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Cool Hand Buck – BBBBTS

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Cool Hand Buck – BBBBTSBuck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….Cool Hand Buck!The sweat beaded down my forehead. I shaved my head before coming to prison. It had been 6 months into a 5 year term for stealing quarters out of a parking meter. I was bored that night. Nothing to do. I wish I had gone home to bed that night. Now I was standing out in the summer heat. It had to be over 110 degrees, with high humidity this afternoon. I was with chain gang eight outside of Oklahoma city. We were working route 81 south of Union City. Our job was to clear out ditches along the roadway. There were eight men chain together along each ditch. There was maybe 32 prisoners all together that afternoon. We had about 6 guards keeping a eye on us.I looked down on my prison issued orange jump suit. It was soaked from my sweat. The two guys on my left side of me were sweating. I was at the end of the chain. My left foot was chain with them. My right foot chained to my left foot. I wiped my forehead with my left hand. I stopped swinging my wooden sickle. I put the blade on the ground and the handle against my left leg. I could hear the buzzards circling over head as I went back to work. “Keep it moving. Hard work…That what I like to see.” said one of the guards. He was sitting in his patrol car, with A/C on. He rolled down the window to tell us to move it. We bite our tongues. A few cursed under there breath.”Hey boy! Get back to work. You don’t want my size 12 in your face.” said Deputy Mueller. I grabbed my big sickle and went back to work. Deputy Mueller ran the work crews from the prison. He was a short skinny guy. No bigger than 5ft. He was lucky if he had a size 5 on his foot. I had a size 11 on my foot. Being 6ft 4 and still in good shape. It helped me beat the long days and nights of hard work. It was funny that Deputy Mueller always gave me orders looking up at me. He was lucky, he had allot of pull back at the prison. All the prisoners hated the guy, but they did what he told them. I kept my head down as I sliced my sickle through the high grass. It took about twenty minutes to clean out the big ditch. We moved left to right down the road. I could hear the chain around my foot clink as we moved. I could only feel it when we moved out of the ditch, and into the next ditch to be cleared.The only real comfort of the job, was to get out of my jail cell for the day. Being locked up 24 hrs a day. Can mess with your mind. The feeling of the sun on your skin and the wind in your face. Makes you feel better. To be free for a few hours. Plus, I perhaps had my best tan ever. If nothing else. I was getting one hell of a work out. Swinging a heavy sickle all day, builds up muscle. “Hold up! Smile boys.” said Deputy Muller. I looked up to see a small white car pass bye. Some k**s in the back seat starred at us. The woman in the passenger seat put her hands over her face. I guess we were to disgusting for her to see. Hot, sweaty, and dirty prisoners were to much for her.”Go back to being slackers. No smiles… Got it.” said Deputy Mueller. We spent the next two hours cutting down high grass, along the hot pavement. The black tar bubbled up on the semi paved road. It was close to 2pm when we got a break. “Alright… 15 minute break. Here some water.” said one of the deputies. He placed a pail of warm water on the pavement. Everyone got some. I got the last of the water. Then we all sat down in the ditch to rest. I wiped some more sweat off my forehead. Then laid on the warm grass. My orange uniform was soaked. My white wife beater underneath was soaked. My white underwear was soaked also. My white socks were soaked. My heavy black work boats were even hot. I looked up into the hot sun. There was not a cloud in the sky. Just the occasional shadow circling over head.”Wow! Man you got to see this. Fuck me…” said Shorty. He was at the end of my chain gang. He was standing up. The whole crew got up. Then they pulled me up. We all looked straight ahead. Across the hot road. Between the heat waves, I strained my eyes to see. Just on the other side. Everyone eye’s got big. My heart skipped a beat. There was a small farm house about 25 yards from the road. There was a old car in the dirt driveway. It was baby blue. With two huge fat tires in the back and two smaller ones in the front. It looked like a old 41 Desoto. It had a big chrome bumper in the front and one in the back. It had a big engine sticking out the hood. It was a two door coupe with a big trunk in the rear.You would think my love for cars, would get my heart pounding. You might be right. But standing next to the old hot rod, was a very voluptuous BBW. She was in her late twenties. She was about 5ft 6. She was wearing 4inch wooden heels that matched her dark blue denim shorts. A pair of classic Daisey Dukes. She had only one button on her small shorts keeping them up. We all could see her black/red trim bikini bottom coming out of her tight shorts. My mouth dropped when she turned to face us. She had a big white cotton t-shirt covering her top. It hugged her big hips and held up two huge breast. Was she wearing the matching top to her bottom bikini or a huge bra underneath the white t-shirt? My mind was racing faster than the hot rod. She had her blonde hair tied in the back. It fell half way down her back. I looked down at the front of my prison issued jump suit. My cock was semi hard. Everyone groaned when she grabbed a small green hose to rinse the car.”Is she going to wash the car?” said Shorty. “Fuck! Who cares. I love to sink my cock in that.” said Lefty. One of the other prisoners. We all laughed. I looked around. None of the other guards were looking across the road. I heard another chain gang to our right groan. One guy whistled. I then looked back at the hot BBW. She was putting water into a big wooden bucket. Her eyes were closed. “Fuck! She is teasing us.” said Shorty. I smiled. “Let her tease.” I said. It had been over 6 months since I saw a girl. Forget a very bodacious woman with curves. I had almost forgot how hot a BBW could be. I wonder what type of perfume she was wearing or if her nails were just done. Did she just put on lipstick before she came outside or shave her pussy that morning.Next she started to soap the car. Her white shirt rubbed against the windows and the big curves of the car. She squatted down on her big thighs, to clean the wheels. She then rubbed the front window shield. Her small denim shorts rode up on her big ass. I bite my lower lip, when she bent over to clean the big chrome grill on the front of the car. He was hard to tell who had bigger curves. Her or the 41 Desoto. We all smiled when she turned to face us again. We could see her black/red bikini top underneath the thin white cotton t-shirt. My 9 4/3 inch cock was now fully erect. Some guys moan, other groaned. Everyone touched the front of the prison issue uniforms to shift there hard cocks. Were we all day dreaming? Was this to much exposure to the sun and the heat? I closed my eyes for a brief second.”What the fuck are you maggots looking at? Back to fucking work. What the fuck?? Chain gang eight gone crazy.” said Deputy Mueller. He pointed at all of us. We all smiled. Shorty fell down backwards. We all turned. He looked down at front of his orange jump suit. “Ok! I’m all good.” he said. We all laughed again. “Sweet Jesus… What the fuck. Honey….Charlotte!!!!” said Deputy Mueller. I watched as Deputy Mueller ran across the hot road. He went down to the front of the driveway, leading to the farm house. He open the small metal gate. He ran down the dirt road. He got close to the hot girl bending over, filling up her wash bucket. Did he know her? Why was talking to her? I turned my head to look down the road. There was a small white mailbox along the road. A few feet from the driveway to the farm house.”Damn! Fuck that guard. He making her stop. He is jumping up and down in front of her.” said Lefty. We all shook our heads. “Guess the show is over boys. This can’t be good. Fuck! Mueller running toward us. Get up boys. Get ready to march.” I said. I watched as the sexy BBW walked behind the hot rod. She peeked around to look across the road at us. Deputy Muller opened the gate to the driveway. He closed it. Then ran towards us. “Lets go. Your all in trouble. Move it chain gang eight. Your all going to the hole when we get back. No questions.” said Deputy Mueller. “You heard the man.” said another guard.We all shuffled our feet to get out of the ditch. All the other chain gangs were getting out of there ditches. “Stop!” yelled Deputy Mueller. He waved to the other guards. The guards got in a big circle to talk. They all turned to look at us standing on the hot road. It was just us, and the waves of heat rising off the road. What the fuck had we done. “Line up. Were heading back to prison. I feel sorry for chain gang eight. Move out…” yelled Deputy Mueller. All the chain gang’s began to shuffle there feet. The sound from the metal chain on the hot road drowned out the moans of the prisoners moving toward the 3 big prison trucks.We got about 10 feet. Just in front of the mailbox on the other side of the road. I smiled. The mailbox read —-“Muller Residence.. 6969…Deputy….” Was that Deputy Muller wife, cousin, daughter, girl friend? My mind was racing. I then realized we were all in big trouble, when we got back to prison. “Eyes in front. For those who can read. Keep quite. Yes! That was my most prize possession. My 41 Desoto. Your all going in the hole for looking at it. I don’t care what the Warden says. We got his ditches clean near his house. Well come back for mine later. Lets go maggots.” said Deputy Mueller.I heard Shorty and Lefty and the boys groan in front of me. I was last on the chain gang. I quickly looked around. I looked over my shoulder. The cute BBW went back to washing Deputy Mueller hot rod. What a lost. I guess I could dream of her, while I was in the hole. Fuck! My cock was still hard as we all stopped in front of the 3 big prison trucks. They took a quick head count. Then they has us Ankara escort start getting in the back of the truck. I reached up to unhook the metal gate. It crashed down. Then I jumped on the bumper. Then into the back of the metal truck. I was first to slide in the back. It was like a 120 degrees in the back of the truck. I felt two guards get out of the cab in the front. They walked to the next truck. Some of the prisoners were having problems getting in the prison trucks.”You there. What the fuck our you doing? What your name?” said Deputy Muller. “Buck Kelly! Prisoner 9341123…Just sitting boss.” I said. “Get the fuck out and help the other truck. No one can reach the top of the gate from the ground. Stop! Wait! Let me take off your leg iron. Until you come back. Fuck! Move it prisoner.” said Deputy Mueller. I hoped down on the road. I then sprinted over to the next two prison trucks. I open the back gates. I then helped the prisoners get in the back of the truck. I then turned to run back to my truck. All the prisoners were inside. Deputy Mueller waved for me to push up the back gate and hop in the back. I lifted up the top gate. I pushed in the pin, lock the gate. I saw Deputy Mueller look through the back window of the trucks cab. He gave us a dirty look.I heard the first prison truck start down the road, followed by the second. I then looked at the window separating the truck cab and the back. It was fogged over. Deputy Mueller must have turned on the A/C in the front. It was so hot in the back. The window fogged up. I then looked at my feet. In the rush to leave. They guards forgot to re-chain my feet to the other prisoners. “Honk!” I heard a honk behind the truck. I watched as the last patrol car behind us, drove passed the truck. I turned to look at the prisoners. I smiled. “It’s been real fellas. Time for Buck to get me some pussy. I’ll send you her bikini in the mail. One small piece at a time.” I then slowly fell over the lock gate onto the hot road.I landed near the edge of the road. I then rolled over into the ditch. I kept my head down. A few minutes passed before I got up. I looked around. The prison trucks were out of view. I could hear them down the road. I just could not see them anymore. It was a good hour drive back to the prison. I walked down to the next ditch. I then crossed the road to the other side. I was close to the front gate of the dirt driveway. I smiled at the mail box. I then looked up the dirt road. The hot bodacious BBW. Was still washing the hot rod. She had taken off her wet t-shirt. She was using it to clean the big chrome headlights. I caught my breath.I then climbed over the metal gate. I walked down the dirt road. I got about half way. Her back was toward me. Her big ass starring at my face. I then glanced down at my orange prison jump suit. It was covered in sweat, dirt and black tar from the road. I peeled down the front of my jump suit. I tied the sleeves around my waist. I took off my sweat soaked wife beater shirt. I rolled it up and put it around my neck. I was now bare chested as I walked closer to the hot rod. I got about ten feet behind her. It was the first time I had smelled such sweet perfume, in nearly 6 months. I smiled as she bent over the hood of the 41 Desoto.”Good Afternoon!” I said. The hot BBW looked over her shoulder. Still on top of the hood. “Well! Hi there young man. How are you?” she said. “Mmmm…Pretty good. How about you?” I said. “Hot! It’s really hot today. I see your trying to cool down. Might be the hottest day this summer.” she said. I smiled. The only thing hotter than today, was bent over the hood of the hot rod. She turned to face me. I heard the front of her wet bathing suit, make a big suction noise. As she peeled her massive breast off the baby blue metal hood. Now that I was closer. I could see her bathing suit was covered in red spider webs. The thin black material was covered in big red spider webs. Her big erect nipples pushed on the thin red see through webs, covering the front of her breast. She had a thin see through red web in the middle of the bottoms of her bathing, just tucked inside her denim shorts. My hard cock ached to get out of my orange jump suit.”Where’s my manners. My name Buck. It nice to meet you.” I said. She smiled. “Nice to meet you Buck. I’m Mrs. Charlotte Mueller. What do you do for a living?” she said. “I’m a mechanic. How about you?” I said. “I’m just a simple house wife. What brings you to my farm?” she said. I guess telling her I just escape a work detail to fuck her. Might be wrong. My next thought, was how did that crazy son of bitch Deputy Mueller score such a hot piece of ass. “My car broke down, just down the road. Your farm was the first place I came to. I saw you washing your 41 Desoto. I called out a few times for help. But you must not have heard me.” I said. She smiled. She then looked me up and down. She smiled again.”You know your cars. This is my husband most favorite thing in the world. I think if he could fit in our bed he would. I can’t believe I just said that. Well I am a southern belle. Buck! I grew up in Georgia. A sweet southern peach. You can ask anyone. Did you say you were a mechanic? How can I help you? Mr. Buck..” she said. “You look like a sweet southern belle, if I ever seen one. I love peaches. Nice ripe peaches. I am a mechanic. I just need a hose for my broken down car.” I said. She smiled. “My husband has a lot of car parts in our garage. He has been working on this car for some time. Do you know anything about a 41 Desoto?” she said. I smiled. “I once worked on one at a dirt track near my house. I love the classic curves of the body. A big front end. With big head lights. A big trunk in the rear. The hourglass curves down the side.” I said. Was I talking about the car or Mrs. Charlotte Mueller? She looked back at the hot rod.”You have a good eye. You look thirsty. Would you like some water?” she said. “Yes! That would be nice. I need to cool down some more. Thank you.” I said. She smiled. She then bent her knees and scoped up the water hose. She handed it to me. I reached with my left hand. I then brought the water to mouth. It poured at the hose into my mouth. The water then hit the small green grass under my boots. I then moved the water on top of my bald head. My wet wife beater shirt fell off my shoulders onto the wet grass. I then washed my chest, neck, shoulders and back. The whole time she watched me rinse myself off. “How does it feel?” she said. “Like heaven. I died and gone to heaven.” I said. She smiled again. I flexed my muscles. Some of the water bounced off my muscles into the thin hot air.I turned off the water hose. “What’s wrong with the Desoto?” I said. “Not sure. I wish my husband was here to tell you. You just missed him. He was just out front.” said Mrs. Mueller. “That a shame I just missed him.” I said. I then laughed. She giggled. “Would you like some cold lemonade? I have some in my kitchen. I’ll got get it. Maybe you can take a look under my hood. I mean the car hood.” she giggled. I smiled. “Sure! That sounds great. I’ll take a look. I’ll pop the hood and check your engine. I mean the car.” I giggled.I turned my head to watch her walk down the dirt driveway toward her farm house. Her whole body jiggled as she strutted in the dirt with her 4inch wooden heels. I finally looked down to see her toe nails matched her finger nails. The tips of her nails were a bright white. The base was a deep shade of red. The same red as her big juicy lips. I did not see a wedding ring. She was not wearing any jewelery to speak of. Maybe she did not want to scratch the paint on the hot rod. I watched as she climbed 3 small wooden stairs to her porch. She opened her yellow screen door to walk inside her house.I turned my attention back to the 41 Desoto. I reached in the front window. I pushed the hood release button on the dash. “Clink!” The hood popped open. I then walked around the front of the hot rod. I pushed the hood up. The engine was big. I could see right away, the spark plus were not plugged in. The battery cables were loose. The dip stick was out. The timing belt was off. Was this guy a dummy. I quickly went to work. I tighten everything under the hood. I cleaned the spark plugs. I check the oil. Everything looked good. A second later the view under the hood got better.”Hey! I’m back. Got us some cold lemonade. Lots of ice.” she said. She bent down showing off her massive cleavage under the hood. Her face followed next. Her sexy brown eyes looked around. “How does she look? she said. I starred at Charlotte amazing breast. “Looks good. Biggest pair of headers I’ve ever seen.” I said. “Think she will start up.” she said. “I think she will purr like a kitten. She just needs a little love.” I said. “Nice! Here your lemonade. Young man.” said Mrs. Mueller. I smiled. I moved my head from under the hood. I quickly looked around the car. Charlotte was still under the hood. Her big ass was sticking out from the right side of the car. My mouth dropped open. She had bent her tight shorts down to expose more of her amble flesh and her bikini bottom.I walked around toward Charlotte. I stopped next to her. She removed her body from under the hood. She smiled as she hand me a glass of cold lemonade. I took it from her small hand. “Mmmm…that is really good.” I said. “Thank you. I’m glad you like my lemonade. I made it fresh today. I gave those small lemons a big squeeze.” she giggled. I took another big gulp of the cold lemonade. I then put a few of the ice cubes in my mouth. I spit one out in my hand. I then wiped the back of my neck with the ice cube. I watched Mrs. Muller eye’s get big as she followed my hand down my chest and over my hard abs. “You’re in very good shape. Do you work out?” she said. “Thank you. My work keeps me in good shape. You look in great shape.” I said. She giggled. “My husband thinks I’m to big. To round, up and down.” she said. She pointed to her cute feet, up to her large breast. I just smiled.”Why don’t you jump in and start Ankara escort bayan her up.” I said. Charlotte smiled. “My husband never let me do that before. This will be a first. I’m so excited. Getting goose bumps silly.” she said. I opened the front driver side door. She swung her big ass just passed my right hand. She moved her head down. She then sat on the old leather driver seat. I smiled. Her ass made a big sound on the old leather. She smiled. “Mmm…I can’t reach the pedals.” she said. “Let me get that.” I said. I put my glass on top of the hot rod. I then bent down. Then reached between her legs. I quickly moved the seat forward. I then left my hand between her legs. “How that?” I said. “Just perfect.” she said. I looked up. Her huge breast were smashed against the steering wheel. It was like a huge air bag had gone off. But we never crashed the car. I could see her nipples get hard from rubbing on the steering wheel. My cock was getting harder.She then reached up to pull down the visor. A pair of silver keys with two small silver lightning bolts, fell onto her lap. She giggled as I ran my hand out from between her legs. I stood up as I shut the driver side door. “Start your engines….” I said. She put the keys in the ignition. The 41 Desoto started right up. The big engine kicked in. I heard Charlotte giggle behind the wheel. I grabbed my glass full of ice of the roof of the car. I then walked over in front of the hood. The hot rod was running great. I walked around to the passenger side. I opened the door. I then sat down next to Charlotte.I closed the passenger side door. “How does it feel?” I said. Charlotte turned her head. Her eyes were glazed over. What had just happened? “Our you ok?” I said. She giggled. “It’s sounds good. It feels great. This car is so fun. I’ve never sat in the driver side seat before. I usually sat squeezed in the back.” she said. I smiled. “You look great behind the wheel.” I said. I then quickly rolled down the passenger side window. I was really hot inside the hot rod. I was sweating more. I looked over at Charlotte. Some sweat was coming down her chest. A few drops fell into her massive cleavage. She smiled as I watched her bathing suit bounce up and down on her big breast. I could tell she was getting turned on more.A few minutes passed. Then my eyes got bigger. Her huge right nipple popped out her small bathing suit. It was rubbing against the warm black leather steering wheel. She let out a soft moan. Her hands were in her lap. She looked around. Pretending not to see her big nipple poking out her small bathing suit top. I quitely took out a small ice cube from my drink glass. I rubbed in my left palm. I then looked into her eyes. She smiled. “Here this should help. I don’t want to see you get over heated on such a hot day. Charlotte!” I said. Her eyes got big as she followed my left hand. I showed her the small ice cube before I rubbed it against her erect nipple. She bite her lower lip. Her legs open wider. She then liked her big red lips.”How does that feel?” I said. “Mmmm…Nice. Mr. Buck!…..Should we be doing this? I’m a married woman.” she said, with a smile. “It can be wrong, if it feels this good. You have such an amazing figure.” I said. She let out a soft moan. I was now rubbing the small ice cube on the tip of her erect nipple. I then used my free hand to move her slightly forward in her seat. I unclasped her small bathing suit top. “Snap!!” Her top fell off, onto her lap. Both her huge breast fell on the steering wheel. Both her nipples were the size of the tip of my thumb. Her right nipple was bent side ways by the bumps in the steering wheel.I quickly took another ice cube out of my drink glass. I put the half empty glass between my legs. I then moved both of my hands on her big nipples. I was rubbing each of her nipples with my two big hands. “How does that feel?” I said. She let out another soft moan. “Good! It’s so hot today. Maybe I have a fever. Your hands feel amazing. Your big fingers are so rough on my skin.” she said. I smiled. I then started to rub my cold hands all over her huge breast. I cupped each one of her huge breast with my hands. I started to smash them together. I tugged on each one of her big nipples. I then dropped each breast, making a big wet noise inside the 41 Desoto.I looked up from Charlotte big wet breast. She had her eyes closed. I put a small ice cube in my mouth. I got my mouth really cold. I then leaned up to put my mouth on the end of her left breast. She arched her back forcing more of her flesh into my mouth. She moaned again. I could now smell how turned on she was in the hot rod. I moved my hand down between her legs. I eased the seat back. Her breast fell of the steering wheel into her big lap. They covered her thick thighs. Next I pulled down her tight dark blue denim shorts, around her ankles. Her legs opened wider. I licked my lips. I looked down to see her small bathing suit bottom. I could see through the red spider web suit. I could tell she was complete shaved down there. I saw her camel toe all exposed and pushed against the thin material.I reached down to open my sleeves around my waist. I then felt the hot air on my exposed cock. My orange jump suit was around my knees. My hard 9 3/4 inches of cock was stuck to my left thigh. I was still sucking on Charlotte big left breast as I looked between her legs. She made no effort to stop me. Her eyes were still closed. I saw her foot touch the gas pedal. She pushed down making the hot rod purr louder. I dropped my right hand down in from of her bathing suit bottom. I pushed her spider web bikini bottom to the side. I eased my index finger inside her hot pussy. I could fell her big juicy cunt lips open wide. Her legs moved wider. She pushed her hips forward, pushing my finger in deeper.A minute later….”Yes! Oh my! What’s going on? What happened? I’ve never done that before….” moaned Charlotte. Her eyes were wide open. Her pussy orgasm all over my finger. Her juices flowed down her thighs, onto the black leather seat. Her big ass was squeaked, as she moved in the hot rod. “Stop! Stop! This is not right. Mr. Buck! Please.” she said. I smiled. “It’s Ok….It must be the heat and the car.” I said. She smiled. “Yes! It must be the heat, and the car. I’m a married woman. Things like this should not happen.” she said. I sat back in the passenger side. I picked up my glass of ice, before I sat on it.I turned to look at Charlotte. She then turned to look at me. “Mr. Buck! What is that? What are you doing? I’m married. Please put that away.” she said. She pointed at my hard cock. I looked down. “Sorry! It just happened to fall out. Let me put it back.” I said. I reached down with my left hand. I started to jack my cock. Her eyes got bigger. “Stop! What are you doing now? I thought you were putting that away..” she said. “Yes! But first. I need it to get smaller. I can’t just put it away. It won’t fit inside…Now… Not like this.” I said. “My husband might come home. He can’t find us inside his car like this. You need to put that thing away, before we get into trouble.” said Charlotte.We both looked down at my hard cock. I was still stroking it with my left hand. “Hold this. Now take out some of the ice. Put it in you right hand. Now get it nice and cold. That’s it. Now hold this.” I said. I placed her cold hand on my hard warm cock. “What are you doing?” she yelled. “Keep stroking it. That a good wife. This will help. I should be done in no time.” I said. “You better be young man. I can’t believe I’m sitting in my husband most prized possession with you.” said Charlotte. I smiled. “Your doing great. Hand me the glass of ice. Lean over. That good. Put your other hand under my big naked balls. I think you like those. They fit perfect in your hands. Roll them around. Don’t stop with your other hand. I’m really close.” I said. She shot me a angry look.I reached into the all most empty glass of ice. There was one ice cube left. The rest of the glass was ice water. I took out the last ice cube. I then put the ice cube in Charlotte mouth. Her red lips opened as I rubbed the ice on her lips and then forced it in her mouth. She swallowed the ice after a few seconds. She looked at me. I put my hand down the side of my leather seat. I eased the seat back. I was half was back in the passenger seat. My head was in the back. I reached up with my left hand. I put my hand on the back of Charlotte neck. “Oh! Good! Your ready now.” she said. “All most. This should help.” I said. I eased Charlotte face down to my cock. She opened her cold lips, around the tip of my cock. She had half of my cock in before I could say 41 Desoto.After a few minutes I let go of the back of her neck. She was sucking my cock, really good. I could feel her cold tongue swirl around my cock. She was rolling my hot balls in her free hand. Her other hand was on my hard abs. I arched my hips up. Forcing more of my cock down her throat. She could not get her lips to the base of my cock. But she got farther than most. I smiled when she pulled my saliva coated cock all the way out, before she swirled her tongue around the tip. She made some loud slurping noises inside the hot rod. I watched the side of her mouth get full as she popped her head up and down on my hard cock. I moved my left hand down to her huge breast. I tugged on her hard nipple again. She moved her knees on the driver side seat. The rest of her body hung down on me int he passenger seat.After a few minutes I grabbed her right huge breast. “Come here. Put your right knee over here. Now your left knee right here. All hold these.” I said. I was trying to get her to put her knees on either side of my hips. I was going to hold her big breast up, so I could see her sit down on my cock. I wanted to fuck her so bad. She looked down. “No! I can’t do that. Your going to try to have sex with me. I know what your doing. I may be a blonde. I can’t cheat on my husband.” said Charlotte. “It’s not cheating if it feels this good so far. You Escort Ankara already orgasm from finger. You sucked my cock. Come on.” I said. “That different. I did not want to be caught in his car. I’m not that kind of girl.” said Charlotte. “Listen! I’m really close. Just put your knees right here and right here. I’ll stroke my cock. You won’t have to anymore. I’ll just touch the tip. Nothing more.” I said. “You promise…” she said. “Yes! I’m really close.” I said.I watched as she put her knees on either side of my hips. I held up her breast. I could not see anything passed her chest, as I looked down her round body. I then reached down with my left hand. I found my hard cock. I then placed the tip of my cock on her wet pussy lips. I could feel the heat from her hot pussy. It was making the 41 Desoto hotter. I started to bounce the tip of my cock on the outside of her pussy. She tried to look between her legs. But she had the same problem as me, seeing around her huge breast. I then placed my hard cock between her legs. I let it go. I then moved her hips down and up. My cock was rubbing on the front of her bald pussy. I stuck her left nipple in my mouth. “This should help. Maybe the right nipple now. Feed me.” I said. She was feeding each one of her nipples in my mouth. She tossed her blonde hair back and forth on my head as I bounced her on my lap.”Mr. Buck! I think your doing this on purpose. I can feel your penis on my pussy. I told you this was not a good idea. I’m going to have to ask you to move it.” she said. I put both my hands on her big ass. “Ok! Lean forward. Let me move it. How that?” I said. “Now its wedge in my ass. I can feel it between my ass cheeks. Your wet balls are on my pussy now.” she said to my face. I looked up. “Oops sorry about that. Let me move.” I said. The tip of my cock was now just on her pussy lips. Her breast were on my neck, just under my chin. She was looking down at me. I smiled.I reached over with my right hand next to her right leg. I felt the glass of water against the passenger side door. I slowly brought the ice cold glass up from the door. I moved my hand under her right arm. Around her big hip. I then moved my hand up to the back of her neck. I slowly eased the ice cold glass of water over. “Ahhhhh!!! Oh! My!!! It’s so cold. Your cock!!! Cock!!!! Mr. Buck!!! Your inside me.” yelled Charlotte. She screamed as cold water poured down her back, over her large ass. I could feel the cold water on my legs. But her hot pussy was on my cock. She lost her balance and was now half was down on my cock. I started to bounce her up and down on my cock. Her pussy muscles tried to push me out, but gravity kept me deep inside her pussy.”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck it. I can’t resist anymore Mr. Buck. I wanted you inside me since we first met. I’m so lonely. Your big penis is so hard. I never been touched like this before. Your so deep. I’ve never had an orgasm before today. Now I want to have another one on your big penis.” she yelled inside the 41 Desoto. I pushed her breast aside as I leaned up to kiss her on the lips. She shot her hot tongue deep inside in my mouth. She kissed my hard and wet. I grabbed her hips and forced her pussy down on my cock. I was now all the way inside her. I could feel her hot breast on my chest. Her hard nipples rubbed on my hard abs. I then felt my legs get weak. My mouth dropped open. Are eyes met. I then erupted very deep inside her. I could feel my cock shoot a big load. Her mouth fell open. Then I felt her orgasm on my cock.We made out in the front seat until my cock got hard. I then opened the passenger side door. I placed her on her back. Her legs up. Her heels on the inside of the roof. She looked down between her legs as I placed my hard cock back in her pussy. My black leather boots were on the hot driveway. My prison jump suit around my calves. I was doing push ups on her soft body as my cock fucked her faster. She moved her arms around my waist. Her small hands on my hard ass. She gave it a squeeze. Her long nails scratched my lower back. She then placed her hands on my neck. She fed me her big breast again. I ran my mouth all over her deep cleavage.I turned my head. “Bark! Bark! Bark!” I could hear some blood hounds in the distance. It had been awhile since I escaped. They must have found out I was missing now. I looked down at Charlotte. She could hear the blood hounds. “You better hurry Mr. Kelly. Sound like my husband coming for you.” she said. I smiled. I slammed my cock in harder. She moaned. About 4 hard strokes later. I looked down. My cock was pumping her full of sperm. I looked between her legs. She was leaking on the black leather seat. I leaned down to kiss her. “You better go now sweetie. Sound like he is getting closer. Don’t worry about me.” said Charlotte.I reached down to pull up my orange prison jump suit. I looked over the hood of the 41 Desoto. I could see a dozen cop cars on the hot paved road, in front of me. I smiled. I could now see the blood hounds. There were 25-30 cops with shot guns looking in the ditch on the other side of the road. I moved around the hot rod. I picked up my white wife beater off the hot grass. It was getting slowly getting dark outside. The sun was going down. I put on my shirt as I ran through the farm house. I stopped in the kitchen. I took out all the spices from a cupboard in the kitchen. I poured everything on the kitchen floor. I then opened the back door. I heard the back door close as I ran……..the next day…..”Cock a doodle doo…..” I heard a rooster crow. My face hit the water. I rinsed out my mouth. I did not hear anything outside. I waited a few minutes before I climbed out of the big water tank. When I ran out the back door of the farm house. I found a huge water tank in the back yard. Near the corn field. I pushed down some of the corn stalks before I turned around to climb in the water tank. The cool water felt good all night. My orange jump suit was dripping water as I lowered the metal ladder to the ground. I looked around. I could see over the farm house to the road. There were no cops cars. Only some yellow tape of were I fell out the back of the prison truck yesterday. I smiled.”Clank!” I heard the screen door to the front of the farm house open and close. I dove under the wooden porch. I looked up between the wooden beams. “I know Charlotte. You keep telling me. Over and over. It was hot outside. You were feeling sick. The Desoto was making you do things. Yeah! Yeah! Listen… Prisoner Buck is going to cost me my job. I took off his leg irons. Me…. Now he pulled a Houdini yesterday. He disappeared into thin air. The Warden called. Were setting up road blocks, north, east and west of here. Will catch him.” said Deputy Mueller. “Can I visit him? You know…If you capture him.” said Charlotte. “What the fuck Charlotte. No! You can’t see him. Go back inside. Stay away from my car. Good bye….” said Deputy Mueller. I heard Charlotte close the door. I watched Deputy Mueller look back toward the porch. He shook his head, then got in his squad car. A minute later he was back on the road, heading toward the prison.I open the screen door. I could hear Charlotte signing upstairs. I slowly took off my prison jump suit. I took off my black prison issued boots. I then walked into the master bedroom. The door to the bathroom was wide open. I could hear Charlotte stop singing. She heard a floor board squeak just inside the bathroom door. “Hey honey. Did you already catch him?” said Mrs. Mueller. I smiled as I opened the shower curtain. Charlotte dropped the soap. “Hey! Did you miss me Charlotte? Cause I missed you.” I said. She smiled. She shut the curtain behind me. I pushed her against the shower wall. She wrapped her thick legs around my waist as I picked her up and put her on my cock. She started to kiss me. About an hour later, and 4 different positions. I orgasm deep inside her again.”I better go now Charlotte. I’ve put you enough danger.” I said. She smiled. “I was hoping you might come back for me. I got my bags packed. I’ve been saving up my allowance from hubby. How far do you think we can get? With this….” she said as she flashed a big wad of cash. I smiled. I walked over and sat on her big bed. She walked by and handed me some tan shorts and a Sheriff Deputy shirt. The big gold star was on the shirt. “I do all the wash for the guards at the prison. I figured that shirt might fit on those big muscles.” she said. I slipped on the small tan shorts. I then button up the shirt.I reached up. I pulled the visor down. A pair of silver keys, with two silver lightening bolts fell in my lap. Charlotte reach over and put the keys in the ignition. She smiled as I turned the keys. The 41 Desoto started right up. “How do I look?” said Charlotte. I turned my head. She looked like Olivia Newton John from Grease. She had super tight black leather pants on. They showed off her sexy legs and huge ass. She was wearing a black leather top that showed off her massive cleavage. “Hot baby. Hotter than this hot rod. Which way is south?” I said. She pointed out the window. We made it through 2 road blocks with out a problem. Both policeman starred into Charlotte big cleavage. They did not even glance over at me…….6 months later…..I slow the hot rod down. “Hand me your bottoms honey.” I said. Charlotte giggles. She wearing the same black/red spider bikini, she wore the first day I met her. “I’ll get you another one. The top too. I’ll turn up the air.” I said. I started to roll down the driver side window. A second later. I toss the bottoms, then her top out the window. It lands perfectly on two prisoners clearing a ditch. I see Lefty and Shorty holding up the bikini top. I see a new prisoner at the end of chain gang eight. He’s about 5ft tall. He wearing his ex-wife bottoms around his face. Charlotte had to divorce Deputy Mueller. She could not be married to a prisoner. Especially with one with such a small dick. I laughed as we passed the farm. We sold it to a big oil company. Now there paying us for drilling oil on the land. I asked if they could keep up the water tower in the back. “You ready to flash those big puppies. There a trucker coming up ahead… Then we need to pull over. The 41 Desoto getting dirty. I may need you to wash her…..While I watch.” I said. I pull down my mirror sunglasses…..Love,Buck!