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End of the World

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Daddy was having the dream again. Vicky lay in the dark, under the blankets with her father’s arms around her and waited it out, just like she had for the last 3 nights. He must be dreaming about mum; it was the only explanation, or the best explanation anyway considering the effect the dream was having. She could feel daddy’s hardness pressed up against her buttocks and his hands were groping their way across her front as they lay together in the spoons position. This was the 4th night in a row, always the same thing, or so it seemed to Vicky.

The first night he’d had this dream Vicky had woken in a panic with images of being attacked by the many violent gangs now roaming the country since the fall of order. Once she realised it was just her daddy mumbling into her neck and groping her in his sleep, she had relaxed somewhat. Then he’d started moving. He’d obviously been having an erotic dream as he ground himself against her for what felt like hours until he’d subsided and then murmured himself into a contented sleep. Vicky had been surprised at how warm and safe she had felt and how the knot of anxiety deep within her core had loosened enough for a really good sleep for the remainder of the night. The second and third nights had been the same but without the initial fear, after all she felt safest when she was in his arms, no matter what.

Vicky lay still as daddy’s large, warm hands explored their way across her front and onto her breasts. The thin material of her t-shirt was the only thing between them and those hands belonging to her own father. Her nipples hardened involuntarily at the attention and as she thought about what her daddy was doing her stomach did a flip and she realised with shock that this time she was getting wet. Her daddy was so strong and resourceful, he’d kept them alive and fed, sheltered and as safe as possible in the chaos. Fucking Hell, did she want him? She must! She was wet for her own daddy! Vicky chewed that thought over for a moment before her mind wandered back to the beginning almost 12 months ago.

It had begun quickly, nobody really believed that it was happening at first so there was no real effort to stop it. Some kind of virus or disease had started cropping up in Asia and before a week had passed the rest of the world was reporting cases. Britain had absolutely gone to pot about a week later, looting and violence was out of control as public order went out the window. Vicky’s father had insisted that they move to the small cabin he had in the hills on the outskirts of the New Forest in the south of England. They’d had to travel carefully and mostly on foot as the chaos made driving almost impossible. That first week or so on the road Vicky had suffered terrible nightmares, making too much noise and putting them both in danger, but they found the nightmares abated if she slept with her daddy’s arms around her.

Now a new problem had arisen. Vicky giggled softly to herself at the thought and wiggled her athletic bottom against the long hard thickness that had literally arisen from her father. She was wearing underwear of course, as was he, but it didn’t do much to detract from the hot throbbing she could feel from it. Daddy groaned again and moved against her, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples in his sleep as his shaft slid between the tight, firm globes of her arse. Suddenly feeling naughty, Vicky carefully reached around and slid her hand between them, feeling the hard stomach muscles of her father twitch beneath her fingers as she ran her hand towards the waistband of his boxer briefs.

She paused as she suddenly wondered if this was a good idea but then, holding her breath, she pressed on and slid her small hand under the waistband. She immediately felt the heat of his thick shaft and wrapped her fingers around it gently, it throbbed in response and her father gave a sigh of pleasure. She gripped it softly as he moved his hips and soon he was pulling her against him and almost thrusting like he was fucking her. His excitement grew and he slipped his right hand down her body to her hip to pull her arse into his groin. Suddenly finding her hand trapped and unable to stroke his cock she held it firmly and let him thrust into her fist. Daddy moved his hand again, sliding back up her body, but this time her t-shirt had ridden up a little with the motion and his fingers slid up bare skin. His large hand travelled its way up her soft teenage flesh, across her tight flat stomach to her firm young breast.

She gasped in pleasure at the touch, the illicit naughtiness of it thrilled her and she arched her back pushing her nipple into his palm and her backside into his cock. She felt him swell in her hand and suddenly a rope of hot liquid shot up her wrist and hand as he spasmed against her. He stopped moving and held her gently with just a sigh of contentment as he slept on blissfully. Vicky’s sigh was one of pure frustration however. She was horny as fuck now! She retrieved her hand bayan esmer escort bursa and slid it into her own underwear. Her pussy was slick with arousal and her hand slick with cum as she ran a finger along her swollen lips. She shuddered in pleasure and went to work with her fingers, circling her clit gently at first and gradually increasing the pace until she orgasmed quietly in the darkness. She sighed again, it felt far from enough and the sexual tension was still seething through her looking for an outlet. She lay awake and pondered what to do about it until she fell into a fitful slumber.

Vicky awoke at dawn with the sun brightening the small room. Her father was already awake and checking the door and the single window of the cabin they were sheltering in. He glanced at her as she stretched on her back as she lay in the small bed they had shared. Her t-shirt pulled tight across her chest making her nipples poke through quite obviously and outlining her breasts. He cleared his throat and turned back to the window.

“Morning daddy.” She murmured quietly, they did everything quietly these days.

“Morning Girly”, he replied. Girly was his pet name for her, not very imaginative but somehow it made her feel protected, like daddy’s little girl. She smiled and sat up.

“Anything outside?” she asked, knowing that if there had been he would have already woken her and be planning to deal with it.

“Nope, all quiet this morning. Looks like rain though, we’ll need to check the area before dark and make sure there are no people around”. He paused as he said the word ‘people’ and she swallowed nervously and nodded, then pulled her dark hair into a ponytail and wrapped her scrunchie around it.

He didn’t say it, but they had to make sure there were no dead people around, the ones that were still moving obviously; there was no immediate threat from the permanently dead, the walking dead however were a big problem. She shook her head at the absurdity of the thought, she and her father were attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse; fucking mental! On top of the dead returning to life, order had completely broken down and it was now survival of the fittest, with gangs of people taking whatever they wanted in whatever way they could. Her dad had fought off half a dozen attackers so far; people trying to take her, their food, or their gear. She knew he was suffering inside, he wasn’t a killer, he was an IT manager, or he had been, before. Now what was he? What was she? She had been planning to go to university, she’d just finished her A levels and was preparing for it when it had all kicked off and the world went to absolute shit.

Vicky slipped on her hiking trousers in the gloomy dawn light, there was a small rip in the front, at the knee, and she frowned at it.

“We’re going to need to get some more stuff dad, my trousers will need replacing, and we’ve been using the same underwear for 2 weeks!” Her father glanced at her over his shoulder.

“2 pairs of underwear, we’re not barbarians Girly, although I do feel like I could do with a change, and a shave” he said running his hand over the 2 weeks of facial hair.

“Let’s plan a trip into town then.” She said, smiling at his levity. The butterflies in her stomach at the thought of returning to town were fairly vigorous in their acrobatics and she gulped down the fear trying to get a grip on her. Her father just nodded and gripped the window frame as he frowned into the overcast garden outside.


“Vicky, we need to get back” her father murmured to her and nodded back to the small cabin. She looked up and saw it was now past dusk and actual darkness was approaching. She picked up one last apple and dropped it into the bag over her shoulder. They had spent the day scavenging from the area around the cabin and checking for the dead, and any other people. Together they headed back to the small cabin to prepare the evening meal.

“Daddy” Vicky began hesitantly, “…do you think about mum much?” She saw him tense up a little and worried that she had made a mistake but he took a deep breath and replied quietly.

“I do, but not every day like I did just after. It’s been 10 years since she died, so…mainly I miss her at night…” He cleared his throat and looked away, uncomfortable. Vicky smiled to herself and nodded.

“I miss her too, I was only 7 when she died, I thought cancer was the worst thing in the world back then.” She snorted, “now look at the world!” He nodded in understanding.

“I see her in you Girly, you look a lot like she did at 18. Well, you’re smaller, and possibly more beautiful.” He smiled as he said it and Vicky felt a flutter of excitement in her stomach.

“Let’s get back and eat.” She suggested.

They dropped off the foraged food in the improvised larder inside the small cabin and Vicky stretched out her back.

“I could do with a hot shower daddy, bursa ucuz eskort my back aches and I feel like an absolute pig, and I’m sure I must smell like one!”

He laughed quietly. “Why don’t we use the solar shower, we can refill it from the stream tomorrow.”

Vicky bounced in excitement and hugged her father. “Thanks daddy!”

She bounded away and headed outside to the cubicle housing the solar shower. She began stripping off as her father came outside to make sure it remained safe. She noticed however that he kept glancing back at her and she felt herself blushing self consciously. She knew she was attractive; she’d never had any problems getting boyfriends, or girlfriends for that matter! She was very petite but had breasts that looked large on her even though they were only a 32B, and she knew her bum was one of her best features as the number of compliments she used to get was almost embarrassing. She was however, absolutely filthy!

Vicky glanced up at the tank of water and frowned, there wouldn’t be enough warm water for 2 showers. With a naughty giggle she called quietly to her father.

“Daddy, why don’t you come in with me? There won’t be enough water for 2 separate showers.” She saw him begin to shake his head but she ploughed on regardless “Daddy, don’t be silly. I’m not going to get in until you do! I have to sleep next to you and you smell almost as bad as I do!”

“Hey!” He turned indignantly towards her and she quickly ducked into the cubicle giggling. “Girly, I can’t come in there with you!”

“Why ever not? Who’s going to know apart from us? We’re not going to see anything we haven’t seen before daddy! Now get in here and don’t argue!” Vicky gave him her most endearing smile, her dimples making her look very mischievous and she saw her fathers resolve crumble.

Her father came over to the cubicle and quickly stripped off just outside as she had herself just moments ago. Vicky watched his shoulder muscles moving under his skin and blushed as he quickly opened the door and entered the shower with her. It was a little bit of a squeeze and her father towered over her. At 6’2 he was over a foot taller than her and she swallowed nervously as she took in the sight of his slightly hairy chest rippling with muscle and his hard stomach. In turn daddy was drinking in the sight of her naked body, although she was holding one arm across her breasts in an attempt at modesty she felt very exposed to her father but found the thought particularly exciting. Her father turned his back and reached up to release the water from the tank and Vicky watched in appreciation as her big strong father stood naked in front of her.

Before she knew what she was doing Vicky was running her hands over his shoulders as the water cascaded over both of them, she felt quite naughty and her stomach did an excited flip as she felt the powerful muscles under her fingers.

“I’ll do your back and then you can do mine.” She whispered. Her father just grunted but didn’t object so she soaped his back and spent some time washing him down to the top of his backside. She hesitated and then soaped his buttocks before spending some time pretty much just groping his bum and feeling up his firm cheeks before she turned around to allow him to do her back. She soaped herself up on the front and as her daddy’s large warm hands worked their way across her back. She lost herself in the feeling of his fingers across her skin and as her own hands ran across her front she found herself increasingly aroused.

“Daddy, will you wash my hair for me?” Vicky was surprised she had spoken the words aloud as the idea had just popped into her head. Her father spoke not a word but reached past her for the shampoo and she felt a shiver down her spine as his fingers started working it into her dark hair. Vicky closed her eyes and the warm water cascaded over her body as her father gently washed her hair.

It wasn’t long before she felt hot skin brush against her backside and she almost jumped in surprise as what she realised was her father’s erection poked at her.

“Sorry Girly” he whispered and spun around before quickly rinsing himself off and ducking out the shower and dressing as fast as he could.

Vicky giggled to herself and finished rinsing her hair, her nipples were so hard they were almost hurting and it wasn’t due to the cold!

Vicky entered the cabin and watched in amusement as her father made himself busy preparing supper for them. She joined in and worked alongside him in companionable silence and soon they were nudging each other and smiling as they normally did. Vicky was glad he wasn’t being weird with her now and felt a warm glow inside her. She felt clean again, but also loved and safe here with this strong dependable and handsome man.


Daddy was having the dream again. The darkness was almost total, just the starlight lifting it from pitch black and bursa anal yapan escort the silence of the night was only broken by the rustling of the double sleeping bag they were sharing. Vicky came to full consciousness and smiled to herself, tonight was going to be different, she was going to get some relief this time! Daddy moved against her and started sliding his hands up her body, she quickly lifted her t-shirt so that he was groping her bare flesh; palming her small breasts and pinching the hardened nipples between his fingers. She gasped in pleasure and worked her hand between them, more confident in her actions this time. She went straight to the waistband of his underwear and pushed them down over his throbbing cock which sprang free and slapped against her panty covered buttocks. She lifted her right leg and reached between them, gripping his exposed member and pulling it into the space she’d created.

As she let go it slapped against her pussy, thudding deliciously into her damp underwear and making her bite her lip in pleasure at is nuzzled between her sensitive folds. Daddy groaned and thrust his pelvis at her so she quickly clamped her legs together and gripped his shaft between them allowing her to feel the hard ridges as they ran along her wet slit, just a pair of thin cotton briefs now between her and the hot bar of hard flesh that was her daddy’s cock. He kneaded her breasts again and a shiver went down her spine as he kissed her behind the ear and trailed down to her neck. Fuck! Vicky’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her whole body was on fire and she was trembling with desire, she wanted this so badly! He began grinding into her, the grip of her legs creating some friction for him to feel. The sensation was so good, but yet not quite good enough. She could however feel the pressure building within her, and within him, as his thrusts gradually got faster and his breathing more erratic; he was murmuring in his sleep but she couldn’t quite make out the words. Honestly, she didn’t care at that point, she just wanted him to keep going. Just like that! There! Yes! She shuddered as her orgasm rippled through her and her father thrust once more before she felt the hot fluid across her thighs and pussy as he came between her legs. She smiled to herself as she caught her breath, tucked her father back into his underwear and drifted off to sleep.

Vicky spent the whole of the next day wishing it would end, the drudge of foraging for food, just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and on and on. Now she wanted to go to bed. The tingle that began between her legs at the thought of last night spread quickly through her body and she felt flushed with lust as she glanced at her father, pretty much like all day; hot and horny. It was funny really, she should feel disgusted at herself but she didn’t, at all. Society had fallen like a house of cards and the rules that had governed behaviour were all out the window now. Why shouldn’t she be happy with the man she loved? She glanced over at her father and really looked at him as a man.

His broad back and trunk like legs were braced as he stretched his large frame to reach a particularly stubborn branch. She was astonished that she was related to someone as large as her father, 6’2″ tall and well built, like a boxer or a swimmer, she hardly came up to his chest. She liked to tell people she was 5 foot 2, but that was only if she wore 3 inch heels, in bare feet she was just under 5 feet and slim, although curvy enough in the right places, or so her boyfriends had assured her. Her dark hair was just wavy enough to look like it was styled that way and came down to the small of her back when she let it down, although these days she had cut it into a shorter bob. She glanced at the sky and was pleased to see that the sun was setting so she immediately suggested they return to the cabin and was pleased when her father nodded in agreement.


Daddy was having the dream again. Vicky awoke once more in darkness and was surprised she’d fallen asleep at all; her anticipation had had her buzzing with sexual tension and she’d practically hurried them to bed. She quickly fished his cock out of his underwear and clamped it between her legs, her underwear was already soaked and felt like it had been all day long. She shivered in satisfaction as daddy thrust his cock between her legs and rubbed it along her tight, eager pussy. His hands were already under her shirt, firmly kneading her tits and sending waves of pleasure down her body to meet and intensify the waves spreading from between her legs. As they moved together she could feel how slick her pussy was and suddenly wondered how much better he would feel against her bare skin. Without really considering what she was doing, she reached between her legs and pulled her knickers aside and as daddy’s iron hard cock radiated its heat she pressed it against her swollen lips. She almost came straight away, and her father seemed to grow even bigger as he slid his length along her. The ridges of his shaft rippled against her wet pussy, parting the unkempt bush her pubic hair had become in the time since she’d last trimmed it. She shuddered in pleasure and worked herself against that beautiful hard flesh that was struggling to push itself inside her.