Mayıs 15, 2023

Do I Have The Job?

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Lydia was becoming desperate for a job. She had rent to pay, along with bills. She was going to be completely out of money next month if she did not find work soon. It was a new concept to her, being broke. She looked online after hours of hounding businesses and found a local construction company that was hiring. The position of a construction worker was open and would pay twenty dollars an hour. Lydia was happy beyond words. She had always been more of a tomboy, loving the feel of dirt on her skin. This would be the best job for her. She quickly got the company’s e-mail address and forwarded her resume to them. The next two weeks seemed to go past very slowly for Lydia, and then she received a call from the construction company. They asked her if she was available to come in for a job interview within the next couple of days. Lydia said that she would be able to do it. Lydia went to her bedroom closet and pulled out a pair of jeans, a black tank top, and a pair of construction boots for her interview and placed them on her dresser. Now Anadolu Yakası Escort all she needed was to wait. The day of her job interview came and Lydia showered and put on her outfit that she had set out. Once she was ready to go, Lydia fidgeted because she was thirty minutes early for her appointment. She really wanted this job. Finally the time came to go and she got in her pickup and drove to the office of the company. It seemed so professional, the design of the building was quite sophisticate. As she went inside, she saw a desk at the center of the room and went to it. She told the attendant who she was and was informed to wait in the chair behind her. Lydia sat down nervously. There were magazines on the table next to her. Sports Illustrated, People, Redbook, and many other magazines sat on the table in a neat stack. Out of curiosity, Lydia picked up the issue of Redbook. She did not care to hear about Brangelina in People, and she had the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. The pages in the Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan issue were quite interesting to Lydia. She saw a section about the erogenous areas in both men and women. She was stunned at how many areas there were on the female body. She never noticed them during any of her relationships with men. After she finished that section, her name was called by a feminine voice so she looked up. The sight that she saw stunned her. A gorgeous woman with long brown hair and chocolate colored eyes stood before her. She had on a form fitting dress shirt that clung to her breasts which were at least a D cup, tight blue jeans that showed off her thighs, and high heels. Lydia was appalled at herself, she never looked at a woman with this kind of appreciation before. She noticed beauty when she saw it, but this woman was making her feel all warm inside without even knowing it. She followed the woman through a hallway and into an office. The office had a single desk that was well organized Escort Anadolu Yakası and had a new laptop in the center. There was a single seat in front of the desk. The woman sat in her seat behind the desk and motioned for Lydia to sit in the other seat. The woman introduced herself as Claire. “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ Claire was at a part of her life where she thought that she almost everything. She had a job, a house, a car, family, and yet one area of her life was empty. Love. She could go to work, sure. What about when she got home? Her whole family seemed to have their life partners. They were happy and had kids. Claire felt like an outcast in her own family. She did not think that she was bad looking. She had a figure most woman would kill for, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and dressed somewhat nice most of the time. As she got up that morning, she was not that enthusiastic about her day. She hated to do interviews. Most of the applicants were either ex cons or complete idiots. She went into the office that day and sat down. She sulked about her love life whenever no one else was around. She had almost given up on love completely. It was torture to even walk down the road because there would be a couple there to remind her of what she was missing. It was finally time for her first interview.