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Marc’s foot wouldn’t stop tapping as he nervously sat in the back seat of his ride share. He was almost at the hotel already, filled with apprehension. He wasn’t sure if he could go through with it. It was one thing to play around online, quite another to bring it into the real world. This was the culmination of something that had been building for months. The responsibilities of family had burned out much of the fire that once existed between him and Laura, his wife. Sex went from weekly to monthly to special occasions, and so he retreated to porn. Months of jerking off to his computer led to chat rooms. Before long, he had found a couple of steady chats who joined him for cybersex, but they stopped being regulars, and eventually dropped off completely.

Marc would strike up a conversation with a random woman only to have her drop off just when things were getting exciting. This left Marc to chat with a larger group out in the public room. People discussed what kind of porn they liked. It was exciting to hear about the things that turned other people on. The guys were far more vocal than the women about that, so he heard everything from skinny and young to large and in charge, rough, anal, group sex, and interracial, along with more deviant tastes. Mostly, Marc alternated between looking at porn pics and watching the conversation. Occasionally, he would join the discussion, agreeing with someone’s likes or expressing one of his own.

It was on one of these occasions when, after telling the group that he liked cumshots that he suddenly got a private chat request. This one was from another guy in the chat room who went by DongKing. Reluctantly, Marc accepted, and DongKing started sending him links to photos and clips of cumshots, facials and blowjobs. Marc liked what he saw and sent a few links back. It was all very new to him, but it beat hanging out in the public room. DongKing told him his name was actually Duncan. He was about the same age as Marc and also married. They finished trading links and signed off. Marc thought that was the end of it, but after Duncan showed up again on chat, Marc sent him more links, which were reciprocated. It became semi-regular, then regular, then every night.

It started to get more interactive after that. “Fuck, that’s a hot one” became “I’m so hard,” and eventually “Are you hard?” It was such a gradual escalation that Marc didn’t notice until the first time he received an “Oh fuck. I’m cumming!” He almost didn’t know how to process it when he first got the message, but when, on another night, Duncan said the same thing, it made Marc quicken his own pace stroking his cock until he replied with an emphatic “I’m cumming too!”

That broke the seal. Conversations between Marc and Duncan got a lot more explicit and more detailed. “I’m stroking myself slowly. My dick is slippery from my precum. It feels so good.” That kind of detail gave both men a desire to push further the more horny they both became. Soon, an exchange led to Duncan to confide “Mmm. I wish I could see you stroke your hard cock.” That was a revelation Marc didn’t expect about Duncan, but also about himself. It pushed him over the edge, and he came without having to touch his dick. He was enjoying the exchanges with Duncan just as much as the porn itself.

The next time things got that heated, Marc was the one to push the boundaries. Sending a link to a picture of a woman bent over a table, he wrote “Mmm. I bet you’d love to sink your hot cock into her pussy.”

Duncan replied, “Fuck! You’re making me so fucking horny.”

Marc almost couldn’t help himself. Without even processing what he was doing, he had sent back to Duncan “Oh yeah? Show me.”

There was no reply for several minutes, long enough for Marc to almost sign off. Then a link came through. He clicked. It was a cellphone picture of a fully erect cock, about the same size and general shape as Marc’s, slippery at the tip.

“You there?” asked Duncan.

“Yes,” Marc replied. “You have a hot cock.” He meant it, as much as that came as a surprise. The sight of Duncan’s engorged phallus turned Marc on in a way he never thought it would.

Duncan didn’t sign on for a week, so Marc ended up chatting up a woman, and it led to cybersex, which was hot, but it was the thought of Duncan’s cock from the photo that put him over the top. When Duncan finally returned, Marc got bold. He took a photo of his own hard dick and sent the link.

“I think I owe you something,” he said.

“Mmm” was the reply. “Your dick is so sexy. I’d love to watch you fuck with it.”

Marc knew things had definitely taken a turn. Part of him wanted to turn off his computer right then, but the other part of him…well. “Mmm. Duncan. I’m thinking about your cock and how it would feel in my hand.”

Did he just type that? What on earth was he thinking!

“Oh wow,” Duncan responded “I never thought I’d say this to another man, but I would love to have you jerk me off.”

It was a conversation unlike any Marc had ever had. Instead of sending porn links, the men talked about how hot it Beşiktaş Escort would be to stroke each other. From there, it was just a couple days before they were having cybersex, talking about sharing a woman, then sharing a woman and each other, and finally, they were having cybersex, talking about sucking each other off and fucking each other. That went on for months, with the men perfecting their fantasy.

“Do you think we’ll ever talk on the phone?” Duncan asked.

That was a decisive escalation. Marc had to choose how far he was going to let this go. The first time Duncan asked, Marc ignored the question. When Duncan asked again, Marc was too horny to let the question go unanswered. Marc knew he would be on a business trip to Chicago, and Duncan lined that day up with a day he would be at his lake house alone.

It was time to try something brand new. Both men tried to shrug the phone call off as something other than what it was. They made small talk for more than fifteen minutes before Marc finally had the nerve to get things moving. They recapped some of their hotter chats and then started to talk about what sex would be like with each other. Marc had phone sex before, with his wife, when they were dating, and with a couple other girlfriends, but this was a different experience. It was entirely new, secretive, forbidden, and as hot as he had ever had. Listening to Duncan cry out as he came pressed a button in Marc’s brain. He also came hard.

The experience must have had the same effect on Duncan, because his first words after cumming were “I want to do this for real.”

“You do?” asked Marc.

“Mmm. Yes. I think I do,” Duncan responded. “Don’t you?”

Marc thought. He was almost panicked from the reality of the question. “Yes,” he said. “I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve never been sexually attracted to a man before, but I’m so turned on by you.”

Both men knew that if it were ever to happen, it would have to be the perfect scenario, the right place at the right time. It was another month before the topic came up again, and that was just to reassure each other that they were both still interested in meeting. Two weeks later, Marc came home from work with news. He could hardly wait to get online that night.

“Duncan, you live near Baltimore, right?” he asked.

It was the opportunity they had been waiting for. Marc would go to Baltimore for a simple day meeting and stay over into the following day to fly home. Duncan would make up a project he had to do out of town but would just drive to Marc’s hotel instead. Every night until the trip the men were asking each other “Are you sure you’re still up for this?”

As the car came to a stop outside his hotel, Marc was asking himself the same question. Even as he got settled into his hotel room he was jittery. “What am I doing?” he said aloud to the empty room. He decided to watch some TV to calm his nerves while waiting for Duncan to text.

Two hours passed and he wondered if Duncan had decided not to come, but finally his phone buzzed.

“Got stuck in traffic. Here now. Need room number,” the text said.

Marc’s finger hovered over the phone’s surface. Texting back his room number meant he was actually going through with it. Maybe, he thought, Duncan was as nervous as he was. Marc took a deep slow breath in through his nostrils. “208,” Marc texted.

Suddenly, he was self conscious. He sniffed the sleeve of his shirt to make sure he smelled okay and adjusted his hair in the mirror. He was just anxious. It wasn’t like his appearance would disappoint Duncan, who had seen every picture of him that appeared on social media, including some less than flattering ones.

There was a knock at the door and Marc walked to open it. There he was. There was silence between then for two or three seconds, then Duncan spoke.

“Won’t you come in?” he joked.

Marc snapped out of it. “Right. Come on in,” he said. “Any trouble finding the hotel?” he asked, trying to cut the tension with small talk.

“No. Like I said, just some traffic.”

Marc fumbled with some items on the TV table and turned around with two glasses in is hands. “I figured you could use a drink, so I got some bourbon,” he said.

“That’s thoughtful,” Duncan replied, accepting the drink and sitting on the end of the bed.

Marc sat down across from him on a desk chair and both men sipped their drinks. “Well, here we are,” said Marc.

“Here we are,” Duncan agreed. “Finally.” They laughed nervously before Duncan spoke again. “Look, I’m cool with whatever, so I just wanted to let you know that it’s not too late to back out. Nothing has to happen.”

“Thanks,” said Marc. “I’m good, though. I’m still…”

“You’re still interested?” asked Duncan.

“Yeah. Yes,” answered Marc. “I still want to. I just…I’m new to this. I’ve never…”

“It’s new for me too, man,” Duncan reassured. “How about this? Why don’t we throw out all expectations about how this is supposed to go and just wing it?”

“I like that idea,” Marc nodded. “For Beşiktaş Escort Bayan now, let’s just talk.”

They did. It was disarming. For close to an hour, they talked about their lives and what they did for a living. It was surprising how infrequently such mundane topics came up during the multitude of times they had chatted online.

“So,” said Duncan, “Did you find me any new porn?”

Marc smiled and grabbed his laptop. He opened a picture of a stunning brunette with big tits playing with herself.

“Nice,” Duncan commented.

Marc set down bis bourbon and moved over to sit next to Duncan. “I have another new one too,” he said. This one was a blonde with smaller tits, sucking a cock.

“She’s so hot,” Duncan smiled, setting his own bourbon on the table across from him.

Marc watched Duncan’s eyes as he took in the image, and he could feel his own cock harden. He imagined Duncan’s was doing the same. “Do you…mind if I take my clothes off?” asked Marc.

Duncan smiled. “It’s what we’re here for. Isn’t it?”

“Well, just so you know,” Marc caveated, “I don’t have a sexy way to do that, so…”

Duncan laughed. “In that case, I’ll take mine off too. Let’s just get this part out of the way.”

They stood and took off their clothes, not really looking at each other. Marc was the first to turn around. He waited for Duncan to finish. “You, uh…you have a nice cock,” Marc complimented.

“You too,” Duncan reciprocated.

Marc, almost instinctively began stroking himself. Duncan followed suit, watching Marc’s hand play with his cock. “Mmm. Nice, “he said. Duncan’s hand slid slowly along the length of his shaft, and then over the head and off the end, letting his erection stand out from his body, unhelped by his hand.

It was like an invitation. Marc had never touched another man’s cock before. He needed to know what it felt like. Slowly, he reached out, letting his fingers touch Duncan’s shaft. It jumped. Grasping it loosely, Marc let his hand travel up and down the engorged phallus. The heat of slippery precum lubricated his hand as he stroked it.

“Wow,” said Duncan. “That feels so good. Move closer.”

Marc moved closer, and Duncan reached out for Marc’s dick. It was so surreal to actually have another man’s hand stroking him. Never in a million years would he have guessed this would actually be happening for real. The feeling was amazing. He moved even closer. They touched the tips of their cocks together, feeling the forbidden sensation they had chatted about so many times. Their playful curiosity had given way to reality.

Naked and aroused, the men pressed the underside of their dicks together. In long, undulating motions, they rubbed them together, slippery and hard. Marc’s hands grabbed onto Duncan’s hips and let his hands travel back onto his ass. Duncan wrapped his arms around Marc’s midsection, with his hands on the small of his back. The slippery sounds of mixed precum and skin were interrupted only by low moans from the men. Marc was caught off guard by how good it felt to glide his dick against another man’s. He couldn’t believe how turned on it made him. He was driven by it, ensnared by it and, in his heightened state of arousal, he entertained thoughts that he would have otherwise been hesitant to have.

He parted from Duncan, grasping the man’s cock in his hand and looking down at it. He lusted for it in a way he never guessed he would. Crouching down, he got to his knees, held the gorgeous phallus level in his hand and licked the drop of salty precum from the tip of Duncan’s dick.

“Oh fuck,” Duncan breathed.

It was all the encouragement Marc needed. He slowly slid his lips over the tip and let the cock enter his mouth. Everything else could be explained away as merely touching. This was where it officially became sex. He was sucking a man’s dick. The heat and hardness filling his eager mouth. He bobbed on it, slipping his lips back and forth along Duncan’s rock-hard pole.

“Oh yes. Oh fuck,” Duncan said as Marc continued his blowjob.

Marc slid Duncan’s cock from his mouth, lifted up on it, licked up the underside of it and plunged it back into his mouth. Duncan could barely stand from the sensations coursing through his body. Marc was quickening his pace this time.

“This is so fucking hot,” said Duncan. He closed his eyes to enjoy it a bit longer, but came to his senses soon enough. “I don’t want to cum yet,” he said. “If you keep going, I’m definitely going to cum. Why don’t you lie down.”

Marc let go of Duncan’s dick and got to his feet. He stepped over to the bed and lied down on his back. Duncan climbed onto the bed too, his naked skin pressed against Marc’s. They were face to face, their eyes locked in primal attraction. Duncan’s lips met his and the two men kissed for the first time. It was the consummation of months of sexual tension played out from a distance through a computer, now made real and physical. The kiss was unlike any Marc had ever experienced. It was passionate and masculine. There was nothing Escort Beşiktaş effeminate in their kiss. There was no female role in their exchange. They were two men, lips locked together, tongues occasionally battling for territory. Hands moving over skin as they explored this very new pleasure.

Duncan propped himself up on his hands. “Mmm. That was so sexy,” he said.

“I know,” said Marc. “I want you, Duncan.”

Duncan smiled, moved down Marc’s body, grabbed onto Marc’s cock and lowered his lips over the end of it. Marc’s eyes were closed. His hands ran though Duncan’s hair as the man sucked on his hard member.

“That feels so fucking good,” he moaned.

Duncan took to the job effortlessly, running his tongue over the tip and stroking the base.

“I don’t want to cum yet either,” said Marc.

Duncan let go and moved back up to kiss Marc. They spent a good long time that way, kissing, moaning and letting their hands roam.

“What’s next?” asked Duncan.

“Something new,” Marc answered.

“Moment of truth?”

“Moment of truth.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you?”

Duncan smiled. “There’s really only one way to be sure,” he said. “Did you bring it?”

“Of course,” Marc reassured. “Look on the nightstand.”

They had talked about this part, since they were both entirely inexperienced. A small bottle of lubrication awaited on the nightstand, as they had agreed they would need it. Duncan held it in his hand. “So, which one of us is brave?” he laughed.

“I think I am,” answered Marc, “or at least I’m just horny enough to try.”

“Okay,” said Duncan, as he popped the cap and drizzled the fluid onto his hand. “Just remember that we can call it quits or take a break at any point.”

He coated his dick, making sure it was completely slippery. Then, he nodded to Marc, who lifted and spread his legs, trying hard to relax. Duncan put some lube on his fingers and ran them over the outside of Marc’s ass hole. Slowly, he pressed his finger to it, and Marc loosened as much as he could. The finger pushed into him, slippery with lube. Duncan worked it in and out to prime his hole, then withdrew is hand back to his cock. He moved forward and lined up his cock with Marc’s ass. Marc could feel the tip of it press against him.

“Here goes,” said Duncan as he pushed steadily against the hole.

Marc fought the urge to tighten up. Instead, he did his best to relax and allow it. The pressure was intense as Duncan’s hard cock pushed into his ass, first the head, and then, inch by inch, the rest of his cock. “Oh fuck,” Marc exclaimed. “You’re inside me.”

Duncan started to slide in and out slowly. The slow rocking motions were turning the pressure into pleasure. There was, suddenly, a rush of sensation as Duncan’s cock reached just the right spot.

“Oh fuck!” Marc exclaimed. “Fuck me!”

Duncan leaned forward, so that he was on top of Marc. Their lips met again. Marc grabbed Duncan’s ass and followed it with each thrust, his own hard dick now rubbing against Duncan’s stomach between their naked bodies. Surprise and ecstasy mixed in his mind. It was almost too unreal. It was really happening. There was a man sliding his hard cock in and out of his ass. He was having gay sex and thoroughly enjoying it.

They moaned and panted, enjoying the forbidden ecstasy of their entwined bodies. Their nude skin pressed together as Duncan thrust again and again, building toward climax. He kissed Marc again. “I think I’m going to cum,” he warned.

“Do it,” Marc encouraged as he gripped tightly to Duncan’s ass cheeks with his hands. “Shoot your cum into me.”

Duncan didn’t need much prompting at that point. He tensed up and moaned deeply, releasing his hot semen. He collapsed forward. “Oh fuck!” he exclaimed. “That was so fucking hot.”

Their bodies were now coated in sweat. The hotel room was filled with the scent of their exertions. “Mmm,” said Marc. “I’m so turned on by you. I never thought I’d be so horny for a man. That felt so good.”

Duncan looked into his eyes. “Show me,” he said. “Fuck me, Marc.”

He got to his hands and knees, and Marc lifted himself off the bed. He grabbed the bottle of lube and lined up behind Duncan. He lubed Duncan’s ass and his cock and began the slow process of pushing into him.

“Oh yes!” said Duncan. “Fuck me. Fuck me like we’re gay lovers.”

Drops of sweat fell from Marc’s skin as he plunged deep into Duncan’s ass again and again. The moans of pleasure got louder and louder.

“Yes. Fuck me like a man!” Duncan exclaimed. “Fuck me. Yes. Fuck my ass. Cum in my ass.”

Marc wrapped an arm around Duncan’s torso and bucked against him. “Fuck! He shouted. “Unnnhhhhhhh!” He came hard into the man’s ass, spilling the prize of his arousal.

Even with the climax of their months-long flirtation culminated, the clean up was just as enjoyable, and surprisingly sensual. Showering together made for a nice wind-down from their sex. They allowed themselves the whole night to let themselves go with it, to be lovers, but in the morning they parted ways with the same understanding they had before agreeing to meet up. Neither man was about to leave his wife and get into a relationship with a man, but the door was open now. Neither would rule out the possibility of another carnal night together.