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Diana’s Dark Desires Ch. 05

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Don’t read this if you’re under 18. I decided to move the 5th part of the ‘Diana’ saga into the Lesbian section, as no men appear in the story, although it is still BDSM oriented. It will, however, make more sense if you’ve read the other 4 parts. It’s all fantasy.

I was established now as Helen Barrington’s principal slave, and my place in her household was secure. I proudly wore her brand on the inside of my upper thigh.

Gala had been sent away by Mistress Helen to work for a friend in Sweden, so I was left with the meek Astrid as a companion and maid.

One evening, I let Astrid prepare me, as usual, for the evening, observing our house rules, by wearing a long transparent gown, and having my ankles shackled, as I knew that my Mistress was due home, and it was a part of our essential ritual. As Astrid finished putting my hair up, I heard the scrunch of tyres on the gravel outside, and hobbled down to greet my Mistress with her favourite vodka and tonic. She bade me sit at her feet, and then summoned Astrid.

When the maid came in, she was wearing her uniform, a black mini-dress and high-heeled sandals, her long blonde hair loose.

‘Astrid,’ said my Mistress, ‘how old are you now?’

‘Twenty, Mistress Helen,’ she said.

‘I think you may be ready to become a slave. Would you like that?’

‘Oh, Mistress Helen, there’s nothing I want more in the world!’

‘As Gala has left us, there is a vacancy, and I am inclined to offer the position of maid to Su-li, from my office.’

I remembered a slim little Asian girl scurrying about with files in the office.

While Astrid served us with dinner for the last time, my Mistress allowed me to stroke her silken thighs, and outlined her plans for Astrid and the new maid, and told me the part I should be playing in their training. Astrid had been her servant for two years, so she knew what being a slave entailed.

After dinner, she told Astrid to go with me to Gala’s old room, which was now to be hers. I shuffled off with her, my ankle-chains dragging along the floor as usual when my Mistress was at home.

We opened up the room, and I inspected the wardrobe. Gala had been smaller and thinner than Astrid. I reported back to Mistress Helen that we should have to go shopping for a lot of things she would need, and she gave me the day off the next day to take my new companion-slave into town, furnishing me with cards so that I could find the appropriate shops. ‘It’s important you get everything there, my dear,’ she said, ‘I’m sure you understand.’

I told her I understood, and she added, ‘And while you’re in town, go and have done that which you know I want you to have done, my dear, won’t you?’

I looked at my Mistress, knowing full well what she wanted me to have done, and wondering if having Astrid with me would help me summon up the courage to have it done.

Next morning, Astrid was revelling in not having to dress as a maid, and skipped around in a summer dress as we waited for the taxi to take us into the West End.

As we went up the stairs to the exclusive boutique in a back street off Sloane Square, a minor film-star came down carrying a huge bag. When we got into the shop itself, it resembled a high-class drawing-room, but with racks of clothes visible along one wall. An effeminate man fussed around us and took Astrid’s measurements.

‘I have been advised of Ms Barrington’s requirements, of course,’ he said, waving a fax at us, ‘perhaps you would like to go and have a coffee now I have your measurements?’

We readily agreed, and tripped off down the stairs to find a coffee bar.

I sat at a table near the window in a smart little Italian espresso bar, while Astrid was fetching our coffees, when I suddenly saw a familiar face.

‘Good God,’ I yelled, ‘It can’t be!’

‘Diana, bloody hell,’ said my oldest friend, Cindy.

‘What the hell are you doing in the big city?’ I asked her.

‘Looking for work, mainly,’ she said, ‘but look at you – you look……..well, different!’

‘I am different,’ I said, and introduced Astrid, telling her to get another coffee for Cindy, who noticed instantly that I had commanded her to do it.

‘So what’s going down, then?’ she asked, ‘last I heard, you were living with some girl, going to lots of parties and stuff.’

‘A whole lot’s happened since then, Cindy. I remember you once told me something about myself. Cast your mind back – it was so true!’

She fell silent, obviously remembering well that she had once told me that I was a ‘pain-slut’ but not wanting to say any more in front of Astrid.

‘Look,’ I said, ‘we’ve got to go, but take my card, and come and see me in the office tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll try and get my boss to talk to you.’

We left, to collect all our parcels from the boutique. There were too many, as it happened, to cart around all day, so we decided to leave them until later, and, after buying Astrid three pairs of ultra-high stilettos, we took escort bursa another taxi to Paddington, where the shop I dreaded visiting was situated.

It had a black, forbidding frontage, with garish signs offering tattoos of all kinds. Astrid held my hand tightly, sensing my fear, as we entered, and a huge black man sized us up, then ushered us through into a surprisingly clean and clinical back room. My only previous piercing had been my tongue, a couple of years ago, since when I had been branded on my upper thigh, so that I knew nothing could compare to the pain that had given me – that at least was a comfort. My Mistress had remarked that my clitoris was protuberant and suitable for piercing, and that she would like me to have a ring placed in it, and she was not to be denied.

I was directed to a chair such as you see at the dentist’s, and my legs placed in stirrups, by a businesslike platinum blonde in her forties, who was at first intrigued to find that I wore no panties, then visibly fascinated by my deep, cruel brand, which was scored into my upper thigh a few inches below my pussy. She couldn’t resist tracing the edges of it with her forefinger, and said, ‘That’s pretty, but it must have hurt like hell!’

‘It hurt,’ I confirmed, ‘and I think this will too, won’t it?’

‘Yes, for a moment, but it’s exciting, as well.’ She parted her white housecoat, pulled aside the gusset of a pair of silk French panties, revealing a neatly shaven mound. Dangling from within the inner folds of her pussy-lips could be seen a short chain of three or four silver links. Having shown me her secret, she flipped her housecoat back in place, and smiled. I felt better, and half-turned to see Astrid looking fascinated as well.

The older woman showed me several rings, and I chose one I thought my Mistress would like, then she had to ascertain that my clit was suitable for the operation. As she fingered my pussy, her long, well-manicured nails playing around my labia as I watched, I found myself getting excited, and the effect on my clitoris was instantaneous. I heard myself saying that I didn’t want any anaesthetic, but then I also heard myself scream when the piercing instrument invaded my most private part, giving me the most awful, agonising, wonderful pain I could imagine. I came violently, bucking and writhing in the chair, alarming the woman as she fitted the silver ring in my clit.

‘No sex for four days, at least!’ she told me, and gave me some antiseptic cream to put on.

As we went out, Astrid told me that she had been turned on tremendously by the proceedings, and also that it was her greatest ambition to be branded, ‘like me.’

I was sore as hell that night. We didn’t need to prepare as usual for our Mistress, as she had made one of her trips to Stockholm for the night, and Donald, the chauffeur, delivered Su-li to the house, bearing an envelope addressed to me in Mistress Helen’s elegant script.

It contained a single sheet with instructions as to what she expected for Su-li, and another sentence tacked on to the bottom.

The slim little Asian was trembling when she presented herself to me, and the Mistress had told me to be stern with her, so I led her to her small room, and told her to strip.

‘Completely?’ she asked.


She stepped out of her trousers-suit and white cotton panties. She had worn no bra under a cotton shirt, and needed none, as she was virtually without breasts, almost boyish, but had nice prominent nipple, centred on quite large, dark aureola. I took one between my thumb and forefinger, watching her face, and her eyes closed, her mouth dropping slightly open as she gasped. Involuntarily, she tried to push my hand away, and I swatted the protesting arm away with my other hand.

‘Remember you are our servant now!’ I told her, pushing her away to get a better look at her. She had a luxuriant pubic bush.

‘You will shave that off immediately,’ I told her, ‘it is disgusting, and you may not wear panties in this house.’

I showed her the bathroom, and left her with a mirror, scissors, foam and a razor. Whilst she was carrying out the operation, I sorted out the clothing Mistress Helen had decided she should wear. She had decreed that she should be dressed in a more revealing manner than Astrid had been, as she was going to be offered to some of our house-guests, and the Mistress’s plan was that she would become a slave like ourselves in the near future, as she was already over twenty.

For general household duties, she had decided that Su-li should wear a black silk flared miniskirt, very short, with a garter-belt and seamed black stockings her only underwear.

Her top was to be a totally transparent black nylon blouse, buttoned down the back, with long sleeves and a high neck, so that her nipples were entirely visible at all times. Her long black hair was to be left loose, and came down to her waist. On her feet she was to accustom herself to the highest bursa merkez escort stilettos-heeled sandals we could find.

I was further instructed to tell Su-li that, if she transgressed in any way, she could expect to be physically punished by the Mistress, or by one of us. She was to be given the option of leaving immediately if these arrangements were not to her liking. When I added this, she looked at me with a shy smile, and shook her head.

There remained the last of my Mistress’s instructions, and it was the hardest for me to carry out. After being out all day with Astrid, I now had to go to her room and whip her. My orders were specific. She was to be given ten strokes with the riding crop, between her shoulder-blades and her buttocks, leaving marks which would be clearly visible in the morning, ‘when she will be inspected.’

I went and picked up the cruel leather crop from my room, then went next door to find Astrid sat in her nightgown, brushing out her long blonde hair.

Dropping the crop to the floor, I came up behind her, and bent down, kissing her neck, at the same time easing the spaghetti-straps of her gown down over her shoulders, and fondling her lovely firm breasts. Then I lifted the heavy mane of her hair and let it fall in front of her, and took hold of her by one wrist.

‘Come, my darling,’ I said, ‘It’s time!’

As she stood, the silk of her nightgown whispered to the floor, in a pool around her feet, and I led her to the centre of the room. When I threw a cushion on the floor and told her to kneel on it, she realised what was in store for her, and looked up at me with huge blue eyes.

‘Oh, Diana,’ she said, ‘you’re going to whip me, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, darling, Mistress Helen has ordered it.’

‘Will you hurt me?’ She was trembling.

‘Yes, darling,’ I said.

‘Oh, Diana,’ she said, ‘I….I don’t know what to say. I’m frightened but terribly excited. I’ve wanted this for so long.’

‘Don’t talk any more,’ I told her, picking up the crop, and running it around her breasts and neck, so that she could feel it, see it.

I touched her nipples and they were hard, standing out, as were mine, at the thought of what I was about to do.

The crop whistled as it flew through the air and there was a sharp ‘crack’ as its wicked leather thong seared the tender upper back-flesh of Astrid’s Scandinavian skin. She cried out, ‘Oooh,’ and I told her she would have to learn to be quiet, then immediately lashed her again, lower down, raising a second satisfying welt on her young back. This time she merely gasped, and I went on with my task, making a pretty pattern of stripes down across her back, and causing her to writhe, so that I wondered if I should have tied her up. I paused after six, and asked her if she could take four more and she answered clearly that she could, so I knelt beside her and put my hand between her legs, which I had learned by now was standard practice. I found to my satisfaction that she was wet through, and when I continued whipping her, now across her lower back and buttocks, her gasps of pain had changed noticeably to moans of sheer pleasure, and I knew she was in the throes of an almighty orgasm. But when I had finished, she surprised me still further by telling me that she had cum not once, but three times, while I was flogging her.

Afterwards, I tended her stripes lovingly with soothing oils, but there was no doubt at all that the Mistress would be able to see them when she returned from her trip at midday the next day. I told Astrid to put on her soft silk nightgown and get into her satin sheets, and then I went and slipped into a similar gown of my own, and returned to join her. My sore clit meant that I couldn’t let her near my pussy, but I paid plenty of attention to hers, before we slept entwined together, two slaves with one Mistress.

Next morning, Donald was available to take Astrid and myself to the office, so we left Su-li, now in her new maid’s outfit, in charge of the house.

‘Fuck knows what the meter-reader’s going to think of her uniform!’ I remarked, and started Astrid giggling, on our way to the office.

My morning was taken up with showing Astrid around the office and introducing her to the filing system, and we were both summoned in to see the boss when she arrived at midday, looking cool and businesslike in her power-suit.

‘Come here, Diana,’ she said, without getting out of her huge leather chair, and when I got to the side of her desk, she casually lifted my short skirt’s hem with a ruler.

‘Mmm,’ she murmured, ‘nice! Is it sore?’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ I confirmed.

‘Well, we’ll give it a couple of days, and then decorate you, shall we?’ she smiled.

She turned her attention to Astrid, and told her to take off her blouse. Her back was almost raw from the whipping I had given her, stripes merging where they crossed.

‘You were a little hard on her for the first time, bursa escort Diana,’ she said, ‘perhaps you have forgotten how much the crop hurts?’

‘Oh no, Mistress,’ I said.

‘We’ll see,’ she said sternly, ‘I must go away again tonight, and shall not be back until the day after tomorrow. Then we shall make up for lost time, and remind you what real pain is like!’

I quivered a little, but more really with anticipation of the joy that I knew my Mistress’s punishment would bring me, then I remembered that my old friend Cindy was due to come and see her, an mentioned this to her. She seemed pleased, and questioned me closely about her. Did she have any close family? Was she pretty? Slim? Above all, what were her attitudes to life? I took that to mean sex. Not a thing about her work experience. After a while, when Astrid had gone back to work, my Mistress confided in me as never before.

‘I am an indulgent woman, Diana,’ she said, ‘and very, very rich. I make enough money in international business deals so that I can have the lifestyle I want, and surround myself with beautiful young people, especially young girls. Now go, and return to work, I will see your friend Cindy – maybe she will be suitable.’

I saw Cindy arrive through the glass partition of my office. She was dressed to kill, in a tight jersey knit dress with a little jacket over it, and high heels which I knew my Mistress would view favourably. When she left, about twenty minutes later, I called out to her through my open door.

She sidled towards me and whispered, ‘I think I got the job! She’s going to write to me.’

At that moment, someone came along the corridor, so Cindy turned and left, but as I watched her heels click down the passageway, her hips swaying, to the exit, I had a feeling we’d see more of her.

Before Mistress Helen left, she came into my office and asked me how Su-li was getting along. I had to reply that I hadn’t really had time to assess her yet, but that she seemed keen enough. She seemed satisfied with my reply, and left, telling me that she would be back in a couple of days, and that I was in charge of the house.

Donald took Astrid and I home at the end of the day’s work, and left us in the porch to go home to his wife. I let us in by the front door, and was greeted by a sound with which I was very familiar. It was, without a shadow of doubt, the sound of fucking! I told Astrid to be quiet, and we both took off our shoes, and crept upstairs. As we got to the spacious landing, the sounds, the ‘oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard! Oh, pleeeease! Yeees! Oh, yes, fuck me you bastard,’ got louder – they came from none other than the Mistress’s bedroom! I glanced around at Astrid, who was smirking, and we crept on, until we could see into the room. There, her slim nylon-clad legs over the burly shoulders of a huge black guy in blue overalls, was Su-li. The guy’s hairy black arse was as naked as the day he was born, and was pumping away fit to split her in two, right there on the priceless silk coverlet at the edge of Mistress Helen’s four-poster bed.

I looked around at Astrid, and she had a handkerchief in her mouth to suppress her giggles, but I was too worried about the Mistress’s reaction, and its consequences for our new servant, should she find out. I signalled to Astrid that we should withdraw, and we crept away, and slid soundlessly into my room along the landing. There we sat quietly until we heard Su-li ushering her conquest out down the stairs. When we heard the sound of the front door, I told Astrid to go to her room, though I’m sure she was listening.

I went downstairs.

‘Su-li!’ I called.

She came rushing out of the kitchen, looking flushed.

‘Oh, Miss Diana, I didn’t know you were back from work. You’re early, aren’t you?’

I ignored her question.

‘Su-li,’ I said, ‘Mistress Helen may well give you to guests of her choice, at times of her choice, and in places of her choice. You do not have the right, as her servant, to abuse your position. The Mistress has put me in charge of the house until she returns. What am I to do with you?’

She looked down at her pretty feet, but said nothing. I took her by the wrist and led her into the library. Mistress Helen had given me no express instructions to punish the girl, but I felt that her transgression could not go unpunished.

‘Bend over the back of the sofa,’ I told her, and she did so, whimpering slightly as her lovely rounded buttocks were displayed, framed by her narrow satin garter belt, when I whisked her little silk skirt up around her waist. I went to the wall, where the Mistress kept several whips and other items on a rack, and selected a slender, flexible, leather paddle, which I knew would sting deliciously, and make an excellent ‘first-time’ instrument.

It whistled sibilantly through the air, then made a crack as it struck her tender, olive flesh, and she cried out, ‘Oh, oh, oh, no, please, Miss Diana, no!’

‘Yes, my dear,’ I said, ‘you should have expected this a few minutes ago, shouldn’t you?’

I lashed her again, just below her puckered little arsehole, and she started to sob.

‘Two more,’ I said, ‘then perhaps you’ll have learned something?’

When she didn’t reply, I took hold of her hair, and asked her again.