Mayıs 6, 2023

Dancing Jay

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“Hello…I’m back…” The words were more breathless whisper than a greeting but after having worked all through the night and been called for an unexpected photo shoot ‘till noon, Jack thought it was a miracle to have managed it at all. The fact that the shoot had taken place in the middle of nowhere with the scorching sun rising temperatures close to hellish hadn’t helped either. At least he was home now… Thank God for small mercies.“Hey, Jay, got any of that iced tea left? I’m dying here… freaking elevator’s broken again.” He called out to his flatmate marshalling up the strength needed to reach for the fridge and open it. Crap… no iced tea. He took the first can he found and popped it open forcing his feet out of the kitchen as he took a slug of the aspartame filled drink… damn, he hated that bitterness you felt at the end.“Hey Jay…” But he wouldn’t be getting an answer anytime soon, he realised as he stepped into the living room and finally picked up the hushed rhythm of music coming from one of the bedrooms. Again? He sighed to himself thinking he’d have to put up with his flatmate’s dance attempts when all he wanted to do was sleep… for like about a century. He just couldn’t keep his eyes opened anymore… maybe he wouldn’t even hear her given the exhaustion.Jack yawned so hard his jaw cracked. He took off his t-shirt and threw it on the back of the couch giving up on the idea of a shower. No way. Bed. Now. Before he passed out standing. He dragged his feet past the bathroom almost yearning for the gentle touch of water. When he got in front of Jay’s bedroom he thought he might as well pop his head in and give her the heads up he was back… maybe beg for mercy and silence too, given how loud the music was now. What Göztepe Escort the hell was that? Bells and drums?He didn’t knock… no point, she’d never hear. No strength either. He just turned the knob slowly and the door gave way silently almost like it knew not to disturb. But it only got 3 inches away from the frame before Jack froze with his mouth opened, the words stuck on the tip of his tongue, almost instantly falling spellbound.Jay’s sense of decorating had always tended towards the exotic: she had lush plants in the corners of her room, loved burning a particular type of incense that smelled almost decadent and everything from her chaise to her window drapes and pillows were covered in coppery brocade and olive green satin or golden-white silk. But now it looked like a dammed movie set: with all the red wood panels placed around the bed like five delicate little trellises carved with intricate oriental patterns and the crème and auburn silk drapes snaking around or in between them and the bed.And she was dancing… floating half way in between dressed and naked. Hanging from her hips was a low, long, filmy skirt polling around her every time she swirled, accenting each movement of her hips as she followed the music beat. Whenever she pushed a leg forward and bent backwards twisting her arms over her head the skirt parted, revealing that exquisite tanned skin that covered her smooth thighs.Jack didn’t blink once. He couldn’t even breathe. Jay had dropped low on the floor, bent over backwards, her hips lifting in short jerks while her torso snaked with each shift, showing off her flat tummy with its shimmering bellybutton ring. Her body was seduction in movement and he was lost for her in that one Göztepe Escort Bayan moment. And that was before she slowly arched her back and her many necklaces of black beads and golden little coins parted, revealing her pert little breasts with their caramel coloured tips all spiked and demanding.A cold shiver crept up Jack’s spine as he watched her trail the tip of a short bladed falcata right across the centre of her body, following an invisible line from her lower abs, over bellybutton, right between her breasts and straight across to her lips. Between the sudden mental image of trailing the same line with his lips and the fear she could so very easily mar her beautiful body with that cold tongue of metal, there was no way to stop his body from tensing to the point of tremors.In the mid-day light that filtered through the cracked wooden blinds, her skin looked bathed in honey and her hair was burned sugar licking against the swell of her breasts. And all the while Jack felt his blood start to boil and pool while she inadvertently seduced him. At some point she’d gotten up in a tense shimmy and had started twisting and turning against one bed post, then another, pulling the silks away from the bed. Someone was there Jack realized and his first instinct was to close the door and run like hell. But he just couldn’t stop watching.He saw himself as a thief that couldn’t repent from stealing. He felt a silly jealousy tinged with grudging esteem towards the man for whom this show of unadulterated eroticism was played. He’d never looked at Jay this way in their six months of sharing the flat but in that instant he would have done almost anything to be at the receiving end of her attentions, propped on Escort Göztepe his elbow among her dozen pillows.Jay turned her back to the bed, her hips shaking like they were having a seizure. In a series of swirls and twists of the wrist, she lowered her hands to the belt of the skirt and unclasped it from the side. Slowly she allowed the heavy fabric to drop from one hip, then the other, uncovering glimpse by glimpse that delicious apple bottom of hers for the sole benefit of her guest. As she did that her gaze seemed to lock on to something close to the door but as entranced as he was Jack didn’t figure he’d been spotted until a mischievous grin brought fire to her features. She jerked her chin up and ran her hands up along her body touching every inch of skin from her bellybutton to her lips almost as if she wanted to tease him.Jack’s first reaction was to jerk the door shut but that smile, that heated look she gave him as if she was enjoying his little bid at voyeurism and got turned on by having him watch her seduce another man, hooked him. Hooked him hard; so much so, that he couldn’t help the erection that was straining against his jeans. But that couldn’t be true could it? She hadn’t seen him, right? If she had she would have stopped not twisted her hips as though she wanted him to see that clean shaved little slit between her legs. Or turn around bending over the bed giving him a clear picture of how exquisitely formed she was with her tight little ass and her long legs spreading on each side of her prisoner when she crawled above him on all fours.Slowly she stood up above the man placing her feet on each side of his head and dipped down in a sinuous glide of her hips. Jack had to reach down and make some adjustments as he drank in every little move but his hand never loosened its grip afterwards. She was yet again bent over backwards, her arms over her head and her knees bent apart allowing the lucky bastard in her bed a perfect view of her sweet spot as she kept up her lithe ripple of the body.Holly mother of…