Haziran 1, 2023

Down the Rabbit Hole Ch. 06

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Dylan hobbled two streets back to his car. He was trying, and failing, to hide the erection that bulged tightly against the stained fabric of his pants. Crowds still came and went down the street, but they passed him by without much scrutiny. As he collapsed back into the driver’s seat, he was still grinning from ear to ear, soaked in sweat, and reeking of sex. It was a good day. The need to slide his cock out of his fly and release the pent up need was overwhelming His fingers trembled above the waist band. Reason won out, but only by a hair’s breadth. He turned the keys and headed home.

His mood blackened with every mile.

Molly would be home the next three evenings. She had taken her time off on her night shifts, so that time had been stolen from him. There were so many men at the party, and he had hardly had the chance to talk with any of them. He was forced to leave hours early, so he could clean up in time for her. And when would he ever be at a party like that again? Next year, at best?

He was quite sullen by the time he had scrubbed himself clean, finished the chores, and made himself believably comfortable on the couch. A moment later, his wife reached the front door, and the mask was back on. He sat on the bathtub as she showered, listening to her day with a happy smile, scrolling through posts from bi men in the area. He felt his pulse in this throat as he took in their photos. He sent each of them messages, detailing his need for them.

His face was blotchy red from blushing again by the time she stepped out of the tub. “The humidity,” he explained.

Some of the men had responded by the next time Molly was busy in the bathroom. Dylan responded with half-hearted enthusiasm. He could feel the frustration building, and was annoyed at himself for being so childish about it. He spent the night seated beside her on the couch with the TV on, but he glared at the wall and waited for time to pass. His phone vibrated, and he opened up the messages on instinct.

“i miss your wet mouth around my cock. u busy now?”

Dylan closed the screen. Molly turned her head, and her eyes shot to his. “Work,” he croaked, uncertain what she had seen.

Her eyes went back to the television and he breathed again. His heart was racing erratically. Who the hell was that? It only took him a moment to remember: It was the stranger he had jerked off on.

His marriage had nearly ended over that single, stupid moment. It was like a near death experience. He felt a cold sheen of sweat down Ankara bayan escort his back. “What the hell am I doing?” he thought, and not for the first time.

His heart rate didn’t slow again for the rest of the night. But, the moment Molly left to brush her teeth, he sent the man his email account and an explanation. Then he blocked the man’s number. Crisis averted.

At midnight, after Molly had fallen asleep, he crept back to the bathroom and locked the door. The man had replied again.

“its me”

“Hey there,” Dylan wrote back. “I’ve been dreaming of your cock all night. I wish I could have stayed longer. My wife is here now. I can’t text. When are you free again?”

“no worries.” The reply had only taken a moment. “free tomorrow. u?”

“I’ll make time,” Dylan replied.

“what times she leave the house?”

“She’s out by eight.”

“be there at eight thirty?”

Dylan froze for a moment. “Here?!” he replied as a joke. Surely that wasn’t what the man was implying.

“that okay?” Another reply followed. “don’t have a place to myself rn.”

“I can’t have my wife catch me,” Dylan wrote back.

“np,” the man responded. Dylan breathed easy for a second, only to be gutted by the next. “i didnt last long wu last time ;)”

That much was true. He shook his head, trying to clear it. Nope, it was insane. There had been enough close calls.

“What if I met you in parking garage?” Dylan typed back.

“lol. not fuckin in a garage”

He felt the blackness returning at rapid speed. The plan had fallen apart so quickly. Another reply dinged, and he saw a photo loading of the man’s heavy cock, glistening with pre-cum, the strands of it stretching from his fingers. Dylan grabbed for his own without thinking, and it pulsed to full size in an instant.

“God you got me so hard,” he wrote back. It was awkward and slow, typing with one hand. “I’m jerking in bathroom now”

“wife asleep?”

Dylan tugged faster. “Yeah. I want to taste you,” he wrote. He shut his eyes. He could still remember it perfectly, the fat shape of the man’s cock head, the thickness that had made his jaw ache, the taste of pre-cum spilling onto his tongue…

“send me a pic”

Dylan obeyed quickly. His cock was beet red and swollen in his hand.

“fuck yes. now im hard. show me your face”

Dylan flipped the camera, then posed with his cock squeezed tight within his hand. It wasn’t a flattering view, but a dribble of clear fluid was Escort bayan Ankara running down his knuckles, and he thought it was would do.

“show me your asshole”

Dylan slid further down the seat and pulled his knees into his chest. Then he stretched his arm out low and found the right angle.

“I need you to fill me tomorrow,” he wrote, and then deleted it. He’d forgotten that the man wanted to meet him here in his home.

But, a blowjob would faster…. At least a blowjob would be over in a minute. It was certainly a lot more reasonable than fucking the man.

“You’ll have to be quick,” he wrote instead. Then he sent out his address.

By the time Molly was finishing her coffee, Dylan had her lunch bag packed, the kitchen was clean, and the laundry was in the machine. He handed her her keys as she was putting on her shoes. “Let me know when you get to work safely,” he said, kissing her deeply on the lips. The smile on his face was genuine.

He called in sick as she was getting into her car. He waited there at the window until 8:30, feeling his fingers shaking with anticipation. Ten minutes later, a familiar face came strolling down the sidewalk. Dylan pulled open the door, hiding his face behind it.

“Hey,” they both said awkwardly, as the man stepped inside. “Nice place,” he added.

Dylan closed the door behind him, and introduced himself. “Taylor,” the other man said, grinning.

“So how do we…” Dylan began, but Taylor had already walked away, glancing around the place and nodding with approval. Dylan felt a surge of panic. Every minute wasted here was begging for trouble. If Molly came back…

Taylor unbuckled his large belt buckle. “Bedroom?” he asked.

“This way,” Dylan said. Their mouths were pressed tight against each other as they landed onto the guest bed. Taylor pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a tight body, knotted in muscle. Dylan popped the button of the man’s jeans and tugged until they were down to the boy’s ankles. Taylor’s cock hung limply over shaved balls.

Taylor swelled quickly. It was almost comical how large it grew, like a balloon suddenly filling up. Dylan suddenly needed two hands to jerk it as he tongued the boy’s balls with messy abandon. He pressed Taylor’s cock back with one hand, and slipped his tongue lower, snaking its way between the boy’s ass cheeks. Taylor squealed, and pulled away. He forced his dick back through Dylan’s wet lips, then laid back down with a sigh.

It Bayan escort Ankara wasn’t long before Dylan felt the fat head of the boy’s cock getting harder, swelling wider. He wasn’t far now. The boy’s fingers were winding their way through Dylan’s hair, holding him tighter. With a bit of struggle, Dylan pulled Taylor’s cock out of his mouth.

“Wanna finish in my ass?” Dylan asked, after swallowing down a mouthful of spit and pre-cum.

Taylor blinked at him, his eyes still glazed over, and he nodded. Dylan sprang up and ran to Molly’s drawer. He found the bottle of lube she had gotten for her strap-on. He tossed it to Taylor a moment later, and then climbed onto the mattress on all fours.

It took a few minutes to get going. The boy knew what he was doing, and he didn’t rush it. Before long, a harsh clapping sound was echoing out around the room. The boy’s hips worked at a lightning pace as he neared the edge again. Dylan’s thick cheeks rang out with every slap of skin-on-skin. His eyes rolled back and he collapsed onto his belly as Taylor drove in deeper and harder.

Taylor’s arms latched around him, squeezing Dylan painfully still. Taylor roared in satisfaction as his hips continued to pump in and out. The boy kicked Dylan’s legs out further, and he dug in deeper, humping faster. Each time it seemed Taylor was finally done, he’d climb back onto his knees and pump away in a fury again.

After another ten minutes of it, Taylor grabbed Dylan by the chest and they rolled together onto their sides, panting and soaked with sweat. Taylor’s strong hand snatched up Dylan’s cock by the base and he tugged in a fury until, with a harsh cry, Dylan released a torrent of cum spraying across the sheets. Taylor stroked him long after the last drop had slipped out. Dylan gasped like a fish, his mind fading in and out.

Taylor was out of the house five minutes later, walking back to the car he’d parked around the block. The sheets were washed and the room was vented and Febrezed. The bottle of lube was wiped down and returned to its rightful place. Dylan showered, reaching in deep to scoop out what he could of the boy’s cum.

He checked over the room one final time, then went to make lunch. He was halfway to the kitchen when his cock began to swell again.

He ran back to the bedroom and spent the rest of the day posting videos of his cock on all the forums he knew of. Every reply that came in got a very detailed response and new photo. He made a lot of new friends.

By noon, he met a man outside an office building in the back of a parking lot. It was less than five minutes from his house. He gagged around the man’s cock in the backseat, both of them with their pants down to their ankles. The man drilled his finger into Dylan’s ass as he came.

Dylan’s black mood was long forgotten.