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I figured I’d do it for the money, and hey what’s bad about jacking off for money? I took the cup the nurse gave me and walked into my room. It was comfy, with a chair, a TV on a stand, a medical table, I guess just in case. But what I didn’t expect was another nurse waiting in the room. As I walked in she closed the door.

“Welcome.” She said, with a brilliant smile. She was beautiful, with a great body under a very short skirted white one piece nurse uniform, black stockings and black high heels, like you see in porn. The uniform was a size or two too small, she was busting out of it.

“Thanks. Umm.. What are you doing here?” It wasn’t a bad thing that she was there, it was just strange. I always thought that clinics left guys to jack off themselves.

“I am here to measure your penis, a measurement we take for study purposes, and of course to assist you in any way you need.” She said this while pulling a seamstresses measuring tape between her hands. This was going to be interesting. My dick was already pushing against my pants, just looking at the nurse and thinking about her fingers so close to me.

“OK, I’ll let you measure, but all the assistance I really need is for you to stand there and look as hot as you do, I can do the rest.” She smiled at me and approached as I pulled my pants and undies down. I stood at attention. I stroked myself a couple times to get more blood into my member. The nurse licked her lips as she bent over, legs staying straight, her ass sticking out, and her fingers lightly poking me as she measured my length.

“Five and a half inches, very impressive.” She stood up again, put the tape over my head and around my neck with a grin, and then walked off to a counter where she had pen and paper.

“Whatever, I’m sure you’ve seen bigger.” I was still stroking as I watches her walk away from me, her hips swaying.

“Well, yes I’ve seen bigger, but they’ve all been rather ugly. You, on the other hand, are the longest I’ve seen that I’ve wanted to fuck.” She said Escort Eryaman this while writing down some information. I was surprised, and my dick pulsed in my hand in response to her statement. I moaned a little, and started stroking harder. She put the pen down and walked back over. She pulled on her dress, which had snap buttons down the front from her neck to the bottom of the dress. The dress came off easily and fell to the floor. I licked my lips, still stroking harder and she smiled her hands rubbing up and down her body. She had on black lace matching thong and bra, and a black garter belt to hold up her stockings, and she twirled to show me.

“Damn this is better than I thought it would be.” I stroked harder, and grabbed the cup with my other hand, feeling my cum build.

“Oh, you have no idea…” she said seductively, as she knelt down in front of me and took over. She pulled my hand away, and grabbed my dick, stroking just as fast and vigorously as I did, and wrapped her lips around the head. I held the cup next to her head, waiting to catch my cum. I was getting close.

“I need to collect this..” She looked up at me, still jacking, still sucking, pulling my dick further into her mouth. “Hey, what about collecting the sample?” I was about to release, and still she kept on, sucking hard, wanting every inch of me. Both her hands grabbed my ass and she pumped me in and out of her mouth, her lips wrapped around my hardness tightly.

“HMmmmm…. Unnnngggg……” I started to gurgle as I came into her mouth and my body convulsed. She kept milking me, sucking every last drop. She finally let go of me, and I saw her swallow.

“Ooops…” she said with an innocent smile and rose to her feet. I leaned back against the examining table. “You can’t leave here without giving us a sample, looks like I’m gonna have to help you cum again.” She pulled my shirt off of me and pushed me down to lay on the table. She then pulled my shoes off and pulled my clothes from around my ankles. Eryaman Escort She then pulled her thong down to reveal very engorged shaved lips. My dick pulsed back to life.

“That’s a good boy.” She climbed up and straddled my hips, still wearing stockings, high heels and a bra. She pulled the shoulder straps down to let loose her breasts and I curled up to lick and nibble them. She moaned and closed her eyes, her hands massaging my dick and guiding it into her dripping hole. I gasped as I entered her, pushing hot air onto her nipple, and she giggled. Soon she was riding me hard, up and down onto my bulging shaft, forward and backward, swinging her breasts into my face, her eyes looked at me with raging lust. She held back nothing, her grunts turning into screams. Her hot pussy walls clenched down onto my shaft and I moaned into her chest. My balls were trying to find sperm to shoot out but it was too soon. My dick stayed stiff and slurped in and out of her pussy. Her screams finally peeked, and her body shook with orgasm. She kept riding, my shaft giving her multiple orgasms, until she was beat and couldn’t ride me anymore.

“Still no sample?” She got up and pulled me off the table, and then climbed on it, on her hands and knees. I climbed onto the table on my knees, my dick still raging, its head poking her ass cheeks.

“When you’re ready, pull out and deposit.” She was still breathing hard, trying to recover. Her pussy still glistened with lubrication and I entered her quickly. She sucked in air and raise her head, feeling me deep in her. Then she turned her head around to watch me, and held the cup in one of her hands, ready to give it to me.

It was a beautiful sight, her tired arms trying to hold her upper body off of the exam table, and trying to reach the cup towards me. But each time I rammed into her hot pussy, she lost a little strength, and her body finally rested on the exam table. I leaned forward and put one hand in the middle of her back and put my weight on her, still Eryaman Escort Bayan fucking her hard, pushing the air out of her lungs. She moaned loud and growled a little. I fucked her harder. She held onto the cup next to her calf, her eyes half lidded, sometimes watching me attack her, sometimes closing. Her upper lip snarled a couple times, and her other hand played with her hair. I pounded and pounded my hard shaft into her, desperately trying to get my cum to release, to finally relieve my agony. Her juices dripped down our legs off the table.

I leaned back again and moved my hand from her back to her waist, and with both hands I quickened our already rapid pace. I needed to cum, I was going crazy. My hands firmly controlled her hips as I tried to piston in and out of her as fast as I could. She got unto her hands again and arched her back, letting me control the movement, the cup still in her hand and no where near me. She pulled her other hand down between her legs and started fingering her clit. Her growls and moans got loud again.

“Oh god, I’m coming again…” she howled into the air as her body shook between my hands and around my dick. I kept thrusting, cause my cum was starting to build again.

“Oh, here we go, come on, I can’t take this much longer…” I moaned between breathes.

“Oh, baby, cum for me, I’m so hot for you, I need you to cum.” She howled back to me, her body still trembling as I continued to piston into her.

I finally pulled out of her and reached for the cup. She pushed it into my hands and I unloaded into it, my sperm hitting the inside wall of the cup hard. I grunted for a good twenty seconds, my body spasm-ing and my muscles contracting. The nurse laid down and stretched out onto the exam table, breathing hard, resting her head on her forearm. After I was done, I crawled down and found the cap to the cup, and set the cup on the counter next to her paperwork.

Some of my cum dribbled down my shaft. I walked over to the nurses head and she licked my dick clean. “Thanks for your assistance.”

“You’re very welcome. Thank you for your contribution, and please come back again, and don’t feel shy about requesting me.” I smiled and pulled my clothes on and walked out of the door, leaving her still laying on the exam table.