Kasım 21, 2023

Daughter Oversexed

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My daughter, Trisha, is beautiful and has the body of a model. It was last year after her 21st birthday that I found out she is a sex maniac and has to have it all the time. My wife was out of town again doing one of her many sales presentations that this part of my daughter came to light.

I was just getting home from work on Saturday afternoon, I usually just do a half day, when I notice a strange car in our driveway. Our daughter lives with us and is presently going to college and sometimes she has friends over, so I wasn’t to alarmed about the car. It was when I went into the house that I got the big surprise.

I had just stepped into the foyer and was going to greet my daughter when I heard Trisha talking in a loud voice ” Lick it until I get off then you can cum wherever you want”. I froze in my tracks; it was coming from the living room which is right around the corner. I creped up and peeked. My daughter was facing me sitting on the back of the couch with her legs spread and a young man kneeling and obviously eating away at her pussy. My body reacted instantly, My dick became rigid. Her body was tight, large non- sagging tits and beautiful muscular legs.

What she did next was something that will always stay in my mind. Mecidiyeköy Escort She looked up directly at me , smiled and winked. She pointed to her body and mouthed the words ” watch me”.

She came hard, I almost did too with out touching myself. Trisha immediately went to her knees and starting sucking the boy. Her side was facing me and I could see her tight ass , her smooth legs, her perfect tits and the cock going in and out of her mouth. The boy came almost immediately as well and she swallowed the whole load. She waved me away; as I was ducking around the corner I heard her say ” Better leave, he will be here any minute!”. Within a minute the boy was gone as I was hiding in the kitchen.

Trisha came into the kitchen, completely naked still, looked at me and said “did you like that?”. It was obvious that I was embarrassed and that my hard on was pressing in my pants.

She told me it was ok and she had planned it so that I would see her fucking. She also proceeded to tell me that she had been planning it for about a year. Trisha told me she had done everything possible sexually except one.

My dick was so hard and she kept looking at it and licking her lips. She told me all she really wanted to Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan do was be a whore for her daddy because it was so naughty. She had to have it naughty and all the time. “Please Daddy let me be a whore for you” she begged.

She looked at my dick and then me and said ” I want your cum daddy, I will do anything for it, anything”.

As if someone else was moving my hands, I undid my belt and pulled down my pants and underwear. My dick was hard and straight out. She put her hand down to her pussy, stuck her fingers inside , pulled her fingers out and walked over to me. ” Taste your daughter, lick my pussy juices off my fingers, your daughters pussy juices” Trisha said while breathing heavily. I sucked on her fingers and could taste her pussy. My dick was throbbing so hard.

Trisha took my hand and led me to the living room. She laid on the carpet and spread her hot legs ” Just fuck me, fuck your slutty daughter!” she begged . I pulled my pants and shorts all the way off, got on top of her and shoved my dick into her hot and very wet pussy.

” I’m a whore, daddy” she moaned. ” I am going to cum because daddy is finally fucking his slutty daughter” she moaned again. We were fucking Escort Mecidiyeköy hard and I loved it. I loved being inside my daughter, I loved this hot incestuous fucking.

” I want you to be daddy’s little whore, my slut” I said while I pushed my dick in further. She came hard and moaned out loud and hard. She looked me in the eyes and said ” Put your cum in me now, I been waiting for so long to be your whore” she begged. That’s all it took; I put all of my cum into Trisha, my daughter, tight wet pussy.

We laid there for a minute and then she got on her elbows and smiled. ” Wow! that was so cool” she laughed. She went on to tell me that she really wanted to be my whore and do everything sexually possible and she would never tell mom, never. We fucked two more times that day and we been fucking ever since. Trisha is a great daughter and one hot whore.

I have come to learn that Trisha thinks of sex like eating. Do it everyday and all the time. She has no hang ups about it and thinks it is a very healthy thing to do. She loves the forbidden things, like fucking her father. Trisha told me about the time she was 19 and seduced our Pastor while his wife was conducting choir practice. She loves being a daddy whore and is very protective of me.

Soon after that first day we starting playing sex games. The first game was she would go out and see how much cum she could get in her pussy and let me fuck a very hot and sloppy pussy while she told me about all the boys she just fucked, but that is another story.