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Discovering Tracey Ch. 01

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The bar was loud and obnoxious that night. Drunken cowboys were singing out of tune with an old Karoke machine. Tracey sat at the bar tipping her bottle and drinking every now and then watching all of the people drowning their sorrows. It was not too long ago that she would have pitied these folks. But now, here she was drinking right along with them. Drink after drink, she was forgetting why she even came here in the first place. But it was hard to forget someone like Jeannie. She was not sure she would ever get over it but somehow she had to try.

She did not understand where it had all went wrong. One day they were hot passionate lovers and the next Jeannie was packing her bags for New York to live with some guy that she had met on the Internet. It all seemed to be going well. Tracey kept wondering what was wrong with her. She stood at an even 6 foot tall, with long blonde hair that caressed the top of her ass checks when she stood. She had blue eyes that were prettier than any summer sky and breasts the size of cantaloupes. Her attitude had not changed much over time either. She was still the giddy, beautiful, charming girl she had been 6 years ago when she had met her lover here.

Yet it seemed that no matter where she turned these days bad luck was following her. First, she had lost her job because they found out she was a lesbian. Of course that is not what they said, but Tracey could read between the lines rather well. And now, Jeannie, her lover of six long years was gone. She had never even let on that she was interested in men. Tracey would have been more than happy to let her have a little fun on the side, if only she had told her before it was too late. But Jeannie had never been the one to talk about her problems. Instead she just ran away from them.

“Would you like another?”

Slowly she came out of her daze and answered, “Sure, “ Tracey said. “What the fuck else do I have to do tonight?”

“Here you go honey.” The red headed bartender said as she slid the beer across the bar. “It’s on the house.” She winked as she was walking away.

Tracey casually rolled her eyes as the young girl walked away. “God, I hope she is looking for more than just a one night stand. I do not think I can stand to have one more heartbreak. ” She thought to herself. Some little girl looking to have a great mind blowing night of untamed sex. That was just not what she had in mind. No, Tracey needed more than that. Tracey needed a lover and someone whom she could hold onto. A girl who just holds and cuddles her through the long, lonely nights. Tracey thought she had found that in Jeannie, but now she realized that you could not make someone love you if the heart wasn’t in it. She guzzled down most of the beer she was drinking and made her way to the Karoke stand.

It was her turn to sing. She used to do this all the time. Yet, somehow tonight there was a different rhythm in the air. She had chosen a song that she had not sang in years. Tracey was not sure if she could remember the words or not, but she was positive they would come to her. The entire bar silenced as the melodies rolled off her tongue. Her perfectly manicured nails gripped the microphone, showing her fear. She had an exquisite way of making the crowd tone down though. They all listened as she sang. She was sure that she even saw tears in the bartender’s eyes. Tracey also knew that they could hear the sadness in her voice.

“In a cozy little restaurant for lovers, seems so out of place for you and me. We used to play around under the covers. Now it’s just a place to watch TV…Love me like you used to, when our love was brand new…And Darling when will you, love me again? Hold me like you want to, instead of like you have to…”

After she was done, tears were pouring down her checks so bad that she had to go to the ladies room and calm down a bit. Tanya Tucker’s little song had been a walk down memory lane for her. She could remember when things started going so wrong in her life with Jeannie. She wished so desperately that she could go back in time and fix everything. But Jeannie would never love her, she had just been a rest stop. She had been used. She had thought that Jeannie truly loved her. Once she lost her job and was struggling to get back on her feet, Jeannie had never been there for her. Never even took the time anymore to just hold her and let her cry like she used to. Tracey knew that something was wrong then and she even asked Jeannie to talk to her. But Jeannie always blew it off as though it was nothing and just claimed that things were fine, she was just going through some stuff at work and did not feel like adding anything else to her depression. And then out of the blue one day, Jeannie walked out of her heart and crushed it. She’d already had her bags packed and waiting by the door when Tracey got home from work that day. Jeannie told her that she had met a man in New York and she had fallen in love with him. Tracey just stared at her lover in amazement and never said a word, tears streaming down her checks. Without even görükle escort bayan a kiss goodbye, Jeannie walked out of her life forever.

Now, after two long years, it was time to pick up and move on. She had to find the courage to face her fear head on. There was no turning back. Jeannie was not coming back. Hell, she had not even called to see how Tracey was doing. She had tried looking up Jeannie in New York, but it seemed like she had just vanished from the face of the earth. Hot tears poured down her face remembering all the hurt that she had gone through, praying that it had only been a dream. She got a cold, hard slap of reality right in the face. Tracey knew that she could not fight for someone who never even loved her in the first place. She splashed some cold water on her face and wiped the mascara from underneath her eyes. She did not want to walk back out through the bar looking like a raccoon. While she was washing her face the little red head appeared in the doorway.

“Are you gonna be okay sweetie?” Tracey could hear the concern in her voice.

“Yeah, I will be fine. Thanks for asking. Just a whole lot of bullshit that I would rather not talk about right now, if you don’t mind.”

“No, I understand.” The bartender looked at her sympathetically. “Look, why don’t you come back up to the bar and I will make you some coffee and we can talk.” Her smile radiated the room. For once Tracey saw some real genuine concern and she welcomed its company, but she was not sure if this was the right thing to do.

“That’s okay. I should probably be getting home. It is almost 2 anyhow.” She said, and almost sad that she had actually refused the girls offer.

“Oh Hon, you are in no condition to drive.” The red head pleaded with her. “Listen, come back up to the bar with me and I will make you some coffee and then when I get done I will give you a lift back to your place.” She smiled again at Tracey. “Or we could go somewhere and eat breakfast, if you like?” Tracey had never been one to turn down good company and she knew that she was pretty well spent for the night anyhow.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” Tracey smiled and raised her eyebrows quizzingly.

“Well, maybe I am!” The girl said, quite astonished that she really was asking.

“What the fuck! That sounds like a good idea.” Tracey said. “Just let me go get a couple of things from my car and I will be right back.”

“Promise you aren’t leaving?” The poor girl looked like she had just lost her best friend at that moment. Tracey guessed they both needed someone to talk to. Who was she to turn down good company?

“I promise I’ll come back. I just need to grab my purse and I will be right in and then when you are done we can go and have breakfast.” Tracey winked at her. She was very cute and Tracey could not see the harm in spending a few hours in her company.

Tracey walked out into the brisk night air. Feeling the cool wind on her face helped to calm her nerves a bit. After loosing Jeannie it would be hard to go on but tonight was a brand new start. Tonight was the time to throw caution to the wind and just let things go. She was tired of crying in her beers. And more than tired of spending nights home alone in her little apartment. She unlocked the door and removed her purse from under the seat. She could still make out the faint scent of Jeannie’s perfume. Tracey wiped a tear from her face. “No!” She said aloud. “It is over and I am moving on!” Making sure the car was secure and locked she walked back towards the bar. She took a minute to compose herself before she opened the door. Most of the crowd was already making their way to the parking lot. She had to practically fight them off to get back in.

She walked back to the bar and the little redhead handed her a nice hot cup of Joe. “Thanks,” was all that Tracey could muster. The last two years had been hell on her but she just had to learn to live one day at a time again instead of worrying about all the bullshit that had gone wrong in her life. Things were picking back up, slower than she would have liked, but she was still on track. And all that she would allow herself to think about tonight was the gorgeous little red head behind the counter cleaning off the glasses, putting away the alcohol and getting the bar back into shape.

The girl was absolutely breath taking. Tracey could not see why a girl of that age would be interested in her. Not that Tracey was unattractive or old, it was just that this girl barely looked her age. If she had to guess, she would say that she was just of legal age to work here. The red head wore a low cut black tank top that showed off her freckled breasts very nicely. Her long red hair flowed down her back in ripples to her waistline and her nice firm ass sashayed back and forth. Her tight jeans cupped and curved over her hips just perfectly and Tracey could not wait to take them off her delicate body.

As if on cue, she turned around and winked at Tracey giving her a big smile bursa otele gelen escort before she scurried off to help the guys clean up the rest of the bar. She had a sprinkle of freckles across her nose and green eyes that sparkled in the light. Tracey could imagine her naked. She guessed that there would be little freckles on the insides of her thighs and maybe a cute belly button ring on her navel. There would probably be a small whisper of hair on her pussy, just enough so that you could tell she was a true red head.

Her ass would be heart shaped and firm to the touch. Tracey imagined watching her pert, rosy little nipples swell with excitement, as she rolled her tongue around them. She could imagine what her tight wet little pussy would taste like. Tracey would lightly lick the outsides of her lips, tasting the sweet nectar before she dove in to taste the core of the honey pot. She could just see her lying there, squirming under Tracey’s very talented tongue. Grabbing Tracey by the back of the head and burying her face into her cunt! All the while, Tracey would be dripping wet and coming herself from the excitement of it all.

“Hey Sweetie! Hello?” The redhead was staring at her. “Earth to the sexy blonde at the bar.” Now waving her hands in front of Tracey’s face.

“Oh, shit! I am sorry Hun, I must have been daydreaming.” Tracey said as she turned to place the cup on the bar and looked the red head right in the eyes. “You know, if we are going out to breakfast, I would at least like to know you name.”

“I didn’t tell you my name?” The red head started giggling. “I thought I had! My name is Anastasia. But all my friends call me Ana. “ She stuck out her hand to greet Tracey and laughed as she did so. “Now, you tell me…what is your name?”

“My name is Tracey…just Tracey.” They both giggled and Ana walked around behind the bar to grab her purse.

Her boss was waiting for them at the door so that he could finish locking up the place. “You two have fun! And you better be good Ana. Remember, you have to work tomorrow night too.” He flashed his smile at her.

She laughed lightheartedly and gave her boss a little punch in the arm. “And what makes you think I would be bad?” He laughed and just grinned at her. The man was almost like a father to her and had been there for her when no one else had cared to be.

The two girls made there way to Ana’s little car. She had been driving the same car that her parents bought for her graduation. She had begged for a Mustang GT with leather interior and all the works. Well, she got most of what she wanted, though the leather interior was out of the question. It was still a nice little car. Her parents fought her over the color as well, but she insisted that it was going to be a bright magenta. They finally went along with it in the end and she had the gotten the car at her graduation ceremony.

“So, Tracey where would you like to go for breakfast? My place or yours?” Both of the girls giggled a little nervously.

“Ok, I know. That was lame. Seriously, there is a Denny’s right around the corner from my place. Would you like to go there?”

“Sounds great.”

They both settled in for the drive. Tracey admired her small little fingers delicately wrapped around the steering wheel and could imagine what those hands would feel like massaging her breasts. It had been too long since she had felt the touch of a woman and tonight she was holding nothing back. She reached over and lay her hand on top of Ana’s upper thigh. Just a small signal to let her know that she was ready for whatever Ana wanted to give her.

“So, tell me more about yourself.” Ana looked at her and flashed those beautiful teeth her way.

“Well, what is it that you would like to know?”

“I just wanna know about you. Like, what brought you into the bar tonight?” She could tell Ana had anticipated asking that question. But if Tracey was serious about trying to get to know someone else, then she figured it would not hurt to open up a little.

“Well, I used to come here all the time. I doubt that you were working here 6 years ago but I used to visit this place quite frequently back then.” Tracey let out a long sigh and began to tell her about Jeannie. “ I met her at the bar that night. I remember just what she looked like too. She was shorter than I was and a slight bit thicker as well. She had short, curly hazelnut hair. And her eyes were the most beautiful shade of jade. I could not keep my eyes off her.”

“I bet she was a sight. She sounds gorgeous.” Ana said urging her on.

“That she was! She was dancing with a few men, but she walked up to the bar and asked me to dance with her as well. As soon as we hit the floor, I could feel the sparks flying between us. She grabbed me and pulled me close to her. She placed her thigh in between my legs and ground it into my pussy. Needless to say, before we left that bar that night I was very much in need.”

“Umm…I can only imagine.” Ana bursa escort bayan giggled a bit. “Please continue.”

“Well, we went back to my place and it was all that we could do to keep our clothes on before we got into the door.” Tracey moved her hand a little higher on Ana’s thigh and could swear that she heard her breath quickening. “As soon, as we got inside clothes were flying everywhere. She grabbed me and we tumbled onto the couch together. Both of us were hot and desperate to feel each other. Her hands were roaming all over my body. And mine had already found their way to her supple breasts. My tongue caressed her nipples, while her fingers found their way down to my pussy.” Ana was squirming in her seat. Tracey liked the idea that she found this exciting as well. She could almost taste Ana’s juices on her tongue now.

“You like this don’t you?” Tracey said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“And what makes you think that I wouldn’t? It is getting pretty damn hot too. Don’t stop now!” She smiled and placed her hand on Tracey’s sliding it down towards her pussy. Ana knew that Tracey could feel the heat radiating from her.

Tracey could not believe that things were progressing as fast as they were. But she liked it and was not about to stop now. “Well, she climbed up and straddled my face letting me taste her. She balanced one leg on the floor and the other on the arm of the couch. I begin slowly, teasing her sex. Licking on the insides of her thighs and lightly caressing her lips with my tongue.” Now Tracey could feel the wetness through the young girl’s pants. And managed to massage just a little. She rolled her fingers around trying to find just the right spot. Tracey knew she had found it when Ana started grinding her pussy into her hand.

“Damn, woman. I think you need to stop that before we end up in a wreck.” She giggled, but Tracey knew how much she wanted it. Still she backed off a little and just let her hand rest there, fighting not to move it as she continued.

“I finally got around to licking her clit, though I would not stay for very long. I would dart my tongue out and just touch it slightly before I would go down and slide my tongue into her dripping wet hole. I did that over and over until she was practically grinding into my face. Finally, I gave her what she needed. I found her hard clit and took it into my mouth. I sucked on it and while it was in my mouth, I rolled my tongue around it. She could not contain the orgasm and had to reach back to steady her self. So, I inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy and that one just sent her over the edge! I had never seen a woman who could squirt but she did and it was all over the place! Hell, the next morning we even found it on the carpet behind us!”

There was no mistaking the wetness she found between Ana’s legs now. The girl was soaking the seat underneath her! Tracey could smell the sweet pussy juice and even brought it up to her mouth to taste it. And Lord, what a dream it was. Ana tasted like heaven. Tracey did not know if she could make it through breakfast before she got the chance to have Ana sitting on her face.

“Next, she lay me back on the couch and seductively worked her mouth from one set of lips to the other. Her tongue would slowly lick my lips until I opened them and our tongues would meet. Her kisses were like a fine wine. She held my hands above my head as her mouth found its way to my nipples. She would take her teeth and tug at them before her long tongue would dart out like a rattlesnake’s. I was in absolute heaven and already coming before she even made it to my pussy.” Ana was really squirming in her pants now.

“God! You are making me so hot! What do you say we go get desert before breakfast?” Ana peered over at Tracey from the corner of her eye. Hoping and praying that Tracey would agree.

“Oh, I don’t know. I kind of like this. I get to tease you mercilessly and there is really nothing that you can do about it!” Tracey gave her a little wicked grin.

“Umm…baby if you only knew what you were doing to me. You are making me so hot, I want you so bad.” The two girls pulled up to a red light and Ana leaned over to kiss her. Both of their tongues were swirling around each other’s and the heat in the car was more than enough to warm them up.

“Why don’t we just go have breakfast and we will try and talk about something else?” Tracey suggested. “I am famished and I want to build up my strength for you.” Tracey winked at her.

“Besides,” she thought, “I need time to warm up to this new thing.”

“Well, then you are going to have to get that hand off my thigh or else we are not going anywhere but straight back to my place.” Ana smiled at her and giggled.

“Ok, Ok, But only for now. Later, you are all mine!” Tracey kissed her on the check and removed her hand. At least she knew that this night was not going to be another lonely one.

Tracey had known that this was the perfect time in her life to try and move on. She had to make a new circle of friends and get out of the realm of depression she was in. It would do her no good to mope around her apartment day in and day out. Besides how would she ever find another lover if she did not risk her heart? Sure, love is a gamble but sometimes the chips are on your side of the table. And Tracey felt that this time she was going to win the jackpot!