Eylül 19, 2023

Eva and a Beautiful Escort

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This story is about my wife Eva’s experience with an escort and it is absolutely true as written.

I have previously written about the beautiful Colonial city where we live in central Mexico, and we love living here. It was a wonderfully warm April evening when this story unfolded.

First a little background information. In our area of Mexico there are what they call strip clubs, but these establishments are not exactly similar to American strip clubs. In fact, in many cases they are combination of strip club and legal brothel. The concept is that you watch the dancers and if you see one that you wish to share sex with, you can pay the house for her services in a nice clean room.

In our area these clubs are heavily guarded and most often they are part of a secure hacienda type setup where the access and departure of patrons is strictly controlled. There are often multiple clubs within the same compound, and once inside you can choose to visit whichever club appeals to you. The police and/or military of course have unrestricted access and it’s not uncommon for them to do heavily armed spot checks. Prostitution is legal here, thus these clubs are legal establishments from a law enforcement perspective.

Visits by authorities are more oriented towards keeping the peace because on occasion some members of organized crime may drop in to be entertained. Disputes between organized crime organizations do not often end peacefully.

Additionally, there are what are known in English as “Fuck Motels” which again exist within the walls of a hacienda type structure. Here you can access the facility discretely and rent nice clean rooms that include Jacuzzi’s and porn shows on TV, by the hour at affordable rates. Our experience with these facilities is that they are mostly patronized by people having affairs that do not want to be discovered.

Now back to our evening. Eva and I were downtown enjoying cultural events at some of our favorite bars. As I have written previously, on date nights I have input to what Eva wears which means no panties, no bras and nice classy cloths that can with the flick of one button expose her beautiful breasts or pussy. I love for her to discreetly be an exhibitionist and she enjoys the resulting casual sex, that pleases us both.

We were sitting at the bar in one of our favorite clubs. There were men outside eating at tables and the odd patron walking through the club. The men that I just mentioned took notice of Eva which is expected because she is a very beautiful and sexy woman. I saw this as an opportunity to tease these men and maybe interest them in some play time later on.

Eva was sitting sideways at the bar and so was I, so that we could face each other to talk. This meant that one side of Eva’s, ass, thigh and legs were facing the men outside. Over the period of a few minutes I pushed Eva’s dress up to her waist, so these gentlemen had clear view of her beautiful ass and thigh from the side. Eva has a perfect ass and legs and so it’s impossible for a man not to look at her. Her position escort bayan kağıthane also afforded me direct access to her pussy that of course I took advantage of.

In the end the businessmen left with other people but not before taking a last good look at my beautiful wife. The trouble was that we were feeling frisky and horny and we wanted risky action of some sort before we headed home.

We discussed several options and since neither of us had ever been inside the hacienda that housed multiple strip clubs, we decided to flag down a taxi and go there. Our imaginations led us to envision some horny men inside one of these clubs, that we ultimately could attract for our own purposes.

Our taxi driver did not want to take us there for his personal security reasons, but we convinced him to drop us off there anyway. The guy at the guard house asked us questions and then he granted us access. Once inside the compound there were five or six clubs spread around the outside walls facing inwards towards the center parking area.

We checked out the different places and found that many were closed. In the end there were only two establishments open, one large and one smaller one. We entered the larger club which had a nice big stage for the dancers, and the club was generally very luxurious. We had a front row seat as we were served drinks.

Over time Eva talked with our waitress in Spanish and we learned how the place worked. What I mean by this is the transaction of watching the dancers, then selecting the dancer you want, and then you pay the house for her services.

We watched a few dancers while consuming a few drinks and also flirted with a table of gentlemen sitting near us. It was all entertaining but since in that moment we were not considering the idea of using the services of the ladies, it was not working out as we had imagined. About that time a group of heavily armed soldiers walked in and checked out the entire place including the bedrooms. Maybe half an hour later they departed without incident, but their visit had a chilling effect on the patrons, including us.

Next we walked across the compound to visit the smaller club, but it was dead, and we only had one drink before leaving. Fortunately, we were able to grab a taxi that was there to drop some people off, because we were later advised that taxis would not come to the compound to pick up customers, for their own safety reasons.

From here we went home, and we enjoyed a great night of sex together, just as we always do on date nights.

We discussed the concept of the clubs over a couple of weeks and then we created the notion of a different scheme. One of our turn-ons has always been the concept of Eva fucking some stranger for money. We reasoned that we would go to a club closer to home and try to make a deal where they would hire Eva out to a male customer, and she would enjoy the sex while donating all the proceeds to the club. On the surface it seemed like a workable idea to a couple of novices like us.

We escort bayan beyoğlu have a “Gentleman’s Club” (GC) much closer to home. However, it is a strip club and brothel just like the others. It is closer to home which meant safer travelling for us, but our problem was that the entrance was not hidden and so there was always the chance that someone would see Eva entering. Being a teacher and moral symbol of the community, we could not allow that to happen. This of course was the danger of fooling around in our city and community.

One night it was quiet in our area as most people were busy elsewhere, and so we decided to take the risk of visiting the local GC. The club had been closed for almost a year because there was a shoot-out inside leaving multiple people dead. It had just recently reopened under new management and we felt more or less safe visiting there.

We first went into a different area of town for a drink and to catch a cab where the driver did not know us or where our home is. We were picked up by a driver and delivered to the GC, but not without first receiving a lecture from him about how dangerous it was for us to go there.

A nice bouncer type gentleman escorted us inside where we found a really nice well decorated club. It was quiet because we arrived around 8 PM, and the bartender told us the place really didn’t become busy until the midnight hour. Since it was quiet, we had an opportunity to talk with the bartender about our scheme. He told us straight out that the working girls there would not allow Eva to mess with their customers, period.

More conversation ensued and eventually the option we agreed on was the bartender and one of the girls would do a threesome with Eva. I think we paid one thousand pesos ($50 US) for this setup and then we headed to the bedroom. The room was bright, spotless and well decorated. Much better than we had imagined it would be. In clubs like this there is a timekeeper and the minute your time is up a buzzer sounds and the employees must leave.

The bartender turned out to be a dud. He was a big guy with a small cock that he could not keep hard. Eva and the girl exchanged orgasms and before we knew it our time was up. We left knowing that there was an opportunity for sexy fun here, but not with people we had been with that night.

Some days or weeks later we decided to try again, only this time there would only be a working girl and Eva to share sex. I was there to watch and keep Eva safe, but nothing else.

Just as before we arrived at the GC as discretely as possible and we made our way to the bar. The place was still quiet for the same reason as last time, but that didn’t matter to us. In a booth not far from us were several pretty young ladies, and I’m guessing they were between the age of eighteen and twenty-three, or something like that because they were of legal age.

All of these girls were pretty and well built, but one stood out from the rest. We then told the bartender that we wanted her, she soon came to sit with us for a drink. We discussed the kind of sex that we wanted and settled on the financial arrangements. I don’t remember the young ladies name but for now let us call her Rebecca. She was very pretty with real breasts that were big for her frame. She had an ass almost as nice as Eva’s and one of the best parts was that she was very intelligent and friendly. This fact made the entire experience much more enjoyable.

When our drinks were finished Rebecca asked us to follow her where we paid the house for one hour of her services, and then followed her to her room. Once inside she began to kiss Eva and then she beckoned for me to join in, but I declined. This was Eva’s treat.

Not long after that both Eva and Rebecca were super-hot, naked and horny. I didn’t expect Rebecca to be horny, but she was which made everything much better for Eva. Soon they were in a 69 position and I could see that Eva was really into this situation. I had a very hard cock because in front of me were two very beautiful and sexy ladies getting off on each other. Another of my fantasies was once again unfolding.

Both ladies orgasmed together and then they enjoyed some very long and deep kisses. There was a little conversation in English as Rebecca explained that she worked a circuit and she would be in our city for two more weeks. We discussed the possibility of meeting elsewhere one afternoon and then visiting the local Fuck Motel when we were ready for sex.

Soon the conversation ended as Eva was really excited to play with Rebecca’s body. She caressed her, she sucked her nipples and she talked erotically to her until eventually eating her pussy and Rebecca had another orgasm. We later came to understand that it was not common for customers to care about the girls having an orgasm, and so the time she spent with Eva was special.

After Rebecca orgasmed again, she told Eva to lay back and enjoy what was about to happen. Rebecca kissed and caressed Eva from head to toe as she put a couple of fingers inside Eva’s beautiful wet pussy. Eva squirts when she is really excited and quickly, she orgasmed and squirted in Rebecca’s hand. Eva is also multi-orgasmic, and Rebecca sensed this. Rebecca began eating Eva’s pussy while Eva orgasmed and squirted over and over again.

I don’t know how many orgasms Eva enjoyed before the buzzer rang, but I am guessing eight or more times at least.

Rebecca thanked Eva and me, and she again suggested that we meet sometime before she moved on to the next city. The two women embraced in a long passionate kiss and then Rebecca was gone.

We did not ever have the opportunity to see Rebecca again because two days later we headed out to Puerto Vallarta for vacation.

Eva and I went home that evening where we talked and played more, although Eva was just about worn out for the evening by that time. Eva told me that the sex she shared with Rebecca was and remains the very best sex that she ever had with any woman. When I asked what made it so good, she said, Rebecca knew what she was doing and she cared about giving the best sex that she could, and of course it helped that Rebecca was young and beautiful and sexy.

This was our first experience with a brothel, and it remains one of our very best to date according to Eva.