Mayıs 12, 2023

Family Fun…Part 2

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It was amazing after my girlfriend of almost two years, Tina, told me that her family was incestuous. After that first fuck session in the living room with her parents we all had drinks, sitting naked on the patio with their other two kids, Beth and Jeff, to relax and recover. They told me that they had been incestuous since Tina was 18 when she had come to her father after watching her parents have sex one night. They included the other kids when they turned 18 also, but Jeff and Beth had each done their own thing before that. I had told them a little about my sexual history, like how my first threesome happened. It was like any other after sex talk I had had with others before. Soon her mother, Ann, monopolized me for the night. She took me to the master bedroom and we were all over that king size bed, starting with a wonderful 69 where I tongue fucked her to a couple of orgasms before we really got into it, including bouncing the headboard off the wall. I figured that Tina and her father Dan were having fun somewhere else. I woke up in the morning and found Tina cuddling in front of me, and Ann was still behind me. When I raised my head, sure enough there was Dan on the other side of her. I needed to use the bathroom and got up slowly not wanting to wake anyone, and Tina lifted her hand to stroke my arm as I left but she fell asleep again. I left the bedroom and went across the house to the other bathroom so the flushing toilet didn’t wake them. Now was when I started really thinking about what had happened that night. Yes, I knew that incest was “taboo”, but before I had known about this family’s secret they had seemed to be a nice, average family. In all the time I had known them, they were always happy and going on with their lives like everyone else I had known. All of the kids were excellent students and both parents held well paying jobs. Obviously there was no sign of trauma or abuse going on. But last night I had shared my girlfriend with her own father, and I had screwed Fikirtepe escort her mother several times, and we had enjoyed ourselves like any other couple having fun in the swinging lifestyle. I had stopped thinking about who we were with because Tina and I had talked about being with another couple several times. In the end I just decided to enjoy being with this family and see where things went. I definitely had Tina, but if I was willing to share her with someone else, why not this way? They were obviously happy about it. After I left the bathroom I went to the kitchen, pouring some milk and grabbed a couple of hard boiled eggs Ann kept ready. A few minutes later I heard the toilet flush in the same bathroom I had used, and wondered if it was Jeff or Beth. After last night, I just didn’t worry about being in this family’s house, naked and sitting at the table. Just as I finished the thought and thinking about them naked the night before, Beth came into the kitchen, still wonderfully naked. Her young C-cupped breasts were perky and I had always noticed that she usually never wore a bra, only a camisole, under her blouses. She was different from her mother and sister in that she had trimmed her snatch in a wide V, the bottoms of the angles not quite meeting at the top of her slit. Her face broke into a wonderful smile when she saw me at the table. “Hi there! How are you doing this morning?” “I’m doing great, thank you.” The night before she had just kissed me on the cheek and welcomed me to the family, but now I looked at her wonderful young body walking across the floor and my dick started to come to life. “I bet you are after last night!” she said as she grabbed a glass from the cabinet and went to the fridge. I watched her grab the jug of milk, then pour herself a glassful. I was sure she was showing off her slender body to me. I relished the view until I realized that I didn’t want to assume that she was available to me also. Were there Sancaktepe escort bayan any rules to this I should know about first? Everyone was obviously comfortable being naked on the patio last night, but could I have Beth also? Yes, she was 18 and she knew about last night’s fun, but she and Jeff hadn’t come into the living room while Tina, Dan, Ann and I were having a lot of noisy sex in the living room and she had only given me that peck on the cheek on the patio. Beth put the milk back in the fridge and came over to the table, pulling a chair out and sitting down across from me. “If you’re wondering, yes we are nudists here in the house. You really are welcome here, so I’m glad you didn’t get dressed”. The twinkle in her eye told me she liked my being there without any clothes on. I suddenly felt her foot touching mine under the table and start caressing my leg. We locked eyes and she let me know that “when I’m done with this glass I’m going to suck your cock.” At least she didn’t have any rules for me to worry about. We sat there looking at each other as I finished an egg and she took her time drinking her milk. My dick was at full attention and we both knew we were mentally playing with each other. We never let our smiles leave our faces. She took small sips, then a big gulp, but left enough in the glass to show me that she wasn’t done yet. I lifted my foot and started rubbing her other leg. Soon there was no excuse. Beth pushed her chair back and moved under the table and I felt her hand gently grab my cock and I spread my legs for her. Soon I was getting a glorious blow job with her stroking my cock and I heard her mewling from under the table. I leaned back in the chair and dropped the last of the egg on the table. I had been with women hungry for a dick in their mouth before, but Beth was obviously one of the hungriest ones. While her sister loved to caress and go slow, Beth worked my dick like a jack hammer. She wanted Escort üsküdar it hard! I had never told Tina that I liked to be sucked differently, so this was a fantastic change for me, just as her mother’s mouth work was the night before. Beth had a firm grip on the base of my shaft and I took her head in my hands, letting her know I was enjoying myself. But I love to eat pussy. After a few minutes I stopped Beth and pulled her out from under the table. I leaned down to fondle and suck her tits and nipples, wrapping an arm around her to pull her close. After a moment I lifted my head and kissed her, driving my tongue into her mouth, knowing how hungry she was as well. I soon pushed her over onto the table and lowered my head to her waiting pussy. It was completely wet already and I started to lap it with my tongue, wrapping my arms around her legs to pull her close. She immediately grabbed my head and pulled me into her. She was so damned wet I never knew she was going to cum until I heard “I’m cumming!” Her back arched off of the table but I kept licking and sucking. Beth continued to cum, her hips rising and falling in jerky motion, pushing into my face then away. I stopped and she continued to shudder on the table as I moved up her body to caress and kiss both of her breasts. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders as she breathed heavily. “My God that was so good!” she whispered above me. Soon we lifted off of the table and she bent to suck my dick some more. She paused to stroke me by hand and looked up at me. “If you don’t put this in me soon I’m going to be very fucking disappointed.” Within seconds she was leaning across the table and I was stroking my dick into her from behind, gripping her waist. When I entered her, I had that feeling of delight once again that went right up my dick and into my ass. Damn I loved the feeling of pussy in this family! She was cumming a mile a minute and both of us were making noise and not thinking about it. After a bit we changed position and she laid back on the table and I held her by her knees, lifting her legs high and opening her pussy wider. I don’t know how long we fucked on the table when I felt her cum again, this time feeling a drenching of liquid as she squirted on me! I had never been with a squirter before and I ramped up to cum right then.