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Daddy’s Home Ch. 10

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Content Warnings: Unrealistic anatomy (huge cock, huge breasts, huge cum-loads…) Incest, Harem, Impregnation, Interracial

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older

Chapter 9: A New Day

Samantha moaned softly, her voice hot and breathy as she let her tongue roll from her mouth, her lips painted with smeared, smudged black lipstick. She flattened the wet, pink muscle against the base of the iron-hard pillar of thick, vein-marbled cock before her. The rich, musky flavor of the cock that made her tongue tingle, and she could still taste the lingering hints of her friend’s juices on the beastly shaft. She crawled forward, her tongue tracing a lazy zigzag as she dragged it slowly, sensually, up the bulging foot-and-a-half cum-tube that ran along the underside of that intimidating, intoxicating cock. As she neared the tip, the sheer length of the monstrous member allowed her pillowy volleyball-sized breasts to encircle the base of the shaft, even her impossible 32H chest struggling to fully wrap around its thickness. It was as big around as a two-liter bottle, and it throbbed with lust under her skillful touch.

As Sam’s tongue finally arrived at that bulging, apple-sized crown, she let out a soft moan, her tongue swirling over the smooth, pulsing tip. Her hands came up to cup her mountainous melons and give them a squeeze, wrapping them tighter around the cock. It was so hot, so hard, and so strong, with every powerful pulse she thought it might pull itself free from her lusty embrace. She couldn’t resist a momentary indulgence of her own pleasure, her black-painted fingernails roaming across the smooth, pale flesh of her breasts, seeking out the pink peaks. Her thumb and forefingers found her peachy pleasure buds and pinches sharply, making her moan into his cockhead. She gave the mighty shaft a lewd kiss as she toyed with her nipples, tweaking them and tugging at the silver barbells piercing through them.

Richard let loose a deep, rumbling groan as his beloved daughter serviced his titanic cock, pleasuring a case of morning wood so spectacular as to inspire analogies to mighty redwoods. He lay back, still rising from the depths of slumber as Sam’s full, jiggling breasts squeezed around the root of his mammoth, ivory cock. Every soft moan of lust and pleasure that she murmured around his spit-polished crown as she teased her tender nipples resonated in his ears, a sweeter symphony than the birds could ever sing. Her sapphire eyes opened once more, staring directly into his as her lips popped off the fat crown of his cock and curled into a bright, cheerful smile. The expression almost seemed ill-fitting, framed by her dark, silky hair, and buried beneath the smudged, streaked, and splattered dark makeup still on her face after last night’s messy entertainment. And yet it beamed up at him like the rising sun. “Good morning, baby.” he finally greeted, his voice still deep with sleep.

“Good mo~rning, Da~ddy!” Sam greeted exuberantly with a sweet sing-song tone. She paused a moment to flick her tongue over Rich’s cockhead, lapping up a grape-sized dollop of clear, sticky precum. “Isn’t this so much nicer than waking up to that alarm clock?” she added with a playful smirk. The expression faded, replaced with an exaggerated pout that pushed her full lower lip out, her eyes shimmering with mock sorrow that failed to hide the playful gleam in them. “It’s a school day, though, Daddy. I’ve gotta get ready. I just wish I could stay home so I could spend all~ day worshiping Daddy’s big, hard cock…” She pleaded.

Rich smirked. “Good try, but you’re still going.” He replied. “I’m not gonna call you in sick for a case of cock fever.”

Sam’s pout lingered another few seconds, but Rich’s resolve held, and it swiftly shifted to a mischievous grin. “You know what would reeeeally make school more bearable?” she asked. “A nice…” she purred, pausing to dip her head and plant a wet kiss on the tip of his mighty cock. “Hot…” she added in a hot, lusty moan, her lips barely leaving his tip to moan the word before once more pausing to kiss his shaft. “Thick load… of fresh… creamy… daddy-cum… pumped deep… into my womb… keeping me full… all day… sloshing around… inside me… in the middle of class… drowning my eggs… knocking me up…” she moaned each word in her hottest little girl voice, her eyes shimmering as she looked up into his, filling each pause with one lewd cock-kiss after another. “Think you can… help me out… Daddy~?” she pleaded.

Rich never stood a chance with his cock and his daughter working together. He growled with playful lust, his powerful abs flexing into granite boulders as he lunged for Sam, grabbing her roughly by the shoulders and pulling her off his cock. She gave a giggling shriek as he roughly threw her down to the bed, bouncing once before her father’s strong hands pinned her shoulders to the sheets. His conquering cock throbbed with furious lust as his muscular body loomed over her. Her stocking-clad Esenyurt Escort legs parted underneath him, presenting her tender pink pussy, glistening with nectar, to her father’s raging lust. “I’m yours, Daddy. Take me.” She breathed, looking up at him with worshipful devotion as her fingers gripped handfuls of his sheets.

Rich steered his mammoth member south, until the blunt, angry tip met Sam’s juicy honeypot, the flared crown nosing against her tender teen pussy. Her hips ground against his shaft, her tight bubble-but rising completely off the bed, painting his angry red-purple tip with her slick nectar. He groaned at the sensation, his ass flexing hard to drive his own hips forward, grinding the overlarge fuckstick against her seemingly too-small slit. She bit her lip as she felt her nether-lips parting, slowly, opening wider and wider before the brutal cock. Her opening stretched further and further with every fraction of an inch pushed into her. It felt impossible. She just couldn’t get used to the sensation of her father’s humongous weapon splitting her open. She moaned as the crown reached its widest point, the sound suddenly morphing into a wailing cry of uncontrollable lust as his head drove into her, followed immediately by the first foot of his unstoppable cock, filling and stretching her deep inside in a single thrust.

Sam screamed and moaned as her pussy spasmed wildly around the supersized invader, Rich’s immense cock filling her with its now-familiar heat and thickness. He groaned, savoring the tight grip of her sweet, sweet slit on his oversized shaft. His hips bucked, drawing back barely an inch, then slamming forward again, claiming her pussy deeper and deeper, until the blunt tip pounded against the gates of her womb, sending a surge of pleasure and pain lancing through her body like a bolt of lightning. She moaned, hands balling into fists around ropes of sheet, her back arching as she threw her head back. This was it. He gave a primal growl of lust, drawing his hips back, his flared ridge tugging at every nerve in her pussy, until only the tip was inside her. With a mighty thrust, he drove forward once again, his cock driving into her like a battering ram, breaking through her inner barrier and invading his daughter’s unprotected womb.

Sam’s eyes opened wide and her mouth followed suit, a long, wavering cry of lust forcing itself from her lips as Rich’s mighty cock once more claimed her deepest, most sacred depths. “OOOOHHHH~, FUCK ME DADDY! Just FUCK me, and fuck me, and fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuckme fuckme fuckmefuckmefuckme!” She screamed and begged, her pleas coming faster and faster until the words blended together into a nonsensical chant. She needed him, and he wasn’t about to let her down.

Rich’s hips pulled back until his flared head tugged at the entrance to Sam’s womb, then slammed forward again, pounding his titanic cock into her to the hilt, making her normally-flat stomach bulge with the sheer size of his shaft. Then he did it again, and again, and again, faster and faster each time. Soon the lustful moans and groans became the melody over the rhythmic smack of flesh on flesh, his hips pounding against hers each time he bottomed out, his heavy, apple-sized balls swinging pendulously to smack against her perfect bubble-butt. His shaft moved like a piston, driving deep into her sacred depths over and over, his granite muscles pumping as he ravaged her womb. Her pussy milked his length with every ecstatic spasm, her barrier squeezing like a silken vice around the base of his cockhead, drawing new waves of pleasure with every squeeze.

Rich groaned with raw lust. Sam’s body was simply incredible. He wanted nothing more than to keep her all to himself and spend all day pumping load after load into her sweet, spasming pussy. But she did have to go at some point. So there was no point in holding back, then. His hips accelerated, abs rippling as he pounded into her harder and faster, jackhammering his titanic shaft in her womb. Her moans and screams grew louder and longer, her back arching, her head thrashing side to side as each stroke brought with it a new surge of pleasure. She could feel his cock throbbing deep inside her, swelling thicker, his heavy balls tightening as they rested on her ass. She knew what was coming. She needed it. She needed him to drown the burning lust deep inside her. Her stocking-clad legs wrapped around his waist, thighs squeezing his hips with every thrust as her ankles locked behind him, making sure he couldn’t pull out.

Rich didn’t need any further encouragement, pile-driving his impossibly massive cock into Sam’s pussy to the hilt, plunging into her womb as his heavy balls pulled tight against the root of his shaft. His length swelled even thicker inside her, and it gave a massive lurch as it began to pulse, his seed coursing up his length. His shaft jerked once, then twice, and with the third pulse, he came. His thick, creamy cum blasted from his cock like a firehose, the first Esenyurt Escort Bayan powerful blast of white-hot spunk filling her womb to capacity with potent seed. The moment that familiar blast struck her womb, her back arched like a bow, her entire body trembling as a powerful orgasm gripped her. Again and again her father’s mighty weapon fired, each blast making her pleasure surge once again as he poured pint after pint of white-hot spunk into his daughter’s spasming, unprotected womb for a full minute. An entire night’s stockpile of seed flowed into her, her barrier squeezing his cock like a vice, sealing every drop of potent seed inside her womb, holding it in where it would do the most good.

When Rich’s seemingly endless climax finally finished, he let out a deep groan of pleasure, and Sam’s body slowly sank back down to the bed, lying limp and softly twitching on the bed. The warm blanket of afterglow settled over the two of them, filling their bodies with soothing, tingling pleasure. Slowly, he pulled his hips back, pausing only to tug his crown from the vice-like grip of Sam’s womb as it tried to keep hold of him. Sam moaned softly with disappointment as his mighty shaft pulled from her with a soft pop, barely softening even after his titanic climax. Her pussy didn’t let a single drop of his rich seed escape, holding what seemed like nearly a gallon of thick seed in her womb, her normally smooth, flat stomach bearing a noticeable bulge. Her overstuffed womb could easily be mistaken for a baby bump, and she cooed softly with pleasure, one hand coming to rest on the bulge, savoring the warmth of his seed.

Rich rose from the bed entirely, feeling refreshed and energized. He smiled down at Sam as she lay below, savoring her afterglow. He leaned down, planting a soft, loving kiss on her lips, filling the gesture with all the love he had for his daughter, his lust for his lover, and his gratitude for the pleasure they shared. Their tongues coiled together in a hot, lusty kiss, tips flicking at each other as their lips parted, and he pulled away entirely, still smiling warmly. It was a new day. He turned, heading to the dresser fishing out a pair of exercise shorts, and pulling them on, taking an extra few seconds to tuck his titanic shaft away before turning to the door. He might as well get it started.

Rich sank into a defensive stance, planting his feet firmly in place on the gym’s padded mats. His muscles tightened into granite slabs, his huge hands balling into fists like wrecking balls, his forearms rippling with the movement as he raised one in front and one at his side. He furrowed his brow as he looked past his guard and across the open space in the middle of the machines. “You sure you got time for this?” he inquired skeptically.

Diamond stayed loose, bouncing on her toes, her ponytail of tiny braids swaying behind her as she shifted side-to-side. She shot him a confident smirk through the gap in her boxing guard, her hands half-curled into fists. Her sports bra hugged her volleyball-sized melons together as she bounced, doing much better at their job than her panties, which were struggling to avoid being turned into a thong by her generous ass-flesh. She was every bit the walking duality, her sculpted, mahogany body gleaming in the light, soft and generous here, rippling and muscular elsewhere, all wrapped up in flawless, smooth, deep brown skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat. “Don’t worry, old man, this won’t take long.” she shot back. “Just tap out when you’re ready to give up!”

Neither one of them bothered to count the fight in. As soon as diamond’s heels hit the ground once more, she launched herself forward across the mat in two bounding strides. She fought like she did everything else; aggressively. She lunged forward again and again to deliver jabs, hooks, straight kicks, and powerful sweeping kicks, then swiftly bounding back out of reach and lunging in from a different angle with a new attack, never letting up on the pressure. Rich was much the opposite, blocking or parrying almost anything she threw at him, his powerful frame barely seeming to notice the attacks that made it through. He only threw a half-dozen punches, but every one of them connected with devastating power, the muscular male striking like a scorpion when he saw an opening. Each hit sent her bouncing away across the mat to hang back and recover for a long moment.

The two squared off, Diamond bouncing impatiently at one end of the mat, Rich silent and unmoving. A mutual concern grew between them, each one finding the opposition stiffer than anticipated. Diamond was fast, aggressive, and powerful, delivering at least a dozen solid hits while managing to stay mostly out of reach. Rich was a rock, immovable, never letting his guard down, and seemed more than capable of withstanding the assault until his opponent tired themselves out. Both knew the fight would drag on for ages, unless one of them made a decisive move, and soon.

Diamond Escort Esenyurt lunged, fist balled as she came in for a hook, Rich shifting to stop it. Suddenly she stopped short, planting the ball of her foot in the mat and spinning like a furious dancer, her leg coming up to sweep around like a whip and bring the heel into his side with a powerful reverse-roundhouse. The blow slipped beneath his guard, and she felt the impact as it caught him solidly in the ribs. The guard came down, the muscular arm suddenly wrapping around her ankle like a python, trapping her in an awkward one-legged stance with her back to him. He broke his stance, coming around to get leverage on her trapped limb and bring her down. In an instant, it would all be over.

But Diamond did not go quietly. In a move of pure desperation, she sprang up, putting her weight on the captured leg as she went airborne, swinging her now-free leg around. The unorthodox move took Rich entirely by surprise, and he caught the back of her thigh in the side of the head, a soft hit, but one with her entire body weight behind it. In that instant without a solid stance, the looming figure of ivory muscle tipped, flailed for a moment, and then finally toppled, dropping heavily to the mat, a mahogany amazon coming down on top of him, pinning his head squarely under her jaw-dropping ass.

There was a moment of struggle beneath her as Diamond moved to pin his arms and keep her weight squarely on his face. Her heart pounded in her chest, adrenaline coursing through her veins, muscles tightening with the effort of keeping the much larger brute pinned. She felt truly alive in this moment. She was so engrossed in the thrill of victory that she almost missed the subtle double-tap of his pinned hand on her thigh. She grinned broadly, releasing his arms and easing her weight off him slightly, but not really letting him up. He tapped again a moment later and she smirked. “Keep your shorts on, Dick, I’m still enjoying the view from on top of you. How’s it feel to get taken down by a girl? Feels pretty damn good on this end. Though, I bet you don’t mind it too much.” she taunted, grinding her hips on his face for a moment to clarify the point.

Rich’s entire world was engulfed by ass. Diamond’s jaw-dropping epic mahogany rear end eclipsed his vision entirely. The sight alone would have been enough to make him light-headed, even if the thick, smooth, perfectly-shaped globes of her juicy bubble-butt weren’t nearly smothering him as they squished against his face. He could taste and smell her sweat with every breath, salty, tangy, and yet feminine. Her words sounded distant with his ears between her thighs, but she had a point. There was only one appropriate reaction for any male with a pulse in his situation.

Diamond gasped in surprise as she felt Rich’s reaction. His hands rose toward her hips, at first, she thought he would try to to lift her off. Instead, his hands lunged past them, suddenly, almost violently seizing a double-handful of her generous ass. His pale fingers sank deep into the abundant flesh of her mahogany rear, the perfect globes of thick, jiggling ass overflowing his hands. But his hands were not alone in their assault on her hips, in the same moment, something hot and wet dragged over the material of her panties, the thin fabric hardly proper protection from the muscular tongue assaulting her sensitive lips. She shivered at the strength in his hands as he hungrily kneaded her rear, at the roughness of the hungry tongue exploring her slit through her woefully inadequate panties.

“Oooh! You like that, huh Dick? You like getting smothered by ass after getting your ass beat?” Diamond taunted as she regained her composure, though Rich’s efforts made it difficult to maintain. She subtly shifted, rolling her hips up and back, planting her slit more squarely over his mouth so he could more easily show his appreciation. The new angle made her body tip forward, her hands coming up to plant themselves on his rippling abs, fingertips just inches from the waistband of his workout shorts. The material was distorted, stretched out insanely by a bulge more massive than its designers could have ever anticipated. A thick, serpentine bulge, as big around as his fist, snaked around from his groin to his hip, straining against the material with every throbbing beat of his heart. “Mmm… Maybe you shouldn’t keep those shorts on after all…” she purred with a sly smirk.

Diamond’s hands eagerly gripped the waistband of Rich’s shorts, tugging them down over the impossible bulge. His member gave a mighty throb, and sprang free, bobbing in the air as it thrust proudly from his hips like a monument to manhood itself. She sight was familiar now, but she could never quite adjust to it. A foot and half pillar of ivory cockflesh, as big around as his fist, marbled through with veins that bulged to keep the monster fed, capped with a massive, flared crown that gleamed a deep red-purple, bobbing mere inches away from her face. She ground her hips down against his lips subconsciously, teeth sinking into her lower lip as she bit back a moan. His lips and tongue worked skillfully over her slit as she ground down onto him, his lips teasing hers as his lips flicked out to sample the sweet nectar beginning to soak through her panties.