Eylül 17, 2023

Desert Prize For Tribesmen

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Looking toward another long, uneventful weekend in this Middle Eastern country, I decided to spend several hours in the desert tranquility. Hiking and catching up on some reading seemed the perfect answer to pass the time of day. Because it was never wise to venture into the desert by oneself, one of the Filipino workers volunteered to accompany me.

Pulling off the main highway after driving for three hours, and going another thirty to forty minutes off-road traveling, we finally found a spot that appeared to be quite remote ensuring us we wouldn’t be bothered by the local law or Arab families out for the day. After a few hours of lying around doing nothing, I grabbed my digital camera and began taking photos of the barren, desolate landscape. Joined now by the Filipino, he thought it would be a good idea if I were in some of the photos to prove I was actually there. Agreeing with him, I handed him the camera and stood back a few steps as he began clicking away. By this time, I had been out under that sun close to three hours – the thirty minutes shirtless in an attempt to get some suntan on my upper body. Luis had taken several more pics of me with different backgrounds when out of the blue he suggested I might want to take a few more exciting pics as I would probably never have the chance again and years from now I would be able look back and laugh.

Being more of a conservative guy, I tried to change the subject but the Luis wore me down plus the fact nobody else was around for hundreds of miles. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, he basically took over. As the sand below us was a very fine texture and soft, I was now having pics taken of me wearing only bursa escort my blue jeans when several minutes had passed and he made the comment I should remove my jeans as I would still have my briefs on same as wearing swimming trunks. Hesitating momentarily, and with his continued prompting, I finally took off my jeans handing them to him, which he quickly tossed onto the seat in our jeep. With rocks, and sand piles, and various bushes as background, he was clicking away…he must have taken six, seven, maybe eight pics. Thinking we’re finished by now and myself perspiring from the sun and heat, I applied more suntan oil to keep from getting sunburnt.

Luis next remark catching me offguard, I thought I had heard him wrong…he repeated his remark suggesting I remove my briefs which would leave me completely nude. Not quite sure if it was such a good idea and only having had nude pics taken of me once before in the Philippines, I was quite hesitant of the idea. After several minutes of discussing the pros and cons of the idea, Luis ultimately talked me into it. Thinking the quicker I do it, the quicker I can get dressed again, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of by briefs and slid them down and off. Holding his hand out, I tossed my briefs to him which he added to the pile in the jeep. It donned on me that here I was standing totally nude in front of not much more than a stranger, and him taking photos of me. Wanting to get this experience over as fast as I could, I pretty much let him direct my posing…I just listened and followed the Luis’s instructions. During this time, with the heat beating down on me, the sweat and suntan oil sinking into my skin, and görükle escort my now being nude in front of this guy for the past fifteen minutes, I could feel myself becoming more relaxed in the situation.

He was taking pics of me from all different angles. Luis had me lying on my back on large shale, he took frontal pics, pics of my backside, and pics of my profile…I am 6’1, weigh about 192, blue eyes, brown hair, and 6 1/2 ” cut & thick. I am not really muscular but do a lot of mountain/trail hiking, swimming, and other sports. During this ongoing posing, I had noticed we were getting further and further from our jeep. Luis wanted to get some pics of me in front of the remains of what used to be an old train depot…of course now all that existed was not much more than the stone base outlining what used to be a building. Not thinking much about it, we walked to the site, which was only a few minutes further, but it still took us further away from the jeep and all my clothes.

Here I was standing totally nude quite a distance from both the jeep and my clothes. What made it humiliating was that Luis had only a t-shirt, jeans, and boots. I couldn’t even borrow something from him if I had to. While I continued to pose per his instructions, and I guess a combination of the heat, my body glistening in the sun from suntan oil and perspiration, and the realization of the situation I was in, I could feel that stirring in my stomach and hips. It wasn’t long before we both realized that my glistening cock was beginning to harden. Within seconds I was sporting a 6 1/2″ erection and there was nothing I could do about it or cover up with. Taking notice of the bursa escort bayan situation, Luis began ordering me to pose showing off my hardened shaft to best advantage. Because my erection stands straight out, and not curved, each way I turned my hardened shaft was prominent in the pictures he was taking. Covering my thick shaft with the warm suntan oil and sweat only made me harder. It was so hard and throbbing now, it almost hurt. I noticed Luis had stopped taking pics of me and was now sitting only ten feet from me on an old stack of bricks just watching. I was brought back to reality as I realized I just put on a nude show for this Filipino stranger and also realized how far the jeep was and where all my clothes were.

It was when we started heading back to the location of the jeep is when we heard what sounded like dogs barking between us and the jeep and my clothes. A few seconds later, we could now hear people loudly speaking to one another. Just as we had turned around the bend of a small sand dune, still some distance from our vehicle, I could see five or six guys down the ravine heading toward our direction. My only options now were to either turn around before they saw us or walk a couple of hundred miles out of the desert, which would be impossible. Or even though I was totally nude, I could walk up to this gang of desert tribesmen thinking I could get my clothes out of the jeep. As we were kneeling behind the small sand dune deciding what to do, Luis jumped up and got out from our hiding place, which immediately got the attention of the group of desert tribesmen. Realizing I had no other choice, I slowly got up off my knees and moved out from behind my only cover to see that the gang of nine desert tribesmen was only a few feet from us. At this moment, I didn’t know if I was angry at Luis for panicking, or at myself for getting into the situation of being completely nude surrounded by a gang of Arabic desert men.