Mayıs 12, 2023

Daddy and Jenna – 6

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Doug and Jenna welcomed Courtney to their house with open arms. literally. Courtney’s parents had gone on an extended business trip/vacation, but since part of it was for business, they had to leave Courtney behind. Doug looked at Courtney, remembering her last visit with them. He also remembered her dark brown pussy hair, and dark, sensitive nipples atop her B-cup boobs. He could still see her as she opened her sexy legs to him for the first time, revealing a nearly dripping pussy as she let him be the first man to fuck her. He recalled how she kept from screaming as he took her cherry, and how willing she was to let him fuck her, as long as they were in private the first time. As she hugged him today, he (and she) could feel his 6″ cock begin to grow immediately. Courtney reached down and gave his dick a playful squeeze as she asked “Are you happy to see me again, Doug?” After his initial embarrassment, Doug replied “What do you think, Court?” and with that, he reached his hand up to her chest, and began to rub her boobs. It quickly became obvious that she was not wearing a bra under her thin T-shirt, as he could feel her nipples grow to his touch. She was also wearing a short skirt, with sandals on her feet. “Ah, the ‘braless’ look” Doug commented. “I like it.” As Doug reached down to her hemline, Courtney stopped him. “No peeking, I have a surprise for you two. Look!” And as Doug and Jenna watched, she slowly pulled her skirt up, revealing more and more of her legs, until finally, her pussy was revealed. It was quickly obvious to them that Courtney had made good use of her razor recently, as her pussy lips were clean-shaven of the dark brown hairs that had partly covered her lips. “Well, whaddya think?” she asked. Doug and Jenna both got concerned expressions on their faces, as though they could read each other’s mind. Courtney, in turn, became a bit worried herself since this was not the reaction that she expected. “Don’t Göztepe escort bayan you like my new look?” Jenna was the first one to speak. “I only have one thing to say, Court.” She paused, sighed, then said “Will you shave me, too?” Courtney nearly tackled Jenna. “You scared me to death, Jenna. I thought you didn’t like it.” “Quite the contrary, Courtney” replied Doug. “We both love it. In fact, if you do a good enough job on Jenna, I might even let you shave me, too!” The girls’ eyes lit up suddenly. “Really, Daddy? I didn’t think you’d ever allow that.” “Really, Jenna. It’s only fair.” Courtney broke in then. “OK, that’s for later. Now, I have something else I want to show you.” And with that, Courtney reached into one of her bags and pulled out a strap-on dildo. “You like, Jenna? This way, I can fuck you just like your dad does.” “Cooool” was Jenna’s reply. “That plus my vibrator will give us plenty to do for the next several days. I can see a lot of orgasms for us. I’m getting wet just at the thought of it.” Jenna reached down to her crotch and began rubbing. “I can even feel my pussy’s heat through my shorts.” “Now, I’ve got a surprise for both of you” said Doug. Suddenly, he had both girls’ rapt attention. “Jenna, you remember looking for a cabin to rent for our next vacation?” “Yes.” “Well, I took the liberty of renting one just big enough for the three of us. It’s located on a lake on top of a mountain, and there is nobody around for miles. It’s just a private little bungalow that’s been in one family for years, and they decided to make a little money off of it. How does that sound?” Both girls said “Yes” at the same time. “Jenna, I’ve already packed; Courtney hasn’t had a chanced to unpack yet. I guess we’re just waiting for you now.” Jenna and Courtney nearly knocked Doug over as they hurried to Jenna’s room. She pulled a suitcase and a make-up bag from her closet, opened her Escort Caddebostan dresser, and began throwing clothes into her bag. When she began to pick through her bras and panties, though, she paused. “Jenna, is something wrong?” asked Courtney. “No, I was just thinking about not wearing any underwear, not even bringing any with me so I wouldn’t be tempted.” And with that, Jenna closed her top dresser drawer without putting the first bra or pair of panties in her bag. She then changed clothes to an equally short skirt and her own button down shirt unbuttoned to the third button to show off her 34Cs. “That sounds cool to me, too!” Courtney rushed to retrieve her own suitcase, pulled it into Jenna’s room, and removed all her own undies from her bag. “Thank heaven I just had my period.” Both girls broke into hard laughter at that one. “Me too” echoed Jenna. The laughter drew Doug to Jenna’s door. His puzzled look only made the girls laugh again. “Never mind, Daddy. You wouldn’t want to know.” “You’re probably right. Ready to go?” And before you could blink an eye, they all piled in the car and headed for their mountaintop escape. Since it was dinner time, they stopped at a restaurant for a bite. Fortunately, it was a little past dinnertime by then, so they had their pick of booths. Jenna quickly led them to a rather large one that had a curved seat that easily accommodated all three of them with room to spare. Doug was seated between the girls, unaware of the unclothed pussy under their skirts. Doug ordered a large mixed drink, and though the girls could not be served one due to their ages, Doug did allow them to sip from his drink. In fact, the girls drank more of his drink than he dared since he was the driver, and by the time they got their food, they were starting to get a little tipsy. Just before their food arrived, Jenna said “I need to pee.” She literally crawled out of the booth, Bağdat Caddesi escort with her ass facing Doug and Courtney. Doug was sure he saw her pussy crack between her legs since her skirt had ridden up. Courtney took the hint, crawling out of the booth in the same manner as Jenna, giving Doug the same show as Jenna did. Doug could feel his cock beginning to grow at the sight of two pussies hidden only by the cloth of their skirts. When they got back they both slid in at the same time. Doug noticed that he could more easily see down Courtney’s shirt as she seemed to have unbuttoned one or two more buttons than before. He was wearing shorts, and could feel his cock begin to rise again as both girls laid a leg over one of his. Once they began eating, their legs spread a bit further, and he noticed that they both sneaked a hand under their hems from time to time. As they neared the end of dinner, Courtney’s hand seemed to stay under her skirt more and more. When Jenna noticed this, she quickly followed suit. Doug could detect the sweet aroma of their pussy juices, but noticed the server approaching their table with the check. “We’ve got company” he whispered, and they quickly withdrew their hands from their pussies. Doug paid the bill, and they slid from the booth and headed out to the car. Once on the road, both girls pulled their skirts up to their waists and began fingering the other’s pussy. Doug could again detect their aroma mixing in the car. Soon, they began to squirm in the seat, and he could hear their fingers as they moved in and out of each other’s cunt. It was hard to keep the car on the road as they put on their show, clearly visible in his rear view mirror. At least it was still light enough for him to see their antics in the rear seat. “Oh, God, I’m about to cum!” said Courtney as Jenna pushed her over the edge. “Yesssssss!” she hissed as her pussy juice made a wet spot on the back seat. Doug had to open the button and unzip his pants to release the pressure on his cock. Next thing, he heard Jenna moaning. Suddenly, she lifted her ass off the seat as she said “Right there, Court. Harder! Make me cuuummmmm!” And then, Jenna’s pussy juice dripped from her upraised cunt onto her side of the seat as her best friend made her cum.