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Deep in the Night: The Ride

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This story is actually the ending chapter of a much longer story about these two women so I had to add some long explanations at the front. If comments are good, then I will publish the complete novella. Thanks for reading.


The old motel on the Shawnee highway had seen better days, but it had been home for weeks and she was sorry to leave the place. The hazy sun streamed in through the worn curtains and put flickering shadows on the blue bedspread and the scent of pinion pine smoke drifted in the air. Some of the Indians in the little settlement down the road still had wood stoves. Jordan didn’t notice because she had other things on her mind. She packed her things, including her favorite weapon, the S&W .40 cal Compact she liked to carry. She had just finished up a hard case the previous week and had spent the last few days recuperating with the help of Raven, the Motel’s beautiful owner. In the course of the case they had become colleagues, then friends, and now lovers. Jordan was rushed because had to return to Albuquerque that night and catch up her waiting caseload of boring FBI cases, however nothing would compare to what she and Raven had just been through.

After showering and dressing, Jordan returned to Raven’s apartment and let herself in, but she still wasn’t back from her appointment. Jordan paced around, watched some TV, and checked her voice mail.

Finally just before noon, Raven walked through the kitchen door and said, “You’re back!”

“Yes darling,” Jordan replied. “Now I am ready for my surprise, I think.”

“You think? Well…if you don’t want it Jordan,” Raven teased.

“Yes, I want it,” Jordan giggled.

“How do you feel today? Are you well rested?” Raven asked her.

“I feel great — back to 100%. In fact, I was thinking…” She put her arms around Raven’s waist, “…maybe we could save the surprise for later because…”

She kissed Raven’s lips, “…we could go back to bed…but not for sleeping, if you know what I mean.”

Raven’s eyes lit up, but she shook her head, “Hold on to that thought Jordan but, I have a plan. You get your surprise after lunch. It is a beautiful day outside and we are going to take advantage of it. Only thing is…” She stepped back and looked Jordan over, “…you’re dressed too nice. You’ll have to change.”

“But I have to pack and drive back this afternoon,” she protested.

“Not today you don’t, they can do without you for one more day,” Raven insisted.

Jordan relented and said, “OK, so I’m too nicely dressed? What should I wear?”

“Put on a pair of jeans and a casual top and meet me back here.”

Eagerly, Jordan hurried to her motel room to change. I should have moved my clothes to Raven’s apartment, this running back and forth is ridiculous. Returning to Raven’s apartment, she noticed Raven had changed too; into her black jeans and a tight, white tank top. She was pushing her Harley out of the garage.

“We’re going for a ride?” Jordan asked with growing excitement.

“Yeah, if you’re up for it.” Raven countered back flirtatiously. Jordan touched her side where the knife wound still bothered her.

“You bet! Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” Raven answered with a sly smile.

After a quick lunch, Raven left the care of the motel in the Asst. Manager’s hands and told her not to expect them back for several hours. She locked up her apartment and tossed a helmet to Jordan when they reached the motorcycle. Climbing on the bike, Jordan’s arms wrapped around Raven’s torso; something she loved to do.

“Hang on!” Raven yelled.

She took off out of town with a roar and headed north out into the high desert country.

The haze that morning had cleared and the sky was a gorgeous blue, the pine trees thickened as they rode out of town an up into the hills. The last time they rode together was at night on the way to the first murder and Jordan had been unfamiliar with where they were going. But, now, she seemed to recall that they were headed in the same direction of that evening ride. Sure enough, Raven turned off onto the quiet side rode and slowed the bike down. After several moments, she headed off onto the unpaved, side trail, which wandered a bit through a wooded area of pine and birch trees. It came out into a clearing amidst some tall pines beside a riverbed. Raven stopped the bike under a huge tree and cut the engine. She stepped off the bike and was removing her helmet and leather jacket when Jordan began to step off also. But Raven placed a hand on Jordan’s shoulder to indicate that she wanted Jordan to stay on the bike. Jordan complied; she took off her helmet too while she stayed seated. Raven swung her leg over the bike and sat back down, but this time she sat backwards so she could face Jordan. “Do you know why I brought you here my love?”

“I have an idea.”

Raven went on, “I think I told you before, I always used to come here alone. I haven’t brought any other person here but you. This is our special place now.” With that, she leaned forward and kissed Jordan’s bursa sınırsız escort mouth. As the kiss slowly deepened, her hands rested on top of Jordan’s thighs. Their lips lingered together for a moment of sweet caressing before Raven ended the kiss. Jordan then saw a different look in Raven’s dark eyes, something akin to longing and need. All during their close work in solving the case Raven had dreamed of the moment when she and Jordan would become intimate. It had made her feel good just thinking about it. She was so ready for it and now, she had quickly gotten aroused.

Her voice was husky as she spoke, “I finally have you to myself Jordan. No phones, no doorbells, no case to take up your time. Just you and me.” She pressed forward trying to get as close to Jordan as possible. Their knees touched, but it was difficult to put her body against the other woman’s. Nevertheless, she resumed kissing. Her kisses were ardent and full of passion; Raven was more aggressive than Jordan had ever known her to be. Taking Jordan’s face into her hands, her lips moved along Jordan’s jaw line, down her neck, onto her throat; nuzzling her silky skin.

She mumbled; her breath warm against Jordan, “I want you Jordan. I want to make love to you.” Jordan’s heart quickened. She turned her face to Raven; her lips seeking Raven’s hair and skin and offered return kisses as a confirmation of her desire for the same.

With her eyes on Jordan, Raven stepped off the bike. She maintained her amorous gaze, capturing Jordan’s attention completely. Her taut nipples strained against her tight shirt. With a sly smile, she turned and walked toward the river. Stopping halfway in the clearing, she tugged at her top, pulling it out of her jeans. She took off her shirt completely and her toned, shapely body proudly stood like a fine sculpture in the early afternoon sun. Jordan sat entranced taking in the lovely view. Raven’s breasts were perfect in size and shape with firm, ripe nipples that poked out from naturally tanned globes. Her torso narrowed to a trim tummy and waist and the gentle curves of her hips and derriere were soon to be revealed as Raven turned to face the water and unbuttoned her jeans. Her hair was as black as a Raven’s wing even though her ancient Indian ancestors did not know about such birds.

She kicked off her shoes and eased her jeans down slowly. A sexy, black thong was underneath. Raven hooked her thumbs into the thong and pushed it down past her well-rounded bottom and strong thighs. She headed toward the river and kept walking, wading out almost up to her waist. Diving in head first, she disappeared under the water and resurfaced a moment later in the middle of the lazy flowing river; the water dripping down her long, dark wet hair plastered over her breasts.

“C’mon in Jordan!” she yelled invitingly.

Jordan didn’t delay a moment. She hopped off the bike and began stripping. Realizing that Raven was watching her, she slowed her movements and turned her back to the river. She removed her top and bra, glanced over her shoulder teasingly at Raven, and wiggled out of her jeans and panties. Her wound reminded her to not stretch that side too much. She then picked up her top and held it in front of her; clasping it to her breasts and stomach. She turned back again to face Raven, the shirt barely covering from the top of her breasts to just below her womanhood. When she reached the edge of the river, she tossed her top aside, revealing all to her girlfriend. Raven smiled at the sight of creamy, round breasts with perky, pink nipples, a tapering torso and a dark, trimmed triangle of down covering her most intimate place. Her hair was collar length chestnut brown with copper highlights. It was blowing around as the afternoon sun blazed down on her beautiful body.

Jordan took a step into the water, and said, “God, this water is freezing!”

“Don’t be a chickenshit!” Raven yelled back.

“Come over here to me darling and I’ll warm you up.”

Jordan wasn’t about to miss out on that. She stepped into the water and forced herself to wade out deeper; the cold water almost taking her breath away. Her teeth chattering, she finally made it out to where Raven was standing and stopped a foot away from her. Raven’s black eyes were riveted downward and Jordan glanced down to see what Raven was looking at. The water came up to just above their breasts and Jordan could see that her own nipples, just below the surface of the water, were erect and stiff from the cold. Jordan looked up, blushing at Raven. Her girlfriend seemed tentative and she wanted to encourage her.

She purred to Raven, “They’re all yours.”

With that, Raven stepped closer and placed her hands on Jordan’s hips. They had both ached for the next inevitable moment when at last, their bodies could come together in an intimate, loving embrace. How sweet it would feel when silky skin would touch, aroused nipples would rub together, arms and hands would slide longingly over curves…

In a sudden motion, Raven’s strong bursa escort bayan arms went around Jordan’s waist and she picked her up easily in the water till Jordan’s breasts were level with her face. Raven buried her face between Jordan’s soft breasts and, in response; Jordan wrapped her arms around Raven’s head clasping her lover to her tightly. For a moment, Raven basked in the intoxicating fragrance of Jordan’s perfume and her natural scent. Jordan sighed in anticipation; awaiting the luscious experience that was about to occur when Raven’s sweet lips and tongue would come in contact with her sensitive nipples. And Raven didn’t disappoint her. She turned to Jordan’s left breast first and placed tender kisses along the rounded swell of womanly flesh. She parted her lips to allow her tongue a taste and, liking what she found, she took more, her kisses deepening and wanting ever more.

Closer and closer she got to her first destination; an erect little nip that was hers for the taking. At last, she opened her warm mouth and covered the round nub, drawing it into her mouth. Raven heard Jordan gasp and sucked it deeper inside and simultaneously began caressing it with her tongue. Her reward came immediately as Jordan leaned back, thrusting her chest forward to offer more to Raven. Raven’s actions initiated a burst of tingles in Jordan that spread from her breast down her belly and into her pelvis and aroused center. Raven had been right; Jordan was no longer aware of the cold. She was only aware of a moist heat that was steadily growing between her legs. Raven switched her attention to Jordan’s other breast and, this time, Jordan’s head went back. Her eyes were closed, her body arched as she moaned her pleasure to the sky above.

With a last swipe of her tongue against Jordan’s engorged nipple, Raven slowly lowered the smaller Jordan back down into the water. They stood face to face with Raven’s arms still secure around Jordan’s waist and Jordan’s arms still encircling Raven’s neck. They tightened their grip and their bodies melted together into a deep kiss. The muscles in Raven’s abdomen quivered and her knees became weak. Her arousal was growing into pure, sexual excitement as their breasts pressed together and thighs rubbed against each other. She didn’t know of anything that felt better than what she was doing with Jordan and she also knew that she couldn’t last much longer. She unwrapped her arms from Jordan and took her hand; pulling her through the water and out of the river. Jordan stood dripping in the sunlight as she watched Raven lift the seat of the motorcycle and pull out a blanket. She spread the blanket over a soft bed of pine needles and lay down.

“C’mon Jordan.” She urged as she patted the ground next to her. Jordan lay down beside her and they came together again. Each woman strained to press her body into the other. They abandoned themselves to passion and bliss; each lost in a growing state of ecstasy. Desperately, they groped at each other; an attempt to satisfy their own longing as much as it was an attempt to pleasure the other. It had been so long for both of them; so long since either had had a lover. Raven had wanted to make love to Jordan first, but she found herself succumbing to her desire. She couldn’t get enough. Rolling onto her back, she threw her hands above her head and arched languorously.

“Make love to me Jordan.” She pleaded,

“Give yourself to me darling.”

Jordan hovered over Raven, smiling at her. She wanted to devour the dark haired woman, but paused a moment to look at her fully aroused girlfriend. Raven waited for her lover’s touch and, not feeling it, asked,

“What are you doing Jordan?”

“I want to look at you honey. You’re beautiful.”

Raven’s skin was glistening wet and flushed with the heated moisture from sexual stimulation. Her eyes were closed, while her pretty face was strained from experiencing the overwhelming sensations.

“Don’t look too long, honey.” She begged Jordan. Her arms reached up to pull Jordan onto her and Jordan allowed herself to sink into paradise. Her hands were everywhere on the wet, smooth body beneath her and for the first time, she got to touch and feel her girlfriend; she was completely lost in Raven. And it was all that Raven could take; her womanhood was wet and throbbing with desire. Frantically, she reached for Jordan’s hand. Finding it, she pushed Jordan’s hand down her body, along her belly and further downward. Jordan, sensing what Raven was doing, lifted her hips so that their hands could fit between them. And Raven guided Jordan’s hand past her shaven mound and into her wet curls.

Jordan looked into Raven’s eyes that were now open and silently begging Jordan to give her the release that she so needed. Giving a final sensual kiss to Raven’s mouth, Jordan moved away, leaving a trail of kisses down Raven’s torso. She would have loved to have spent time tasting Raven’s breasts, but for now, she couldn’t take her time; she knew her girlfriend’s climax was imminent.

She positioned nilüfer escort herself between Raven’s legs and Raven voluntarily opened them to Jordan, surrendering completely to her engaging lover. Jordan was greeted with the fragrant scent of a woman and took in the full view of aroused womanhood that lay before her. A narrow row of curls was split into two as Raven’s lips were spread apart revealing her wet, pink slit. Droplets of essence leaked out from her entrance and her clit, full and erect, stood out from its hood, waiting to be caressed.

Jordan began by massaging Raven’s thighs, running her hands in lazy circles, working her way closer to the center. Raven’s hips were undulating and her breathing was deep and rapid. The skin of Raven’s inner thighs was very soft and sensitive so Jordan made sure to spend extra time rubbing that area. Occasionally, she slipped her hands beneath Raven’s hips to massage her bottom as well. When she could go no higher on Raven’s thighs, she began tracing her finger along Raven’s outer lips and kissing her soft mound. Raven knew what was coming and could barely contain herself. She moaned impulsively,


Jordan slid her hands underneath Raven’s thighs and wrapped her arms around them to hold on. Moving close to the source of Raven’s pleasure, she blew softly on Raven’s womanhood. Raven lifted her hips off the blanket in an effort to thrust her center towards Jordan’s mouth. In the next moment, Jordan placed her mouth fully on Raven’s center; her tongue reaching out to delve into Raven’s nectar. Raven cried out in ecstasy as the wet warmth slipped into her folds; the soft tongue moving against her; filling her entranceway.

Raven’s body was now undulating rhythmically in motion with Jordan’s strokes. Jordan continued stroking ever higher until she reached Raven’s little protruding bulb. She covered Raven’s clit with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Raven felt like her swollen clit was going to burst and the sensation sent her over the edge. Jordan felt Raven’s body stiffen and her hips lifted again; suspended above the blanket. She held on as Raven lost control; a powerful orgasm exploding from her center. Raven’s hips jumped wildly as her womanhood pulsated with intense pleasure. Strong tingles spread throughout her pelvic region and radiated up into her belly and down into her legs. A new gush of feminine essence poured from her.

Overwhelmed, Raven screamed her joy and pleasure until at last she felt the sensations lessening and her body collapsed limply onto the blanket. Jordan eased up her stroking on Raven’s now over-sensitive clit. She finished with feather light kisses on the little bud. Untangling herself from between Raven’s legs, she moved back up beside Raven and waited, lightly caressing Raven’s abdomen, until Raven’s breathing returned to normal and she regained her senses.

Several moments later, Raven turned to Jordan, smiling, “That was beautiful darling.” She wrapped her arms around Jordan and kissed her deeply, tasting herself on Jordan’s mouth, her tongue seeking the tongue that had just provided her with so much pleasure. She felt relaxed and content as a pleasant warmth still glowed between her legs. But, she couldn’t rest; it was her girlfriend’s turn to be pleasured. More than ever, she wanted to give to Jordan just as much pleasure that Jordan had just given her.

Raven once again became aggressive. She rolled against Jordan, her body gently pushing Jordan onto her back. Covering Jordan, she wanted to take her time and explore Jordan’s body now that she herself was sated. But that was not to be. Jordan was in the same situation that Raven had been in. It also had been a long time since she had been intimate with a woman and she had wanted Raven ever since she first saw her. Making love to Raven had fully aroused her and she needed relief. She lay under Raven abandoning herself to the pleasing skill of her lover. Her arms held Raven tightly to her and she sensuously ran her palms and fingernails alternately along Raven’s back and sides.

Raven lifted her face and upper torso from Jordan propping herself up with her arms. She let her long, black hair fall down onto Jordan’s chest to brush against her breasts and nipples. It tantalized Jordan; sending shivers throughout her body. Raven smiled down at Jordan and lowered herself back onto Jordan, taking an erect nipple into her mouth. She repeated the same actions now on Jordan’s breast that she had performed earlier in the river. It was driving Jordan crazy. Her hands running through Raven’s hair, she couldn’t help but arch her body, her head thrown back, eyes closed.

She was aware only of Raven and began moaning frequently. “Please don’t stop,” She begged in a whisper. Raven had no intention of stopping, but she was torn between giving attention to Jordan’s breasts and her womanhood. She decided she could do both so she inserted one of her legs between Jordan’s thighs and pressed against Jordan’s hot wetness. Jordan grasped Raven’s leg with her thighs; holding the firm thigh tightly against her. She moved against it, rubbing her womanhood up and down along its smooth length. Raven began moving with her while continuing to suck the full nipple. She caressed Jordan’s other swollen breast with her hand. In their rocking motion, they moved as one and Jordan quickly ascended to the summit of pleasure.