Eylül 17, 2023

Doctor’s Orders Ch. 2

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Please read original story first so this will make sense.

I didn’t hear from Red Gibbons for nearly two weeks, but I had not forgotten him. How could you forget someone like Red? I could still taste the musky cheese of his uncircumcised, fat cock. He had awakened something in me that I had previously thought was hidden for good. Until Red, I had enjoyed the women that I had been with, and thought the sex had been great. But damn, that Red!

I was somewhat surprised when he called me at home about nine o’clock in the evening yesterday. I was relaxing having a Jack Daniels straight up and enjoying a cigar in the den when he called. He sounded very serious and a little bit afraid, all at the same time. He voice seemed jittery, and I could almost see him sweating profusely.

“Hiya, doc! This is Red Gibbons….do you remember me?”

Oh, yeah, I remembered Red! Shifting my cigar back to my mouth, I used my now free hand to gently massage my growing bulge.

“Of course I remember you Red! It’s not easy to forget an old pervert like you!” I kidded.

I knew he wouldn’t be offended, we had gotten to know each other pretty well in a very short time. He was like me in many respects. We both liked to kid our friends and we could dish it out and take it too.

“Is there something wrong Red? Do you need some medical assistance?” I asked, suddenly realizing bursa escort that from the tone of his voice that this might not be a social call.

“Sorry to call you at home, but, dammit to hell Jim, I’m going crazy here! I need your help bad!”

I decided to sit at the small table that held the telephone. This might take a while. He obviously needed someone to talk to and I was honored that he had chosen me. He wasn’t a patient anymore, he was now a friend!

“Sounds like you’re a little flustered buddy. Just get a hold of yourself and tell me what’s going on.” I volunteered, in my most reassuring, calm voice.

“Fuck, Jim! That’s part of the problem! I’m standing here right now jacking my ugly old cock! These grandson’s will be the death of me yet!”

I could hear that his breathing was shallow and rapid, and could only imagine the sight of his beefy right hand sliding up and down that magnificent piece of horse sized cock! My prick twitched and began to grow at the mental image my mind had conjured up. If he was jacking off while on the phone, I might as well join him!

“What’s going on Red? What’s happened? Are you at home right now?” I asked quickly as I pulled my dick out through my briefs.

My mind raced at the questions that I wanted to ask as I slowly stroked a cock that was starting to pulsate. I couldn’t help until I knew görükle escort what was happening!

“I’m sorta at home I guess. I’m on my cell phone here in the backyard just outside Grant’s bedroom window. I can’t help myself Jim! I’m watching some of the kinkiest sex I’ve ever seen! I don’t know if my old ticker can handle much more of this!!”

I felt my dick thicken and harden all at the same time. Exhaling a deep lung full of smoke, my hand trembled as I slowly stroked my oozing piece of man meat as I exhaled. I felt better now, maybe I could control myself long enough to actually help him.

“Just tell me what you see!”

“AW FUCK! Now Grant’s shootin’ cum all over his girlfriend Brenda’s tits and face! Shit, he cums like a cow gives milk! He’s sitting in a chair with her standing in front of him all bent over, her head nearly in his lap! And Justin’s underneath her eating her fresh fucked pussy, slurping out the thick, chunky cum his older brother just put in there, and, oh damn, little Jake has his big cock buried up her ass fuckin’ the shit out her stretched ass hole!!!!”

“Christ, Red, that’s fucking hot!” I whispered, totally in awe of the sight grandpa Red was watching.

My hand flew across my rock hard shaft, and I knew that any minute I would send thick strings of my jism onto the carpet! It would have taken a bulldozer bursa escort bayan to pry the phone away from my ear now. I didn’t understand how Red had lasted so long himself. I shouldn’t have worried!

“Sorry doc, but I’m spurtin’ myself!! Oh, fuck yeh, man, draining my balls feels great! OH SHIT, JIM!!!! You won’t believe this!!! Jake just pulled out and is spurtin’ his seed all over her ass!!………..Fuck!! His two older brothers scambled around and are now eatin’ the cum off his dick!! They’re gobblin’ his goop like there’s no tomorrow!!!!””

I wish I could tell you that I had enough control to fully take in the mental picture that Red had just described, but that would be a bald face lie. My cock erupted like Mt. Vesuvius, sending creamy hot lava into the air and down the side of my blood engorged cock!! I didn’t realize that I had never acknowledged his last description until Red spoke up.

“You still there Jim? Fuck, I didn’t mean to give you a heart attack!” Red muttered, a laugh in his voice.

“Just shut the fuck up you hard cocked old fart! Can’t a man cum all over himself and ruin his clothes without being bothered?!! Fuck, Red, you do need help! Sounds like we better schedule that home visit after all!”

“Just what I was thinkin’ too! If the little whores are gonna give it away, they might as well give us some too!!!!” Red answered, his voice now more controlled and nearly back to normal

“You pick the day and time buddy and I’ll be there!” I declared, as rivulets of sperm continued to ooze down my still hard shaft and hand.

“Tomorrow night. Seven o’clock.”

“You’re on buddy!”