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Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 17

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Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the seventeenth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, farting, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

Again, I am thankful for all my readers, patient fans, and especially comments, ratings and emails.

P.S. The fantasy is everything.


You smile at your daughter across the table and she smiles back, her face a little flushed. The wine is going to her head.

She takes another sip. ‘This is so nice’, she says. ‘Taking me on a fancy and romantic date. And at such an expensive restaurant!’

‘No less than you deserve’, you say.

She blinks her eyelashes slowly and she leans in closer. ‘Tell me what more I deserve… daddy,’ she whispers the last word.

You take a mouthful of wine and look at her. ‘You deserve it all, princess. You deserve the best.’

‘I deserve to be spoiled, don’t I?’ she says with a bitchy look in her eye. ‘For being such a… good… girl.’ She licks her lip.

‘You deserve to be completely spoiled,’ you agree. ‘You should get everything I or anyone else can give you.’

‘I don’t think I get enough. I want more.’


‘Yes.’ She leans in further and murmurs. ‘A sexy big tittied slut like me with a hot super-eager backdoor should be given all the money and presents I could ever want.’

‘Of course you should. And will. You should be rewarded for being so sexy.’ You keep your voice low so as to try not to attract attention from anyone else sitting around you.

‘I want your credit card daddy.’


‘I want your credit card in my purse. And I want it to stay there. That’s where it belongs.’ She says it matter-of-factly. She has put on a bitchy assertive face that somehow turns you on.

Nevertheless, you hesitate.

Her eyebrow raises. ‘Am I not my daddy’s little princess?’ she says archly.

‘Yes, of course.’

‘Then give me it.’ She reaches out and holds out her hand palm up on the table expectantly. ‘Now. It’s what I deserve.’

You reluctantly take your wallet out and hand over one of your credit cards. She snatches it, saying ‘about time’, and sniffs and quickly puts it in her purse. Your reluctance seems to melt away in those quick movements, looking at the self-assured and stuck-up expression she is wearing, and her heaving, pushed up cleavage, and your cock gets hard under the table.

‘I know that made you hard,’ she says condescendingly. ‘You secretly love the thought of your busty beautiful daughter being a spoilt little bitch, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m going to be buying myself lots of things with your money. You know I’ll never get a job.’

‘You have a job,’ you say, a little red-faced.

‘What’s that?’

You straighten up. ‘Taking my dick in your ass.’

‘Oh yeah,’ she smirks. ‘All the money I want doing what I love. I’m such a lucky girl. And you’re such a naïve daddy.’

‘Like you said,’ you raise your glass, ‘you deserve it for being such a pretty little sexpot, for having such big teenage tits, for having such a big fuckable ass, and for being such a hungry dumb buttslut.’

‘Now now,’ she cautions mockingly. This is supposed to be a romantic date.

You call for the cheque soon after and before you know it you are driving her back home. She has relaxed and moved more into her innocent-slut demeanour. You never know which one you love most — whichever she is at the time, most likely.

‘Did you enjoy the date?’ you say, while stopped at a traffic light.

‘Yes, thank you daddy,’ she says. ‘I’m all full now.’

‘Except the place where it matters,’ you joke.

Her eyes open wide in mock surprise. ‘Oh no, I’m not like that at alllll!’ She giggles and hiccups. ‘I’ve heard if a girl lets a guy kiss her or if she sucks him off before the third date then she’s a slut.’

‘No chance of a kiss on a first date?’

‘Oh, well, maybe for you daddy.’ She squirms a little in her seat. ‘You did take me on a lovely expensive date after all and it’d only be nice to say thank you properly.’

The red light of lust cast on her cleavage turns to an enticing orange and then a sickly green. As you drive you think about how far this has all come in such a short space of time. How incredible the jump was from the first moments in the kitchen with a drunken Ana, to rampant debauched anal and sodomistic filth. You wonder what the future holds in store, whether anything can be topped, or if both your passions will fade and the activities lose their hedonistic, illicit thrill.

You can’t imagine ever losing Avcılar Escort the extreme desire to fuck Ana, and it appears she never wants to be a moment without your cock. Even if the initial taboo-breaking excitement wanes, you are more than content to spend years fucking your daughter’s bottom. And the thought of doing just that, of your incestuous sodomy becoming more than a brief chapter of depravity to look back on, but a casual acceptance, part of your routine, an anything-but-mundane mundanity, to continue every day as something commonplace in your relationship — this thought excites you in its own way. Something better than a series of nasty activities each trying to outdo the other until it breaks, is to possess a lifestyle, a life ordinary that all others would find incredible. To wake up to breakfast and a quick morning go on your daughter’s ass. To go on the computer while your daughter kneels under the table and sucks you off. To tongue your daughter’s delicious butthole while she’s on all fours chatting on the phone to a friend, having to give excuses as to the noises when you to stop to push inside her rectum. To breathe, eat, work, play, travel and live — all to the tune of the most pleasantly fucked up relationship you’d ever dreamed of.

You pull up at the house after what seems like an eternity and stand at the front door.

‘I shouldn’t come in,’ Ana whines, looking unsure of herself.

‘Not even for a quick drink?’

‘I dunno,’ she says. ‘I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.’

‘How about that kiss you promised me here then?’

‘Okay,’ she smiles. ‘A very quick kiss.’ She wraps her arms around your neck and pulls you in and you kiss lustfully, exchanging tongues. She snogs the life off of you while making small moaning noises, and you reach behind her and squeeze her big ass under her short red dress. The kissing in the dark outside your door continues and soon you have worked your hand under the thong under her dress and are rubbing her butthole aggressively.

She breaks off, breathing hard. ‘Okay, well maybe I’ll come in for a quick drink,’ she says, her eyes alight. You are both thoroughly enjoying this “date”.

You let her in and within minutes you have her on the couch, her dress askew, grinding you with her full titmeat pressed into your face. The nipples are poking through the thin fabric and you lightly bite one through the dress while peeling off her thong.

You get her on her back with your cock free and position it at her pussy which shines with wetness. The head touches.

‘No, no,’ she says.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Not thereeee,’ she whines.

‘Where do you want it?’

She looks you in the eye. ‘Where do you think?’

You pull her legs up a little and move your cockhead down to her other, darker hole. Her pussy juices have been running down to make her backdoor hole just as wet to the touch. You press in a little.

‘Yes daddy, there…’ she whispers in your ear. ‘You know what kind of girl I am.’

‘You’re the best date, honey.’

Her asshole flexes on your cockhead as you push against the ring and she bites her lip. ‘Promise me something daddy.’


‘Promise me you’ll make love to my bottom. Promise me you’ll keep the date romantic and make love to your daughter’s perfect bottom.’

‘I promise.’

‘Good,’ she says softly, wrapping her arms around you. ‘Make love to my bottom daddy,’ she breathes in your ear.

Her bottom grips you snugly as you squeeze in. She bites her lip again and whimpers as you enter her warm anus.

As requested you keep the ass loving slow and intimate, sliding slowly in to the hilt so she lets out a little ‘oh!’ and then back out. Alternating with short, slow ruts deep in her soft, sucking anus.

‘Oh yes daddy. You know what kind of girl I am,’ she says again.

‘The sort of girl who takes it in the ass on a first date?’

‘Yeah. And the sort of girl who takes her daddy’s cock in her bum whenever he wants.’

‘Such a good little date fuck daughter.’

‘More daddies should take their daughters on dates. They might get a thank you from their daughters tight bums.’

You slowly massage the walls of her rectum with your big cock, reaming her insides as she pulls you close to her, kissing you passionately. Every time you back off a fraction for air her tongue remains stuck out, eager for more, her face horny and delirious.

‘Fuck me in my pooper daddy,’ she moans as the ass loving gets wetter and the sounds pick up.

You grin and stroke her face. You collect a curl of hair in your fingers and it tugs. She bites her lip and wraps her hands around your ass and pulls you in, trying to drive you deeper and deeper, each thrust seeming to open up new unexplored ass-territory, a new inch of bowel. Both of you know your member is on the large size but nothing seems like it could be big enough to quench your daughter’s thirst to be stuffed ever deeper in her fat teenage bottom.

‘How does your big dick feel inside my pooper daddy?’ she Avcılar Escort Bayan groans. ‘Do you like your daughter’s tight sexy pooper?’

‘Not so tight anymore baby,’ you tease.

‘Good daddy, I want my little ass relaxed and easy, ready to take a dick right to the balls in a second. I want guys to be astonished at how easy my ass is, how their cocks just slip inside. Fuck my ass loose and sloppy daddy, make it your buttpussy.’

‘You’re getting your way,’ you say. ‘Your pussy is definitely tighter than your ass.’

‘It’s my backdoor pussy daddy. It’s my main hole, the one I offer up first. Next time I’m at a club and I fancy a guy I’ll just get him outside in a back alley or in a club toilet cubicle and bend over and tell him to shove it up my little ass. My bumhole will be so sweaty from dancing all night that it’ll go right in and I’ll tell him his dick isn’t big enough for my bottom and I’ll pull my bum off it and just leave him there all frustrated.’

‘You nasty bitch,’ you say. ‘You know no dick is big enough for your bottom, not even mine.’

‘You do a pretty good job of it daddy. I do love your huge cock pounding my bottom. And it’s nice when I’m all wide open taking it so well like a good little bumwhore, so pretty with my sexy face pouting away all silly while my fat sloppy butthole is squelching and farting away from your dick leaking its precum all inside me.’

‘I just don’t think other guys can compete,’ you say, rather proud despite yourself.

‘Well then they’ll just have to take my ass two at a time then won’t they?’

You groan at the idea and kiss her neck and sweaty face and clash tongues as her ass fully opens up to you, the romantic side to the anal fully gone now.

‘Fuck my buttpussy daddy,’ she moans, ‘you know it’s not as tight as my pussy and that’s why you love it, you can push in it so easy and fit it all cosy and snug, and you can fuck my fat buttpussy so hard and deep, harder and nastier than you could ever do my little cunt.’

A few minutes of impassioned sodomy and a change in position go by before Ana speaks again.

‘Am I dumb daddy?’ she asks, riding your cock in her ass.

‘Would you be getting buttfucked by me if you weren’t?’

‘No daddy, but when you go a while without calling me it I get all confused and think maybe you don’t think I’m that stupid anymore.’

‘Aw baby,’ you say soothingly, stroking her face, ‘of course I do! I’m sorry for not calling you it more often. You really are a very dumb little girl.’

‘Aw thank you daddy!’ she smiles at you, as your big swollen cockhead rubs around in the deep insides of her warm teenage rectum.

‘You’re probably the dumbest girl I know,’ you smile back.

‘Really?! Yayy!’ she beams, so pleased with your statement, tossing her hair about and squeezing her huge tits. ‘Are you proud of having such a silly ditzy stupid fuckpig of a daughter?’

‘About as proud as you are of being one,’ I grin.

‘That’s a lot! Mmm now pound my ass hard now daddy!’

‘So much for romance!’ you laugh.

‘It’s still really romantic daddy, even when you’re bumming me really hard and deep, I feel so warm and loved.’

After a few more minutes of rough anal pounding, Ana bouncing vigorously on your dick and you alternating between slapping her ass, tits and face, you both slow, allowing her to grind you deeply. She reaches behind her and rubs a finger around the edges of her stretched out hole, where the two of you are joined.

‘Do you wanna suck on my cock baby?’ you ask, noticing her mouth filled with salvia as she tongue kisses you.

‘Fuck yes! Let me taste my beautiful bottom on my daddy’s big shaft.’

She gets off and quickly plonks her mouth on you, groaning in pleasure. ‘Mmmm,’ she says repeatedly around your dick. She sucks away hungrily at the head for a while and then lets the rest of the meat plunge into her mouth. She sucks away all the juice and bumbutter, licking along the side to the base. Then she takes your balls one by one in her mouth and cleans them vigorously, sucking on them like lollipops as she jacks you off.

‘I’m going to cum,’ you announce quickly, and she returns your dick to her mouth, keeping your cockhead just past her luscious, suction lips and resting it on her tongue while pulling eagerly on the shaft.

You shoot in her mouth, and she swallows noisily after each few spurts. When you are done she raises her head and licks her lips.

‘I love drinking cum!’ she giggles, drawing her dainty finger over the top of your dick to catch a last droplet and rubbing it on her lips. ‘I love it in my little mouth! And that’s not saying anything about how much I love tasting my bum.’ She looks at you with a big cheeky grin and you tussle her hair.

You lie on your back and she lies half on you, facing the ceiling and in your embrace. She moves your hands to her large breasts and you squeeze and massage them fondly. She moves her own hand to your softened penis and lightly massages it and squeezes it.

‘Seeing as we Escort Avcılar had a date, does this mean that we’re going out now?’ she says abruptly.

You laugh. ‘Sometimes I’m not sure when you’re being serious or not.’

She turns her head to you and pouts. ‘Well, given the amount of times you’ve put it in my bum and bumfucked me, and then also the times you’ve tried to knock me up, I think I’m probably your girlfriend now, aren’t I?’

‘I suppose so,’ you smile.

‘Good,’ she says, satisfied. She turns towards you so your arm is now holding her back and she massages and pulls on your cock with a little less lightness.

She snuggles into you and then looks up at you with a naughty look in her eyes. ‘I’m afraid I won’t be the most faithful of girlfriends,’ she whispers hotly in your ear.

‘I wouldn’t expect you to be,’ you say.

‘I’ve been known for sucking off other guys when in a relationship before,’ she continues, her voice low and soothing, her breath warm and thrilling against you.

‘You have?’

‘Of course, it doesn’t really count as cheating. It’s just a bit of fun.’ She winks at you. ‘Do you want me to cheat on you daddy?’

‘It’s not up to me,’ you say haltingly. ‘Whatever I said you’d do whatever you wanted.’

‘That’s right daddy,’ she coos. ‘I’ll do whatever that gets me off.’

She starts to pull on your hardening cock, slowly moving her hand up and down and tightening her grip. ‘I might come to you one night with my cute little bottom already full of cum,’ she whispers. ‘I’ll just lie and say it’s nothing. Or my pussy will be full up when you go in it, and it’ll be leaking out loads around your cock and completely soaking the bed as we roll around in it. I’ll just say it’s just because I’m really wet for you.’

‘Fuckkk,’ you groan, your cock now stiff to attention, and slightly pained by Ana’s jerking.

‘You better be careful I don’t become the village bicycle,’ she smirks. ‘Everyone wanting a ride. I’ll end up a real little buttwhore for everyone. Maybe I’ll have some nasty fun and stop you having my ass anymore, only have anal sex for when I’m cheating on you. How would you like that daddy? Your slutty little daughter-girlfriend giving her ass up to everyone except you?’

‘You nasty little bitch,’ you growl, and push her away and then into a doggystyle position. ‘I’m going to rape your ass for that.’

‘Get it while you can,’ she smiles evilly, and then whimpers as you plunge into her slick backdoor hole again.


As you lie in bed, Ana curled up next to you, sleeping contentedly with semen slowly leaking out of her ravaged ass, your thoughts drift back to the what the future could hold.

Ana had had her childhood, an excellent one if you said so yourself. You have asked her on more than one occasion if she has any regrets of how things have since turned out and she has been quite clear on the issue. There was no taking advantage of anybody, except where that was something she (or you) wanted, which didn’t really count. Her decisions were those of an adult, made out of the demon-fires of lust that every adult had the right and responsibility to build choices upon. To turn towards or turn away.

Ana is a succubus, a beautiful creature of devilish intent and design, a girl made to fuck the gods themselves. For all the talk of stupidity and dumbness, of existing to please men, of being a cumdumpster and a fuckdoll and a rape toy, for all these insults tossed wilfully into the melting pot of crazed, irresponsible lust to stoke the embers of degradation — god, it felt as good to be degraded as it did to degrade — for all these transient insults, these helping hands, these clothes to clad oneself in and take on new forms, new forms of animal, of terrible beasts and pigs and sirens of fuck, yes for all these she was the one in charge, the one with the power, the one commanding, deciding, taking. Yes, a girl to fuck the gods.

You grin, amused that your thoughts had slid into hyperbole and poeticism. But the bare bones of truth were there. She had made her choices, as had you, and if others couldn’t respect both your individuation and personal autonomy then fuck them. There was nothing here but the very extremes of pleasure. And choice was everything.

Choice and sex. All that really mattered was the sex. More of it, always more, dirtier and nastier, devilish and transcendental. A holy intimacy found in your daughter’s backdoor.

This was not hedonism, it was something higher, or lower, something that mankind had always wondered at but rarely achieved, often preferring to seek more academic, intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

They missed out. The real spiritual experience was found in something joyfully corrupt, an unseen place full of mud and blood and flames, the stars dripping with juice and the oceans white and as thick as syrup. The land all peaks and valleys, the rolling hills forming the curvature of lust. This place, this spiritual coming you had found in your daughter’s tight and loose and gaping and closed and twitching and pouting and sloppy and sticky and warm and hot and steamy and smelly and wet and dripping and leaking and vacant and full and clutching and squelching and farting and sucking and slutty and completely, ineffably fuckable butthole. God, her tight ass. Her tight fucking ass. God.