looked pale in the moonlight. She also looked incredibly sexy standing naked on the beach wearing just a tiny baby blue thong.

I grabbed her sexy thong and quickly yanked them down her firm legs. I once again scoped her up into my arms and began to carry her out into the water. Jules had to kick her panties off of her feet before we entered the water.

My cock was throbbing with desire as I stepped into the cool lake water up to my thighs. I knew it was deep enough for what I wanted and collapsed into the water with Jules still in my arms. To say the water was cool would be an understatement. The water was cold. When I went underwater, it sucked the air from my lungs.

“Holy shit the water is cold,” Jules nearly screamed when I resurfaced. She was standing thigh deep in the water. Her nipples were bullets Gaziosmanpaşa escort as hard as diamonds on the tip of her wonderful breasts. Her wet blonde hair had been raked straight back.

“Come on, you old woman!” I teased her. “The water isn’t bad.” I began to playfully splash her.

We laughed, splashed and frolicked in the cold lake water for a time. It was fun, and despite her earlier hesitation, I knew Jules was having fun. After a few moments, I was able to get my arms wrapped around Jules and pinched her hard nipples. This caused Jules to reach for my cock and hold onto as if it were a life savior. Jules turned and kissed me hard.

“If you don’t put this beautiful cock inside me soon, I’m going to scream!”

I lifted Jules as she wrapped her arms and legs around me once again. This time, I carried her naked body out of the water. I laid her down on the wet compact sand of the beach and kissed her as I slid my throbbing cock into Jules quivering pussy.

Jules moaned with pleasure as I stretched and filled her.

I thrust slowly into Jules, as we continued to kiss. I suddenly stopped thrusting into her and rolled onto my back with Jules still impaled on my cock. “Jules, sit up. I want to see those gorgeous tits while I fuck you.”

Jules laid on top of me, as I continued to fuck her. “No.”

“Sit up,” I said with some heat, so Jules knew I meant business. She hesitated a moment, then pushed up off of me. I pawed her tits, as I pinched and twisted her hard pink nipples.

I don’t know if it was the position, the manipulation to her sensitive nipples, or the realization of her fantasy, but Jules went crazy. She frantically thrusted back and forth on my cock, threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as she was ripped apart by a powerful orgasm.

I concentrated on not cumming as I rode out Jules powerful orgasm and the multiple aftershock orgasms she experienced. When she came down, she leaned forward and placed her hands in the sand above my shoulders. This position caused her tits to hang directly in my face. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on the little nub. Jules moaned in pleasure.

“Jules, I’m going to cum,” I said, reluctantly unlatching from her nipple.

She lifted up so my cock slipped from her creamy pussy. My cock landed flat on my stomach and Jules sat back down on my cock so it split her pussy lips. She began to slide her cunt up and down my throbbing cock.

“Suck on my nipple, baby. Suck on it hard, please,” she pleaded. I sucked with everything I had on her opposite nipple as she milked my cock with her pussy lips. In a matter of moments, I exploded with a huge load of cum. My orgasm was so powerful, I didn’t realize I was biting her nipple hard until she cried out in pain.

Once my cock ceased throbbing, Jules rolled off me and laid in the sand next to me. She propped her head up on an elbow and played with the pool of cum on my stomach as we tried to catch our breath. She leaned forward and kissed me gently. “Thank you,” she said smiling.

“Thank you for what?” I asked dumbly and smiled back at her.

“For making me go skinny dipping and having sex on the beach. So is this going to be our thing? Tell each other our fantasies and make them happen?”

“You said you weren’t experienced sexually. Neither am I. Why not have some fun and explore sex together. Didn’t you enjoy tonight?” I asked.

“Oh gawd, did I enjoy it. I’m still leaking. Being naked and having sex outside was an amazing experience. I’ve never had such a powerful orgasm.”

“Maybe you need to be naked outside more often.”

“Maybe I do,” Jules said, leaning in and kissing me.