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Down The Rabbit, errr, Asshole

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Things were moving ahead rapidly. Charlotte had decided to come back to the office. She was on a trial period to see if she could chuck the mega bitch routine. So far, so good, no one had complained. Her biggest problem seemed to be that her feet hurt wearing the super high heels the others did. Concessions were made that she could wear three or four inch at the office, but had to switch to the higher ones for out of office meetings.

We had talked a few times after the weekend at the cottage and she confessed that the whole thing had taken her by surprise. She knew she was attractive and all but hadn’t quite matured to the point of controlling her attitude. Watching so much happen and being part of it all had sort of humbled her and in some ways demeaned her. She really, really didn’t want any part of Clint, but somehow she just got caught up in the moment. The other women all being there encouraging her knocked her inhibitions down and somehow turned her on in a way she had never experienced. She had almost gotten high off it all in some way and had to ask me if she had really experienced the bed scene with him alternating between her and her mother, or if it was a some kind of perverse hallucination.

I assured her she had and that we had all watched it. A look came over her face and I wasn’t sure if it was shame or pride. I took her chin and gently raised her eyes to mine. A calm exchanging stare told us both she was OK with it.

My phone rang interrupting us. I took the call then turned back to Charlotte, “Alice is ready for you in her office.”

She left and no sooner than she was out the door, , Mary walked in and sat down. She had just come from Alice, who had worked her way into being as much a teacher, tutor and counselor to the new recruits as Customer Servicing Agent (corporate term for what she and the others were known for). Alice was now mid 20s, Jill and I were a year or so younger. Charlotte was about our age and Mary and a couple of the others had either just turned 20, or were about to. Mary needed a lot of confidence and that one night was just the beginning. She was enjoying her time over the last few weeks with Alice, but neither of them really told me what they were doing. Despite all we had shared, Alice still had a lot of secrets. All I could gather was that all the young girls really loved Alice and often wondered if it would be their turn that day.

I was able to piece together that Mary and Alice had spent time together for a few weeks before Jill brought her to the house that night. We hadn’t had a chance to talk since then.

She started to tell me that the next couple of days were rough for her. She was a bit conflicted after having both a father and son on the same night. It took her a few calls to Jill and Alice to get her back together as well as a visit to Dad that I hadn’t been aware of. She needed to understand the dynamics of it all, but was starting to feel better. Jill had been trying to work her up to taking on clients, but she wasn’t quite ready. In fact Jill and Alice were counseling both she and Charlotte, sometimes together.

She was also better understanding the effect she was having on people with the raging sexuality of her appearance and how she dressed. And she was loving it.

The day ended and we all went home. Jill rode with me for the first time in awhile and we talked about usual shit people talk about in a car. Her short skirt had ridden up even higher and was undoubtedly giving a few truckers a show, but for the first time in quite a while neither us of was paying any attention to that kind of thing. She wasn’t really distracted, but seemed to have something on her mind she didn’t want to talk about.

At home we fixed a meal and some drinks, settling in for a quiet evening. Jill’s phone rang and I expected her to have to go out. Not what happened though. It was Alice saying Charlotte was on her way over. Soon after, she arrived.

Her look wasn’t quite what we expected. Not the typical suburban cheerleader Bitch look we grown accustomed to. It’s hard to describe other than to say highly aroused. Very highly aroused. Almost possessed. We’d seen the look at the cottage, but this was even more. She strolled straight for me, passing by Jill. She almost climbed on me as she threw her arms around my neck and tried lift herself up. She hissed loudly like a cat in heat. Managing to push me back on the couch she climbed on top of me and did all she could to get my pants open. Who the hell was caught in whose web?

We ended up in a wild session that even stunned Jill. Afterwards Charlotte apologized and couldn’t quite explained what had happened. Only that something gaziantep escort reklamları Alice had told her had set it off and she couldn’t control it.

A long meeting between the three of them the next morning got it figured out, but as was becoming all too typical in these matters, it was not shared with me.

Another weekend and plans for yard work were dashed by Goldie’s unexpected arrival. She wasn’t dressed as extreme this time though, back to casual wear in the form of a simple pullover dress. But there was the bag.

“Hey Asshole. Mom called and said we gotta pick things up a bit. Said it was taking too long to get you ready.”

I had no idea what she meant but I had learned not to question her.

“Strip down and let me see you.”

Jean shorts and a t-shirt didn’t take long.

“No panties this time? You’re slipping. Panties whenever I’m here, get it?”

I didn’t tell her I had just changed out of one of Jill’s bikini swim bottoms.

A swift move and the dress was gone over her head and flying to the floor. Nothing under it this time, no chains, no straps, nothing but skin. Kicking her shoes off she glared at me.

“If you don’t fuck up today, you’ll be able to touch them, feel them, maybe even lick them, got it?”

“Yes Goldie, I got it.”

“Good, now this might be a little rough on you today, but it has to happen. Mom said today was the day, no matter what. No cameras, no audience today either. This has to be private.”

Pointing to one of the bar stools by the counter she instructed me to sit on it. She took another and sat on it facing me. She reached out and grabbed my cock and held it firmly.

“Jill and Alice tell me you’re pretty good with this, but you have a lot to learn. They also say you’re not bad with your tongue. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Mary yet, but she’s too inexperienced, so I’m not sure I need to.”

I was trying to listen intently but her stroking was becoming distracting.

“Don’t worry asshole, I’ll suck you off in a minute, once I make sure I have your attention.”

Oh, she had my attention.

“They both tell me there’s one thing missing. They want this thing in their ass and you don’t seem to want to give it to them there. Tell me, why don’t you fuck your wife and sister in the ass?”

I tried to explain it wasn’t really my thing, but she wasn’t having it.

“You don’t understand asshole. It’s not about what you want. It’s about what they want. Mom’s got a couple of special clients that want you in their ass, but she can’t send you until you get good at it. These chicks are protective of their cunts and mouths. They only let their husbands in there, so play time is ass or nothing.”

I didn’t really have much of a response and to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in doing that.

“So, here’s the deal asshole. We figure the only way you going to get used to giving it in the ass is if you get it in the ass.”

With that she reached into the bag and pulled out a couple of small tubes ad held them up in front of me licking them lewdly.

“I’ll start small and work up, but it’s going to happen.”

She squeezed my cock harder and stroked it faster.

“Do I have your attention now, asshole?”

She did indeed and I let her know so.

She told me to stand up and went down on me sucking for all she was worth. When I was ready, she held out a small cup for me to unload into.

She moved behind me and hugged me from behind pressing her glorious tits into my back and started to bend me forward over the back of the couch. We’re about the same height, so at a certain point she could whisper in my ear. In an unusually soft and sisterly tone she started to try to comfort me about what she was going to do.

“I know I’ve been kind of rough on you in these sessions, but it’s all for a reason. I make a lot of money being a bitch dom for guys that like it rough. Real rough. This stuff I do with you is nothing. Pussy cat stuff. Mom wants this one thing and I need to make it happen. I promise, it isn’t as bad as you seem to think.”

She had me bent over the couch now, but was still leaning from behind, pressing herself on me.

“Remember watching the guy fuck me in the ass a few weeks back?”

How could I forget.

“He’s one of my regulars and that was a mild session. But I needed you to see it. I needed to know you saw his cock pounding my ass like that. I needed you to see it to know that I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.”

She was now standing in front of me looking me in the eye.

“Do you understand? gaziantep escort bayan reklamları Do you under know that I’m not trying to be mean or hurt you?”

I told her I did.

“When you watched that, what did you think?” Did you enjoy it at all? Did you understand how much I enjoyed it?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I want to tell you, I’m one of those who really loves getting ass fucked. Almost more than regular. Oral, Anal, then vaginal for me.”

But she explained that she needed me understand how it felt and how much my wife and Alice wanted it. She went on to say that Jill, who I thought was out shopping was in fact at a client who was taking her ass at this very minute.

She had us change positions so she could sit in front of me and reach between my parted legs.


She dipped her finger in the cup of my cum and got a gob holding it for me to see as she lubricated her finger with it.


She lowered her hand and raised it up under me until I could feel it searching out the right spot and slipping inside. She was looking me in the eye as her finger entered.

“Relax, you’re too tight. Open it up so I can get my finger in deeper.”

My system somehow adjusted and I could feel her get in and begin stroking.

Still in her soft, sisterly voice, “How are you doing? Are you, OK?”

I nodded and told her I was.

“OK. I’m going to move up a size now.”

She showed me the smaller of the tubes, about twice the size of her finger. Using some more of my cum to lubricate it, I soon felt it enter with only minimal pain. I can’t say it felt good, but it wasn’t horrible. She could sense that.

“That one makes entry, but doesn’t stimulate the right places.”

She stood up and selected the next size, showing it to me.

“I have to go behind you for the rest, so I need to to lay over the couch again. You didn’t produce enough cum for me to use on the rest, so I’ll have to use my juices. You don’t mind if your sister’s pussy juice is in your ass, do you?”

It wasn’t like I had a lot of choice in the matter, but I nodded OK. She didn’t say much from then on, moving up a size at a time. I had to admit the bigger ones were feeling better.

“OK, that’s all I have in the hand versions. You took them very well.”

“Are we done?” I asked.

“No little brother, not even close. We move on, but I have to do it a different way.”

Still in the soft voice, she wasn’t using the derogatory name any more. She seemed more affectionate that I ever remembered her being.

I couldn’t tell exactly what she way doing for a few minutes. But then she spoke softly again.

“Hey little bother, are you OK? Are you ready for the next size?”

I assured her I was.

I could feel her behind me, but it felt different. She was in a different positions and it felt like she was standing up. I felt her start to push something in and at first it almost took my breath away. I pushed my head down into the couch to muffle my moan as I felt it deeper and deeper Then I could feel her stroking it in and out in a different manner. Smoother, longer strokes and I could feel her thighs against mine. I finally caught a glimpse in one of the mirrors off to the side to see that she was literally fucking me with a strap-on I didn’t even know she had on. She pulled out and I felt empty.

“Hang on little brother, two more.”

I heard something snap and then felt her move back into place and enter again. The stroking was slow at first and she pushed deeper with an obviously bigger size. The in and out motions resumed for a few minutes. My cock responded to the stimulation and got almost painfully hard.

“We’re almost done little brother. One more and I’ll take care of your cock again.”

I felt empty again and heard the snapping. Then the sensation of penetration, but definitely larger this time. Much larger. I opened up to it though and she slipped in easily. She moved in slowly again, then resumed the motion, picking up speed and force. This felt even closer to really getting fucked in the ass, which of course is exactly what it was. She stopped, fully inserted, her thighs against mine, leaning over me pressing her tits into my back again. She just laid there for minute hugging me from behind for all she was worth.

“We’re done with this part. I’m going to take it out now and I want you to lay on the couch on your back.”

She pulled out and I moved to where I could lay down which I really needed to do as my back was hurting. She was partially concealed by a chair, but once escort gaziantep reklamları I got laid down and she moved in front of me, I could see that she had a fairly large and very lifelike rubber cock strapped into her harness. She moved between my legs and nudged my knees open.

“One more step little brother. You’re doing fine. Just this last thing.”

She looked me straight in the eyes as she inserted it again and pushed all the way in. It wasn’t hard to take the second time. I was able to see the expression on her face and watch her tits move as she fucked me. Our eyes never parted other than a brief glance down to her chest. She stopped on one stroke when fully inserted, our crotches meshed together. She reached down and took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. In no time it spewed out for the second time today.

She pulled out and moved down to my chest to begin licking it up. She took my cock in her mouth again and worked her tongue to clean it.

She stood up and pulled me up to her in the most amazing hug, the rubber dildo between my legs. She moved her mouth to mine in a deep and intimate kiss far more suitable for long lost lovers than brother and sister. It was incredibly tender considering the way she usually treated me.

After a few minutes, she stepped back and removed the harness.

“That was better than I expected. How do you feel? Is there any pain? Do you need to be alone for awhile?”

“No, sis, I’m fine, really. It was OK, but it almost looks like you’re crying.”

Wiping a tear, “I almost did, but it’s OK. I’m just happy you took this so well.”

She laid back on the floor in front of the couch and motioned me to join her. I did and she took my hands and put them on her breasts.

“You did well and you’ve more than earned them. Feel, caress, lick, nibble, whatever you want.”

I wasn’t going to pass that up and did just as she instructed, taking my time enjoying them fully. After a few minutes, she started to slide upwards a bit, stopping when her pussy was under my face. Her hands moved to my head and pulled me to her.

In that very soft voice, “go ahead little brother, eat your big sister’s cunt. Lick it, eat it, worship it with your mouth.”

I gave it all I could for as long as I could, not knowing it I’d ever get the chance again. She moaned deeply and pulled my face into her, then held it tightly as I felt her whole body shudder. She let out a gutteral, almost blood curling scream as she trembled uncontrollably wrapping her legs around my neck before releasing them, her legs and arms falling limp beside her.

We must have fallen asleep there on the floor for a while. When I came to, she was over in the kitchen again making another snack.

“Hey asshole, how ya’ doin? You don’t mind if a sister eats after she fuck her brother’s ass, do you?”

“Back to the name calling I see.”

“Yeah, it come and goes.”

“It’s OK I guess, I know it’s all in fun.”

“Nicknames are nicknames, fucking is fun.”

“True. But where do we go now?”

She reached down and cupped my crotch, pushing her chest into me.

“Well, as soon as I get this snack down and your cock gets hard again, I’ll tell you.”

“Keep stroking it and talking like that and it won’t take long.”

“Doesn’t matter. We’ve got all day and night until we get done.”

“I thought we were done.”

“Nope. I did you, but you still have to do me.”

“Excuse me?”

Holding my cock firm and looking me in the eye, “We’re not done until this has been deep in my ass. That’s what this is all about after all. In the next few days, this is going to spend a lot of time in women’s asses. Mine. Your wife’s. Alice’s. Maybe even Charlotte’s.”

I gave her a deep hug and whispered in her ear “Anything you say Sis.”

“And maybe, just maybe, if you earn the right, just maybe I’ll let you put it in here.” rubbing my hand over her mound.

“I know you want it in there, don’t you?”

“I’d love to be able to put it in there.”

“Well play your cards right and do as you’re told then.”

Stroking me some more, she held onto my cock as she led me back over to the couch and leaned over it spreading her cheeks wide. Looking back over her shoulder she added, ‘well, what are you waiting for?”

Nothing. Nothing at all. It took me a minute to get her lubricated and opened up before I started in just as she had, a little at a time. Then a little more. Once in, I stopped to savor what was happening and remembering the show I had seen a few days earlier. I knew I couldn’t fuck her that hard and didn’t even try, but I did the best I could. Neither one of had much energy left and this was really just doing the deed for a few minutes to say it had been done. I pulled out, she stood up and we hugged again.

“OK, that was fine for a first attempt. Let’s take a break for a while. I’ll stay here tonight while the others are at Mom and Dad’s. We’ll go at it again in the morning.”

“Oh, and rest assured little brother, that won’t be the last time you meet my little friend over their either.”