Mayıs 15, 2023

Daisy, Part One

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I arrived at Smitty’s right after work. I walked in and looked around. It was a basic dive bar with décor of neon beer signs, old concert posters, booze ads, and a lot of Giants and 49ers stuff on the walls. The juke box was playing a Blake Shelton tune. I walked to the far end of the bar so I could survey the place since it was my first time there. It was a typical old style bar with two pool tables, darts, and a vintage shuffleboard table.For being in the industrial and warehouse part of town I was surprised that there were a lot of women for such a cheap looking joint. Then I noticed the table tent signs, “$2 off all drinks Friday 3pm to 7pm. Show your Work ID Badge.”I took a seat at the bar and ordered a craft beer from the tap list. The cute young lady, Shelly, brought it back and started chatting me up. “First time here?”I laughed and asked, “Do I have a sign on me that says ‘Smitty’s Virgin?’” I explained to her that I was meeting a friend named Mike.“Oh, you know Mike? He’s a Friday regular, he should be here about now. Wave if you need anything,” she told me as she headed down the long bar.Soon Mike arrived; as he walked towards me, he greeted a handful of both men and women. “Jeff, you made it!” he exclaimed. “Did you meet Shelly?”I confirmed that I had. He told me, “I know her Mom from high school. Imagine a fifty-three year old Shelly who still looks hot. Boy, I’d like to fuck her mom.”“Who are you kidding, you’d like to fuck both Shelly and her mother!” I fired back.Being a Friday, and the number of ladies at Smitty’s, I stayed for a third beer. I’m usually a “two beers and go home kind of guy,” but I was intrigued with this crowd.There was a table of three women that really had my attention. All seemed to be forty-five to fifty-five in age, dressed nice, and attractive Latina’s. I walked over to their table and introduced myself.“You know Mike?” asked one, who introduced herself as Daisy. I explained that we were new friends having met several times at other spots in town the past month.“Is he not a good guy?” I inquired.The older of the three, Melanie, said “He’s a bit of a player. He’s hit on all of us.”“Oh, okay. Well, I’m not a player,” I told the ladies. “And, for what it’s worth, I can’t blame Mike, all of you are attractive women.”“That’s what a player would say,” joked Daisy.As I talked with them, I learned that they worked at the Ankara escort nearby Target warehouse in the Human Resources Department. I quickly gave them my story about being divorced two plus years, and that I was just looking to date.Out of the blue, Daisy said, “We should go out. How about brunch Sunday at Mulligan’s?”“I’d love to take you to brunch,” I told her.“No, I’m taking you to brunch. Eleven o’clock,” she said.“Oh, okay. Sounds great,” I said.Melanie looked at me, smiled, and said, “She’s a feisty one. You know how us Latinas can be.”Having finished my beer, I told the ladies it was time for me to go home and make dinner. “Hopefully I’ll see you two again,” I said looking at Melanie and Letty. “And, Daisy, I’ll see you Sunday morning.”I tracked Mike down and let him know I was leaving. “I see you met the “Target Latinas,” he said.“Yes, I did. Cute gals. In fact, Daisy asked me out for brunch on Sunday,” I told him.“Really?” Mike said. “I’ve asked all of them out over the past year and have been stonewalled.”I raised my eyebrow and told him, “They said you’re a player.”Mike laughed, “Guilty as charged!” He continued, “Text me after brunch. Maybe we can grab a drink Sunday afternoon.”***I arrived at Mulligan’s just before eleven o’clock and checked-in with the hostess to learn that Daisy had made a reservation. I told the hostess I’d wait outside for Daisy to arrive and went back through the door.“Jeff,” I heard from behind me. I turned to see Daisy, about thirty feet away. My jaw almost hit the sidewalk. She was dressed in an above the knee summer dress with spaghetti straps. It was a bright turquoise color, which looked great on her dark brown skin tone. Daisy wore cute leather sandals with silver and turquoise accents.“Wow, you look stunning, Daisy,” I told her.“Thanks. A bit cuter than my work attire you saw at Smitty’s,” she said.“I don’t know, you looked really cute Friday,” I said, being a brown-noser.Over the next ninety minutes we got to know each other over brunch and bottomless mimosas. I learned that Daisy was from East Sacramento but had moved to Woodland twenty years ago after her divorce to raise her two kids. She’d been in HR since college, and with Target for twenty-five years. I was a bit shocked to learn she was only fifty-one years old as she looked younger.We shared the love of the ocean, Ankara escort bayan beaches, tropical destinations, country music, football, camping, and craft beer. I was thinking that she seemed almost too good to be true. Daisy was about five-foot nine-inches tall, a curvy size ten, and with a great rack being shown off in her v-neck dress.Not wanting to be too pushy I asked, “I’d love to see you again. I would like to take you to dinner Tuesday. Are you free?”Daisy seemed to blush, “Yes, I am free. I’d love to see you again.”As we left the restaurant and headed towards our cars it had become very warm for a mid-May day. For just before one o’clock it was easily over eighty degrees, probably closer to eighty-five. As we walked and chatted Daisy said she was going to spend the afternoon in her backyard pool.“Oh, I’m so jealous!” I exclaimed.“Why don’t you follow me home and we can hang out,” said Daisy.I was thrilled with the idea but told her, “I need to go home and get my swimsuit though.”“My son has two pairs at the house. You’re about his same size I bet. Thirty-six waist?” she inquired.Laughing, I confirmed, “Yes, a thirty-six waist.”“Great! I’m driving the white Mercedes 450 SUV. Follow me home,” Daisy told me.As we arrived at her car, I told her I was driving the black Tacoma truck, and went in for a hug. It was a nice embrace and as we parted our eyes locked. As if both on cue, we inched closer and had a nice two-second lip kiss. My toes tingled and I saw fireworks in my head. I went in for another kiss and was greeted by Daisy’s tongue parting my lips. We kissed softly for five seconds, and I pulled back.“I knew you’d be a nice kisser,” Daisy whispered.Smiling at her, I told her, “I was thinking the same thing about you.”Ten minutes later, I walked in the front door of Daisy’s home. It was a nice newer home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. She led me around giving me a quick tour before taking me out to the backyard and the pool. It was beautifully landscaped and had a tropical feel with tall palm trees, green shrubs, two fountains, and a second covered patio in one corner with more seating.As we headed back inside, she told me, “There is a third bathroom in the garage for pool guests. You’ll find a suit on one of the shelves. Grab two towels for us and meet me at the pool,” she instructed.I Escort Ankara took my time changing thinking it will take her longer but when I got to the pool, she was already wading waist deep in the water. Daisy was now wearing a bright yellow bikini. Her body was even better than I thought.“You really know what colors look great on you. First, that turquoise dress and now this yellow bikini,” I confessed. “Damn, you look very cute!”“And you’re pretty handsome yourself, Jeff,” she said. “My son’s suit seems to fit you well.”“Yes, it’s fine. Not a print I’d pick, but it works on short notice,” I joked. Mario’s suit was sky blue with yellow rubber duckies.As I looked at this hermosa mujer (beautiful woman) I could feel my manhood growing so I casually lowered the towels I had tucked under one arm. As I glanced back at Daisy, I’m pretty sure she noticed too as she had a devilish grin.“Why don’t you join me in the water and that will go away,” she laughed.“Oh my God. I’m so sorry,” I stammered.“Don’t be. You’re a man, I’m a woman. You told me I’m cute. Things happen,” she said. “Now get in here and kiss me again.”I didn’t need to be asked twice to kiss her again, so I walked in down the stairs and went over to Daisy and passionately kissed her. We kissed several times over about forty seconds. As we broke, I noticed my cock was still rock hard and I knew she had to have felt it on her lower stomach as we had been locked into a tight embrace as we kissed.“Well, someone is excited. Maybe I should take care of that for you,” Daisy said as she rubbed my dick through the swimsuit. “I knew I wanted to fuck you half-way through brunch. You’re a good guy, handsome, and a gentleman. Let’s have some fun this afternoon.”I was a bit taken aback but loved what I was hearing. “How many mimosas did you have,” I laughed. “What did you have in mind? Would you like to go inside or right here in the pool?” I asked playfully.“Yes, and yes,” she laughed. “Look, I haven’t been with a guy in over a year. Most men in Woodland are idiots. You’re different. I like you. Let’s have some fun and see where this might go. Now take off that suit.”As I was trying to take off her son’s swimsuit, she untied her top and let it fall in the water, Next, she pulled down her bottoms, grabbed the top, and tossed them on the pool deck. Here we were standing waist deep in water and buck naked. Thinking to myself, I thought, “Mike will never believe me.”Daisy had remarkable tits for a woman of her age. Nice 36D’s, just a little sagging, large areolas, and big dark nipples.  As I stepped towards her to kiss her, she asked, “How do you like my tits? I had them refurbished about five years ago.”