Nisan 24, 2023

Explored in Space Pt. 02

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The tentacle wrapped around her combat boot, gave a swift tug, and it was all over. Her sharp cry suddenly cut off as Jaime was yanked from her seated position against the wall so violently her head bounced off the metal floor. She saw stars and momentarily lost control of her body. The Glock that had been loosely held in the hand that wasn’t greedily pleasuring herself moments ago, left her grip as her vision reeled. She heard it slide to a stop well behind her as she was tugged unceremoniously across the floor toward the beast and her partner Jac’s exhausted body.

Her mind cloudy from the head hit, she clumsily tried to reach her combat knife strapped to her thigh while her hands were still free. The leather snap found her fingers and she weakly unsnapped it. The knife felt heavy in her hand as she swiped at the tentacle holding her fast. As soon as the semi-serrated blade made contact with the tentacle; its hold released and she was left in a seated position not 10 feet from the monsters writhing mass.

The tentacle returned to the inner workings of the creature and she began to scramble backward on her hands and feet toward the Glock. The half open suit flopped awkwardly behind her and prevented swift movement. Her gaze never left the creature, only glancing quickly over her shoulder to keep her bearings on the gun. Just feet away from her pistol, 2 tentacles started toward.

She came up short; the tentacles reaching Jaime and again causing her to raise the blade.

The first tentacle went straight for her boot as before and it again wrapped itself surely around her ankle. The other attacked her at eye level. After scoring a glancing blow with the side of the knife, the tentacle wrapped itself around her wrist; binding it fast and preventing anymore defensive moves from Jaime. It tightened to unbearable levels and her hand went numb. The knife fell harmlessly to the deck. Sensing the threat had been defeated, the tentacle in her wrist released and swatted blindly at the ground. Once it found the blade, it swatted the knife down the corridor, seemingly miles from Jaime.

The monster tugged Jaime unmercifully into its clutches, dragging her through Jac’s puddles of ejaculate and pre-cum that lay pooled in front. There was no point in screaming, there was no one that would hear. The monster began the same ritual again. Poking and prodding at Jaime’s half naked form. The thought occurred to her that she had made it even easier this time. The suit was already half open, a product of her masturbation she’d enjoyed just minutes before.

The creature learned from its past struggles and deftly secured her wrists and pulled her arms straight out from her shoulders. She was now suspended as Jac had been. She briefly had her legs free and set to kicking wildly with her booted feet. She found only loosely waving tentacles. She was again outsmarted when the monster just approached with its tentacles from behind her kicking boots, completely out of her view. When she stopped kicking for a short while, she found her boots secured. She had been defeated.

The sweat had returned after her struggles and the creature explored her sweat covered body as it had Jac’s. The tickling began after a moment as it first began exploring her neck and slowly working its way south. She couldn’t help but begin to giggle as she struggled in vain. A tentacle had already made its entrance at her lower back and was exploring her sides and stomach. Another began unfastening what little was left down the front of her suit; the clasps and zippers giving it little resistance. Jaime laughed uncontrollably as the monster had its way.

The monster expertly unzipped her combat boots from the bottom of her suit and the tentacles explored the inside of her boots before tugging each one off and leaving her sweaty white socked feet dangling in the air. The suit was free now, only the tentacles prevented it from being slid off. One at a time the tentacles released their grip and peeled her space suit off as if it was peeling a banana. Before long she hung in her tube socks, bra and panties. The cool air circulating around her clammy skin and clothes.

De-robed, she hung helplessly as the monster continued its ticklish exploration. Her arm pits seemed to get extra attention which drove her mad with laughter and she could feel the exhaustion Jac had felt beginning to take hold. She could see his still form to her side, seemingly in some sort of day dream. Suddenly she was sat down on her feet a short distance from him. She quickly tried to struggle away and was rewarded with a sharp crack at the back of her legs. She yelped in pain and dropped to her knees, the tentacles returning to her wrists and splaying her arms out wide.

A tentacle at her socked foot began prodding the soaked sock she was wearing. It writhed across the now used, dirty white bottom of her left foot and poked at her heel. She wagged her socked foot back and istanbul seks hikayeleri forth trying to escape the torture and catch her breath but it was fruitless. The monster had placed her back in Jac’s pool of cum and her struggling foot was now bathing in it, soaking it up as she writhed. She watched the monster continue its exploration moving on to the ball of her sock and then exploring every toe individually. It snaked its way around her socked calf, seeming to like the hours of sweat that had accumulated in the cotton fabric.

Reaching the top of the sock at her knee, Jaime dumbly noted she had chosen the white pair with three wide red stripes at the top. The stripes were faded with age and washing. The tentacle flirted with the ribbed top opening of the sock and wiggled its way between the fabric and her skin. The sock slouched sloppily halfway down her calf as the tentacle tried to continue. It gave up and withdrew leaving the sock haphazardly scrunched and half folded at mid-calf.

Its exploration moved to her left foot and the ritual repeated. Oddly, when the tentacle reached a small hole at her socked arch, it entered a few inches and explored her bare foot; driving her crazy with laughter. Once again it reached the top of her knee sock and wormed its way until it could go no further, the sock lazily slumped as if to match its partner. Jaime languished in the monsters clutches as the exhaustion from so much tickling made her give little fight.

As if on queue, she felt a brushing sensation across her ass. A tentacle was rubbing her cheeks through the thin cotton fabric, making its way slowly toward her still damp crotch. The first touch was electric and the creature paused almost in surprise. She wondered how it would perceive the “difference” between her and Jac’s offerings. The rubbing sensation hastily increased and intensified in pressure. The creature poked and prodded the front, quickly darting inside one leg opening and then back out.

She was again hoisted up in mid-air, her cotton panties ripped painfully off from the rear. She cried out in pain and was still in shock when she was again deposited onto her knees, socked feet folded behind her. The tentacles went to work. They rubbed her now bare pussy rhythmically, almost nestling between her lips, back and forth, occasionally making contact with her slightly protruding clit. It disgusted her but her body reacted as it was designed and she could feel herself begin to get hot.

Jac was moving more readily now, still bound but more coherent than before. She spoke to him in a harsh whisper,

“Jac! We gotta get the fuck out of here.”

He turned his head slowly and the recognition was clear on his face, yet he said nothing.

“Jac, you hear me?!”

Her body quivered as the inputs from the tentacle sent waves of involuntary pleasure to her extremities. A tentacle began its exploration at her anus and she clenched her ass closed as tightly as she could manage.

“Jac please!”

She pleaded but his face only registered the same soft recognition as before. The pressure on her ass cheeks intensified and the tentacle made progress. She realized it had probably been a mistake to clench her ass, as once her muscles fatigued the pressure with which the monster was now pushing would be unleashed on her innocent hole. She struggled for a minute longer and the tentacle made more progress. Her ass muscles fatigued and shook; and in the end it was the waves of pleasure from her vagina that made her inadvertently relax them.

Jaime had put things in her ass before. She told herself it would be like when a female friend and her had drank too much and experimented. She quickly found out she was lying to herself. The tentacle entered at such speed she could barely distract herself from the sensation enough to scream. Tears ran from her open eyes and she thought she might pass out from the pain. She screamed again and her open mouth met the same fate as Jac’s had.

A new tentacle did not have to fight to gain entry into her waiting mouth. It entered almost casually, touched the back of her throat and triggered her gag reflex. She bit down hard on the tentacle as part of the reaction and it briefly recoiled. Her reward for doing so was a fast blow to the side of her head and she lost consciousness.

She awoke a few moments later to find the tentacle again between her lips. Her head pounded from her punishment and she tried to breathe. She didn’t have the opportunity to watch her own dose of tranquilizer travel through the tentacle as she had when Jac had been given his dose. Instead she only saw the bulge of it travel the last 2 feet of the tentacles inner workings before it deposited itself into her gapping mouth.

The tentacle in her mouth had her head forced backward and she stared at the corridor ceiling as her mouth filled and then overflowed with the almost tasteless potion. She realized it wasn’t going to kill her but still fought valiantly to avoid swallowing. Her nostrils were still clear thankfully but she still struggled to get enough air. She could feel herself getting light headed and darkness crept in on the sides of her vision. Fearing she’d choke if she passed out she conceded the battle and swallowed the monsters load.

The tentacle withdrew and she gulped air. The taste was of an almost grass-like sweetness that reminded her of an herbal tea nobody would quite enjoy. Her head pounded more fiercely now, and her asshole was in agony. It blurred out any pleasure her vagina was receiving. She felt about to vomit and prepared herself. Suddenly the feeling subsided. Her head quieted to a dull roar and she felt her muscles relax. The pain ceased altogether and she was left with a momentary feeling of relief; he really couldn’t feel any pain at all.

The pleasure her pussy received began to increase and nerves inside her anus began sending oddly pleasurable sensations through her captive body. The tentacles that held her relaxed around her socked ankles and wrists, merely cradling them now. Her ass was thoroughly being explored. The tentacle not only moving in and out but giving playful gyrations as well. The tentacle at her vagina seemed to have discovered the opening to her dripping insides and entered slowly. Waves of ecstacy coursed through her and began to build.

The tentacle invading her rear was putting out intense pleasure now that the serum had caused her to fully relax. Her orgasm built quickly and she could feel the walls of her vagina tightening on the tentacle. The tentacles in both of her holes found an opposing rhythm; her ass and pussy took turns being filled over and over at steady pace, coaxing her building orgasm forward with each pulse. The tentacles at each of her wrists brought them together over her head and loosely wrapped them together.

The tentacles around her socked feet had disappeared and her knee socked legs and feet moved freely as her anus and pussy engulfed thier guests over and over. The free tentacles seemed to be exploring her sweaty socked feet again, delivering tickling sensations through the thick sweaty cotton. It only extrapolated on her pleasure and she could feel her own juices flowing freely from her insides.

She was aware of Jac being boosted into the air next to her and watched as his ass was once again entered. He moaned softly with desire and he was moved towards her. The monster positioned Jac’s head below her dangling socked feet. His open mouth was impaled on her socked foot just a moment later and his anal intrusion intensified. This caused him to begin moaning around her socked foot as the monster moved her slightly up and down; fucking her socked foot in and out of Jac’s lips. He seemed to struggle with the realization at first then relaxed his lips as his cock began to harden.

Jaime’s pussy exploded in a river of cum as the sensations overpowered her self control. The sensations traveling through her socked feet were the final trigger. She moaned loudly and without remorse as the orgasm ripped through her body and she convulsed in waves of pleasure. She felt her wet socked toes curl in Jac’s mouth as he continued to moan into her sweaty tube sock. His eyes stared blankly at her and she eyed his now raging dick as it bobbed and leaked in the air. Her orgasm subsided and the exhaustion that followed crept in. The tentacles slowly slid out of her and she dangled midair, feeling the cum run down the insides of her thighs. She absentmindedly wriggled her soaked sock between Jac’s lips as the both of them breathed heavily for different reasons.

Jac’s fresh arousal was building, a tentacle now flicking and bobbing his hard member back and forth. His ass was taking a thorough pounding he seemed accustomed to now. The creature moved Jaime’s dangling body and slowly changed her to horizontal. Jac’s form was replaced in the position hers had been and his musty socked feet dangled a few inches from her face. She could smell the inside of his boots and see the dried sweat around his toes. The bottoms of his socked were tinted a faint brown from use. Her mind briefly registered what was about to happen and she instinctively pressed her lips closed.

Jacs sweaty gray sock pressed against her tight lips moments later and she was left staring at the navy 3 striped top that was scrunched haphazardly beneath his muscled calf. The dank odor invaded her nostrils as she tried to move away and breathe at the same time. A tentacle re-entered her ass, the surprise causing her mouth to open and Jac’s sweaty gray sock wasted no time filling the space. The salty taste seeped onto her tongue and the scent of it intensified as the sweaty loose material that was not between her lips bunched up around her nostrils.

The Jac’s sock bobbed in and out of her mouth as he made sounds of pleasure from above. She could see his stiff member bobbing in front of him. Her lips stretched to take in his large foot and her saliva quickly seeped into the material. The salty leathery taste was all she knew as the tentacle again made a playground out of her orifices.

She was disgusted and aroused at the same time as her ass was being reamed and her body used as a plaything. She had a front and center view as Jac’s hard cock was teased further from above. Moving in jerking motions the tentacle was quickly working his orgasm to completion. His socked toes scrunched up suddenly, stretching her lips to the max.

The first jet of cum rocketed out of his raging cock and she could feel it land on her exposed stomach. The second blast landed in almost the same spot as Jac moaned and his body spasmed with pleasure. His socked foot jerked randomly in her mouth and the final remnants of his orgasm dripped from the end of his cock and landed on the side of her face and ran down past her ear.

The tentacle in her ass was pushing her pleasure sensors into overdrive. Jaime could feel the wetness around her pussy increase as what she could only assume was an anal orgasm built inside her. Her ass muscles clenched the tentacle suddenly and a wave of pleasure she had never experienced spread through her body. She moaned into Jac’s socked foot and her eyes rolled back into her head as her body shook.

The exhaustion and pleasure had put her in an almost catatonic state and she did not realize her body was being repositioned once again. When her senses returned and her eyes focused she was staring at an erect cock just inches from her face. A tentacle roped around her neck. She knew what was coming and closed her lips as tightly as she could muster through the exhaustion. Moments after her head was given an impossibly strong thrust toward Jac’s stiff wet cock. Instead of feeling it against her lips it hit her squarely in her wide open eye causing her to yelp in pain. The stiff rod entered her open mouth a split second later.

She gave over; knowing resistance was futile and instead focused on not choking as the tentacle forced her gapping mouth further down on Jac’s manhood. The monster was fully in charge and worked her head back and forth at a steady pace. She turned her eyes up to see Jac staring down at her in a pleasured daze. The sweet and salty tang of his leftover cum now filled her mouth, partially washing away the salty taste of his boots and socks. She swallowed the first bit of his leftover cum and the taste enveloped her mouth.

A tentacle began teasing her still wet slit and she moaned around her partners cock. She forced herself to completely relax her throat as her head was slowly pushed all the way into Jacs pelvis. She struggled to breathe through her nose as her mouth was now entirely impaled on his rock hard cock. He moaned in pleasure, seemingly unaware of her discomfort. The tentacle forced her head to remain there for what felt like an eternity. She could feel his cock head swelling and pulsing as it rested partially down her throat.

She was slowly losing consciousness as the air she was breathing through her nose didnt seem to be enough. The slight back and forth of his ass fucking caused a slight rubbing sensation in her throat cavity. Her gag reflex kicked in suddenly and she choked and coughed. Finally the tentacle pulled her off completely; the hard cock sliding out of her throat cavity past her lips. She gulped air as Jac’s cock dripped her thick saliva in front of her face. It bobbed in time with his ass fucking. Her neck was exhausted but the tentacle held her suspended there.

She was forced to stare at Jac’s bobbing erection as she recovered her breath. She looked up into his exhausted eyes as the tentacle explored the inside of her vaginal walls. She felt an extreme stimulation from her gspot and moaned. Jac also began moaning as his ass was turned out for what seemed like the 10th time. Jaime’s exhausted vagina was building another orgasm and she relaxed into it.

As the pleasure reached a crescendo, and Jac’s moans increased she wondered if her used body could even handle another orgasm. She discovered the answer as her eyes shot wide and she screamed in pleasure, the tentacle speeding up in its last thrusts and sending her mercilessly over the edge. Her eyes wide and mouth agape, Jacs cock erupted in front of her face as he yelled into his own climax. The first blast of his cum landed haphazardly across her cheek. The second blast followed and shot straight into her open mouth. The spurts kept coming with speed. The following two coating her lips and chin, the fifth partially closing one of her eyes.

Jac came for what seemed an impossible amount of time. His thin cum now coated most of her face and she tasted more than enough on her tongue. She stared at him with one open eye. Her pussy leaked onto the floor.

She watched dumbly as a tentacle suddenly cracked Jac on the side of the head and his body went limp. She only had a second to process before her own vision went black.

To be continued…