Eylül 17, 2023

Decadent Bottom Breeding Ch. 01

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It was a warm Saturday night in the summer, and after fasting for 2 days straight, and then thoroughly cleaning myself out with various implements and toys, I was ready to ride. The ads on various hookup sites had netted some interest, but nobody was able to host, and I didn’t feel like having a bunch of strangers wandering through my house this particular night. As much as I enjoy hosting a gang bang, and being the bottom at the center of it, without a trusted top or two keeping an eye on things as my holes are being filled, my attention wholly distracted, it just isn’t as much fun. So, for tonight, my destination was the nearby adult book store. Granted, only the sleaziest guys go there, but tonight I was feeling even sleazier than usual. So I responded to all the emails my ads had triggered, assuring the horny tops that I would be arriving at the ABS at 9:00 p.m. sharp, wearing only a loose fitting t-shirt, long baggy sports shorts and flip flops. No underwear or socks, and the white, long basketball style shorts were almost see through depending on the light. Clothes that slipped on, and off, effortlessly and quickly.

My hairless ass was already well lubed, with a small fresh tampon stuffed up inside me to make sure no lube leaked out while I was making the 20 minute drive to the bookstore. Despite being well lubed, I still slipped a small, disposable tube of lube in my pocket, just in case the action got really going and I had to grease up a bigger cock before sliding it into me. Usually more lube wasn’t necessary: the initial lube, plus the cum loads, was more than enough to keep my clean hole nice and slippery. In my other pocket I stuffed a handful of dollar bills, so I could feed the booth machines once in awhile and hopefully not attract any attention from the store staff. I liked to pack light during these hookups, leaving my wallet, cell phone, and most of my keys at home so if during the hookups anything slipped out of my pockets, it wouldn’t be a serious loss.

The next step in my slutty ritual was to grab a fresh pack of tissues, so afterwards before getting back in my car, I could clean up, and plug my cum-filled hole, making sure I wouldn’t drizzle any fluids in my shorts or car seat. I grabbed my tall, ice cold white Russian and gulped down a maximum strength Cialis: many tops enjoy reaching around and jerking my cock while we’re standing up and they’re pounding me from behind. I don’t usually cum, but it feels good, and it certainly makes them happy to think their cock sliding in and out of me is also giving me a boner. Then bursa escort I take a few little toots of ice to really get my motor running, packing a discrete container necklace with some more to take with me, and grab the joint I’ll smoke on the way to the store.

The ride out to the store on the back roads is pleasant enough, the warm summer air blowing through my car as I enjoy my joint, my stiffening boner slipping sexily against the sheer shorts, and the ice kicking in, demanding that I get cock in me soon. By the time I arrive at the ABS, I am more than ready to ride, feeling an inner glow of slutty power. I’m buzzed, but by no means wasted, and having slipped the damp tampon out, feeling some lube slip out and coat the cheeks around my clean hole, I boldly walk along the sidewalk towards the store front, making sure my little boner is held down by the elastic waist band so it’s not sticking out too much, happy to see so many cars parked along the discrete alley, assuring me there’ll be plenty of horny studs with hard cocks wanting nothing more than my hands, mouth and hole.

I nod to the employee near the front door, and make my way through the rows of DVDs, toys and whatnot, knowing full well that my clothing pretty much tells the veteran employee that I’m here tonight to hook up, not just watch a few videos. It’s hilarious that video booths even exist anymore, and that anybody bothers pretending they’re anything more than hook up booths. Passing through the doorway to the booths, already I can see several guys kind of drifting around the hallway, peeking in occupied booths, looking for fun. It’s a relief, because even though there were several cars, you never really know what the action will be like until you’re actually amidst the booths. And after starving myself for two straight days, and then all the prep work, and the ice and weed drifting through my system, I really, really need to get fucked. It is the worst to go through all that prep work, only to find the ABS empty or, worse, only filled with a few pathetic, limp bottoms.

Fortunately my favorite booth is empty, so I slide in, slip in some dollars and boot up a transsexual gang bang video. This booth is perfect, because it is near the back where the hall widens and most of the group action takes place, and the door will just barely stay ajar, so tops can check me out easily. With my back to the door- I like to make sure they know I’m a bottom, despite my boner- I slide my shorts down to my knees and start stroking my cock. It doesn’t take long, and within just görükle escort a couple minutes, I hear the door creak open wider, and feel the guy nudge up against me as he fully enters the room and shuts the door closed behind him. I quickly slide my shorts all the way, toss them on the seat, and start grinding into his jeans, already feeling his firm cock pressing against my ass through his jeans. He doesn’t kiss, nor does he reach around to feel my dick. He’s horny, and he knows what he wants. He pulls his crotch away from mine, and I first hear his belt come undone, then the zipper slide down, his jeans dropping to the floor.

This is always my favorite moment: where I know I’m about to get fucked, but I don’t really know anything about the top, or his cock. That momentary mystery is so sexy. He must’ve been in the store for awhile, getting ready, because immediately after I hear his jeans hit the floor, I can feel his hard cock rubbing up and down my wet ass crack and juicy hole.

He asks “do you have a condom?”

I simply say “no.”

“Good.” he replies as his left hand grabs my neck and pushes me forward and down, while his right hand grabs his cock and guides it up against my waiting hole. This is not his first rodeo. While I’m very juicy, and full of lube, I’m still glad he eases his cock into me, gently pushing the fat head into me, until he’s past my sphincter, sliding the whole shaft deeply into me and holding it there, enjoying the moment, as I alternate clamping my hole down on his thick cock, and easing it loose. He now knows for sure that this is not my first rodeo either.

Now with each of his hands on each of my shoulders, he starts pumping me slowly. Pushing his cock into me to the hilt, so I can feel his pubes gently scratching my bare ass, and then sliding his cock back out until it almost pops all the way out. This goes on for a few minutes, and it feels great. I feel some cool air blow in, as somebody must have opened the door and is likely now watching the scene from behind us in the hall. All the while the porn sounds of the transsexual gang bang are in the background, blending with his heavy breathing and my panting and quiet moaning…

Then I hear him whisper “Fuck me back.” And so I start pushing my ass back and forth, complimenting his thrusts, his hands gripping my shoulders tightly, making sure he’s achieving a firm rhythm. The pace of his pounding is steady, but I can tell from his breathing he’s very close to cumming, and before I know he lets out a long, low groan and, again bursa escort bayan whispering, tells me he’s cumming.

He keeps pumping me a few more times, and then slows down and stops, his cock still all the way up in my hole, and I whisper back to him “Thanks, stud. Fuck, that cock of yours is so thick, and it felt so good. Wait, don’t pull out, I want to feel your cock soften in me before you slide it out.”

Generous top stud that he is, he complies with my modest request, and slowly I feel his cock soften, and with a soft popping sound, slide it out altogether. Sometimes particularly randy studs will harden up again after hearing me beg to keep their cock in me, and we enjoy a bonus round. Not this time. I turn around to face him, as he’s pulling his pants back on, feeling part of his load mixed with my lube dribbling down my thigh, thank him for the great fuck and assure him that I hope to hook up with him again someday. He emits a neutral grunt, fastens his belt, slips past the guy who was presumably watching us the whole time, and slips away into the darkness.

The watcher is not alone. There are actually three guys hovering outside my booth, two of them stroking their cocks, while the third is vigorously rubbing his dick under his pants.

The main watcher has a shorter cock, maybe five inches, but its plenty thick and hard as a rock it looks. He steps closer to me with a questioning look, and in answer I step out of the booth slightly, and push my leaking ass towards his cock and let him slide it in with one deft move. Released from the tiny booth, my hands and mouth are free to explore, and it isn’t long before the other two watchers have their cocks out on either side of me, one in my mouth, the other being stroked by my left hand, while the main watcher vigorously pumps his cock into me. I can tell he’s already close to blowing his load in me, and probably had to hold off from shooting it while watching me getting fucked the first time. As expected, within 30 seconds he giggles quietly, and reverts to the kind of short, stabbing pumping that signals he’s shooting his load in spurts. Fortunately I have two other cocks in my hands, and at least another guy or two walking towards us down the hallways, and I know I’m in for a good night.

The initial wave of ice-inspired horny euphoria is fading, but I’m far too busy enjoying the third cock that is sliding into me now to really care. More cum slides down my thigh, puddling under my flip flops, as with each thrust he squirts more juices out of me. Clearly the first two were big shooters, because despite the rapidly growing puddle beneath me, I’m still incredibly juicy and feeling great. Hopefully there’ll be a lull after the next cock or two, so I can snap up another toot or two, and continue this twisted night of perversity.