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Dancing Teens

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Well it all started when I got off early from work one day. The boss got bad news, something about an old friend of his kicking the bucket or something. Anyhow, he got real upset and just sent everyone home. I felt bad about his friend passing on, but I was a little off about losing some pay, too. Oh well, I thought, might as well enjoy the time off.

I headed for home thinking of a little swim in the pool, and maybe a few beers. I called my wife to see if she could get off early, but turned out she was gonna wind up working late. “Real late”, she said with a sigh. Oh well, I thought, maybe I could interest my daughter in a board game or something.

As I went in I could hear that my daughter, Kelly, was already home. Music was blasting from her room, much louder than she could normally get away with if her Mother were home, but I decided to let it slide. Did she have early release from school, I wondered? Since school wasn’t supposed to be out yet, at least not normally, I figured I better find out what was goin’ on.

Well, her music was too loud for her to hear me yelling for her, so after I yelled a couple of times I gave up and went up the stairs to ask her about what happened to school that day. As I got to the top of the stairs I could see that her door was open, so I walked right up and man, was I ever shocked at what I saw! There, in the middle of the room, was my 18 year old daughter Kelly and her friend Amy, who was 19, both of them bumping and grinding, doing a strip tease dance in unison.

Now, neither of them was naked or anything. They were still wearing their school clothes and everything, but the funny thing was that, since my Wife insisted we keep the kids out of the public schools, their little Catholic Schoolgirl outfits looked the part. I mean, I’ve been to strip clubs where the strippers dressed up like the two of them were now as a costume… But the thing that really caught my eye was the way the two of them moved. Damn, they could really move sexy!

As soon as I thought that I tried to shake the thought from my head, but I just couldn’t. They just looked too damn good! Now, both Kelly and her friend Amy are really pretty girls. Already well on their way to womanhood, they both have tight, athletic bodies, and I have to admit I’ve checked them out before, though I always stopped myself. Kelly has her Mom’s red hair and green eyes and a figure like Britney Spears, only not quite as chesty (and they’re real, of course). Amy, on the other hand, is a brunette, and she looks to me like a miniature version of Courtney Cox, with a nice chest going, too.

Just as I was wondering where in the hell they learned how to move like that, I moved a little and that’s when I saw the TV. Of course! My wife had bought some striptease exercise videos off a late night TV infomercial. She talked for 8 days all about how she was going to spice up our relationship and get in shape all in one, easy step. Right. She did the workouts once, passed out on the couch afterwards, and was too sore for any kind of nookie for three nights in a row. But she bragged to her friends she could dance just like any of “those strippers”. Looks like my daughter had gotten her hands on them now, and I had to admit she sure did it better than her Mom. So did her friend.

Well, I thought with a little chagrin, at least my money hadn’t gone totally to waste. But I was also kind of concerned that my daughter was going to be making use of these skills with some boy on a date, although the reasonable part of my mind told me that all girls practice dancing. Yeah, the protective Daddy part of my mind countered, but not all girls practice that kind of dancing… Just as I was resolving to put a stop to this, the girls began to unbutton their blouses.

I froze. A quick glance at the screen confirmed the suspicion that they were mimicking the tape. How far would this go? I definitely had to put a stop to this, except I couldn’t seem to talk. I couldn’t seem to move. Maybe, I thought, I should just run away and leave them alone. But I couldn’t seem to move in that direction, either. Meanwhile, the girls had gotten their school uniform blouses unbuttoned, revealing tantalizing glimpses of lacy bras and firm, bouncy cleavage. Now the ante was raised, if I stopped them now they’d know I saw more than just a little dancing. And each second more chips wound up in the pot.

The girls still hadn’t noticed me standing in the doorway, and I couldn’t seem to move or speak. I realized I was really turned on, and knew I was getting an erection, but I just couldn’t seem to bring myself to stop the show, or peel my eyes off the two of them. I barely blinked!

Off came the blouses in a sexy, shoulder rolling move that ended with the girls turning their backs to me and tossing the shirts aside. They held their pose a moment while their shirts floated to the floor, their arms outstretched with their hands bent slightly at the wrist, pointing right where the shirts would land. I found it funny in a way, they were pointing twice, and so was I.

They stood facing away from me, not really watching the tape, and I realized they’d memorized Etiler Escort the routine – proof they’d had plenty of practice. They rolled the muscles in their backs, a move only the best strippers I’d seen did, as they wagged their firm, tight little butts back and forth, their short pleated school girl skirts swishing about their athletic, sexy thighs. Then, causing me to pant, they started to roll their hips in circles, and slid their hands across their asses, giving the firm globes a little squeeze, with a strong left to right boom-boom move. Man, I was gonna have to watch this tape! Better yet, I thought, was the performance I was getting right now! Thank God my Wife likes to watch TV late at night.

The girls squatted a little with their hips constantly rolling from side to side, and they tossed their hair, giving them a wild, wanton look. As they squatted lower they slid their hands down their thighs, and slid their hands back up as they stood. They pulled their skirts up revealing tight asses in lacy, bikini cut panties. Now I knew I was rock hard, and I wasn’t even thinking about getting away, or stopping things at this point.

The next move in their routine was they slid their hands up to their hips, and did a rapid ass shaking move. Then, making me want to run in there and grab them, totally forgetting that one of these two sexy sirens was my own teen daughter! From their hips they slipped their thumbs under the waistbands of their skirts, and began to slither them off! In a moment the skirts lay puddled on the floor, and the girls stepped out of them with one leg, and stood with their long, lithe legs spread wide, clearly showing their pussy mounds cupped intimately by their panties. Somehow they made their legs look just as good in sneakers as the real stripper’s legs ever looked in high heels.

They made a little bend at the waist and my heart almost stopped. Their pussies were aimed right at me, and with their panties pulled tight by their stance like they were, I could easy see the shape of their pussy lips right through the material. And was I mistaken or were those panties a little wet in just the right spots? Both girls rolled the panties down just a little, revealing more hip and just a bit of ass crack, but then they straightened up and pointed both hands to the ceiling, bumping to the music. I found myself wondering what they’d do if I installed one of those brass poles…

But just as I was wondering that they reached behind their backs and very quickly unsnapped their bras. Before I could react they spun around, tossing the bras aside as they did. Oh my god! They saw me – I saw them. We all froze. I couldn’t help but stare at their firm, high riding tits. Kelly had nice white tits with cherry pink nipples that were rock hard, only a narrow ring of areola around each, maybe a 34b cub, maybe a little smaller. Amy’s tits were bigger but still didn’t sag, owing to her youth, and had dark brown nipples with wide areolas. Both girls eyes went wide and they each dropped their jaws open. I stood there pointing at them with my hand and my cock, though I hoped they wouldn’t notice that. Both girls quickly brought their legs together and covered their breasts with their hands. Amy even went so far as to drop to the floor and draw her legs up in front of her.

“Daddy!” “Mr. Morgan!”

It took me a second to find my voice. “I… I, uh… I wanted you to uh, turn it down…”

Both girls looked at me red faced, and I’m sure I was as red faced as them. “Daddy,” said Kelly, “how… how long were you, um, standing there?”

“Long enough, I think,” said Amy with a giggle, pointing in my direction.

I knew what they were pointing at, and since I’ve always been proud of that particular part of my anatomy I couldn’t help but give a little grin. “Well,” I said with a nervous laugh, “you girl’s really have that dance, ah, down…”

“Um, thanks, Daddy,” Kelly said, brightening up a little, “you really think so?”

“Yeah, really,” I answered, starting to feel a little more comfortable, “though I don’t think we better let your Mom know you borrowed her tapes, OK?”

“Sure Dad.” “Sure Mr. Morgan.”

Then, to my surprise, Kelly dropped her arms from her chest, letting me have another quick look at her breasts before she took the few quick steps to my side. Standing on tip toes she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug, and a little kiss on the cheek. Of course, those sweet tits of hers just had to press into me as she did it, and I felt the swell of her hip rub against the jutting protrusion in my slacks. Did this little girl of mine know what she was doing to her poor old Dad? I groaned inwardly, but wrapped my arms around her and hugged back, honestly glad my relationship with my daughter wasn’t ruined.

Then Amy stood up and let her hands drop to her sides, too. “I figure you’ve already seen them now,” she said with a shrug.

“Me too,” Kelly chimed in.

“Anyhow, Mr. Morgan,” Amy said, walking up to me and also hugging me – something she’d never done before, “we hope you enjoyed the show.” Then both girls broke into giggles, and now that Etiler Escort Bayan they weren’t hiding their tits, the giggling had Kelly’s white globes jiggling before my very eyes, and her friend’s hefty globes doing the same thing softly against my chest. But Amy did more than casually bump against my still hard cock, she ground obscenely against me, looking up into my eyes with a naughty look.

“Oh, I did,” I admitted weakly, giving in a little to the temptation this nubile young friend of my daughter offered me.

“Me too,” my daughter surprised me by asking, “did you like watching me too, Daddy, even though I’m your daughter? Or was it just watching Amy you liked?”

“Oh, well… uh,” I stammered, put on the spot by my naughty teen daughter in front of her equally naughty friend. Call me stupid, but I never could lie to a hot, topless woman, much less two. I told the truth. “Yes, honey, you both danced very nicely…”

“Is that why you have a hard-on Mr. Morgan,” Amy countered, sensuously rubbing her flat, firm abdomen against the subject of her question, a little smile on her face and a naughty twinkle in her eyes “from watching your own daughter strip, or was it from watching me…”

“Both… Both of you,” I said without thinking.

“Really, Daddy,” my daughter said in a deceptively innocent voice, “you got a hard-on over me too, not just Amy?”

I couldn’t even speak, so I just nodded.

“Hmm,” said Amy, trailing a long, manicured nail down across my chest until it touched the spot where her belly wriggled against my middle, only inches above the hard crown of my cock in my pants. “When a boy gets a hard-on for a girl it means he wants to fuck her… Does that mean you want to fuck me Mr. Morgan?”

“Mmmm… yeah,” my daughter said, openly fondling her breasts in front of her poor old Dad’s amazed eyes, “does that mean you want to fuck me too, Daddy?”

I couldn’t answer. I wouldn’t.

“Oooohh… cat got your tongue, Mr. Morgan,” Amy teased, at last grasping my cock in her hand through my pants, squeezing torturously.

“Or maybe a little pussy, Daddy,” my daughter said impishly, taking one of my hands and placing it (I couldn’t resist) on her soft, warm breast, “a little pussy cat got your tongue…”

“Mmmmm….. yeah,” Amy sighed, “my little pussy would like to have his tongue…”

“Ooohhh… mine too,” my daughter moaned, looking me right in the eye, making sure I couldn’t miss her meaning. “You want to lick our pussies, Daddy?”

Suddenly my mouth seemed very dry. I tried to swallow, I tried to speak. But I was mute with shock, and arousal.

“Hey, I know,” said Amy, sensing as all females can when a male is in their power, “let’s show him the rest of our dance and see what he thinks of it…”

“Yeah,” my daughter exclaimed, clapping her hands and squealing, “I totally want to know what a guy thinks first…”

First? I thought, I wonder what she means by that…

Excitedly, my daughter and her friend took me by my hands and led me to the chair in the corner of my daughter’s bedroom.

“Here, Daddy,” my little Kelly said, gently pushing me into the chair, ignoring the fact that her bare breasts rubbed my face momentarily as she did, “just have a seat here and tell us what you think of our dance… OK Daddy?”

“mmm….” I mumbled, dizzily nodding.

“I just know you’re gonna love the show, Mr. Morgan,” Amy said, practically bouncing with pent up exuberance, her magnificent breasts bobbing with every move, “Kelly and Me have been practicing a lot…”

As the other girl said that, my daughter ran and dimmed the room lights a little, and even aimed a desk lamp she had for studying at her where her friend was standing, nervously fidgeting and anxious to start their little show. Then she turned the music on again, though not quite as loud since they wanted to be able to talk. Then she ran, scooped up their skirts and shirts, and she whispered something in Amy’s ear, which Amy seemed to agree to since she nodded vigorously. Then both girls quickly pulled on their skirts, and loosely put on the blouses they had earlier stripped off. It looked to me like they were going to start over. Of course, I knew those blouses were barely buttoned, and that neither girl wore a bra beneath them any more. I could feel my poor cock ready to burst from my pants, and my head spun. I was unable to make myself leave, even though I knew my own daughter and her friend were about to strip for me again – this time while they knew I was watching them.

Right away I found myself getting into it. Somehow, the change in the lighting was enough to let me relax a little, having been in many, many strip clubs over the years (when you combine the fact that most of my clients are married men to the fact that my wife could be as much of an icy bitch as any of theirs, yeah, I’ve been out to the clubs plenty of times). The “spotlight” of the desk lamp on them in the darkened room, the pulsing music, the two hot dancing girls with perfect bodies… the only things missing were a drink pushing waitress and a wad of one dollar bills! For a minute, as the girls Escort Etiler started to move, I was able to forget that this was my own gorgeous barely legal daughter and her and her only slightly more legal friend dancing for me, not some anonymous stripper.

It was the same routine I’d seen before at first, only the repeated dance moves were done much quicker, with Amy seeming to take the lead. The girls rolled their hips, shook their asses, flung their hair, and jiggled their breasts with rolling shoulders. Quickly the blouses came off, revealing once again the two perfect sets of teen tits. A moment later, after a quick twirling overhead, the two blouses landed in my face, smelling lightly of girlish perfume and teenage girl sweat, making me swoon. Then they were working the swishing schoolgirl skirts off, their hips rocking from side to side. In just a few minutes the girls were back in just their panties.

To my surprise Kelly seemed to take the lead at this point, pulling her panties tight against her sweet mound, her friend quickly following suit. Sweet Jesus, I could see every little ridge and valley in their perfect little pussies right through those naughty, silky panties. The girls smiled naughtily as their fingers pulled at the straps on their hips, moving first one side up, the other side a little down, then reversing it, revealing nothing.

“You want to see our pussies, Daddy,” my daughter said in a voice I’d never imagined she could use.

“Yeah, want to see our wet cunts, Mr. Morgan,” Amy teased, sauntering a little closer and pulling her panties down just enough to let me see a little brown fur above the edge, raising the ante again.

Dumbly, I just nodded.

“Hmmm…” my daughter said to her friend with a nasty inflection that made my cock ache, “I guess my own Daddy wants to see me naked…”

“Mmmmm, what a pervert you are Mr. Morgan,” Amy said, turning to let me see her ass in her panties, pulling the fabric tight between her cheeks. “Are you a pervert Mr. Morgan?”

“N… N-No..” I managed to stammer, though clearly I was, or had become one.

“Nooooo? No,” my daughter Kelly chided, sticking her lower lip out and wagging her finger at me tauntingly, “are you sure Daddy? Because I could never let my own Daddy see my pussy… I mean… how could I get all the way naked for my own Daddy unless he was a big horny pervert?”

“Yeah,” whispered Amy, surprising me (I hadn’t even noticed the half naked girl moving up close to me, so enraptured by my teasing daughter was I), “It’s one thing to tease a nasty old pervert, that’s OK since they deserve it, but a girl couldn’t ever do anything naughty with her own Daddy… well, unless he was a pervert too, I guess…”

“So how about it Daddy,” my daughter said, shamelessly pinching her nipples and playing with her naked tits in front of me, “are you a pervert?”

“Y… Yes…” I whispered.

“What’s that Daddy,” my daughter intoned, feigning deafness, “I could barely hear you…”

“Yeah,” whispered Amy, now rubbing her tits on my arm maddeningly, “you better tell us what a horny pervert you are and how you want to fuck us both with your big hard cock…”

I resisted. I couldn’t say that… not about my own flesh and blood baby girl, my own daughter… my little Kelly. If only it were only her friend…

As if reading my mind, Amy whispered again, “I bet you’re wishing you could just fuck me, huh? Well, you’ll hurt your poor daughter’s feelings if you don’t fuck her too… she worked just as hard as me to turn you on…”

What’s that supposed to mean, I thought.

“Maybe you should say how much you want to fuck us both like the slutty little whores we are at heart, before you miss your chance, Mr. Morgan,” Amy finished, kissing me on the cheek by my ear.

“I… I want to fuck you both,” I spat out, “I’m a dirty old pervert and I want to fuck my daughter and her friend. I want to fuck you both like the little whore sluts you seem to be!”

“Good Boy, Daddy,” my daughter teased, letting her panties down a little, but bending at the waist a little to hide what she almost revealed. In a mere moment Amy was beside her, mimicking the pose.

“Now, if you want to see what we have in our underwear, Daddy,” my daughter said licking her lips wickedly, “first you have to show us what you have in yours…”

“Yeah, we already showed you everything else we have to show… your turn to show us something Mr. Morgan,” Amy teased, “let us see that big hard Daddy dick of yours…. Let your little girl and her friend see your throbbing man cock!”

All hesitation was gone from me. Now I was just a man with needs, and they were the women I was going to fulfill those needs on. My mind was set on that. The fact that in my minds eye I could see both of them at play from their early years on? That I could remember them fighting over which Barbie doll got to ride in the plastic car with the Ken doll? That I had seen them both in braces and Amy in thick glasses, and that I could remember them both as gangly, squealing kids, running and playing in the back yard? That I could remember one of them being born? All fuel for the fire. Whatever they had been in the past for me, now they were hot, horny, clearly willing and ready to fuck females. I fully intended to take them up on the offer. So, I quickly unzipped my pants and yanked my rock hard, drooling, throbbing tower of flesh out in the open.