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Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 11

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Danny spends the next few days barely out his mom’s anus. They pump, and fuck and fart and he gets into greasing her butt up and burying his face between her large cheeks. Dad is coming back soon, and they promise to keep their fuck sessions a secret from him.

His mom spent a few hours on the phone one evening and he didn’t know who she was talking so long with. Must have been family. Finally she was off the phone, and she came to find her son.

“Who were you talking to for so long, mom?”

“That was your Aunt Margaret.”

“How’s Aunt Margaret?”

“Fine, honey. She called to tell me that she got a plane ticket to come visit.”

“Well, that’s nice. When is she coming out?”


“Tomorrow?! For how long?!”

“A week.”

“But Dad will be back by then! Tell her it’s not a good time and that she can’t come!”

“Danny! Don’t worry honey, we’ll still get to fuck.”

She nestled up close to her pouting son, pressing her big tits against him and ran her fingers through his hair. She opened her blouse a little and pulled out a giant tit.

“Suck on Mommy’s nipple baby, please.”

He lay across her lap and put her mouth on her big fat nipple.

“Don’t worry honey. I’ll still give you the attention you deserve. Aunt Margaret won’t get in the way.”

The next afternoon Dianne left to pick up her sister Margaret at the airport while Danny ended up going out. The girls went shopping, came back, and were finishing dinner when Danny walked through the door.

He had not seen his Aunt in several years and they greeted each other warmly, even though Danny had been mad she came at such a time.”Hi Aunt Margaret.”

“Oh Danny, look how you’ve grown. Come give me a kiss.”

He walked over to his Aunt who was seated next to his mother on the sofa and they kissed each other on the cheek. He looked at her and was stunned how sexy she seemed to him.

Margaret is a few years older than his mom, in her early 50’s, with the same fat dick sucking lips, heavy boobs, trim waist and an even wider big bottom. She sat there in the living room in tight khakis and a white tank top that revealed quite a bit of cleavage. Her mature big round boobs hung great in that soft top. Danny stood there for a second almost drooling, taking in her plump thighs hugged tightly by her pants.

“Danny, honey, sit down.” Dianne said to her son.

Mom and Aunt Margaret talked with alot of animation on the sofa. Danny noticed the empty glasses of wine as he sat down in the recliner and stared at his Aunt’s huge rack and juicy legs. His Aunt’s arm was around his mom’s shoulder and together they had the most delicious sets of big tits he’d ever seen.

Aunt Margaret got up to go take a pee and Danny conspicuously watched her wide, plump ass make it’s way out of the room.

“Aunt Taksim Escort Margaret looks great.” He commented.

“Yeah, she’s got a big fat ass, just like her sister.” Dianne said, knowing what was on her son’s mind.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean-“

“No, baby, it’s Okay. I know you love a nice plump ass. I just hope you’ll still want to play with mine later tonight.”

“Well I’d like to now but Aunt Margaret is in the way.”

“Oh, don’t pout honey. Are you hard right now?”

“I’m always hard Mom.”

“Do you want to jack it off in my butt?”

“I want to fit just the tip of it in your ass ring and feel you squeeze it.”

“Ooo, yes sweetheart. I will get on my knees and let you have my bottom. Oh gosh honey,” she rubbed her crotch, “you’re making your mother wet.”

“My dick aches Mom, I can’t wait.”

Just then Margaret walked back in the room and sat down. Neither Danny or his Mom were sure if she heard any of that last bit. In any case Danny wasn’t in the mood to chat with the ladies and went to his room.

Dianne and Margaret were up late talking, and the last they saw of Danny was when he came to say a grumpy good-night. It wasn’t until it was late and after several more drinks that the sisters finally went off to bed.

Danny was awakened in the middle of the night by a sensation of smooth, soft flesh engulfing his face. Dianne was leaning over her sleeping son, swinging her heavy naked boobs in his face. He took hold of her wonderful jugs and put a long thick nipple in his mouth. He felt his mother’s hand pull off the sheets and grab his thick penis.

“Mmmm my little baby, I’m sorry you had to go to bed without fucking your Mommy. Did you masturbate?” She said in a drunk voice.

“No.” He replied with frustration.

“I bet these big balls are just full of cum then. Do you want to squirt it on my face after you work my big bottom?”

“Mom, I’m going to fuck your ass, and then I want you to suck my dick, and then I’m going to fuck your ass, and your going to suck it all off my cock, and then I’m going to shoot my load all over your face.”

She leaned over and kissed him lustfully. “Can I turn on the light?” Dianne asked.

When she flipped the switch Danny saw his sexy drunk mother in an open bathrobe with nothing on but fishnet stockings. She stood up, threw off the robe and sat on her heels on the floor. Danny climbed out of bed, took off his boxers and walked over to his mom. The way she was sitting her hips looked very wide and curvy and her breasts and nipples enormous.

He dangled his long sausage in front of her face and slapped her with it. Then she swallowed the hole thing in one gulp. She sucked and slobbered all over his knob making loud slurping noises.

“Do you want to fuck my face darling?”

Danny Taksim Escort Bayan put his hand on the back of her head and pumped his thick juicy cock in and out of her fat cocksucking lips. It looked and felt so good to fuck his mom’s face. He moved deep down into her throat which she could handle as an expert cocksucker. Finally before he got too far she pushed him away. Her chin was dripping with slobber from such a juicy suck.

“Time for my ass baby. Remember, don’t cum in my shit pipe, I want it on my face.” The alcohol got her in a raunchier than normal mood.

“Your ‘shit pipe’ Mom?”

“Yes Danny. My dirty shit tube, I have to have your big cock stuffed in my fat butt baby!” She got on her knees, her face to the floor, and reached back rubbing and spreading her beautiful ass. Danny sunk his face into her crack for a taste of his mom’s shit pincher.

“That’s my sweet darling boy loving his mommy’s dirty shitter. He loves to eat his mother where unloads stinky farts and big piles of poop….” she kept moaning, then pushed out a long loud fart in his mouth.

She was so drunk, juicy and sexy he had to feel her sphincter pinch his throbbing meat. He gripped his heavy dong and pushed and forced it just past her tight ring into her smooth bowels. He held it there and grabbed both of his mother’s wide hips.

“Squeeze it Mom. Squeeze my cock with your butthole!”

She grunted and he felt a wonderful tight sensation pinching his cockhead in her rear. He pushed it in some more as she moaned, “Oh yes honey, your cock feels so good in my butt. Stuff it! Pack my shit sweetheart!”

He wasn’t ready yet for the bowel stuffing so he pulled out and took a look at her filthy gaping anus. The wrinkles were gone and it was just a wide, smooth, inviting pink tunnel with some greasy brown spots. He sank his cock back in and had her squeeze it some more. He pulled it back out and ran his fingers in his mom’s fat gaping butt.

“Let me taste it. Let me taste my ass all over your cock!”

He crawled over to his depraved cock hungry mother’s mouth and she wrapped her fat lips around his meat pole and sucker her ass off, moaning with pleasure. He fingered her butt as she licked his meat.

“Put it back in my ass!” She commanded. “Get it dirty and let me taste my shit juice again!”

Danny dutifully got behind his mother and plugged her butt back up with his thick penis. This time he sunk his cock in almost the hole way and stroked her bottom as she moaned. Long, deep strokes into her smooth bowels, Danny patiently enjoyed having his drunk mother’s dirty ass. He watched his cock sink into her crap hole widening out to her large hips with a healthy amount of fat and muscle to grab, but tapering off sharply to her trim waist. He pulled out and put it back in with a juicy fart and a Escort Taksim deep grunt from his mother each time.

“Get some shit on there and let me taste my ass.”

Her gape was really wide now, a wide, smooth, beautiful hole in the center of her round fat ass. He pushed in his cock with a big satisfying fart sound coming from her butt, pushed it all the way in and pumped her slowly and deeply a few more times. The he pulled out, crawled over to her face on the floor and offered her his beautiful throbbing cum stick.

She moaned and moved her face back and forth over his pole.

“My ass tastes so good! Mmmm!”

“Here we go mom, I’m going to give you a big load!”

“Yes honey. Fuck my face and cum all over it! Cum on mommy’s face!”

He pumped his cock back and forth in her wonderful slobbering mouth as she massaged his big nuts. It didn’t take much until he moaned, “Oh god!” as his hot thick cum spurted all over her face, stream after stream. Thick, creamy cum landed on her fat puckering lips, all over her nose, and dripped off her chin. She wrapped her lips around his spent meat and held it in her mouth like it was a big lollypop.

“Oh yeah Mom, thank you!”

“Honey, will you do something for me?” She asked with cum dripping off her nose.

“Yes Mom, anything.”

She pulled herself up and went over to the side of the bed where her robe lay and picked up an empty bottle of wine and a bottle of oil. Then she lay down on the bed on her back.

“Come here honey, sit on the bed with me.” Cum was still covering her nose and chin.

She pulled back her knees to her chest and started rubbing the oil all over her ass. Then he watched her get four fingers in her open rectum. She held back her legs behind the knees and asked her son to fist her.

Danny put some oil on his hand and rather easily this time worked his whole hand up her ass, past his knuckles to his wrist.

The looked at each other, smiled and kissed. “Go ahead honey and push this bottle in my ass.”

“Wow Mom, are you sure you want it!”

“Yes baby, be gentle and get this bottle in my asshole.”

He pulled his fist out and oiled up the bottle. He pressed the fat end right up to her sphincter, but it wasn’t loose enough yet. He put fingers of both is hands in her rectum and stretched her out to her pleasurable moans until she seemed loose enough.

This time as he gently but forcefully pushed, the bottle fit tightly up her asshole. “Ughhh! Oh yes honey, yes baby. Just like that. In Mommy’s bottom.” Dianne

said calmly. He pushed back and forth. “Deeper honey, deeper! Pack my shit darling.”

Finally the bottle went in to the point where it narrowed. and just the tip was left. Her clit was standing straight up and he took a fat lick on it and put it in his mouth.

Dianne shook and convulsed and came extremely hard on her son’s bed, squirting her pussy juice on his face.

It was alot of work pulling the bottle out of her ass and getting his mom to her bed, but the night eventually ended with the two satisfied and sleeping in their own beds.