Mayıs 15, 2023


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I lay sprawled in bed on my back with my legs spread and a hand clasped over my damp pussy. I was breathing hard and mildly satisfied. It wasn’t enough. I had just come to porn, again. By my own hand, again.“I’m sick of this,” I mumble to myself. As a random video continues to play forgotten on my iPad, I roll over with a huff.I’m still wanting. Still horny, I immediately reach for the iOS to find more stimulus. As I scroll lazily through thumbnails on the Ankara bayan escort placating site, the images and suggestive themes should stir me, but they aren’t enough. I open my favorites playlist and play a well-viewed video. The familiar sounds and footage wash over me and I relax into the pillows. My hand lazily rubs my pussy, parting my lips. I can feel the dampness from my last orgasm. It’s nice. I watch the man Escort bayan Ankara on the screen caressing his cock and talking dirty to me. I moan and press my clit harder as I play with myself. My other hand glides over my belly and to my firm breasts. I squeeze my nipples and twist. This pulls a deep moan from me. I glide my fingers lower to my opening and with two fingers, slowly plunge them in. I reflexively clench Bayan escort Ankara and I enjoy the feel. I watch the man fuck his hand and grunt in the video and it makes me more wet. I can feel how close I’m getting. My nipples harden. I pretend he’s laying next to me.“That’s it. Stroke that cock, you’re going to cum aren’t you? I see you getting close.” I buck up into my hand. “You can’t help it can you? That big cock and those swollen balls. So full of cum. Give it to me. Let me have it”. My fantasy sends me over as I swipe a thumb over my clit. My body tenses and shakes as I let out a yell. “AHHHhhh…Fuuuuuck!“I lay there in bed, sprawled on my back with my legs spread and tits out. My hand is clasped over my wet pussy. Panting as I come down. Will it ever be enough?