Eylül 19, 2023

Eleanor Pt. 02

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Eleanor led me back to the leather shop where we had “met” (if you could call it that). She led me up a back door in the store that led to a stairwell. In the stairwell is where we kissed. She gently backed me against the wall, almost cat like in her stalking. Our kiss was like a match being lit in a dark hallway, and the kisses that followed it were like a raging forest fire. I don’t know how long we made out in the stairwell, but I could have done it for ages.

When we finally tore away from each other she smiled that damn smile again and led me up the stairs to what seemed to be a loft. Eleanor kept the light low, so I can’t say I ever got a good look around, but the loft was decorated with candles, and dark fabrics. She was sitting on what I presumed was her bed. It was plush and comfortable looking. The sheets seemed to be made out of the darkness itself. I walked toward her slowly, hoping to convey a teasing sensuality instead of the jittery wreck I was inside.

She pulled me the last couple of steps by my new belt loops and I stood there between her legs. She looked up at me, and I down at her. She seemed to pin me with her eyes, eyes that I could have stayed lost in forever. I don’t know if it was love, but it sure had a whole lot of lust in it.

She had to stoop to undo the belt that was on my trousers. Her eyes never left mine as her teeth expertly removed my belt from the catch. My breathing had become shallow, and I’m sure I sounded like a winded marathon runner. I hesitantly ran my fingers through that gorgeous black hair. Once my belt hit the floor, my other clothes followed soon behind, and they were intermingled with hers on the floor of the dark loft.

I don’t know what I expected from this encounter, or what kind of sex to expect. Passion, I expected, even yearned for (it had been missing from my marriage for quite some time). But the gentle way Eleanor lay me down and caressed every part of me was unexpected. I had never been touched by a woman, not even a masseuse. Her hands braided themselves in my hair as she kissed me. Her kisses trailed down my neck and her tongue lapped at my cleavage. mecidiyeköy escort I gasped as her long seductive fingers expertly rolled my nipple, first one and then the other, in her hands. I never knew something so sensual.

Eleanor’s tongue traced every inch of my torso before I had begun to moan with anticipation, her tongue ring and lip rings only adding to the sensations that snaked down my nerve endings and sent electric shocks of pleasure and shaking to my brain. My pussy was so wet, and my ache for her never ending. She hadn’t even touched me yet and I was screaming.

Eleanor sat up and straddled me. She still had a lacy black thong on that denied me the view that I dreamed about for ages afterward. A tentative shaking hand that must of belonged to me snaked up and traced one delicate tattoo after another. Up her finger, her wrist, the slender bend in her arm, finally down to her breasts and around her nipples. Every time she breathed the ink seemed alive on her body, like a living piece of art. She was breath taking. She must have sensed my wonder, because she never rushed me. She paused there, straddling my waist, and allowed me to trace the entire span of her torso from one finger tip, to her navel, to her other wrist.

She began to sink lower between my legs. My brain almost began to panic until I shut it up – it would be no different than when my husband was between my legs. Half of my brain knew it was a lie just to pacify its fears, the other half actually believed it was all the same no matter who was there. Oh how I was wrong. Her tongue bathed my pussy, the metal ring applying pressure where no pressure had ever been applied before. Eleanor’s hands had snuck their way under my thighs to grasp my wrists. Her shoulders pressed upward until my legs were almost vertical. In less than ten seconds I was completely caught and restrained by her.

Her tongue traced up the right side of my labia, down the left side. She paused at the entrance to my dripping wet pussy before easing her tongue inside of me. I could not struggle, but my head thrashed from side to side as pleasure aksaray escort I had never known before began to build inside of me. Her tongue flicked out and became flat with that bud of metal at its center. She quickly rolled it up my pussy and the metal ball flicked my clit; I screamed. She slid her tongue back down and entered me again. This process wasn’t repeated long before I was sailing into an orgasm. I think “oh fuck yes” and “please. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” were in my vocabulary, but the memory is a little hazy.

After I had come down from my climax I dared looked into her eyes, she radiated pure, raw passion and lust. I said frantically, “You, now you”. She released her grip on my wrists and bent down to retrieve a box that was under her bed. I had expected to reverse positions and try my attempt at going down on her. I gasped at what she pulled out of the box. The long 9″ strap-on that she pulled out was something to marvel at. My own husband boasted a whopping 7.5″, but this made him look like a tooth pick! It was girthy, and it was perfect, clad in smooth black leather. She smiled at me and offered to help me in the straps. I numbly stumbled into them and started to apologize, that I didn’t know what I was doing. Just then, something took hold of me. Maybe this goddesses raw lust and passion had leaked into me.

In the box that now lay on the floor next to our clothes, happened to be a pair of Velcro wrist cuffs. While Eleanor got up and bent to take her panties off I snatched them quickly up. She once again resumed to straddle me with the strap-on resting erect on her stomach. She stood up and hovered herself over the tip of the leather strap-on. Slowly she began to work it inside of her. I moaned watching the shaft begin to get wet with her juices. The perfect moment came for me to get the cuffs on her. Her head was thrown back, revealing her gorgeous throat. Her hands rested lightly behind her on her thighs. I quickly bucked my hips up and got one cuff on each wrist. She snapped her gaze at me in surprise. I took that quick moment to clip the cuffs together.

Now she sat there, her warm nişantaşı escort pussy completely engulfing the strap-on I was wearing. Her hands cuffed behind her back, and a look of sexy, almost innocent surprise on her face. I smiled at her, used one hand to hold on to the clasp between the cuffs, and used my other hand to forcefully grip her hip. I began to pump the strap-on into her as best I could. She began to moan, and I could of cum just from hearing that! She sounded so sexy, sometimes a light groan, others a deep and complex primitive sound emanating from her throat.

I thrust in and out of her long and lazily, not because I wanted to tease her (even though I was), but because I was desperately trying to get the hang of using this new toy. Once I started to get the hang of it we were like a rhythmic machine, me entering and exiting her with the strap-on. Her riding me and fucking me with her hands cuffed behind her. She was fucking beautiful. Her pierced nipples bounced as she began to ride faster and faster. I knew she was coming close to cuming.

I shifted just slightly so that I was sitting up and slowed my pumping. She began to emit this cute whimpering that made me feel like I had the control. I removed my hand from her hip and slithered it up her torso to her swelled breasts. Still rocking slightly from our motion, I cupped one beautiful breast and began to suck on her pierced nipple. Her moans grew louder, and she helped me pump in and out of her again with a new frenzy. She was so close. I clamped my mouth onto her other nipple as I fucked her harder and faster. I couldn’t give anymore and I prayed I could maintain this speed until she came.

The strap-on base had been rubbing on my mound until I had shifted to get my lips on her nipples. It was now rocking and slamming onto my pussy. A few minutes and I could feel my orgasm building too. I took my hand and grabbed a handful of that raven hair and held on as she rode me until she screamed into an earth shattering orgasm. Her last few orgasmic bucks sent me over the edge as the strap-on nudged my clit. I screamed out and let go of her hair.

Eleanor collapsed on top of me and I stroked her back as we got our breathing under control. I unclipped her from her binds and she rolled onto her side next to me.

“That was fucking amazing”.

I nodded my head in agreement, I’m glad she didn’t know how spent I was.