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Daughter , Her Friends Ch. 1

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My daughter and I have lived alone sense my wife left us 10 years ago. She wanted to find herself. We’ve done good for ourselves, I own a large construction company. I don’t even have to go to work unless I want.

Lisa, my daughter learned how to get anything she wanted from me years ago, A short skirt, a smile and sitting on my lap. And now her sexy little girl friends do it to. They make sure my wallet stays empty. I love it, all the fine young pussy keeps my cock hard.

Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a sweet smile that can melt your heart, a little 34 c breast, a smooth tummy and the best 34 ass I’ve seen in a long time, makes my coed daughter Lisa. Swimming is her thing to stay in condition. She loves wearing string bikini’s around the house or just a half shirt with some sexy panties.

We have a big house, 5 bedrooms, a pool and a family room. There’s always 4 half naked girls running around the house. They all love me, I let them do about anything they want. My only rule is, NO boys or men are allowed in my house. They drink, can smoke pot, anything but, no dicks.

One time last year I was real late getting home. When I pulled up to the house there was a truck out on the road, I thought somebody must have just broke down. I went in to get a shower, I heard some funny noises from Lisa’s room. I went to her door and ” Open your legs, bitch.” a mans voice said. Lisa crying, ” No, my Dad is going to kill you when he gets home.”

I’m a big man, 6 foot 2 inches, 190 pounds. I work out a lot plus all the years of construction work, I can take care of things pretty good. Lisa’s door flew off the hinges pretty easy when my shoulder hit it. There was my little girl on her bed, nothing but panties on. Some naked, long hair prick with a pony tail on top of her with a knife at her neck. With one quick yank on the hair, the little bastard was in the hall with his head sunk into the wall.

Yelling at the top of my voice, ” You are dead when I get back girl.” I grabbed the punk by his hair, pulling him down the hall and out the door. Dragging the little bastard down my gravel driveway, he sounded like a little girl crying. I turned and smacked the shit out of him. When I got to his truck, I picked him up by his hair and his cock and balls and threw him into the back of the truck.

I stomped back to the house, there was Lisa standing in the door, “Get to the fucking bathroom.” I said in a low very mean voice. As she turned to walk I saw her beautiful tight ass. I smacked it hard, ” Ouch, Daddy, I’m sorry.” I smacked the other cheek even harder. With each step she took her sweet little ass would wiggle, then I would smack her tight ass, it turned me on.

Some where in there my towel fell off exposing my 12 inch cock. As she walked my cock was only inches from her ass, it bumped her once or twice. I had never really seen her like this, her panties were about 2 sizes to small. Her little ass cheeks hung half way out of them, that made me even more horny. Her slim back, the little legs the way they connected to her ass, it was great.

“Get in the shower. Wash your nasty fucking body.” I said. She started to pull off her little panties, I told her to leave them on.

“Daddy, he didn’t do anything.” she replied.

“I don’t give a shit, start washing.” She had soap in a bottle, she put a few drops on her sponge,” Use more.” I demanded. So, I grabbed it from her and just squirted it all over her. Then she didn’t wash hard enough, I took her sponge and started to scrub her down like mad man.

Some where in this I saw her looking down at my cock, “Wash the soap off and hurry the fuck up,” I grabbed her pushing her toward her room, she was facing me walking backwards, I was yelling the whole time, “How the FUCK could you bring some little prick into my house? He looked like a little girl, if your going to fuck a man find a real one, not a little fag like that.” I looked at her, Lisa, my little girl was checking out my cock. I started talking a little calmer, “Do you see my cock? That’s what a beautiful little Babe like you needs, not something like him.”

Lisa tripped and sat on the floor, my now very hard cock was right in her face, her eyes explored every inch of it. As I watched her look at it, I got harder. “That’s a prime US Grade A, it will make any woman cum like she’s never know.” I told her.

“Why did Mom ever leave Avrupa Yakası Escort you? Was she crazy? Or did she just hate sex?” she ask.

“She wasn’t into sex Baby, I had to find other women, I need to be inside a woman, something this big needs it a lot.”

Lisa’s little hands reached up and grasp it, with both hands on it, she slowly started to lick my big head. Her tongue was so hot and soft, she licked all over my cock head. Looking into my eyes she gave me a sexy little wink, and her young tender mouth took in my cock. She sucked it so gentle while her tongue continued to lick my head.

I sat on the floor, her mouth locked on my cock, never letting it go. Lisa was making me go crazy, she was giving me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. Her little mouth sucked in more and more of my 12 inches, this girl was going to find out how much cum I had and soon. As she sucked and licked me, her hands were working up and down my long thick shaft.

I pulled her little pussy to my mouth, my tongue drove in her pussy, she was so wet and hot. She moaned and started shoving her pussy into my mouth, her hips moved to her sucking of my cock. Her moaning made me start to cum, I squeezed her ass and pushed my tongue in her as deep as I could. I licked the inner walls of her.

We came together, my cum made her gag but, she kept sucking and stroking me. My tongue was buried deep in her young body, I could feel her orgasms. Her pussy muscles caressed my tongue as she came. We continued until our bodies gave out.

Lisa came and laid beside me and asked, “Daddy, I love you so much. Can we do this again but, with out the ass beating”

I laughed and hugged her hard and replied, “I love you to baby. Any time you say.” We fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I woke up fast, Lisa was on her knees between my legs looking up at me with my cock half way down her throat. She was sucking like a pro now, locked on my cock, she moved her head up and down. Her hands were holding me tight, moving the length of my shaft. Faster and harder she sucked, Lisa looked into my eyes with a little sexy smile and a wink, my cock gave her all my cum. She sucked hard, wanting to get all of it. Sucking hard, Lisa kept moving up and down my cock. After she finished she looked at me very sexy and said, “Good morning Daddy.”

I had to answer, “It will be now.” She gave me her big smile and ran to get ready for school.

I know she told her pack of girl friends all about what we did, from then on all of them were always trying to look at my cock. Her girl friends, I called them the ” RAT PACK ” ( Lisa, Jennie, Molly and Suzy), had been going to school together sense the first grade. They had no real parents, drug heads, drunks or whores, that didn’t give a shit about them. I had been buying their school dresses and all their supplies for them for years. They also made up the high school swim and diving team, that’s why they have great legs and asses.

Jennie, was a little older and seemed like she was a little more wiser in the way of sex than the rest, was always looking me over. She was 5 foot 10 inches tall, black hair to the middle of her back, the darkest sexy eyes, about a 36c breast, long slim legs, and a very nice tight, teenage ass. Her dark eyes could always get my blood going.

One morning right before summer break, I was cleaning the pool when Jennie came through the yard crying her eyes out. I dropped everything and ran to her. We hugged tight, I was rocking her in my arms. She went on to tell me how her step father had almost raped her, he had her stripped down to her panties before she had managed to get away.

Still sobbing she said, ” I don’t want to loose my virginity that way, I want somebody I really love and care for to be my first man. Like you.” She hugged me tighter, giving me little kisses and moving her hips around my cock. All she had on was a little half shirt and a pair of short-shorts that showed her nice ass.

I held her close, my hands caressing her ass and replied, ” Baby girl, I would love to be your first man.” Her smile about melted my heart.

I picked her up in my arms, holding her close and carried her to her room. ( Each of the girls had a fully furnished room ) We kissed deep as our hands explored the others body. I had watched this beautiful young lady Avrupa Yakası Bayan grow up, now I was going to make her a woman. Jenny’s body trembled as I started taking off her shirt and little shorts. She stood naked before me, my hands caressed her softly.

I laid her tall slender body on the bed, I took my jeans off, her eyes widened as she saw my big cock.

She spoke in a low sexy voice, “Wow, Lisa said you were huge, I hope I can take all of you in me.” I kissed her soft as I laid on her, Jennie spread her long legs and hips. We kissed as our bodies heated up. My cock was rubbing on her virgin flower, she was already wet. She was moving her hips into my cock.

My cock head was at her opening, her dark eyes looked into mine, as I entered her body, her cherry was mine, we both gasp for air. I Gently pushed more inside her.

She whispered, “Oh fuck, Larry, I love you so much. Oh yes, please give it to me .” she gasp. With one big easy push, my 12 inch cock was inside this little baby. A girl I had watched almost all her life was now my woman.

Our hips moved together as I pumped this beautiful young woman. Jenny’s pussy was so tight but, she took all of my big cock. I held her close as my cock invaded her body, pumping in and out of her young pussy, faster and faster. Jennie pulled her long legs up to her breast, I went deeper inside her.

And then I felt it, her little pussy was beginning to cum. She stopped moving, her finger nails dug into my back, her eyes closed tight and biting her lip.

She screamed loud, “Oh my God, I ‘m cumming” Her body was having her first real orgasm. I pumped her faster, with a big hard thrust, I took her inner cherry. I was inside her soul, her womanhood, my cock rested in her womb.

Jennie was crying tears of joy, her body had orgasm after orgasm for almost an hour. With each one I held this pretty girl close to me, my cock was still in her soul. Moving with a very easy rocking motion I needed to cum, her body trembled as I started to pump her full of my hot cum. Squirt after squirt I filled her pussy full.

“It’s so hot, Larry.” she moaned. We made love all day long, I wore the poor girl out. When we finished she slept like a little baby.

That afternoon, Lisa, Molly and Suzy came in from school dressed in mini skirts and high heels. Lisa saw Jennie walking funny and I guess I had a calm look on my face she knew I had Jennie. Pissed off she stomped in her room slammed the door. I went to talk to her.

“How could you do her before me? I’m your daughter, I wanted to be the first of us to have you.” she cried.

“Baby, you were the first.” I replied.

She yelled at me, “NO, I just sucked you off, I wanted to have you inside me first.”

I held her tight, feeling her body made me want her. I pushed her back on the bed, my face went between her legs. The soft sent of her pussy was nice, my tongue began to explore her. I moved my hands up to her breast, her little bra came apart with one pull. Gently my fingers pinched her nipples and my tongue found her clit.

My mouth covered her wet virgin pussy, deeper and deeper my tongue went in my little girl.

“Oh Daddy, I’m cumming.” she gasp.

I pushed my tongue deeper in her as my fingers held her hard nipples. Her hips started humping into my face, she came hard one after another. I could feel her pussy contracting on my tongue. Lisa came 6 times, I held her in my arms.

I said, ” See, your still my baby.”

Well, with Jennie and Lisa passed out in their rooms that left Molly, Suzy and me to make plans, It was Friday night, we always had a party or went to dinner most of the time, both. They knew what had happened with Jennie and Lisa that day. I think they both hoped the same would be done to them.

Suzy was the shy type, she and Jennie were the tallest. Suzy had a little 34 breast, a very small waist line, her hips looked like the ones on models and her ass was so tight. Molly was the wild one of the four. She had red hair, 34 c breast and full thighs and a great round ass. I loved watching her when she was horny, she always moved her hips and ass like a hooker looking for work.

Later we had a few drinks and they snuggled with me on the sofa. I fell asleep, when I woke up Molly was on my lap facing me, and said, “Hi, can I ask you 2 things?”

“Sure Escort Avrupa Yakası sweetie, anything.” I replied as I pulled her to me.

She ask with a red face, ” Lisa told us you had the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life and what did you do to Lisa and Jennie today?”

I looked in her eyes I told her, “Today I made Jennie a woman and you could say I ate Lisa for dinner. As far as my cock goes, would you like to see it?”

Her face lit up as she answered, “Oh yes I would love to see it and more.”

I stood up and pulled my jeans down, her eyes saw my hard cock, she looked up and smiled. Molly took a deep breath and my cock was in her mouth. She sucked it like a pro, all the way down her throat. I wish I hadn’t came so many times with Jennie, I needed this girl. I started putting my hand down her jeans, ” I can’t do anything, I started my period this morning.” she said with a sad face. ” But, I’ll suck you dry, OK?” she added.

She went wild sucking and pumping my shaft while I softly caressed her sexy round breast. She held my cock head at the opening of her wet mouth and sucked it so gentle. Her little eyes looked at me so sexy before I knew what was going on I managed to cum in her mouth. She smiled and sucked my cum in.

I kissed her softly and said, “Soon you will be mine little girl.” Off to bed I went. I had horny dreams of all the girls that night. The day before had been a dream cum true. Just before day break I woke up, laying on my side I had a nice warm teen age ass pushing into my rigid cock. ” Who is it, Jennie wouldn’t be able to fuck for a week. Molly was on the rag. Lisa, my sexy daughter or spicy Suzy?” I thought. Suzy, it has to be.

Who every it was remained under the covers, slowly worked her ass into my cock. I could feel the wetness from between her legs. A little hand pulled my hardening cock on her pussy, then she started moving her hips. It wouldn’t be long until my cock vanished into her hot pussy.

She shifted her hips and thrust me into her. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes.” I heard.

“Lisa!!!!!! my baby.” I whispered. Her pussy was so tight I had to push into her hard. Her cherry snapped as my cock drilled into her fresh young pussy, her hips pushed to get all of me in her. Lisa kept pushing, she wanted all of my cock. All at once I felt my cock enter her womb. She did it, all of it was in her sweet little body.

She started crying, I held her close to me and caressed her breast. We stayed like that for a while, then I started moving my cock in and out of her. Slow at first I didn’t want to hurt her. Her body was on fire. Lisa squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around my cock as I pumped her. We started moving faster and faster, I needed to cum, to blast my cum into Lisa’s hot waiting body.

All at once her trembling body started to orgasm.

“Oh yes, Daddy fuck me, FUCK ME.” She screamed. And I did, pulling her up on her knees I hammered my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy as hard as I could. She fainted and I held her up, continuing to fuck her, I couldn’t stop until I had filled her with my cum. Then it came, my cock blasted her full of hot cum, and she was still passed out. I finished and laid her on the bed to sleep.

Two days later I was swimming in the pool naked when Suzy came out to sun bathe. She had a black string bikini on. With her blonde hair and light skin, it looked so good. I got out of the pool and walked toward her. Her eyes on my hard long cock.

When I got to her I was standing between her legs and said, ” You know I am going to take you.”

She was trembling, ” I know.”. I moved closer to her, my cock rested on her pussy as I filled my hands with her breast.

I laid on her pressing my cock into her, kissing her deep and passionate. Moving on her pussy my cock slowly made it’s way inside her.

“Your not a virgin?” I ask.

“No, about five years ago one of my Mom’s boy friends got me.” She answered.

She was so smooth, my cock slid into her like warm butter. Her hips were wide, she took all of my long thick cock with no problem, she knew how to make love. We were moving in time, our hips humping and slapping together. Her nails dug into my back and her long sexy legs wrapped around me we made love for an hour before we came.

That was ten years ago, sense then I put all four of my girls through college and helped them start their own successful business. We all still live together, each of my girls has given me four children, except Lisa. Each time one of the others has a baby it kills her knowing she can’t give me a baby. With lots of love and knowing she will always be my baby, Lisa is STILL my baby.