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Daddy’s Sunshine Pt. 05

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McKenzie, Daddy, and I make quick work of the messy backyard before moving in to the disastrous living room. At almost 8pm, I watch my Daddy grab up his keys and mumble about heading to the grocery store to get some supplies for dinner since none of us remembered to eat anything. I’m just tying up another of the dozens of garbage bags when I feel McKenzie staring at me, questions burning in her eyes a second before she blushes to the roots of her hair.

“We went to see my Mother, again.” I say as I toss the garbage bag toward the front door with the others. I shake open a blue recycling garbage bag and walk toward the table piled high with beer or soda cans. “She told me that she never wanted me and said that her biggest regret in life was having me.” I explain emotionlessly as my best friend sweeps the table’s contents into the bag I’m holding. “She also confessed to a shit ton of abortions before and after my birth.”

McKenzie shakes her head and her face is a mask of disgust. “What a bitch.”

I nod as the last of the cans fall into the bag and start to tie it off. “Daddy’s divorcing her.”

McKenzie cheers and claps her hands once. “About damned time!” she hoots excitedly and does a little shimmy with her hips. “We should throw another party!” she states, but then her gaze drifts to the pile of garbage bags near the front door and she sighs, her face back to one of disgust. “Then, again. Maybe we shouldn’t.” she laughs before she heads into the kitchen to grab the surface cleaner and some paper towels. “I just can’t believe her, Shayenne…”

I nod as I reach into the cabinet for some fabric freshener. “I know. So selfish.”

“I’m not talking about just her selfishness, Shayenne.” McKenzie states as she sprays the nearest table top with cleaner and starts to wipe it down. “I mean, yeah. It was totally selfish of her to have so many abortions, but it was even shittier of her to tell you guys about it. You know?” McKenzie queries with another shake of her head as she moves on to cleaning the next flat surface. “I mean, there she is in a hospital bed with a bunch of injuries, facing a ton of jail time for nearly killing a bunch of kids, and she decides to be utterly cruel to you and your Father instead of showing a hint of fear or remorse…” she trails off and frowns as she scrubs the table.

“I mean, a normal person would realize that this is the time you really need your family close, no?” she asks, but I know it’s a rhetorical question because she continues speaking without waiting for me to reply. “Not Luna Soleil! She made a bunch of really hurtful confessions to drive an even deeper wound into your relationship and I’m sure that didn’t make your Father too happy, so he’s also pulling away from her.” she continues analyzing the situation with another shake of her head as she moves to the last surface to clean. She sprays and wipes as she frowns at her reflection in the counter top. “It’s not just selfish, it’s downright cruel. She wanted to hurt you both so deeply that you’ll never forgive her and who does that?!”

“My mother does.” I confess as I spray down the sofa before reaching for the vacuum.

McKenzie shakes her head, again. “That fucking bitch has a screw loose deep in her head.”

“Language, McKenzie.” my Daddy calls from the doorway that we hadn’t heard open.

McKenzie blushes to the roots of her hair. “Sorry, Mr. Soleil.”

I smirk and roll my eyes as I vacuum the sofa, then I look around the room with pride.

“Looks good, girls.” my Daddy calls from the kitchen as he places a few items into the refrigerator. “Sunshine, you should change the sheets on your bed since McKenzie is staying over, again.” he commands me and smiles a private smile before his gaze drifts to my face. He winks when he sees me blush, then he reaches for a few pots from the hanging rack above him.

“Oh, thanks, but I can’t stay tonight.” McKenzie says quickly and blushes terribly.

I stare at her in shock. “But it’s Saturday. You always stay over on Saturday.”

“I know. I know!” McKenzie replies and her face immediately changes to one of regret. “I totally want to and I know that I royally fu—” she starts and quickly turns to my Father’s quirked eyebrow before looking back at me. “I know that I royally messed up yesterday by passing out cold on your bed and missing your actual birthday and I know that you need girl time, but my Dad called this family meeting…” she rambles and sighs as she buries her hands into the back pockets of her denim shorts, a sign of pure nervousness. “He wasn’t happy about the stuff I wore to your party or the…umm…” she trails off with another worried glace at my Daddy before she steps closer to me and whispers. “…the smell of booze coming off of me.”

I nod and glare at her. “Good. Maybe he’ll ground you.”

She pouts as she stares up into my face. “I said I was sorry, Shayenne.”

“And you promise, right? İstanbul Escort No more?” I demand with narrowed eyes.

She nods quickly. “I swear it. Not a drop without parental consent.”

I nod back at her, then lift the vacuum to put it away. “Good.”

She helps put the last of the cleaning products away, then helps me carry all of the garbage bags to the side of the house to be put out on Monday morning. “Be right back.” she calls a second before she dashes upstairs to the bathroom.

I lock the front door and head into the kitchen to wash my hands.

Charleston presses his warm body behind me and pins me against the sink, our lower bodies perfectly lined up and his obvious arousal pressing between my ass cheeks. “What was all of that whispering about, Sunshine?” he asks with a press of his lips to the pulse beating erratically in my neck. “You being a naughty girl and sharing secrets?”

I moan and push my ass back against his hard on. “Just about her drinking, Daddy.”

He immediately pulls away and turns me to face him. “Her what?!”

My eyes widen as I see angry Daddy. Detective Daddy. “She…um…she drinks to deal.”

“A fucking minor was drunk in my house last night, Shayenne?” he growls angrily.

I frown, hurt by the deliberate use of my given name. “She’s 18 now, Daddy.”

“Don’t play with me, Shayenne.” Charleston growls in warning, his eyes narrowing. “The legal drinking age is 21 and you know this. How could you let her drink and here in this house, no less?” he hisses when the door clicks open upstairs and footsteps echo McKenzie’s decent. “If something had happened to her while she was here and drunk, do you know what could have happened to my job? Your mother wasn’t enough of drunk that you allowed your friend to put us at risk too?! Damn it, Shayenne, I expect better from you.” he snaps before turning his back on me to return to cooking. His body and jaw are tense, the muscles in his face clenching as he grits his teeth. He reaches to his left, toward me, to lift another item and doesn’t even look at me.

I watch him for a few seconds before swallowing down my emotions and turning back to the sink to finish washing my hands. I dry them on a dish towel and carefully hang it back on its bar before grabbing the dinner plates to set the table. I don’t say anything to McKenzie, but I see her head to the cabinets to grab the glassware and she helps finish setting the table.

“I’ll be right back.” I call and dash up the stairs to the bathroom where I finally cry out my tears. I know that Daddy has every right to be upset with me for allowing McKenzie to drink at all, let alone here in the house of a freaking cop, but I can’t help being hurt by the way he spoke to me. The logical side of my brain knows that he’s my Father and that he spoke to me the way a Father should speak to their Daughter when something stupid is done; but the woman who spent an amazing two days with that man between her legs feels belittled and very upset.

The door opens as I sniffle and glare up at the man in question. “Go away, Daddy.”

He kneels before me so that we’re eye to eye. “I’m sorry, Sunshine.” he sighs as he wipes the tears from beneath my eyes with his thumbs. “I shouldn’t have said that shit about your mother and McKenzie being a risk that you allowed to happen. That wasn’t fair.” he admits with another sigh as he examines my angry face. “My emotions are high after everything that happened with your mother earlier, but that’s no excuse. I shouldn’t have said what I said, let alone said it the way that I said it. I’m really sorry, baby.”

I sniffle and pout. “I hate when you call me Shayenne and even worse while you’re mad at me, Daddy.” I confess with another sniffle and my lower lip trembles as my eyes refill. “It makes me feel like you’re putting a wall up between us and I really don’t like that. I don’t like feeling like you’re pushing me away. I can’t be Shayenne when you’re mad at me and Sunshine when you’re not. You can’t use my name to punish me, Daddy.” I whimper miserably.

He wraps his arms around me and hugs me close. “I’m sorry I did that, Sunshine.” he whispers and hugs me closer. He rubs my back when I cry, then pulls away to wipe my tears away, again. “I don’t mean to use your name to punish you, Shayenne.” he says, then places his index finger against my lips when I would have spoken. “It’s your name. When I’m reprimanding you, I use whatever name pops into my head. Yes, I prefer to call you my Sunshine more often than not, but Shayenne is your name. I’m going to use it and most especially when you’re in trouble for something. Endearments won’t make my message clear when I really need you to hear me, Shayenne.”

I make a face at the usage of my name.

He chuckles. “Such a brat.” he laughs with a rolling of his eyes, then he meets my gaze once more. “No more drinking in this house, Shayenne. I’ve never seen you touch the stuff, but you’re no exception. Not you, not me, not McKenzie. I make İstanbul Escort Bayan myself clear, young lady?” he asks in his deepest, most growliest no-nonsense Detective’s voice.

I nod to comply. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl.” he says with a smile and leans forward to press a soft kiss to my lips. He reaches up to wipe the last of my tears away with his thumbs then nods at the sink. “Wash your face with cold water and take a few minutes to calm down, then come to the table. Dinner is almost ready. I better hurry back down. I left McKenzie stirring the Alfredo sauce.”

“Mmmmm…white cream on my tongue.” I purr and lick my lips exaggeratingly.

Charleston’s eyes dilate instantly and his gaze drops to my mouth. “Damn it, Shayenne.”

“Sunshine.” I correct softly and lick my lips, again. I am so wet between my legs. “She isn’t staying the night, Daddy…we’ll have the entire house to ourselves once she’s gone. We can do whatever we want all night long and nobody will be here to see or say a thing about it.”

He groans, but shoves to his feet. “No. I told you, already. No more today.”

I frown up at him, then glance down at his erection. “None at all?” I ask and reach forward to stroke him through his khakis. “I think a part of you wants me just as much as I want you, Daddy…” I purr as I grip his thickening length through the fabric of his shorts, then I lean forward and rub my cheek against him from balls to tip. “I want you so badly, Daddy…” I groan, then place my mouth over the tip of his hard on through his clothes.

He hisses and pulls back, his hand covering his arousal. “Fuck sakes, Sunshine.” he growls as he takes a few shaky steps backward and shakes his head. He caresses his dick, adjusts it in his shorts so that it’s not as pinched, and shakes his head once more. “I can’t believe how fucking much you love sex…” Charleston whispers, his eyes wide as he examines my face. “Just popped your cherry yesterday and already a master at making me hard as a rock.”

“It’s your fault for making it so good, Daddy…” I purr back and lick my lips.

He chuckles and rolls his eyes. “Wash your face and come downstairs to the table.”

“I’d rather be served up on the table…” I grumble and smirk when his cock twitches.

“Jesus.” Charleston hisses and pulls his shirt from the waistband of his shorts to hide the erection from my best friend downstairs. “You be a good girl through dinner and maybe I’ll make that happen once McKenzie is gone.” he offers with a sly smile of his own. “I’ll pull off your shorts and underwear, then plop your ass on the edge of the table before burying my face in your hot little pussy. Would you like that, Sunshine? Do you want to be Daddy’s dessert?”

I flush with need and clench my thighs together. “Yes, please.”

He smiles knowingly. “Then be good through dinner. See you downstairs.”

I gasp in offense as I watch him leave the bathroom, then I glare at the door when it clicks shut. Now I’m upset, but for a different reason. My aching pussy needs to be pleasured and Daddy left me hanging. How rude! I am contemplating rubbing a quick one out when the door pops open to make me lock eyes with a very desire-filled gaze. I stop breathing.

“Do not touch yourself, Sunshine.” Charleston growls softly. “I want to drink you down.”

I moan and slouch in both defeat as well as desire. “Okay, Daddy.”

“Hurry.” he warns before pulling the door closed, again.

I rush to splash my face and dry it, then make sure there are no signs of my crying. My eyes aren’t red, anymore, but there’s a bit of pink in my nose I can hide with a fake bump to it with my hand or fist. I roll my eyes at my reflection and shake my head, then I drop my panties and shorts to wipe away the moisture gathering in my crotch. Once done, I fix my clothes and wash my hands once more before making my way back downstairs to find Daddy at the table.

“Here’s my Sunshine.” he calls as he plates up some dinner for McKenzie, first.

McKenzie examines my face and frowns, but says nothing as her phone chimes. “Excuse me…” she says apologetically as she reaches for it. She swipes the screen and opens the text message, then does her best not to blush at whatever is on the screen before she furiously types a response to the message there. “My Father will be here by 10pm, if that’s not too late.” she says without pulling her eyes from the screen because it chimes back almost right away.

I watch her with a smirk and hold my plate up for Daddy to serve my dinner. I’m convinced she’s exchanging naughty messages with her jerk boyfriend, a guy who stood her up at my party and made her so upset that she got drunk enough to totally pass out. I have made my opinions about the desperate-to-take-her-virginity-and-dump-her-jerk quite clear to my best friend, but I can’t make the girl dump him. I can only be there for her to clean up the mess afterward.

I sigh, which draws both Daddy’s and McKenzie’s attentions. Escort İstanbul I blush and look away.

McKenzie types another quick message, then puts her phone back into her pocket. “Sorry.”

“No big.” I say quickly, but the look on her face tells me that I’m not lying well enough.

She places her hand over mine and waits for me to look up into her eyes. “I really am sorry.”

I frown, then roll my eyes and sigh. “It’s fine. I guess 18 is too old for sleepovers, anyway.”

“No, it isn’t!” McKenzie defends with a huge smile. “I love our sleepovers. We watch some great movies, have some awesome talks, steal each other’s clothes…you make me laugh when my Dad goes all drill sergeant on me and I help you laugh when your Mom goes all Luna-tic.” she laughs, then gasps and glances across the table at my frowning father. “Sorry, Mr. Soleil.” she says with a deep blush to the roots of her hair. “I meant no disrespect. I swear. I mean, I don’t mean to seem disrespectful at all. I know she’s your wife and all. I just—”

Charleston bursts into a quick fit of laughter. “Stop, stop, stop!” he says through belly-deep laughter, tears clouding his eyes faster than he can wipe them away and I can’t help but smile as I watch him look happier than I’ve seen in much too long a time. “It’s fine, McKenzie. Really. You don’t have to look like I’ve just caught you stealing from my emergency fund.” he says around a few chuckles. He sniffles and wipes his eyes with the back of his hands, then he glances at me with a small smirk, though sadness clouds his eyes. “I’m just glad that my Sunshine had someone to work this all out with. I tried my best, but she needed you and I’m grateful that she had you.” he confesses, that same smirk on his lips and sadness in his eyes.

I pout. “Daddy, it wasn’t all bad.”

“Liar.” McKenzie snorts, then her eyes widen and she blushes. “Sorry. Shutting up now.”

I glare at her.

Charleston just chuckles, again.

I decide that I like the sound of Daddy laughing. I haven’t heard it anywhere near enough over the last few years and it is now officially my goal to make him laugh more. “McKenzie, remember that time mom was so drunk she came into my room looking for her pajamas only to climb into the bed naked because she couldn’t find them? She was completely oblivious to the two girls sitting on the floor at the end of the bed watching scary movies.”

McKenzie burst out laughing. “Or the time she fell asleep in your tree house?”

Charleston frowns as he listens.

I sigh and shake my head. “Remember when we went to that tide pool?”

He perks up and reaches for his fork. “The one a few towns over?”

I nod and start forking up my own food. “Remember, McKenzie?” I ask, then eat a mouthful and swallow before continuing. “Daddy woke us up before the sun was even out and we slept in the back of the car while he drove us miles and miles to that giant indoor pool with the mechanical wave machines. We learned to surf and stuff.”

McKenzie bursts out laughing. “You mean you learned to surf and stuff. I drowned a lot.”

Daddy bursts out laughing at that, then shakes his head and continues eating.

I smile at him, but then raise an eyebrow at my best friend. “You hardly drowned, Ms. Melodramatic.” I scoff and shake my head before eating another forkful of dinner. “You fell off of the board and got swept away a bunch of times, but that hot lifeguard was right there to catch you each and every time. At least until his girlfriend realized you were doing it on purpose and she switched posts with him.” I remind her with a smirk and eat some more.

“You were doing it on purpose?!” Charleston gasps with wide eyes.

McKenzie blushes tomato red to the roots of her hair.

Charleston laughs from so deep inside himself that we can’t help but to laugh with him.

I deemed my mission a success.

It’s almost ten when we’re all gathered in the living room, Charleston with a cup of coffee in hand as he relaxes in the recliner while McKenzie and I sit facing one another on the sofa sharing a pint of our favorite ice cream. My face hurts from laughing all evening and I’m proud of myself for keeping a smile on Daddy’s face since dinner.

“It’s nice to see you laughing, Shay.” McKenzie says with a smirk and dumps her spoon into the now empty container. “I feel like you haven’t laughed like this in too long. I’ve been the worst friend, but that’s the end of it. Promise.” she swears and crosses her index finger in an X pattern over her chest. “Cross my heart. My Dad wants me home tonight, but I’ll come over first thing tomorrow morning and spend the whole Sunday with you. Okay? We’ll do us things. Fun things. Laughing things. Okay? Is that okay, Mr. Soleil?”

She turns to glance over my shoulder to Daddy.

He smirks lazily, sleepily. “If that’s what my Sunshine wants, that’s fine.” he replies with a shrug, then he takes another sip of his coffee before he frowns. “Just call her cell phone and don’t ring the doorbell. I work overnight tomorrow night and need to sleep in as late as possible. No mess in the kitchen, either. That last breakfast you made…” he sighs and shakes his head, his eyes wide in mock horror; it had taken him over two hours to clean up the pancake fiasco.