Mayıs 12, 2023

Exploring Adam 6

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Against the odds, we actually made it out of the apartment that morning, togo and have brunch. It felt odd to be out with Adam in public … it feltalmost as if I was hanging out with a different person. So much of my timewith him had been spent naked and in the throes of passion. Actuallysitting across a diner table from him as we ate our bacon and eggs wasalmost an alien experience. But every so often I would get a flash in mymind of how his hard cock felt in my hand or mouth, or remember the timbreof his voice as he whispered “fuck me,” or the musky scent that rose to mynostrils when I ran my tongue over his balls.We went for a walk after brunch through one of the parks in the town, andhe mentioned admiringly that it must be a lovely place to jog in niceweather. I agreed. “Do you run?” he asked.”Yes,” I replied. “Most days, once it gets warm. In the winter I work outin the university gym.””Yes, I figured you must,” he said slyly, not looking at me, but the toneof his voice made my stomach flutter.”Did you want to go for a run?” I asked, trying to take my mind away fromthe thought of his body.He hesitated. “Well, I did bring my shoes and shorts. Just in case.” Helooked at me. “Would you want to go?””I haven’t run outside since the weather got warm,” I admitted. “I’ve beenlazy.”Surreptitiously, he poked me in the gut. “It doesn’t show.””Not yet,” I grinned. “But it will soon if I don’t get out there again. Notall of us have the seventeen-year-old’s constitution.”He istanbul escort looked at me challengingly. “Oh, I don’t know. You seem to be able tokeep up OK.”Our double entendres weren’t even all that lewd, and yet even the barestsuggestion of sex with Adam made me slightly light-headed. “So … back tothe apartment, and then a run?”I wondered if it would be possible for us to change into our running gearwithout it turning into a sex session … lord knows, it took all of mywillpower to keep my mind from thoughts that would give me a raging hardon.But somehow we managed it … I think because, even though neither of ussaid anything, we were both thinking about it, and we kept carefully apartas we stripped down and dressed in shorts and running shoes. “Let’s stretchat the park,” I suggested, thinking that if I were to watch him bendingover in my living room, there would be nothing else for it but to take himright there. His offhand comment that morning “You HAVE to fuck me againlater” was rattling around in my mind, distracting me at the mostinopportune times. What was worse, I could tell that Adam knew exactly whatwas on my mind. But that was fair enough, as I had caught him a few timesstaring at me with distant eyes, his delicious mouth slightly open.We walked from my place down to the river and did our stretching beside thejogging path. My god, he was divine—as he did lunges to stretch out hishamstrings, his ass strained against istanbul escort bayan the thin material of his joggingshorts. His legs were long and well-muscled, nicely tanned already, and histank top clung appealingly to his slim torso.It was obvious he was in much better shape than I was at that point, whichwas hardly surprising. He had been, after all, on both the track and swimteams at his high school, whereas I just ran for the sake of maintaining adecent level of fitness. A few times he raced me when we hit a long flatsection of trail; each time, he demolished me, and I made a mental note tomake him suffer for it later. Finally, after we had run for nearly half anhour, we turned around and came back. It was something of a long run forme—I tended to max out at forty-five minutes—but somehow having Adamthere gave me extra energy. When we got back to my apartment, we were bothsweaty and tired. But not so tired that I didn’t grab him as soon as thedoor was closed behind us.I pulled him too me and kissed him, and ran my tongue down hisneck. Giggling in embarrassment, he pulled away saying, “Don’t. I’m allgross.””Sweaty and gross are not the same thing,” I growled, running my hand upover his crotch and finding that he was already hard and straining at thematerial there. He moaned, his protests dissolving. I returned my tongue tohis neck, savoring the saltiness of his sweat, pulling his damp shirt upover his head. His torso Escort istanbul glistened, and I ducked my head to swirl my tonguearound his nipple. I reached up and teased the other one with myfingertips. He moaned again, and pressed his hips against mine. Thematerial of our shorts provided a silky barrier than only enhanced thesensation of rubbing our hard cocks against each other. As I licked andsucked his nipples, I swung my hips back and forth, grinding against him.Finally I fell to my knees and yanked his shorts and underwear down. Hiscock swayed enticingly in front of my face. The smell of his young, cleansweat was intoxicating, and I slowly licked up the underside of hisshaft. He moaned. “Suck me,” he begged, but I wasn’t done yet. I wanted totaste his cock sweat, to drink it all, and I licked him with increasingurgency, lapping up the delicious salty sweat that coated his shaft,pausing in that for a few minutes to suck and lick his balls. All the whilehe rested his hands on my head, moaning and muttering incoherently. Ireturned to his cock, running the full surface of my tongue up one sidewhile I held it steady and suddenly it JUMPED out of my hand and with astrangled yelp Adam came in three explosive bursts on my hand, my face, andin my hair.”Sorry,” he gasped. “That one caught me by surprise.”I laughed. “Don’t apologize. I love how suddenly you sometimes cum. I loveit when you lose control like that.”He pulled me to my feet and very carefully and deliberately lapped his cumfrom my face. He ran a hand through my hair, smearing the semen there, anddropped his other hand to where my cock strained against my shorts. Hesqueezed it, and I groaned, my eyes closing involuntarily.”How do you feel after our run?” he asked unexpectedly.”OK, I guess,” I said. “A little sore.