Mayıs 16, 2023

CoWorkers: Preview

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-Authors Note- this little fic was a gift from [Fishy] the female half of studderfish to the male half[Studder], I hope you all enjoy it as much as he did. –Fishy


The room was hot, so hot that I needed to take my clothes off right away.

His body held a light sheen of sweat, arms working as he touched my body, large strong hands caressing every curve. His hands were gentle and his movements were tender, almost loving in a way.

I was aching- nearly dying to have him inside of me.

His voice called out “Ashley? Ashley are you awake?”

My eyes popped open to find my own hand inside my thoroughly soaked panties; I knew I had been having a wet dream, my third of the week.

I let my already slick fingers seek out my clit, circling the aching gem a few times before giving it the firm touch it needed, a few firm sure strokes and I was spent.

I lay there for what felt like a blissful eternity, it turned out to be less then five minuets as my alarm soon went off.

Nine AM, too late to roll over Akbatı escort and go back to sleep so I jump from bed and head straight for the shower, the man in my dreams plaguing me as I let the cool water cascade over my body.

Every time I dreamed of him I saw more and more of his body, and every time I swore that I almost recognized him, this man made love to me when I was sleeping and god damn it I wanted him when I was awake more then anything.

I can almost see myself recognizing him out in public and falling to my knees to take his gloriously hard shaft into my mouth!

I can imagine how thick his manhood would be as it doubled in size inside of my mouth, I get so hot just thinking about it that my fingers trail over already achingly hard nipples, tugging and teasing the rosy buds.

I imagine how his tongue would feel sliding over my sensitive skin, how he would pay homage to ever freckle dotting my fair alabaster complexion, I trace one nipple with my fingers just like I imagine his Aksaray escort bayan tongue would and I cant hold out any longer.

Both hands dive for the treasure between my legs, one finger stroking that sensitive pleasure center as two fingers of my other hand slip into my passage already wet and ready from my first climax of the day.

Eventually I have to sit down on the floor of the shower, my legs spread as far as they can go one hand pumping furiously as the other nearly abusing my aching and swollen clit, I’m moaning so loudly that I silently thank the heavens that none of my neighbors are home during the day.

I reach that heightened plateau and it takes only a few more seconds before I feel that familiar tingling working its way from my feet up to my hips, once it finds its way to where my legs meet the explosion sends tremors though my body, I felt like fireworks were going off inside of my head from the powerful orgasm.

A few minuets later I stepped out of the shower a happy Escort Ankara smile on my face, ready to face the world. My happy mood soured a bit when I realized that if I didn’t leave the house in five minuets I was going to be extremely late.

Getting to work was an easy task, getting into the store with an entire ten minuets to spare was sheer luck, I made my way through the kitchen and into the stock room, wanting nothing more then to have my last few moments of freedom in peace as I readied myself for my shift.

As my luck would have it there was a delivery being brought in through the back door and my entry into the stock room was blocked, I stood impatiently waiting for them to move the stuff out of my way, my hero of the moment was Drew, a strapping young stallion of a coworker. He is decently built, a few inches taller then me and has this boyish charm that makes him so endearing. He even stutters when he’s nervous.

He lifted the boxes in my way with such ease!

For a single second I imagined those muscular arms wrapped around my body, his wide hands exploring my busty curves, my most womanly of parts began to throb with need so badly that I had to press my knees together tightly to avoid bucking my hips in the need for stimulation and that was when I realized: