Mayıs 13, 2023

Cuckold Couple ISO Uncut Man, Part 1

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It all started with an email. “Hi – I saw your ad. It caught my attention quite a bit, actually. I’m just wondering, are you two still looking for someone?” I replied. The next day I received a brief reply, “Hey, yes. My wife would love to play, she’s never had an uncut man, and she’s dying to know what she’s missing. Are you uncut? Do you have pics?” I had replied to their ad: Cuckold couple, ISO of uncut man for her. They had been looking for years; but most men in America are circumcised, like her husband, Danny. His wife, Michaela, was sexy as all hell. He emailed some pictures, the quality was top-notch boudoir and seemed professional, almost too good to be true. The first picture: Michaela stepping out of the shower, dripping wet. The second: her bent over their bed, ass in the air, with her legs slightly crossed, highlighting her perfect round ass. The next: a picture of her hood, pierced. And the most recent: her Christina piercing. The last picture was her face down on a bed, with stilettos – almost a dream cliché at it’s finest. He let me know she had a couple of kids, that she was self-conscious about her body, and that we would alsancak escort have to play during the day, or late at night. He also let me know that this was all for her, he loved to see her happy – and that he wanted to watch my cock slide up and down as she tasted it for the first time; that, in particular, was what he was looking forward to the most. He was curious about my foreskin, how it all worked, and couldn’t wait for his wife to let it glide inside of her. He wanted to watch, he said, “The look on her face, when her hips would push into the air, and her eyes would dart in his direction, deep with satisfaction.” “She can ride like a demon,” he warned me. “Be prepared.” We exchanged a few more emails. She wanted more pictures of my uncircumcised, intact cock. She wanted to see all of the details of her fantasy coming true. What she really wanted, before we met, was the power of being able to ask for any type of picture she wanted, purely to satisfy her curiosity. Her fetish, one that she had never had the pleasure of experiencing – yet. She wanted pictures: foreskin, foreskin pulled back, and the alsancak escort bayan head of my cock, just to see how it compared to what she was used to. I promptly sent what she wanted. Danny replied, “she can’t wait, she loves the pronounced head of your cock. I can’t wait to watch her. Trust me, once she gets going…” I was ready to meet. I inquired further, “What are the limits or boundaries?”  Danny replied, “You can cum in her. You can cum on her. Nobody will be offended. If you are going to cum on her face, just give her fair warning. But trust me, she is going to want to explore every inch of you. Be prepared…she just let me know she is wet just thinking about your cock.”  The next day, I called in sick to work and drove to their house. The kids were at school, and the neighborhood was quiet like suburbia in the middle of the day. I met Danny, and we chatted for a bit. He was jealous, he said, “I always wanted to know what it was like to have my foreskin. I’ve read it’s so much more sensitive. Better orgasms, ya know?” I smiled, “I can imagine, with more nerves and nerve endings. But I guess escort alsancak we’ll never know for sure…” Michaela arrived a few minutes later through the back door. She had brunette hair, and a slender build, just like the pictures. Her walk was confident, but fast with intrigue. She grinned with excitement, already thinking about what was to come, and introduced herself, “So, do you mind if I smoke?” she inquired. She lit a cigarette and crossed her legs, looking me up and down, sitting on her couch. I wondered what she was thinking as she eyed what she was about to devour. “Let’s quit the small talk,” she said as she grinned and walked away, heading up the stairs without a hint of doubt about what she was about to do. Danny and I followed. We made our way to the bedroom, their bedroom. I recognized the same bed from the pictures they sent. Danny sat in the corner, without pause about a stranger about to have his way with his hot wife, and couldn’t wait to watch his wife explore her first uncut man. Without hesitation, Michaela took off her jeans and her panties, throwing them in the corner. “Get on the bed.” I told her. “Lie on your back. I’m gonna eat you first.” She promptly spread her legs and relaxed a bit. I asked how sensitive her clit and her hood was, with the piercing and all. I asked about her Christina too, but I couldn’t wait anymore. I ran my tongue down every fold. Outlining each lip with a trace, making my way to her taint.