Mayıs 31, 2023

Emily, Part Two

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Asa Akira

I’m an avid vegetable gardener, spending all the warm months outdoors in the garden or the greenhouse.  Owning a corner lot in the neighborhood left me with a tiny backyard but a large side yard.  With this odd configuration, my garden and greenhouse were visible to every passerby.  The picket fence surrounding my yard kept others at bay as I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude of my garden time.The one downside with being on a main road in the neighborhood was the constant stream of bikers and walkers.  Most of them left me alone other than to say Hello, as they went about their daily exercise.  I did get the occasional walker that would stop and ask questions as if I was some sort of expert.  It was one of these that this story is all about.Sophie was an attractive Chinese woman about the same age as me, that spoke very little English.  I’d seen her on her morning walk many times before, and she’d always wave and say Hi.  She was quite beautiful but did nothing to advertise herself.Our first real interaction came one Saturday morning when she stopped and waved.  When I noticed her, she waved me over to ask me a question.  I was a bit annoyed at the interruption but needed to stretch my legs anyway.  As I overactingly groaned during my rise, Sophie frowned a little apologetically.  Once at the fence, she smiled while holding her phone in front of her.”Good morning,” I offered, feeling a bit like an ass.”Good morning to you,” she replied in her heavy accent.Then she showed me her phone for a moment which displayed a translation app.  Turning the phone back to her, Sophie began to speak in her native language of Mandarin.  Once finished, she turned it toward me.  I imagined some questions Ankara escort on fertilization or specific types of plants that I use as most others ask.  Instead, the phone said, “Do you have squirrel problems?”I chuckled a little, and so did she before pushing the phone toward me.  Still half-laughing, I uttered, “No, not anymore.  The chicken wire keeps them out.”Turning the phone back to her, it emitted the answer.  “Ahh,” she said before speaking into the phone again.  After a few seconds, it issued, “May I come and look?”Not waiting to speak into the phone, I waved her down the fenceline to the front gate.  I opened the gate and led her toward the garden.  Sophie slipped her arm around mine for the short walk.  I initially assumed it was to keep her balance.  Once we arrived, she released my arm while looking closely at the wire.  Her eyes followed it up to its six-foot height while asking, “Why so high?””It keeps the deer out.”She shook her head knowingly before I pointed to her phone.  Holding it up, I asked, “What is your name?”After listening to the question, she replied, “Sophie.”I held my hand out to her.  As she placed hers in mine, I spoke, “Hi, Sophie, I’m Dennis,” with a smile on my face.Embarrassingly, I felt myself begin to harden as I stared into her alluring eyes.  Her soft hands wrapped in mine only added to my arousal.  In my loose-fitting shorts, it quickly became all too obvious.If she noticed, Sophie never let on as she asked, “May I see your greenhouse?”As I led her the twenty feet, Sophie slipped her arm in mine once again.  My ten by twelve aluminum and faded panel greenhouse wasn’t the prettiest.  But with all the interior Ankara escort bayan shelving and a sink, it was priceless to me.  Once inside, I began to point out my new seedlings.  Ignoring me, Sophie pulled the doors closed behind us and slowly lowered herself to her knees.  Grasping the legs of my shorts, she pulled them down, exposing my semi-hard penis.Standing there in a stupor, I watched as she licked the tip lightly before taking it into her mouth.  Her mouth was magical in its warmth and coercive nature.  It had been some time since my cock was in another’s mouth, but that aside, Sophie was quite good at this.  As I too quickly neared my climax, I mumbled, “I’m going to cum.”  I heard her phone translate my warning, and Sophie tightened her grip on my buttocks, thereby forcing me into her open throat.  I gripped the benches on either side of the greenhouse as my cum exploded into her.  I swear that I saw stars for a moment as my knees buckled slightly.  Looking down, I watched as Sophie continued to suck and lick my retreating penis.  Once she was satisfied with her work, she raised my shorts and reached for my hand.  I gently pulled her up while steadying her under the arm.  Once she was standing, Sophie kept her eyes trained on the ground.  I gently lifted her chin while saying, “May I return the favor?”After the translation was completed, she smiled and spoke, “I wouldn’t want to take you away from your gardening. Besides, it’s not necessary.””It’s not about that.  I want to please you as much as you’ve pleased me, and I find you very attractive.  But, you already knew that, didn’t you?” I said with a grin.Sophie smiled back at my converted Escort Ankara reply.  Still holding onto her, I pulled her in for an eager kiss.  She resisted only for a second and then fell deeply into it as we became lustful.  After a minute or two, we broke apart panting, like two old people in heat.  We obviously were, but for more than just our sexual need.  After all, we were in a greenhouse with the doors closed, and it was hot in there.I pushed the doors open and pulled Sophie outside, where we both went about catching our breath in the shade of the oak tree several feet away.  Once we were back to normal, she related, “I have to go now.  I need to work on my garden too.””So soon?” I questioned as I held her hands in mine.  I could see that she was beginning to get shy on me, so I pulled her toward the stockade fence that surrounded my backyard.  Before she could answer, I opened the gate to show her my porch with an outdoor fireplace and koi pond.  “If you must leave now, please consider coming back this evening.  We can sit by the pond and talk.”Sophie listened to the translation and then simply said, “Okay, maybe later.”She didn’t run away as I respectfully led her back to the front gate, where we reluctantly released hands.  I headed back into my garden while keeping my eyes locked on my Asian princess.The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully as I planted many of my seedlings.  Getting hungry and in need of a shower, I grudgingly headed inside.  As hungry as I was, my need for a shower came first.  After a quick shave, I washed away the day’s sweat and dirt.  Back in a t-shirt and shorts, I fired up the outdoor fireplace, which doubled as a grill.I went back inside to grab a beer and a couple of hotdogs for dinner.  Once they were cooked, I sat on the porch and ate my bachelor’s meal while enjoying the sunset.  When I was finished, I cleaned up my mess before propping open the gate.  I decided on some hammock time while waiting to see if Sophie would show.