Aralık 6, 2023

Double Trouble

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Jade had no idea how she’d ended up at this point with two men standing in front of her, both naked and ready. This definitely had not been her plan this evening when she’d gone out. She put the blame firmly on her inability to make a decision, though looking at both of them now, why exactly did she feel like she had to choose just one?

Jade had stopped by Maguire’s after work. The fact that it was a Tuesday told the entire story. She’d been up and moving at 4 am, and she hadn’t stopped until nearly 7pm. Still, the project was done, and she was in need of some celebrating.

She’d asked a few of her work mates to tag along, but they’d left the office like zombies, barely acknowledging the invitation.

So she’d come here alone. It wasn’t like it was the first time that she’d had a few by herself. Jade was more than comfortable with her own company, but she’d hoped for some companionship tonight. She nursed her vodka-tonic at the bar, pleased with herself that the project was complete and wouldn’t be waiting for her in the morning. She’d already cleared that she would be coming in late, so she saw no reason to drink and run.

Lost in her own thoughts, she barely realized that the bartender was holding another vodka-tonic in front of her.

“I didn’t order a second,” Jade said without emotion. She was a bit annoyed that the bartender was so forward.

“Not from me, from the guy down the bar,” he said, cocking his head to the left.

Jade’s focus moved to the man who was sitting at a barstool near the televisions that had been tuned to the latest sporting event. He gave her a smile. He was tall, blond, and on the thin side. He barely made eye contact before looking down at his drink. Jade wondered how long it had taken him to work up the nerve to send the drink. Jade picked up her new drink, walked down the length of the bar, and sat on the stool next to his.

“Thanks for the drink. I’m celebrating the completion of a big project, and I’m definitely in need of alcohol. I’m Jade, by the way.”

“I’m John,” he replied. “What type of work do you do?”

Jade described the project and her work, carefully editing out anything that might be too specific and allow John to find her later. She didn’t give identifying details until she got to know someone better.

John was an architect who was in town for a meeting and a possible project to add a new tower to the cityscape. Jade subtly checked his finger, but he was single. No band and no tell-tale tan line. He talked about his work and the project for about 20 minutes.

John looked down at the bar again and then looked into her eyes. She was pretty certain that he was going to suggest a rendezvous, but he didn’t. “I have to take a call here. I’ll be back. Promise.” Before she could answer, he had walked outside while dialing the phone.

Five minutes turned into fifteen, and there was still no sign of John. Jade shrugged and allowed her thoughts to roam over what her next steps at the company might be, now that she had finished this project.

She was barely aware that someone sat down on the other side of her when he spoke. “Hey, what’s up?”

He was definitely not John. This man was a couple of years younger than Jade with dark hair and gauges in his ears. The openings were just beginning to show daylight. He had a lightning bolt tattoo running down his right arm, the arm closest to her.

He wore a tight t-shirt and skinny jeans that left little to the imagination. He was definitely well-built, Jade thought as she checked him out.

The man knew the bartender well enough that he got a drink without having to ask for something.

“What is that?” Jade asked, trying to make conversation.

“Manhattan. Wanna try?” he asked, holding the drink out for her.

She made a face. “Not really a whiskey girl,” she confessed.

“That’s too bad.”

He let the moment go, but Jade said, “I’m Jade. What brings you out tonight?”

He smiled. “Thought you would have known. I’ve been over there playing guitar for the past hour. My name’s Leo.”

Jade felt her face flush a little. “Sorry, I didn’t. I’m Jade.”

“Yeah, I did see you over here, talking to Mr. Straight-Laced. Did he leave without you?” He tsked with his tongue, letting her see his pink tongue long Escort Etimesgut enough to wonder what he could do with it. “He’s an idiot.”

Jade smiled. “He said he was supposed to come back, but that’s been a while,” she said with a shrug.

“His loss.” Jade felt his hand on her knee. He certainly wasn’t wasting any time. Normally Jade would have made him back up a few steps, but she was in the mood to let off some steam as well. She was in a good mood and some fun was indicated. She put her hand over his and moved it up her thigh slowly.

“I don’t think it will be my loss.” Leo leaned in and kissed her. It was short, but full of promise with his tongue brushing across her lips.

“No need to hurry,” Jade said, “I want to finish my drink and then we can head out.”

Jade turned to reach for her drink. John was standing there, and Jade wondered how much he’d seen. He was still here, so probably he’d missed the little public display.

“John, I thought you’d gone,” Jade said, feeling a bit of panic. What was she going to do now? She sitting between two men who both wanted her.

“Sorry. I had to call the boss about tomorrow’s presentation. I thought it would take a minute, but instead, he went on for nearly a half-hour. I was just glad to see that you’re still here.” He sat down, but eyed Leo, not sure what to make of him.

“That’s okay,” Jade said, “I’ve had company.”

Leo stuck his hand out towards John. “I’m Leo. I guess you’re John?”

He nodded. “I saw you onstage before. You’ve definitely got a way with your hands.”

Leo raised an eyebrow in Jade’s direction, trying to play up the compliment in more sexual terms. “Thanks, man.”

Jade was still unsure what to do. She knew she would have to be the one to decide who went home with her and who went home alone. It was just a problem that each of them appealed to different aspects of her personality, and right now, she didn’t want to feel constrained or limited. She felt free and complete. She made up her mind.

John had stood up again, after finishing his drink. He looked at one and then the other, appearing unsure of his role here. “I’m going to go. My hotel is just around the corner,” he said, giving her a small smile.

“Could Leo and I come over?” Jade asked with a smile.

Leo snickered behind her, which made her assume that he got the gist of the question. He put his hand on her knee again, and she was certain that he did.

“I’m sure the hotel has vacancies,” he said. “You two can get your own room.”

Jade took his hand and held it in both of hers. “I meant, I wanted the three of us to hang out.”

“Oh,” John said. He paused for a minute, and Jade had to wonder if she’d overplayed her hand or totally misread the situation. “Sure,” he said finally.

They made the three minute journey to John’s hotel room. He hadn’t been kidding. It was only a few yards from the bar.

Once they got upstairs, John said, “I think we’re going to need another round of drinks for this.” He smiled and went to the wet bar at the far end of the room.

Leo was impatient. He stepped closer to Jade and slid an arm around her. She looked up at him, and he leaned in to kiss her. This was no quick brush of lips like they’d had in the bar. Leo pushed his tongue against her lips, and she parted them slightly. He eagerly entered her mouth and found her tongue, which he began to tease with quick touches using his own tongue.

He pulled her closer, and now she could feel his desire pressed against her. She didn’t know how long they kissed, but she heard John clear his throat beside her. Jade broke off the kiss and looked over the man standing there with drinks in his hand.

“Put those on the table, and come here,” Leo said, his voice husky with desire. He pulled Jade into another kiss, and Jade wondered what John would be doing since her mouth and body were occupied. She found out soon enough. Leo had apparently taken John by the wrist and firmly planted John’s hand on her back. She felt three hands on her now, all wanting to pleasure her – to make her cum.

She moaned into Leo’s mouth. John’s hand was stroking her back, giving her a massage that she hadn’t known that she needed. Her moans grew louder, and John added a second hand to the Etimesgut Escort massage. He flicked open her bra and worked over her entire back.

She turned to look at him and his face was there next to hers. He kissed her slowly and passionately, not the hunger of Leo, but with a promise of what would be happening tonight. She could see Leo watching them carefully. She almost felt as if she was making a porn for one while the other watched until the men switched roles.

She could feel Leo’s hands slide down from her waist to her thighs. He fingered the top of her panties, testing to see if he could breach them. “Not yet,” Jade gasped, breaking off the kiss of John’s promise.

The hotel room was a suite, and Jade saw the king-sized bed in the next room. “Let’s move this into the bedroom, okay?” she said, nearly panting.

Both men walked by her side as she headed that way. John made a quick stop at the nightstand and then threw condoms in Leo’s direction.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and made a gesture for them to stop. “I want to play a little show and tell,” she said, feeling her power in the situation.

She unbuttoned her blouse and slid it over her shoulders. Her bra was unfastened, courtesy of John, but she kept it on for the moment. She looked at the men. “Your turn.”

Leo laughed and shucked his shirt in one fluid motion. His chest was well-muscled and covered with a dusting of dark hair. He had a small tattoo on one shoulder. John was slower in removing his shirt, since he’d been wearing a button-down and t-shirt. He was lean, but defined and hairless. Jade thought that she probably couldn’t have found two more different men if she’d tried.

She removed her skirt, lifting herself up to slide it out from under her. Just to tease them, she moved her hips up and down several times. The men waited until she was done to undress again. Leo’s legs were hairy as he kicked off his jeans. John dropped his pants and took off his shoes. He had light hair across his thighs that she could see captured in the lamplight.

Both men were hard, and Jade felt another rush of power in knowing that she had done this. She had made them both want her. She shrugged off her bra and slid her panties off as well. There was no simulated thrusts this time. As they both watched her, she slid a single finger inside of herself. She thought she heard one of them gasp, but she wasn’t sure which.

She nodded, but there was a hesitation between the men. They looked at each other and then her and then each other again before starting. She liked their inexperience. John was surprisingly the first to strip, removing his briefs and standing there naked. He was long and throbbing as he waited for her directions. She wondered if he’d groomed himself in hopes of getting some this trip, of if he always kept himself trimmed.

Jade decided to reward him, and she crooked a finger at him. He came to her and leaned over her, kissing her as hungrily as Leo had earlier. He stepped between her legs, and she could feel him pressed against her. He slid his dick back and forth against her skin.

She looked over his shoulder to see Leo decide to join the fun. He came closer to them. Leo bent down to kiss her, but John jumped back. “Keep that thing to yourself,” he said with almost a laugh.

Leo had been so intent on joining the fun that his fat dick that struck straight out from the dark bush had rubbed up against John. Jade wondered how the three of them would master this.

Leo sat down on the edge of the bed. He took her hand and slid it up and down his cock. She felt the slick juice at its head. “Sit down here, facing away from me,” he said.

Jade complied. She sat down just in front of Leo’s dick and faced out into the room. John picked up on Leo’s intent and moved around in front of them. Jade was about in a perfect position to satisfy both men. She started licking John’s dick, starting with just the head. She heard his intake of breath as she began. John didn’t move, letting her set the pace.

Leo had started sliding fingers inside of her. She was more than ready. His fingers slid in easily and she knew that she was already wet inside. Leo started a series of deep thrusts that made her ache with desire.

She tried to focus Etimesgut Escort Bayan on pleasuring John. That took more concentration, and she slid more and more into her mouth each time she licked the head. Soon she was taking most of it, though she gagged a few times on its length.

Leo was intent on making her feel desire. He had worked up to three fingers, and Jade ached for him inside of her. After several deep thrusts, Leo lifted her hips up, and she moaned against John’s dick as he slid inside of her. She felt the thick shaft rub inside of her and each thrust pressed against her clit. He had his fingers running over her body. She still continued to suck John, moaning against his dick when Leo went deep. The moans seemed to drive John wild, and he was obviously retraining himself from putting all of himself down her throat.

The mixture of celebration, power, sex and the two drinks made her feel on edge. Jade recognized the signs that she was going to climax. She didn’t tell either man. She felt that tightening in her stomach and the start of perspiration on her forehead and shoulders.

Leo must have picked up on the change in her, because he started thrusting fast and rough. The new motion drove her over the edge. She felt the pleasure radiate out across her entire body, the warmth making her feel sated and happy. She continued to let Leo thrust even as the feelings subsided.

Leo took a deep breath and said, “Time for us to switch it up, buddy.”

He slid out of Jade, and she whined softly at the loss of pressure inside of her. John moved around and sat on the edge of the bed where Leo had been. However, it didn’t seem right to Jade to just switch dicks.

She got on all fours on the bed. John followed her onto the middle of the bed and took her firmly by the hips. Leo crawled across the bed on his knees until he’d joined them. Jade didn’t waste any time. She took Leo’s thickness into her mouth and began to slurp on it. None of the easy and slow like she had with John. This was a dick to be conquered, and Jade had most of it in her mouth within a few thrusts.

John slid himself between her legs to start. Jade could feel him as he thrust through her legs, brushing against her opening as he did. The feeling was enticing and made her anxious to have him inside of her. He shifted again, and Jade whimpered as he slid deep into her.

She stopped sucking Leo for a minute and caught her breath. In the few times where she’d climaxed more than once, she knew that her second came faster and more intensely. She had passed perspiring and gone into a full sweat now. John was relentless. It was a constant series of thrusts as far as he could go. Jade could hear his balls slap against her as he pushed into her.

Leo took her hands and moved her so that she was holding on to his hips and back, rather than holding her weight up with her arms. Leo’s ass was hairy and tight as she started sucking on him again. She found a pace that was almost as relentless as John’s pace. Up and down, up and down. Leo’s ass muscles tightened and she knew he was close. She wanted to make this happen.

She slid up and down faster until she heard him moan once. She pulled her mouth from his dick. Leo scraped off the condom and pumped his fat head into both hands. His juices shot out in long milky ropes, one of which hit Jade in the ribs. Leo’s chest heaved as he finished. Rivulets of sweat ran down his chest and disappeared into the hair.

Leo stayed in the same position. Jade turned her head and realized that he was watching John. He’d sped up again. Jade hoped that he was close, because she knew that she was.

John started to cry out and then stifled himself. He pulled out, and Jade turned to watch him as he pulled off the condom and finished himself into his pumping fist. His breath was ragged, and his blond hair was matted to his head. Both men stayed on their knees, waiting for their own personal voyeuristic experience. Jade was so close that it only took her a few strokes of her own fingers to bring her to a second climax. The warmth and pleasure crashed over her. She fell to the bed and continued to finger herself as she kept experiencing the climax. She licked her lips as she finished. She pulled her fingers out, and Leo was there to lick them clean.

Jade felt so relaxed that she didn’t know if she could get up. “Could I -?” she began.

John cut off her. “You’re both welcome to stay if you want.”

Leo pulled back the covers from one side. “Then let’s call it a night. I think we’re going to need some sleep before another round of this.”