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Culture Shock Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 Sitting on the side of her bed, Elaine looked at the vibrator and her mind raced. If she cleaned off the lipstick, whoever kissed it would know she’d seen it. Would they check? If she left it how it was, could she pretend she hadn’t seen it?   She quickly put it back in the drawer and shoved it closed, accidentally making a banging noise. She hushed the errant drawer, making herself blush. The walls of the small three-bedroom apartment were paper thin, and she hoped neither of her roommates recognised the sound.   Ugh, what am I thinking? This is ridiculous.   She slid the drawer open again and reached inside. Holding the toy up in front of her, she sniffed it to see if it had been washed. It had. Wondering what difference it made, she admonished herself.   So I used it. Big deal. It’s not as if it’s earth-shattering news. Get a grip!   Biting her lip, she reached for a tissue to clean off the lipstick. Before she noticed what she was doing, she found her fist wrapped around the inert toy, separated only by a layer of Kleenex, cleaning it off in a twisting, pseudo-jacking off motion. Memories of last night’s festivities turned up the corners of her mouth. She brought the toy up in front of her face to examine it more closely. It was all clean and ready for ‘next time’ so she put it away again, this time quietly.   Hopping up from the bed, Elaine grabbed her robe from a corner chair and drew it around herself. It was soft and thick so she didn’t have to bother with a bra. After grabbing a fresh towel from the hall closet, she went to take a shower but the bathroom was occupied. She had to see her roommates sooner or later and decided to face the music and make herself a coffee in the kitchen.   Taking a deep breath, she rounded the corner and found Chelsea groaning and tidying up some spilt sugar. “Can I help?” Elaine asked.   “God. Sorry Elaine. I’m all thumbs. We had a big night last night and I feel like shit,” Chelsea complained.   “Here, let me do it,” Elaine offered, deftly cleaning up the mess.   “Thanks, Elaine. You’re an angel.”   “It’s okay,” she said, enjoying the praise. “I don’t mind.” Things were already going better than she’d hoped. She feared finger pointing and sniggering, but at least she and Chelsea were adults. Either that or it wasn’t Chelsea who kissed her vibrator. Hmmmm… Blushing and turning her back on her roommate and filling the kettle with water, Elaine asked, “Um, I was going to make coffee anyway. Would you like one?”   “Could you make one for Kendra too?” Chelsea pleaded, slumping in the kitchen chair.   “Sure, just relax. I don’t know how you guys can go out every weekend and get smashed like you do.”   “We’re young. We’re supposed to, and besides, it’s where the guys Ümraniye Escort are.”   Chelsea was leaning on her elbows, holding her head in her hands. Her robe hung open almost to her navel, exposing the smooth, tanned skin of her chest and the inner swell of each breast. After trailing her eyes down to Chelsea’s flat tummy, Elaine realised what she was doing.   “Th… There you go,” she stuttered, passing Chelsea’s coffee to her and staring at the sugar bowl. “So um, did you meet any nice ones last night?”   “Guys? Naaa. Just the usual bunch of dropkicks. I’m sore all over though. We danced all night.”   “Sounds like fun.”   “Yeah. I guess. Just once I’d like to meet someone who wasn’t a complete wimp. Most of the guys we meet are like lapdogs, following us around, hoping for a taste. Either that or they’re overbearing oafs. It’d be nice to meet someone who knew what I liked.”   “What are you going on about?” asked Kendra, entering the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her body and another around her head. “Is that mine?” she asked Elaine, sitting down and reaching for the spare cup.   Elaine nodded.   “I was just saying,” repeated Chelsea.   “That most of the guys we meet are just boys. I’d like to meet a man. A real man.”   “What? Someone old and wrinkly?” Kendra asked, teasing.   “Nooo! God. I just mean someone who knows how to treat a lady.”   “Oh, so you’re a lady now, are you? You could have fooled me. You didn’t look like much of a lady when I poured you into that taxi last night.”   “Oh, stop it. You weren’t much better. And anyway, you know what I mean.”   Kendra shook her head with a smile and brought her coffee to her lips. “Well, my idea of a ‘real man’ is someone cute, muscly, can cry in movies and brings me flowers every time he picks me up. Haven’t found him yet, though.” She turned her gaze to Elaine. “What about you, Elaine? What kind of man would you like to meet?”   “Hmmm… I’d like to meet someone who impresses me. Someone I can look up to and learn from. Someone I can respect. Someone with substance.”   “Someone who isn’t plastic?”   “Um, yeah. Not plastic. Yeah…”   As Elaine blushed five shades of red, she figured it was safe to assume Kendra had kissed her vibrator and was now teasing her about the use of it. Her nipples started getting hard and she was mortified, pulling her robe closer around herself.   “I think I’m gonna spew!” Chelsea gasped, standing and running to the bathroom, her hand covering her mouth.   Seemingly unconcerned, Kendra sipped her coffee, eying Elaine over the edge of a cup with a pussycat on it. “She’s a lightweight,” she said finally, fixing Elaine with a stare.   “What do you mean?”   “Lightweight! You know.”   Ümraniye Escort Bayan “You mean like a lush?”   “Yeah, like a lush, Miss Ohio, 1958. Jeez… You gotta get out more.”   Elaine sighed. “Yeah, I know. I just don’t like the crush and the drinking. The music’s okay, I guess.”   “And some of the men are just dreamy.”   “Chelsea doesn’t seem to think so.”   “Chelsea wouldn’t know a real man if he bit her on the ass.”   “Mmmmm.” Elaine giggled.   “Mmmmm.” Kendra echoed, winking and grinning. When the pleasant moment had passed, Kendra leaned forward a little and whispered, “I hope you didn’t mind that I put you in bed and tidied up a bit last night. I thought it might be a bit embarrassing to wake up like that.”   Elaine didn’t know why she took the bait, but she did. “Like what?”   “Like, sprawled over your bed, all the lights on, stark naked with a vibrator in your hand.”   “Oh.” The image made her speechless, and wet. God, she even put panties on me!   “Just wait till I get the pictures developed!” Kendra teased.   Elaine’s eyes went wide, and she was about to squeal.   “I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” Kendra insisted. “Jeez Elaine!”   “You’re mean,” Elaine whispered, feeling like she was blushing to the roots of her hair.   “Oh, c’mon. I’m just having some fun with you. You know you like it.”   “I so do not. This isn’t fun at all. It’s embarrassing. And I’d rather not be um, reminded of this… episode either. I’d like to think I have some privacy here, at least in my room! And I can assure you I don’t like you making fun of me.” Elaine was pleased with her response. She rarely got a word in once Kendra started talking.   “Riiight… . Then tell me the truth. Are your nipples hard?”   “What?” Elaine gasped incredulously, pulling her robe even more tightly around her body.   “Go on. Tell me!”   Just then the toilet flushed and Chelsea stumbled into the kitchen. “I wouldn’t go in there for a while if I were you,” she said, flopping into the chair in front of her cold coffee.   “Um, it’s okay,” Elaine said, quickly snatching up her towel and fleeing into the bathroom. She didn’t mind what the air in there smelled like. She didn’t want to answer any more of Kendra’s questions.   **************************   Chelsea had already gone out the door and Kendra was holding it open. “We won’t be home till after three A.M., so there’s plenty of playtime,” she said, winking at Elaine who was standing in the kitchen doorway.   “I might invite the football team over,” Elaine replied, poking out her tongue.   She’d managed to spend most of the day in her room studying.   “A football team would put you in a coma! I’d stick to vibrators. And if I catch you like I did Escort Ümraniye last night, there will be pictures.”   With an open mouth, Elaine blushed mightily as the front door closed. It wasn’t so much being unable to adequately defend herself that made her embarrassed. It was also things like the wet kiss Kendra blew to her as she left. And the image of Elaine’s vibrator in Kendra’s hand as she kissed it, knowing where it had been. And of Kendra pulling her panties up her legs and fitting them to her unconscious body. That had haunted her all day. She was just glad she hadn’t woken up when Kendra had put her to bed. She would have been humiliated. She resolved to pretend she was asleep if it ever happened again.   Kendra wouldn’t really take pictures, would she? Elaine wondered. I’d die if she did. I MUST stay in control of myself when I cum.   Twenty minutes later Elaine was writhing on her bed, twisting a turgid nipple between her forefinger and thumb. Wanting more than just the fingers of her other hand sliding in and out of her clasping pussy, she was mindlessly fumbling for the drawer, desperate for her vibrator. Her slippery fingers finally grasped the handle and pulled it open, blindly searching for her toy. Already having crab-walked halfway up the bed in her ecstasy, her head hung back over the pillow that had bunched up under her shoulder blades. With palpable relief, she found her vibe, immediately turned it on ‘high’ and pressed it against her throbbing swollen clit.   She hit the roof.   Clenching her teeth to keep herself from screaming, for a split-second she wished she put the pillow in her mouth. But it was too late and in an instant she went over the edge in an explosive climax. Her eyes bulged as she strained to keep them open, willing herself to stay conscious. Shudders wracked her body and she fought to contain them. Unfortunately when she did, the pleasure was drawn out almost endlessly. She even had time to change her attack.   She slid the vibrator into her hot cunt. Yes, it was a ‘hot cunt’ now. A writhing, twisting haze of countless nerve endings, all firing in pleasure and rolling out across her abdomen, prickling her buttocks and rolling down her legs making them shake. Into her mind came the image of Kendra, topless and holding a camera, flashes lighting up the room.   Over the top she went again, this time enough to make her oval her lips. A whispered low groan escaped before she heard herself. She clenched her teeth again. Willing her eyes open, she looked past her tortured nipple, distended beyond belief between her fingers, and down to her flailing wrist, driving the white toy incessantly in and out of her clenching pussy.   I have to stop, she thought forlornly. This is how it happened last time. Now I remember. I just couldn’t stop. Gradually her hand slowed. I can do this. I can control myself. Tearing her fingers from her throbbing nipple, she reached down to turn off the vibe. She sighed with a mixture of disappointment and relief. She could do it. She could control herself.