Eylül 17, 2023

Cross-Country with My Uncle Ch. 08

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Mikey, a studly 18-year old finds himself intimate for the first time with Mike, his namesake 24-year old uncle whom he’s idolized all his life during a cross-country drive. Steve is the 20-year old collegiate gymnast who hitches a ride with them.

Upstairs, Mike and I climbed into the big king bed in the guest room, frankly exhausted. And moments later, just as Mike was getting ready to click off the bedside lamp, Steve, like us totally nude, entered the room and said, “Guys, can I sleep with you?” With the brightest of smiles we kicked back the covers and reached out and pulled him in.

Three things I already knew about Steve, who was just like a puppy: He was very loving; he was very needy of love; and he was very loveable. An excellent combination, really!

We made room between us, and he smiled seraphically as he crawled in, and snuggled between Mike and me, and, like a puppy, rolled over to have his belly rubbed. And that’s exactly what we did. Mike took his face in his hands, and kissed it all over. And I stroked his amazing abs, and recalled his flips and leaps of earlier today. In a moment or two, Mike said, “Roll over,” and Steve did. Mike took charge of his shoulders and neck, stroking and petting and kissing. I took charge of his legs and butt, kissing and petting and stroking. Neither his butt nor his legs were as hairy as ours, but they were nicely furnished with dark hair that mostly lay flat, rather than tending to curl as ours did. It was really quite wonderful just to lay there and stroke this sweet-natured boy. On Mike’s command, Steve just lay there, and for some 15 minutes, we just all three enjoyed our closeness. Then eyüp escort Mike once more told Steve to roll over, and of course he did. This time, after having nodded to me to take charge of Steve’s beautiful, throbbing phallus Mike finally turned off the light. Mike put his face right beside Steve’s, and gently, slowly kissed his cheeks, his nose, eyelids, his lips, his cute round chin, and gently held Steve’s left hand in both of his.

As for me, I kissed Steve’s mighty thighs, which grew fuzzier toward his groin, and then kissed his balls and held his phallus in my hands, and kissed it about fifty times in different places. I put my lips over his cockhead, and swirled my tongue over it again and again and again. But then I lay back, and relaxed, and slowly, sweetly, masturbated him in the dark. Of course even in the darkest dark, I could feel every pulse coursing through his dick, every throb, and even as relaxed and drowsy as I was, I could easily condition my strokes to his state. He lasted about 6 minutes until I brought him off, and he suffered the ‘little death,’ flexing and then stiffening, and deeply, deeply sighing and murmuring “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

His seed was on my arms and chest and face as well as his, and I licked it off my arm, strangely delighting me. All three of us, lay together in the big bed like so many tired puppies, all tangled together.

And so ended the third day on the road with my uncle.

When I awoke, we were still a tangle of arms and legs. I was on my back, and Steve was on his stomach, his arms around my chest, and his head on my shoulder, his face very near mine. I was surely fındıkzade escort breathing in his exhalations, and he mine. Mike in turn was on his side, right beside Steve, with his left leg thrown over Steve’s right leg, and his left arm thrown around Steve’s back. I lay there dreamily, with a massive erection.

Steve woke next, shaking Mike awake too. We all went onto the balcony and standing side by side by side, peed out into the shrubs a floor below. Mike took the center position, I was on the left, and Steve on the right. . It wasn’t any easier because of the fact that all three of us to a larger degree or smaller had boners, mine the worst, and when I got my stream started, it arced far into the air.

Steve said, “There are two things that I want. I’ll tell you the second, after the first.”

Mike said, “Well, what’s number one?”

And Steve replied, “I want you both again, together, and right now.” This time, he knew what he wanted, and he took the lead. Grabbing Mike’s right hand and my left, he led us back to the big bed, and he said to me, “Mikey, prop those pillows up against the headboard, and lay back on them, and spread your legs.” He positioned himself right between my legs, on his hands and knees, and grasped my cock with his right hand. “And Mike, you get on your knees behind me.”

It obvious what he wanted. He leaned down and began fellating me in a most skilled fashion. There was something magical about whatever it was he was doing. There was constant contact, constant motion, but it was so delicate that I often wasn’t sure if there really was contact or some trick of my senses. I was incredibly escort şişli relaxed. No, not relaxed, I was in kind of a state of paralysis, unable to move, or more specifically unable to will myself to move. I was as though floating above the world, displaced. I think the correct word for this is ‘ecstasy,’ meaning ‘standing outside of oneself.’

Meanwhile, though I was only vaguely aware of this at the time, Mike had begun to fuck him, but so gently that he did not really shake Steve enough to affect his magic. Evidently, with his hands on Steve’s hips, Mike had held him more or less immobile, while he eased his phallus slowly in and out. In my mind’s eye (when I thought of it at all), I saw Mike’s round and perfect glutei maximi covered in dark blond hair slowly and steadily flexing. Eventually I heard Mike give a great “oomph” sound, and this time Steve’s body did tremble, enough to disturb the rhythm he had established, but not enough to cause him to remove his mouth from me. It was only a few seconds later, however, that I, too, exploded, flooding Steve’s mouth. My orgasmic shudders interrupted my trance-like state, but only briefly, as I fell again into kind of a swoon.

Mike, however, was as efficient as he was considerate. He bodily flipped Steve onto his back, right between my legs. I reached out for his arms and grabbed his held both his forearms in my hands and pulled them over his head; he grasped mine in his, completing a double link. Mike softly petted Steve’s belly and with his left hand, and ran his fingers through his pubic hair; and with his right hand, Mike seized Steve’s rock-hard veiny cock near the base. With two dozen wickedly efficient firm pulsing strokes brought him to his own climax, shooting his cum into Mike’s face and hair. Steve lay beside me, panting, but with an ear-to-ear grin on his beautiful face.

And Mike smiled, “And number two?”

To be continued.