Haziran 7, 2023

Fantasy about my wife

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Fantasy about my wifeOur sexlife was getting slow and boring, after 20 years of marriage nothing new, and since the k**s lived at the same floor there was not much time for loud spontan sex.So i came up with a nice idea, how about ghaving our own little glory hole!So i told my wife about it, and in the beginning she dident like the idea at all, but i told her that would bring our sexlife back to life.We could make a roleplay out of it and pretend not to know who is on the other side.So she told me if we would do that it would have to be somewhere safe, so i tolde her i could build something in our garage.And so i did, i already had a workspace in the garage, a small area totally closed, and i added another cabin to it, and build a hole and a small door in it, just big enough to get a hand trough or a big boob.It took my only about 2 days, since i really wanted to try that new play room, and then at the weekend we had the k**s in the house and went outside.I went into my area and my wife into the small cabin, and pushed my cock trough the hole.First nothing happend, but then i would feel her tongue at fist and then her teath, playing with my cock, luckily i had made the hole big enough to get also my balls trough,so she licked my balls and my cock for a while, before she stopped.But it dident take ling before i could feel something wet and warm Alaçatı Escort wrapping around my couck and then i heard and felt her ass banging aginst the wall, and could hear her moaning,what lead to me getting even harder, so she fucked me hard and fast and when i heard her cuming i could barely hold back, but when i felt her hand grabbing my cock and jerking him i couldent hold back anymore and shoot my load.After that my wife came over and presented her cum coverd cocks to me, so i licked her nibbles and feelt my cock getting hard again, so i fucked her again, sitting at my desk and filled her cunt with my cum this time.So that went on for quit a while and we both had fun, but then we had a party and some friends around.There was lots of musik and even mor alcohol, so after a while a buddy of mine asked if i could show him some of the stuff i was working on in my garage, so we went out ther.While in the garage, checking out the stuff, i heard the door and my wife asking, “honey are you in here?” so i answerd her truly, “yes babe i am here”Then i heard the other door from the cabin, and thought, “wow, that s funny, what if…”And i heard her say, “babe i need a stiff peace of meat”My friend looked at me, and i at him, i knew he was hot for my wife for quit a while, so i smiled at him and pointed at Alaybey Escort the hole in the wall, and he instendly got what i meant.So he pulled his pants down and pushed his cock trough the hole, and by the way his eyes widedn i knew my wife was sucking at his cok right now.and not much later it started banging against the wall, and i could hear my wife cuming, and then he shoot his load trough the hole and i could her my wife say,”oh baby thats a nice load” so my friend pulled his cock out and i could hear the door open at the other side, so i went out of my garage and looked at my wife.”baby that was nice, feelt allmost like your cock was bigger then usual, we should do that again when we have a party again.”With that she left the garage, and i went back into my cabin, and looked at my friend. He smiled and said “wish she knew it was me””Well, maybe we can arange something later, bet if she has a few more drinks and you get some rest she wuold love to hear from me if i ask her to go in here again”he looked at me and smiled, “that would be nice, we should try that”So tthe later it got my wife got more drunk, and when i whiselt into her ear that i was horny again, and would love to go to the cabins again she smiled at me and said,”we should wait till our guests are gone” So i said that would be OK for Aliağa Escort me, and i told my friend that he should wait in the garage once everybody else was leaving.And so we did, and when the last ouf our guests left i told my wife she should wait for me in the garage.I said my godby to our last guests and made my way to the garage, when i opend the door i could hear my wife moaning so she was already fucking my friend again, i smiled and went to her cabin and opend the door.She looked at me, first smiling, then in disbelive, “you are here, so who the hell is fucking me?”She went around and opend the other door looking at our friend, ” Daniel, i should have known it”But then she looked at me, back to him and smiled.”Well now that you started fucking me, you should finish the job”She went back to the other side and pressed her pussy against the whole and pulled me in as well opening my pents and taking my cock out,and when she started sucking my cock i could tell that Daniel must have pushed his cock back trough the hole since her eyes widend ant she started to breath harder.I could feel my dick getting harder while she had her first orgasm and then pulled away from the hole.Daniel and i changed sides and i fucked my wife trough the hole while she sucked him off and made him cum on her boobs while i pumped my load into her wet pussy.Later she looked at us and said, “we should get another cabin on the other side, so i can choose what cock to fuck and what to suck,”So Denis and i decided to build another cabin but we also started fucking my wife once a while at his place, and later we got other man involved, occupying on of the cabins to fuck her.