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Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 03

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When dinner was prepared, Tom set the table and then went to the bottom of the stairs. “Daisy, come on down for dinner!” he called.

She came down a few moments later, just as he had instructed. She wore her shorts, damp from saliva and pussy juice. They clung wetly to her hips and ass, and when she walked, he observed how tightly the crotch formed to her swollen cunt. Each lip was outlined perfectly in pale pink lace. Apart from her shorts, she was completely naked. Her absurdly large tits jiggled and swayed with each step.

Daisy had washed her face and freshened her lip gloss. She had brushed her hair as well, and pulled it back into a ponytail. This accentuated her almost mindless sexiness to Tom, who imagined her cheerfully dropping to her knees and pulling out his cock, leaving her lip gloss all down the length of it. He had a feeling she’d need to wash her face again afterwards if she did.

“Sit down on the table, Daisy.”

She must have misheard him, because she pulled back her chair.

“No, I said sit on the table,” he instructed, as though he were speaking to a child. He indicated the center of the table. “Your spot is here. You will eat with your legs spread-there, just like that.” She climbed up obediently and sat down, thighs spread wide, calves hanging off either side of the table. His plate and hers were side by side, his on the placemat in front of him, hers between her thighs. “You will sit like this, or in any other fashion I choose, until your punishment is complete. Do you understand?”

His daughter nodded, though not, he observed, without a resentful look in his direction. Tom ignored it and took their dinner out of the oven. It was some sort of frozen pasta dish his wife insisted on buying for nights when she was out of town. He would have been happier ordering pizza, but he knew if she came home to an untouched freezer, there would be hell to pay.

As Tom sipped his Coors Lite, he observed with pleasure that Daisy was forced to bend over slightly to reach her food, which made her tits a rather significant obstacle. Even so, she managed to spill only a little sauce on them. “You’ve made a mess, Daisy,” he said sternly. “Clean it off. No, don’t use a napkin. Use your tongue.”

She looked at him for a moment, almost in disbelief. Then, slowly, she set down her fork. It was like a scene from a porno, with this innocent girl lifting her huge tit up to her mouth and lapping at the smooth flesh with her tiny pink tongue. Unfortunately, the thick white sauce had dribbled down over her nipple, and she was forced to take the nub in her mouth and suck it clean. Tom was glad of the angle between him and his daughter, which allowed him to rub his stiff cock through his trousers under the table.

When she was clean, she released her tit and continued eating. “Stop,” he commanded after a moment. “Pull the crotch of your shorts to one side. Further. There’s a good girl.” Her pussy plopped out with a faint wet sound. To Tom’s delight, the pink flesh was just as swollen, and so large it literally rested on the table beneath her.

He set down his own fork and stood. Under her disbelieving gaze, he went to the fridge, rummaging inside for a moment before producing a carrot. Tom rinsed it under the faucet, returned to the table and sat back down. Nonchalantly, almost casually, he reached forward and prodded the bulging mess of pussy flesh in front of him with the fat end of the carrot. Daisy gasped, but didn’t move or protest. Good girl, he thought.

He worked the carrot around until he found her entrance, hidden deep between her bulging Beşiktaş Escort labia. The angle was all wrong, so he told her to lean back on her elbows. She did, which forced her hips to tilt back naturally, and with the next thrust, the carrot was inside her. It was a fat carrot, and he was held the thinner end. He pushed it in deeper, enjoying the way her lips wrapped around it. She was still wet, still aroused. The carrot bottomed out inside her pussy with a good three inches protruding from her swollen peach. He let go of the vegetable and returned to his dinner.

As he ate, Tom glanced up at Daisy’s pussy from time to time, still wrapped hungrily around the carrot inside her; sometimes he looked up at her face, other times at her tits. He remembered the feel of them in his hands, wondered what excuse he might come up with to touch them again.

With the carrot protruding from her, Daisy couldn’t sit up straight, so she couldn’t eat, either. She only sat there, propped up on her elbows, staring at him. When Tom finished eating, he stood and picked up her plate. She didn’t have much food remaining, but he twirled what was left on her fork and fed it to her, bite after bite. Daisy opened her mouth and accepted the food, chewing and swallowing obediently, until she had finished her dinner.

Tom cleared his plate, and Daisy’s as well, then returned to where she sat with her legs still spread, seemingly awaiting instruction. He gave her none, only grasped the end of the carrot sticking out between her labia and pulled it back out. Daisy gave a little gasp and sat forward.

Standing, Tom leaned forward and pushed the sodden vegetable between her lips. “Dessert,” he said, smiling, before he finished his beer.

That night, Daisy lay under her blankets, feeling strange. She never slept naked, or at least not since her chest had grown so large. Her breasts always seemed to get in the way, somehow, and she felt too exposed, even underneath her blankets. Between her legs, she was still damp, and a little achy. She had done herself too hard, made herself sore inside and out. Even her butt felt weird, as if it still had a finger inside it.

She had never done anything like that to herself, although she’d thought about it. One day, going through her brother’s room for a gym bag she wanted to borrow, she had found a stack of magazines under his bed. The magazines had naked women on the covers, but all the naughty parts were covered up. Even so, Daisy was intrigued. There were so many, she figured he wouldn’t miss one. Her heart pounding, Daisy slid the naughtiest one she could find under her shirt, then slipped out and back down the hall to her own room.

Once in her bed, the covers pulled up over her, Daisy quickly discovered that only the covers of the magazines were censored. Inside, all of the women were either naked or in extremely revealing outfits, many in rather compromising positions. As she paged through them, she began to rub the crest of her vagina, they way she sometimes did when she was alone. She found herself doing this more and more often lately, but this time was different. Ordinarily she touched herself in order to feel aroused, but this time, she was touching herself because she was aroused. She couldn’t seem to help it. One hand turned the pages of the magazine, compelled, while the other rubbed herself through the thin cotton of her panties. Sometimes her hand even strayed up to her chest to stroke the hard little nipples underneath her t-shirt.

All at once, she found herself staring at the photo on the center page of Beşiktaş Escort Bayan the magazine. Is that what the boys called a centerfold? The model, a big-breasted blonde featured on the cover with another girl, was on her knees facing away from the camera, her round butt thrust up towards it. Between her thighs were her girly bits, but between her butt cheeks…

There was something in her butt, Daisy realized with a start-something that protruded out a little. It seemed rather large to her, almost the width of her fist. The woman was looking over her shoulder, giving the camera a knowing smile. One hand was between her thighs, her delicate, manicured fingers rubbing the crest of her vagina. Whatever it was in her bottom, Daisy reasoned, she must have enjoyed it.

That was when she wondered if it might feel just as good to put something in that hole as the one above it. She was so fascinated that she had actually pulled her panties down and yanked her shirt up, spilling her breasts, so that she could touch her bare skin while she stared wide-eyed at the woman in the magazine. No matter how fast or hard she rubbed, however, she couldn’t seem to get enough. At last, she rolled over and took the dildo out from under her mattress and slid it into her aching vagina. But even that hadn’t been enough. There was more to explore, Daisy knew, and with her eyes still riveted on the photo, she had pulled the dildo out and held it up to her butthole.

She tried pushing, but the sensation frightened her. Daisy jumped out of bed and stood bent over in front of her full-length mirror, looking at her naked butt over her shoulder. She had pulled one of her cheeks aside so she could see her butthole, and was just about to push the dildo into that tiny hole when a knock on her door had sent her into a flurry of activity-hiding the dildo and porno mag in her bedclothes, yanking up her panties, throwing on a pair of shorts, pulling her t-shirt down over her chest.

She had wanted to talk about exploring her butt with Shawna, but Daisy felt too shy. Shawna was so worldly and experienced, especially since she had finally had actual sex with her new boyfriend. She wouldn’t want to talk about anything like that with her silly virgin best friend. Still, every time they had a sleepover, Shawna would insist Daisy bring her dildo, and they would take turns inserting it into each other’s girly bits. Just once, Daisy had wanted to ask her to put it in a different hole, but just as she worked up the courage, Shawna had leaned over and used her mouth where the dildo had been, and Daisy had forgotten entirely about her butt.

But tonight, she had actually had something inside it. Never mind that it was her father’s finger-which was weird, of course, and totally embarrassing, but it had felt good. She had actually done that thing that she only did by herself, and sometimes when she was alone with Shawna. The last time they had done it together, Shawna had called it “coming,” so Daisy supposed that was what it was. She came-she had come-when her father had pushed his finger into her butthole.

It was when he had taken it out that she felt weird, and she supposed that’s what she was feeling now. She wanted something pushed inside her butt, but she didn’t want it pulled out. It felt too weird, like she was about to go to the bathroom. Maybe next time (and she was fairly certain there would be a next time), her father would put something else inside her. Or maybe…

She reached under the mattress for the dildo before she remembered he had taken it with him. “You will use Escort Beşiktaş this when I tell you, and not before,” he had said sternly, waving the silicone in her face. Daisy had blushed deeply, but now she was more upset that she couldn’t experiment with herself than embarrassed. She had been so…horny since that afternoon, and she was more interested in touching herself than ever before. Daisy found herself reaching down between her thighs, using her fingers to examine the bulge of flesh between them. There was so much of it, she couldn’t believe it. It seemed to have inflated since that afternoon, but that could have been from using the dildo, or even from her excitement. She had learned in her brother’s magazine that women’s bodies changed when they were excited, and she had even seen pictures. Crude, close-up pictures of vaginas, almost like hers. That was probably all it was, and in the morning, she would return to normal.

Except now, she was fumbling with herself again, pulling back that swollen flesh to reveal her pink button. She touched it delicately at first, then dipped her finger in between her lips to collect some of the liquid there. She brought it back up to her button and began to rub it, roughly. Daisy thought about the way she had taken her shirt off earlier, how her breasts had seemed larger and fuller than they ever had, standing there naked in front of her father. They were large and full now, pushing the duvet up into two mountains, rubbing against the fabric with each breath. She grabbed one with her free hand, trying to squeeze it, but it was too big for her. She palmed the nipple instead, grabbing as much flesh as she could.

Suddenly her bedroom door opened and the overhead light came on. Her father stood in the doorway, watching her. There was a bag on his shoulder, maybe a gym bag. The duvet had fallen down to her waist, and he could see her hand on her own breast, and the other moving down between her legs. “I told you not to touch yourself,” he said quietly.

Daisy froze. She could feel herself turn beat red. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t sleep. I was so…horny.”

“I can see that.” Her father crossed the room to the bed, dropping the bag on the floor with a clank and pulling the duvet down to her feet. “It smells like pussy in here.”

Daisy cringed. She hated that word, and she hated the idea that her father could smell her.

“Put both hands above your head and spread your legs wider,” he instructed. Daisy obeyed, although her legs were already pretty wide. She liked to have lots of room to…

Her father held something up. It was a plastic cup, but longer and shallower than something you would drink out of. It almost looked like one of those old claw-foot bathtubs, except without the claws, and very small. Her father knelt at her side and placed the cup over her girly bits. Daisy was shocked. She could feel the cold plastic against her skin, and it made her nervous. Then her father produced a long tube, which he attached somehow to the cup. When it was secure, he turned and attached it to something in the bag he had brought with him. Daisy couldn’t see it, but she heard strange noise, like a muffled gasp, and then suddenly she felt something sucking at her vagina. She gasped herself.

It didn’t hurt, precisely, but it felt very, very odd, like someone was trying to suck her girly bits right off of her. The pressure increased slightly, and then Daisy moaned. She couldn’t help it-somehow the sensation made her want to touch herself again.

“This will keep you from being able to yourself,” her father announced cheerfully. “This pump is attached to a timer, so it will come on and go off throughout the night. You will not, however, be able to remove the plastic cup. And as for those titties-” Daisy blushed at the word, “-prop yourself up on those elbows again, and let’s see if we can’t get you straightened out.”