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Dark Roots Ch. 04

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A/N: I hope everyone enjoyed the last chapter. I’m a little rusty when it comes to writing lemon scenes, or sex scenes as I used to say on Fanfiction.

Ch. 4 – The Visitors

Seattle, Washington

2:00 PM

Pigeon University

Albert sat in class listening to his teacher talking. This class was a type of world cultures class. Indigo, his girlfriend was running track. Albert’s seat was second to the first seat in the last row. The student who had the window was a fella by the name Erick Red River, he was Native American. He was a quiet young man who kept to himself and always scribbled away something in his notebook in his back corner of the classroom. He had long black shoulder-length hair that he kept tied. He also kept an eagle’s feather tied to it.

“Hey Erick, what’s up bro. This class is pretty boring don’t you think? I pretty much read everything she’s talking about right now in our books.”

Erick turned and looked at him. Albert felt like he was looking at the spot above his head or probably over his shoulder. So he turned to see what or who he was looking at. There was nothing above his head or over his shoulders. That sort of gave him the creeps.

“You have a dark cloud around you, Albert. Try to pay attention in class more often brother. And this is actually one of my favorite classes. I may not look it, but I am paying attention.”

The teacher in class was a tall woman of Japanese descent. Her name was Jenifer Okada. Her hair was long. So long it reached the bottom of her ass. It was as black as obsidian. She wore a beige button-up suit and rib-knit skirt. Her hair was in that beautiful and alluring hime hairstyle. Her button-up suit did little to hide the shape and outlines of her large breasts and erect nipples that were poking through. Albert wondered if she was even wearing a bra underneath her suit.

“Mr. DeSanto, is everything okay here?” she asked him, stopping by the foot of his desk. She stared at him with an icy glare.

He looked up at her and smiled politely. “Everything is fine.”

“Okay then. If there are no more interruptions, as I was saying. Every culture around the world, to the icy lands near the arctic circle to the blistering sands of the Sahara. They all have stories to explain what ghosts and phantoms are. Where they come from. How they are driven away or exorcised from people, places, and objects. Most of the more popular ghosts and phantoms are male, most of them. But there are some cultures that have some classes of ghosts that are solely female. Have any of you heard or read about the story of the Chinese character known as Daji”

“I have teacher!” said a female student upfront.

“Good, tell us what you know about her. You can remain seated or stand up and tell the class.” Ms. Okada told the girl.

The student stood up and turned to face the class. She brushed her long blonde hair back over her shoulder.

“Daji is the name of a beautiful woman who lived in ancient China during the Shang Dynasty. She was the consort of Chinese King Zhou of Shang. She was the Ataköy Escort reason why the Shang Dynasty fell apart. She was quick to torture and enjoyed watching people being executed and watching death. She was exceptionally beautiful and for that reason its become a history lesson that men of great power who seek after beautiful women will let everything they own and are in charge of crumble, just to please that woman. However, she wasn’t just a mere human. She was a fox spirit.”

“My you do know a lot about this person, don’t you. Thank you for sharing with us Carol. You can take your seat now. I’ll take over from here.”

“Excuse me Ms. Okada, but I have a few questions about what Carol just shared with all of us.” Albert interjected.

“Like what?” the teacher asked.

“Like why that woman took great pleasure in torture and watching people die. And if she was a fox spirit, does that make all of its kind the same as her? Do fox spirits only take the form of women, what about men?”

“Well Mr. DeSanto, those are all questions that can be answered. She took great pleasure In death and torture because the fox spirit, her, was just evil. Evil was in its nature. Fox Spirits can and almost always do take the shapes of women. But they can and do take the shapes of men once in a while. The reason being is that in the ancient world, men were all in charge and held all the power, politically and militarily speaking. So if a spirit wanted to do something evil or get something that it wanted from humans or the earth. The best and safest route would be to submit to men in power and do what they wanted, in exchange they could get away with whatever they wanted even if that meant committing murder, torture, or genocide. Because the men who slept with these ‘fake women’ would be too preoccupied with keeping them happy and preoccupied.”

“Why didn’t this fox spirit get pregnant if she or it was the concubine of this Chinese emperor?”

“Well I’m assuming it could have, but why would it? It clearly wanted to cause death and mayhem wherever it went. Taking care of children from other marriages or their own would only slow it down. It would have been counter-intuitive to what it wanted. In short, children would only be a burden to it.”

This caused Albert to think about his own mother. Lord knows how long she has been alive since she fell. Has she done her fair share of fucking with the kingdoms and empires of men? There was no way to know for sure unless he asked her himself.

-After School-

The end of the school period came and Albert and Indigo met up at a coffee shop that was close by to the university. He ordered a donut and ice coffee while Indigo ordered just a coffee. He kissed her and gave her ass a slap before sliding her chair out for her to sit on. She slid herself back into the table and smiled at him.

“Comfortable?” he asked her.

“Yeah. You’re always a gentleman. That’s what I like about you.”

After taking his seat and getting comfortable himself. He spoke to her Ataşehir Escort about what happened to her and his mother.

“So let’s get the obvious out of the way first. My mother.”

“Hmm okay,” Indigo muttered as she sipped some of her coffee.

“What do you think about her and what we did.”

“Honestly Al, I don’t find anything about what happened that day to be wrong. If you truly are her son, then you had no control over who you were born to or which family. Honestly, if It was just me and your mom and you weren’t there, then it would have been a problem. Only because of what she is and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. How do you feel about her though?”

“I’ve been feeling a lot since I first learned about her and her story. I mean, I don’t feel any different before I learned about my lineage. I guess this makes me half-angel then, wouldn’t it?”

“Was your father human?”

“I’m guessing so. She never told me much about him either. Just that she fell for him, literally. I feel human. I bleed when I cut myself accidentally. I burp when I drink sodas. I have the urge to go to the bathroom when I have an upset stomach. But, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her burp or seen her using the toilet. She showers and brushes her teeth, but that’s about it. But, uhm, what about the sex. Have you ever been with another woman? I mean I know she’s not completely a woman-“

“Albert, I don’t mind that she can grow a cock. I’ve never had one as big as hers but—it was just pleasure. With you it’s completely different. Whenever I see you I feel warm and alive. More alive than I am now. What was it like to be with her.”

“I mean I know it’s technically being with another woman, but is it though if this woman can grow a penis larger than your own? So did she feel better inside of you than me?”

“Uh what? I mean. Larger isn’t always better. Men think all women want larger cocks, but some just find it painful. In all honesty, it was a little painful for me. And what about her? Did she feel tighter than me?”

“Uhh, no comment…?”

“Wrong answer. Give me an answer. I gave you one so you should too.”

“Why should I, you technically didn’t answer me either, just gave me the runaround.

“Ugh fine, yes it felt better Albert. But that’s all it was, just pleasure. I can’t tell my body not to feel good when it’s being stimulated can I?”

“I agree. It is just all pleasure. And yes, somehow she did feel tighter than you. I don’t know if that’s because she’s a fallen angel. But when I am inside of her, I feel electrical jolts of pleasure.”

Both of them blushed from embarrassment as they looked away from each other. Then Indigo began to laugh and she didn’t know why. But Albert knew why as he too started to chuckle and then laugh with her.

“I guess this makes us gay then?” Albert said.

“I mean, not really. I could never sleep with a woman just because I was horny. But I could do it again with your mother. It just feels right with her.”

“I suppose Avcılar Escort your right. As men, our sexuality is seen as less fluid and more solid than that of a woman’s. But as you said, when I was with you two and watched you two enjoying each other, I felt a little insecure but somehow fine with it. So, would you like to come back home with me?”

“I would love to, but I have a lot of work to do today. Maybe another time?”

“Of course. No problem. We should get going anyway.”

-Desanto Residence-

Returning back home after dropping Indigo off at her home. Albert went straight for his kitchen refrigerator. His mother didn’t appear to be home right now. He prepared himself some pasta and meatballs to eat. Then there was a loud knock on his door. It was three knocks to be exact. He wondered if it was Indigo. But she always uses the doorbell whenever she stopped by. And his mother would never knock or ring the bell, she would just use her keys to get inside. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously and walked over to his front door. He looked through the peephole and saw two men wearing black suits.

“Are they from the MIB?” He whispered and chuckled to himself.

He unlocked his front door and opened the door slowly.

“Hello there young man, we’re part of a government agency. Is your mother home right now?”

“No, she isn’t. Why, has she done something bad?”

“What? No nothing like that. Do you know when she might be back?”

“I have no clue. Have you tried going to her workplace? You do kn-“

“We know where she works. She wasn’t there when we came to search for her.”

“Ah, well would you like to wait for her inside?”

“No that’s fine. We’ll come back another time.”

“I’m sorry where did you guys say you were from again, from some government agency?”

“I’m afraid we can’t divulge any more information other than that. You have a goodnight sir.”

“Okay. You, two gentlemen, have a goodnight too.”

Albert closed his front door and locked it. He stared out the peephole some more and watched the men walk out of view. He heard the sound of a car engine start up and drive away.

An hour later after Albert had eaten some dinner and after those two mysterious men came to pay her son a visit. Lisa finally arrived home. She removed her flats upon entering and hung her coat and bag on the rack beside the front door. But perched on power lines outside of her home were two ravens. Their feathers were as black as the night and their eyes sharper than any knife. They turned to one another and spoke.

“So, we have another one. We thought they were all dead, and yet here’s another one living in that house.”

“No. this boy is different. He’s not like his giant cousins. The parents are different. The womb that bore him is not of the earth.”

“Still, either he stays here and we risk having ourselves a super-powered Elioud running rampant or we recruit him. We could always tell the enforcers in heaven what we found. That is always an option.”

“But did you see him, did you hear him. He doesn’t sound crazy or angry. He sounds like an ordinary boy of his age. Let’s give it time and see what transpires over the month.”

“The first sin they all thought was pride is indeed the worst. But the first was and always will be lust. Lusting after what we want and letting it direct our actions. It was lust after all that preceded pride.