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Eyes Everywhere Pt. 06

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Clearing the Air

The two women found the bedroom empty, but heard the shower running in the bathroom. Lena smiled. “I don’t know about you, but I could use a shower about now.” Karla looked much less confident about ambushing her brother in the shower, but dutifully followed her mother inside.

When Kris saw his mother enter the bathroom, he called out in a concerned voice, “How’s Karla? Is she okay?”

Lena moved further into the room to make room for her daughter. “Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

Kris froze in the shower at the sight of his naked sister walking into their mother’s bathroom, not from her seeing him naked, but after the way she reacted earlier, he wasn’t sure she would ever want to see him again.

“Hey, Kris,” Karla called out to him. She tried to sound natural, but her greeting came out strained.

“Karla! Are you okay?” Kris turned off the water to get out.

“Don’t turn the water off,” his mother interrupted. “We’re coming in to join you.”

Kris looked at her dumbly for a second before turning around and restarting the shower. Karla followed her mother into the shower and the three of them stood close together under the cascade of warm water. The shower was large enough for the three adults, but the water spray only covered a relatively small volume causing all three to stand very close together. They faced each other in silence until Lena spoke up over the sound of the splashing water.

“Karla and I have something important to tell you and we all need to come to an agreement on what to do next,” she began. “First, Karla was understandably upset at finding you and me together in bed this morning. I explained what happened and that it was a one-time mistake that you and I would not be repeating,” she was looking at Kris and gave him a quick wink that his sister couldn’t see. “Then, as it turned out, your sister and I have a similar strong affection for each other and we ended up making love.” Lena paused and Karla looked up quickly to see how Kris was going to react to that bit of news.

“Okay,” he said slowly. It was clear that he was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Karla and I want to continue this new part of our relationship, but we don’t want to do it behind your back,” Lena resumed. “However, she pointed out that you and I might have similar feelings towards each other after last night, and it wouldn’t be fair to not allow you and me the chance to act on those feelings.” She paused to let her son speak up.

“You mean, you and Karla would still hook up together, but then I could hook up with you, too, if I wanted?” he asked in disbelief.

“That’s exactly it, but I don’t care for the term, ‘hook up’,” his mother said disapprovingly. “That makes it sound like anonymous, emotionless sex. I’m talking about making love to my two children as a means of expressing how much I love them.”

“Okay. I get it. I want that, too,” Kris agreed quickly. “But how is that going to work, exactly?”

“That’s the reason we’re here.” Turning to Karla, she kissed her lips and said, “I told you everything would be alright.” Karla seemed only slightly uncomfortable with her mother’s action, but didn’t reject it. Kris found it bizarre to see his naked mother kissing his equally naked sister on the lips as if they were lesbian lovers.

Turning to her son she continued, “And Kris, I don’t play favorites. I love both of you equally.” She leaned in and kissed him on the lips the same as she kissed Karla. “Now that we’ve got that part out in the open, how do you two feel about things?”

“What kind of things?” Karla asked.

“Well, for starters, are you okay with seeing me being affectionate with your brother?” Turning to Kris she added, “Or sister?”

“I’m fine with it,” Kris spoke up first.

“Me, too,” chimed in Karla. Their mother broke out in a broad smile.

“That makes me very happy and pleased with both of you,” Lena beamed. “And if you two decide you want to get together, that’s fine with me. In fact, I would even encourage you both to explore that possibility.” Kris and Karla traded startled glances with each other over their mother’s comment while she continued.

“Here. Let’s start washing each other as we talk some more.” She squirted a large amount of liquid soap from the dispenser into her hand and started rubbing a soapy lather over Karla’s chest, shoulders, and arms. “You can help out,” she called over to her son.

Kris awkwardly put some soap in his hands and moved behind his sister to rub it over her back. However, their mother decided to take charge and told him to lather up her breasts and tummy. He stood behind Karla awkwardly caressing his sister’s tiny boobs and the rest of her body, while she looked similarly uncomfortable from the intimate caressing of her brother’s hands. Lena artfully distracted her daughter by rubbing Karla’s pussy under the guise of “cleaning” it. As Kris’ hands fondled Karla’s firm little breasts, Lena commented on how Lefkoşa Escort nice and sensitive his sister’s nipples were.

“Don’t be afraid to play with them a little. Trust me. She likes it,” his mother urged with a knowing smile to her daughter.

Kris was very familiar with the sight of his sister’s body, but had never touched her anyplace sensitive or inappropriate. Following his mother’s guidance, he was surprised to feel how hard Karla’s nipples were under his hands. He found himself automatically pinching and teasing them lightly between his fingers just as he had teased his mother’s just a few hours earlier. Whether it was his hands on her sensitive nipples, his mother’s hands rubbing inside her slit, or both, Karla was quickly aroused and any misgivings she had about her brother touching her were quickly forgotten.

After several seconds, Kris felt his sister’s knees buckle slightly and he instinctively tightened his handholds over her breasts while his arms supported her. At the same time, Karla’s head fell back to rest on the upper part of his chest while her legs spread a little wider so her mother could touch her clit easier. Kris soon felt his sister’s whole body rising and falling over her mother’s fingers and stole a glance down in front of Karla to watch what his mother was doing.

He didn’t have a clear view, but it was still obvious what was going on. As he watched, his cock started feeling heavy as it slowly grew. With Karla resting up against him, his cock quickly became lodged lengthwise in the crack of her ass where it was further stimulated by the up and down movement of her body over it. It wasn’t long before Karla noticed her brother’s reaction.

“Oh my God!” she cried out. “What are you doing?” Her question was directed at Kris, but Lena looked up in surprise.

“What do you mean?” Lena asked.

Karla pulled away from her brother and turned around to partially face him while she looked down at his throbbing, semi-erect cock. “What are you doing?” she asked again.

Kris was suddenly too embarrassed to reply, but their mother interceded. “Honey, it’s just a man’s natural reaction to a beautiful woman. In this case, your brother can’t help how he responds to being with two beautiful women.” Lena’s voice was light and cheerful and she put her arm around Karla’s shoulder to hug her. “I’m sure you’ve seen a man’s hard cock before, haven’t you?”

Karla was still looking at her brother’s dick which was beginning to subside, but was still quite wide and impressive. She nodded.

“Have you ever tasted one?” her mother inquired softly. Karla’s eyes flashed up in surprise at her mother’s intimate question and she didn’t respond right away.

“Well, dear, let me tell you, your brother has a delicious cock and it’s full of some of the best cream you’ll ever taste. You have to try it,” Lena said authoritatively. Karla shook her head slightly.

“I can’t…” she replied.

Her mother frowned. “You can’t or don’t want to? It’s okay with me if you don’t want to try it. That just means more for me. Speaking of which, now that you’ve helped get him started, you need to help me finish the job.”

With some shifting of bodies, Lena and Karla managed to sit on the bench next to one another with Kris standing in front of them. Lena took Kris’ heavy but soft dick in her hand, and led the tip to her lips. She made a show out of licking all around the fat, swollen head and then up and down the underside of the shaft before opening her mouth to start taking it inside. Karla was mesmerized as she watched her mother sucking off her brother. Kris felt uncomfortable at first with having an audience, but his mother quickly refocused his attention to the intense stimulation happening around his cock.

For the first two minutes, Lena never took more than just the head of his cock between her lips, but still used her teeth and powerful tongue to drive Kris into a near-frenzy. He felt her tongue pushing down on the tip of his dick just moments before it tried to force its way into his pee hole. Kris almost yelled from the sharp and almost painful feeling that shot from his cock through the rest of his body. As it was, his entire body jerked back, but his mother’s iron grip around his cock kept him from getting away from her oral excitement.

“See Karla,” Lena said as she pulled Kris’ cock from her mouth. She still kept a tight grasp on it. “A man’s cock is just like a giant clit and it has some very sensitive areas. For instance, the slit at the tip is filled with tons of nerve-endings and all it takes is a little penetration to set them off. It can be very uncomfortable for most men at first, but over time, they can grow to enjoy it. Would you like to try?”

Karla shook her head once again, but less convincingly than before. Her mother just smiled. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” and then she returned to sucking the stiff dick in her hand. This time, his mother went Girne Escort about halfway down the shaft and at the same time, she began fondling his balls with her other hand. Karla watched from a foot away and the entire scene felt surreal. She couldn’t believe that she was in the shower watching her mother giving her brother a blowjob, and that her mother was inviting her to participate. Karla suddenly felt antsy and that she needed to do something besides just sit still. She reached up with one hand to replace her mother’s hand around Kris’ heavy balls. Her mother glanced over with a mouth full of cock and gave her daughter an approving smile.

Kris felt his cock growing harder with each passing second, but after the recent evening activities, he was nowhere close to cumming. When his sister started playing with his balls, a series of images flashed through his mind that involved him having sex with Karla, and his cock gave an involuntary twitch inside his mother’s mouth from those exciting thoughts. He had been comparing his mother and sister physically ever since they walked in the bathroom together and for the first time, he saw more similarities than differences.

Even though his mother exercised daily, he never noticed how well-toned she was, especially her upper arms and legs. The two women were nearly the same height, but Karla was more lightly built. The most obvious difference was the size of their breasts; side-by-side with Karla, Lena’s breasts appeared much larger and fuller than the B-cup size she actually was. In the past, he never thought much about his sister’s tiny A-cup breasts, but always considered her to be quite attractive otherwise. Fondling her in the shower gave him a different perspective and he found her small boobs to be quite erotic.

Lena let his stiff dick slip from her mouth once more, but maintained her tight hold on it with her hand. “Here, dear, give it a try,” she urged her daughter. With warm water streaming down over them, Lena gently pulled Karla’s unresisting head down towards the throbbing shaft standing out in front of the two women.

Up close, she couldn’t believe how big it was. Not counting her recent surreptitious viewing of Kris and her mother having sex, she had seen her brother with a hard-on just a few times. On most of those occasions, he was in bed with the sheets pulled up over his body so she never actually saw his exposed, erect penis. The last time she actually saw his uncovered hard-on was the day before when she walked in on him watching their naked mother on a hidden webcam and jerking off. However, she never thought about how large he was until his cock was less than an inch from her mouth. Karla had to pause and immediately wondered how her mother handled it so easily.

“Go ahead, dear,” her mother softly urged. “It doesn’t bite. Really!” Lena gave a quick laugh and pushed her daughter’s mouth against the fat mushroom head of Kris’ cock. Karla tentatively opened her lips and gave the tip of his dick a cautious lick. When her mother pressed her head harder, Karla found her mouth engulfing the massive head as she tried not to gag on it.

Kris watched his sister more or less be forced to suck his cock and immediately felt bad. Other than a rare fantasy or two, he never thought about having sex with her and certainly never wanted her to be forced into it. However, before he even finished that thought, he felt her mouth and tongue moving over the glans of his dick as she started exploring. His mother was no longer holding Karla’s head down, but instead was telling her something that Kris couldn’t make out over the sound of falling water.

Suddenly, another electric shock streaked through his shaft and into his body when KJarla’s tongue managed to force its way into his pee hole. As he involuntarily jerked away from her, Karla’s hand squeezed tightly around his shaft and kept him from escaping her mouth. “Fuck!” he cried out too late. “What the fuck are you doing?”

His irritation grew when his mother and sister both laughed and exchanged knowing smiles before looking up at him. Karla almost burst out laughing from the look on her brother’s face, nearly letting his cock slip out of her mouth in the process. She moved her head back over his still-tingling cock and started sucking and licking it in a more conventional and much less irritating manner. As Karla became used to her brother’s size, Lena continued to provide tips and encouragement to her daughter. Kris felt outnumbered, but frankly, he found the entire experience quite other-worldly and erotic.

Over the next several minutes, Karla learned how to fondle and suck his balls without hurting him, how to deep-throat his large dick, and how to make a show out of the entire experience that was worthy of a porn star. Karla didn’t get close to actually taking his whole shaft inside her mouth before gagging, but tried several times before giving up. Kris found his sexual desire growing dramatically Magosa Escort when his sister began looking up at him, engaging his eyes, and emoting through the whole “show”. He had an unexpectedly strong urge to fuck his sister hard and fill every one of her holes with his cream, starting with her mouth.

While he consciously worked to ejaculate, his mother whispered in Karla’s ear again. By then, it was nothing new, but when his sister looked back at their mother in disbelief, that should have been a warning sign that their mother was up to something again. Instead, he kept looking at his dick sliding in and out of Karla’s mouth and imagining his cum spurting into it without warning as he tried to will himself to ejaculate. Before he reached that point, he felt another new sensation that shocked him back to reality.

Karla and her mother had been sharing his cock for several minutes as Lena demonstrated what to do. They also played with his balls, which provided a nice background sensation and he had stopped thinking much about it. However, when Karla’s middle finger suddenly impaled his ass, he couldn’t mask his surprise. He was unable to move away from the two sitting women and before he said anything in reaction, he felt his sister’s finger wiggling back and forth as it became fully inserted up his rectum.

“Holy fuck!” he cried out again. His mother smiled broadly and Karla’s smile was nearly as wide. To reinforce her control, Karla pushed up with her whole hand as if trying to lift her brother with her finger still implanted in his ass, still wiggling it and frequently rubbing against his prostate.

“How is that, dear?” his mother asked. Karla giggled.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Kris asked belatedly.

“Just trying out something different,” his mother responded coolly. “How does it feel? I mean really, do you like it?”

“No!” was his immediate response. That didn’t change anything and Karla continued fingering his ass while his mother continued the discussion.

“Are you sure? I know it was a surprise, but don’t you find it at least a little exciting?” his mother pressed. “Admitting that you like it doesn’t make you gay, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Kris tried to glare down at his mother and sister while also trying to extract himself from Karla’s hold, but between the vise-like hold on his hard cock and the entire length of her long finger up inside his ass, he wasn’t going to get away easily. As the initial shock wore off, he had to admit that it didn’t feel bad. It felt different, for sure, but not bad. Every time her finger moved over his prostate, it sent strange waves of pleasurable discomfort through his cock and he found himself enjoying it.

“Yeah, I guess,” he finally admitted gruffly. He was feeling a strong urge to pee that was also conflicting with the near climax that had been interrupted. He suddenly smiled at the thought of accidentally peeing in his sister’s mouth. “That would teach her to fuck with me like that,” he thought wickedly.

It didn’t work out that way, however. Instead, his mother resumed sucking his cock in concert with Karla fingering his ass. His mother’s expertise quickly brought him back to the precipice of climax before unknowingly sharing it back with his sister. Karla was trying once more to deep-throat his cock without gagging when Kris erupted in her mouth, pulsing a quick, large gob of cream down her throat.

Karla immediately started choking and her finger immediately came out of his ass while she tried to pull his dick out of her mouth. However, Kris had already seized the back of her head and held her struggling with his cock still squirting the last of his load into her mouth. It wasn’t until his orgasm was over that Kris released Karla’s head. She instantly pulled back to get some air and catch her breath, which was made harder by the spray of water pouring down over her from the shower head. At the same time, she couldn’t help swallowing her brother’s cum and she had a momentary taste of the warm saltiness that had filled her mouth.

“Are you alright, honey?” Lena asked her daughter with concern. When Lena looked up at her son, he couldn’t help but notice the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face before she returned her attention to her daughter.

“Why didn’t you warn me?” Karla spat out. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do that?” She glared up at her brother. Kris had a hard time hiding a smile.

“I’m sorry. You were just so exciting, I didn’t think about it until it was too late,” he answered in an obvious lie.

“Bullshit! You did that on purpose!” Kalra snarled.

“Now, now, kids. Let’s just settle down,” Lena stepped in as she tried to calm the situation.

“Kris, you know that wasn’t right, especially when it was her first time with you,” Lena admonished her son.

“Yeah? Well, you didn’t seem to think surprises were so bad when I was on the receiving end,” he argued back.

Lena started to respond but caught herself. Recomposing her thoughts, she answered, “Yes, you have a point there. I’m sorry we didn’t talk to you about it first. Just out of curiosity, what would you have said if she had asked you before fingering your ass or teasing the tip of your dick?”