Aralık 6, 2023

Diamonds and Debutantes

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I have to pistol-whip the doorman to get out of the building. In the street, I realize the extent of my fuck-up: I have no get-away car. I suck in the cool night air. Think fast, Angelo. What are you going to do?

This was supposed to be an easy job. The plan called for me to exit through the garage, nicking a car. But I’ve coked up my frayed nerves with one line too many, fidgeted too long with the safe. The 30 seconds in-and-out became a mad dash down the stairs, and here I am, no wheels. The heat will be on me any second.

Just then a silver sports car comes to a screeching halt across the deserted street. An Aston Martin top down roadster. Definitely not inconspicuous, but fast. Just what I need. I spot a flash of blonde behind the wheel and am off in a sprint, clutching my briefcase.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she screams as I hop over the side and land in the passenger seat, so close I can smell the Chanel on her. I stick my trusty Smith & Wesson 9mm in her side, which shuts her up good.

“You just drive, sweetie,” I say, “and fast.”

She gasps at the sight and touch of the big gun, and her lower lip quivers as if she is about to bawl. But she hits the gas pedal. The roadster roars to life and we’re off into the night.

I shoot a glance over my shoulder to check for pursuers. The speeding car sends the adrenaline of the heist rushing back through me, and I feel like a million dollars. Literally. I just got away with seven figures in diamonds.

I let out a giddy laugh, which frightens the broad only further. I ease off with the gun and lean back to get a good look. Her tiny figure is squeezed into a tight black cocktail dress, and her blonde mane is flowing with the rushing wind. Her eyes are wide open as she stares at the road ahead, yet I see her sneak a furtive glance at me.

“That’s a sweet-ass car,” I observe, “new?”

She nods hesitantly. “My daddy got it for me today. I was just taking it for a spin, this is my first ride. You can have it, but oh my god, please don’t hurt me!”

“Don’t cry,” I order harshly. “I need you to drive. Take a right here, now!”

I point with the gun, then hold it back against her. She inhales sharply as the gun brushes the side of her breast. I trace the ribs under her dress with the Smith & Wesson and she sits up even straighter.

“So where are we going,” she asks, her voice all hushed with the gun so close. She dares a quick look at me and I notice her eyes, two piercing precious stones of green.

“I just need to lie low for the night.”

“Oh my god, did you kill someone?” she shrieks and hits the gas as if to speed away from that mental image.

I follow her collar bone with the gun. She shivers at the touch of the cold metal, but doesn’t shy away.

“Relax, Escort Sincan no. Let’s just say I took something that wasn’t mine for the taking,” I say, patting the briefcase.

“You’re a gangster!” she spits out, her voice more aroused than disdainful.

“That’s right, I’m Angelo de Costa, son of Don Antonio. The entire town knows my name, and tonight, you’ll need to hide me.”

I calmly place my hand on her thigh as I check that no one is following us.

“You’re mafia!” she says, frightened and excited. My hand reassures her, and I inch it up towards the hem of her dress.

“I have an idea,” she perks up, just in time with her nipples, which make themselves known under her dress.

“I’m all ears, sweetie.”

“My daddy has this place nearby which he uses for nights out in the city. Sometimes I stay there with my friends.”

“Your father…?”

“He owns the casino. I’m Shasta Stradivaria.”

Damn, I’ve landed in a car with the hottest debutante this season!

“Swell, Shasta, let’s go!” I command.

Less than five minutes later, we’re parked in a garage under a downtown high-rise. She pulls the keys from the ignition and sits all rigid.

“Am I your hostage now?”

“That’s right, so no funny business! And keep your hands where I can see them,” I belt as she moves to grab her purse. I lean over to check, not wanting to wind up Tasered. There’s the smell of Chanel again, and it’s clearly coming off her chest. With my head hovering close, she abruptly arches her back, and I find her breasts brushing against my cheeks. She squirms and gasps again. She slightly opens her knees and says, “There is more room upstairs.”

“Out of the car” I manage, motioning with the gun. I’m intoxicated with her smell and the softness of her flesh.

I make her walk in front of me to the elevator, and her tight ass wiggling in that dress has my head swimming. It’s the longest ride up to the top, and with the passing floors, something else is rising, straining against the inside of my pants.

“Do you always take what’s not yours?” she asks, not looking at the briefcase but at me with her green eyes.

“A thug’s life is tough, but sweet.”

I whistle through my teeth as the doors open onto the penthouse. Plush carpeting spreads in every direction, and a spacious suite lies in front of us. I’m still holding the gun, so she looks at me expectantly.

“I need a drink,” I say. In a second she’s back to hand me a Mint Julep. I take a good long drag, then extend the glass to her. “You deserve it.”

“Daddy says I’m not old enough to drink yet.”

“Your daddy isn’t here now, is he?”

She flashes that smile again, lasciviously, and wets her red lips. Then she stands on tip-toe to lick the bourbon of Sincan Escort my lips.

“Don’t get feisty now,” I say with my insides swirling. She giggles.

“You like being told what to do, don’t you?”

“Maybe,” tilting her head.

I open the briefcase and take out the bag of diamonds. I hold one up for her to see, and her eyes sparkle just like the stone. I drop it and say, “Pick it up.”

She takes two strides, and bends over at the waist, facing away. Her dress lifts and spans tightly to show me she is wearing no panties. I step up behind her and rest my palms on her hips. She comes up slowly and her hands find my chest, reach into my shirt.

She rubs her ass into my crotch. “What caliber are you packing,” she asks, “down here?” I spin her around, and her hands work quickly to free my cock from the pants. Now it’s her turn to be amazed. I lift her up as I kiss her on the mouth, and she kisses me back so hard her lips cling to mine when I put her back down. I push her on her knees.

“I need you to get my rocks off,” I order. “One stone, one kiss.”

She smacks her lips and starts kissing my cock, caressing the tip with her tongue. One by one, I feed the diamonds into her dress between her breasts from above as her mouth slides down again and again over my rock-hard dick. All the while she’s looking up at me that I’m about ready to burst when the bag of stones is empty.

She cups my balls with her hand and mouths, “So big!”

She slides the dress over her head and shiny diamonds are raining down all around her. As soon as she is lying on her back, I’m all over her body with my mouth. She runs her hands through my hair.

“You’re so dark and dangerous,” she says all frisky, “it turned me on from the first moment. I was getting so wet in the car, any longer and I’d have stuck to that seat!”

She quivers as I move the cold stones over her naked body, and sighs with pleasure when I tongue her nipples. She pushes my head down further, over her belly and between her legs. She’s shaved her pubic hair into a nice little triangle, as if to point me to her pussy. I rub my face in her hair and start licking her. Gently at first, but her scent sends me reeling so I can’t hold back.

“Angelo,” she moans, “you’re no Angel!”

I insert one, then two fingers into her pussy, going for her sweet spot while I keep rousing her with my tongue. She’s digging her fists into the carpet left and right and arches her back.

“Yes! Yes!” she shouts. Her eyes open wide, then roll back in her head as her body contracts in convulsions, slowly at first, then rapidly. I run my hand over her stomach and chest. She grabs and holds it tight and begins stroking my dick between her feet.

“I have never come so hard. I need to feel you, Sincan Escort Bayan now, inside of me!”

She flips over on her stomach, then gets on all fours on the carpet, lowering her chest while spreading her legs wide.

“I have never been with a man. You’re the first to take me, Angelo, take me now!” she demands.

Mama Mia! A virgin, and offering herself up to me in such a carnal way. This is more than I can take. I get down behind her and spank both her ass cheeks so hard that my hand leaves a red mark and the slap is echoing through the room.

“Yes,” she shrieks with pain and delight, “punish me! I’m a bad girl, daddy!”

“I will teach you not to run off with mafia gangsters!” I yell, whipping her.

“Yes, daddy,” she whines, “spank me, I’m such a bad girl!”

Her daddy spiel drives me insane with desire. I’m so hard I feel like I could cut diamonds with my dick. I force my cock deep inside of her.

“Oh my god!” she lets out. She’s tight and wet, her body giving way, opening up smoothly.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she begs me and backs up on my throbbing penis. I grab her by the waist and start pounding her so hard she is clawing the carpet.

“Uh. Fuck. Me. Hard!” comes her voice muffled from below. There are diamonds everywhere, her bouncing ass in front of me is studded with diamonds, they’re poking into her knees and riding into her tits on the carpet. Yet she is moaning and squealing with pleasure, juice running down her legs until she explodes.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she repeats, collapsing in shivers. I gather her tiny body and sit her on my lap, holding her. She kisses my face, licks my ears, bites my lips and thrusts her tongue into my mouth. What a bundle of wild sexual energy, and she’s still not satisfied!

“Angelo, Angelo, I want to feel you more,” she pleads and locks onto my eyes with her piercing green stare. She places her hands on my shoulders and slowly lifts herself onto me again, sliding up and down to the rhythm of her pleasure. Soon her hips are moving in wide circles, faster and faster, and I smack her ass hard and harder while she rocks herself to orgasm. She throws her head back as she climaxes. She claws my back with her fingernails, digging in, drawing blood so that I scream.

“Daddy,” she whispers hoarsely in my ear, spent and exhausted, “daddy, give Shasta a pearl necklace.”

She lies down in front of me, rubbing her breasts and sucking me off. Her lips form a tight ring around me, and those deep green eyes are a killer turn-on, worth more than a thousand stones. I lose myself in them and reach a furious finale, spreading glistening droplets on her fine collar bones.

“Shasta, my little blood diamond, you’re absolutely incredible.”

“Angelo, you devil,” she answers, lovingly touching my cock. “We have to do this again soon, I want to show your gun to my best friend.”

Diamonds, fast cars, debutante sex-the thug life doesn’t get better than this, I think. And sometimes it turns out for the best if things don’t go according to plan.