Haziran 22, 2023

Cuckhold i Milwaukee Part 4

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Cuckhold i Milwaukee Part 4from Part 3They started bantering back and forth about what they had done. Turns out they had been at it for over a year. I was so ready to cum. Judy turns to look at me and says, “wonder what he would think if he knew one of his patients was coming over again tomorrow.” At that point I exploded all over myself. Debbie goes, “wow for such a little cock he sure can cum.” Judy said yeah but he made a mess so I think he needs to clean himself. So they both swoop in with their fingers to scoop up my cum and make me lick it. When they were done with that, Debbie says, “believe it or not that made me horny again” as she starts to kiss and finger Judy. Pretty soon they are in a hot an heavy 69 going at it again. I was getting horny again and watched as they each came multiple times over the next hour.When they were done Debbie walked over to me and pinched my nipple and said, “thanks for the show, hopefully I can watch again soon.” I didn’t know what to say and then Judy pipes in, “let me know if you want him for a show and I will send him over.”I had gotten so horny I forgot what Judy said about one of my patients.The next while at work about 10am, in between patients I notice my message light blinking. I pushed the button, luckily I didn’t have it on speaker phone as there is Judy once again cumming. I couldn’t believe it as I hear her begging for more and cumming again. All of a sudden, Judy goes, “don’t you wish you were here?”Over the muğla escort next couple of hours I checked for my message light every chance I had but it didn’t blink. I was thinking wow it mus be over as it was now after 1pm. Well at 2pm it is blinking again and their is Judy cumming again, and I can hear two voices in the background. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to sit there and be horny.When I came out at 4pm, my phone was ringing and I started thinking wow maybe I can hear it live. I was wrong it was Judy live and she said, “in 30 minutes check your email and stay at the office until I tell you that you can come home.”being finished with patients I could do nothing but sit there and wait. I kept looking at my email but nothing their as I waited anxiously. Everyone else in the office came in and said goodbye as they were leaving surprised that I was still there. Finally about 4:45 I get an email from Judy and it is a picture of her naked and covered with cum and sucking two cocks. There was a message also written there that said, “Hey doc, you should have told me your wife was such a good fuck!!!” Then an additional note from Judy saying that some of my patients just had magnificent cocks.I sat there thinking who the heck could it be, when my phone rang. It was Judy and she said,”did you enjoy?” I told her did. She said, “is your teenie little weenie hard?” and I said yes again. She said, “good, get completely naked, put on muğla escort bayan your coat and come home to be punished.” She told me I should arrive in about 30 minutes. I was really getting horny now figuring out what was awaiting me. Then it dawned on me I had to drive home virtually undressed.I did what she said and made it to the car unseen (happy none of my employees had come back to the office). As I was driving home I got a call from Judy. She said, “I need you to stop for milk.” I started stammering not knowing how I could do that and the she goes, “just k**ding.”I got home 5 minutes later, there was an unfamiliar car in the driveway and all of a sudden I was reluctant to go in. Finally worked the courage and Judy was by the backdoor. I asked who was there and she said I should just go into the bedroom and sit on the couch. I did so and she tied my wrists and blindfolded me. I sat there wondering what was going to happen. All of a sudden I hear 3 voices in the hallway and knew they were coming my way. They got on the bed and I hear a voice that was somewhat familiar go if I knew his dick was that scrawny I may not have let him work in my mouth. I coudn’t figure out who it was. Then a female voice goes, “wow he’s got boobs big enough to need a bra.” Judy being no help, says “yeah maybe I need to go get him one.” The familiar voice goes, “yeah maybe you should.”They then started to go at it and for the next two hours escort muğla I hear moaning, groaning and shouts of thrill. Occasionally someone would walk over and pinch my nipples or tweak my cock. I hear the sound of the camera going hoping they were taking pictures of each other and not me. Eventually they came over by me and Judy moves me to the floor and says hold out my hands and I feel a hand on each side take one of my hands and all I feel on each side is wet pussy. One of them is completely shaved and one is moderately hairy. Judy then tells me to open my mouth. I was thinking she was going to let me lick one of them and all of a sudden a cock is shoved in my mouth, It was huge and almost gagged me. It had to be over 9 inches and thick. I hear I feel two sets of manicured nails moving my head to as to help the cock get close to cumming. All of a sudden Judy says, “don’t cum yet let him think tomorrow about each patient and who’s cock it was.” I hear them murmur goodnights and I sat that.Judy came back and said “I bet tomorrow as you are working on your patients you are going to wonder which of them almost came in your mouth tonight.” I didn’t know what to say as I was thinking about who was coming in tomorrow. I couldn’t tell with the disguised voice and only my mouth being on a cock who it could be.The next day as we were working, Judy came in before every patient and said could this be the cock. Still couldn’t figure it out.Finally at noon after Judy coming in before my seeing the patient and asking could this be the cock that almost came I told her she had to be more quiet. I go in to work on Bill and he says, “hey doc, you got a great wife.” He then went on to say, “maybe we could have her…..” (guess you will have to wait for part 5