Haziran 9, 2023

Fantasy Truly “Blind” Date

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Fantasy Truly “Blind” DateWe arrange for a meeting at my apartment. You are eager, almost impatient as you get ready for the big night. Maybe it’s the excitement or the electric charge passing just under your skin, but you don’t feel inhibited or anxious like you thought you might. The surge of empowerment and resolve carries you all the way to the front door. Hanging from the knocker is a red satin bag and a note. You open the note to readPut this on before you knock.–EYou pull the string on the bag to reveal a black satin blindfold. A split second of doubt is dismissed by the hunger that has driven you this far. You tie the blindfold over your eyes and knock on the door. I answer immediately. My voice is deep and warm as I say hello. Lips softer than rose petals press against yours as I greet you with a kiss. It lasts barely long enough for you to feel the familiar warmth blossom low in your gut. It spreads so fast, your legs weaken and you begin to feel lightheaded. You can tell I’m very tall. From the bulge you felt growing between our embrace, you realize everything about me is big. Your heart seems to skip a beat, when you try opening your eyes — the blindfold is a good one, you can’t see a thing. I lead you into the bedroom and help you lie back on the bed. From the motion of the mattress, you can tell that I have taken off my clothes and am lying beside you, on your left. I gently begin to take your clothes off as I whisper, “We’re just going to lie here and let you get comfortable. We lie still together spooning. An almost wild, but calming, energy emanates from every place we are joined skin to skin. You wonder if either of us has enough skin to touch completely enough to appease the hunger that’s been silently growing most your adult life. Our breathing synchronizes and gradually deepens, and I your muscles loosen. “Lie on your back and I want you to concentrate on all the sensations. You can move all you like, you’re not restrained, but imagine you’re floating, like on water. We’re going Ankara bayan escort to start with me moving my hands gently over you. Over your gorgeous curves, every single part of you, your beautiful breasts, your legs … your wonderful pussy…” on that word, my voice is suddenly close in your ear. My warm breath on your neck and my lips brushing your earlobe sends a wave pulsing through you. My hands circle your breasts and I have to fight off the urge to touch them, caress them. Instead I move my hands down, over your belly, down the outside of your thighs, past your calves, to your feet. My hands make several passes like this, from head to toe, refusing to touch you where you most want to be touched. With each motion, your sensation of my touching-not-touching grows. The bed seems to have melted away. Now my hands move even more slowly up the inside of your legs. Past the swell of your calves, lingering at the knee, before climbing higher, onto your thighs where your muscles are firing and twitching, making you tremble. This time I don’t stop. My hands move higher again, until they come to rest over your pussy, almost cupping it, almost touching you, almost stroking you. “Touch me,” you whimper. Feeling the heat from my hands, you want so badly for my fingers to touch you, to rub your clit, to thrust inside you but my hand remains a fraction above your skin. “Touch me, you ask again.” I don’t reply, but my fingers sweep over your skin. A single finger slides down your spine, then two fingers – like feathers down your neck. My hands move down, skittering over your thighs, dancing down your calves, then back up to circle your bottom, dipping briefly between your cheeks that shivers your whole body. Then back up, up, and finally, finally, I take your tits into my hands. The sensitive, dark areole dragging and rolling under the rougher texture of my hands. Now I’m touching the hard nubs of your nipples, gently squeezing and pulling on them. Involuntarily, your hips Escort bayan Ankara roll forward. “Please,” you whisper. “Touch my pussy.” Almost as if taking their cue from your hips, my fingers have already begun to shift, leaving your tits and gliding lower. A single finger glides down and then stops, the tip resting lightly on your clit. You’re not sure if I licked my finger at some point or if you’re wetter than you’ve ever been because my finger glides effortlessly round your clit. “Yes, God yes. I want your fingers inside me.” You feel my hand rotate, my index finger tucking itself between your lips, driving in deeply. My thumb rests on your clit, pressing lightly. Another finger joins the first, then a third, filling you. Suddenly I am close again, whispering in your ear. “I almost wish you weren’t wearing the blindfold, so you could see how beautiful you are now, your body reacting to my touch. And you can’t see the effect it’s having on me either. You haven’t touched me, I haven’t touched myself, but I’m absolutely rock-hard, and leaking everywhere.” You shiver at my voice, marveling at its unfamiliar but soothing tone. I go on. “And we’re nowhere near finished yet. I’m going to keep my hands moving on you, worshiping your tits, your ass, your pussy, your legs, your arms, your neck, your back. I want you to feel, to soak up the pleasure until you’re fit to burst, until the pressure is unbearable, until you cum harder than you ever believed possible. I keep one hand busy with your pussy, but move the other down from your tit, over your belly and round to your bottom. My finger quests, probes between your beautiful cheeks, hovers over the hole buried there, almost as if asking permission. Your body immediately responds in the same unwritten language as your cheeks separate slightly, as you draw your knees slightly toward your chest, my finger glides smoothly into your ass, no friction, no pain. Not even as a second finger joins the first. My hands move together, Bayan escort Ankara finger-fucking you deeper and harder. You’ve never been so turned on. Behind the blindfold all that exists is the sound of your breathing, my fingers and the holes they’re fucking. “Now I’m going to taste you,” I say. “But first it’s your turn.” You feel me remove my fingers from your dripping pussy. When you next feel them, they’re gliding across your lower lip. I push my fingers into your mouth letting you taste your pussy. You take my fingers deep into your mouth, as if you were sucking my cock instead. You taste your flavor. My fingers move from mouth to pussy to mouth to pussy to mouth. Each time your pussy tastes sweeter, stronger. Your scent intoxicates me, drawing me inward. You feel my arms first looping over your thighs, then under them, my hands clamping onto your ass. My chest pushing your legs further apart. In an exaggerated slow motion, you feel my tongue running from the bottom of your pussy lips up, up, over your clit, and the world spins away. Eagerly, I lick your perfect slit, discovering the same sweet taste that still remains in your mouth. I repeat the motion, the flat of my tongue rubbing over you, the tip of my tongue hard and probing, barely dipping into your folds before retreating to circle your clit. With each stroke, I push my tongue deeper. Every inch, every delicate fold of your swollen lips makes your taste grow sweeter. I hear a sound like a whimper as your clit stiffens against the tip of my flitting tongue. I shift my mouth higher, sucking on your clit now, taking it entirely into my mouth but moving my tongue back, so all you can feel is the subtle suction. Your strong fingers clutch my hair, pulling me closer until all my senses are filled with your exquisite taste. Suddenly my tongue licks forward, hard over your clit. Completely out of your control, your hips begin moving up and down grinding your clit harder against my face. Each upward flit of my tongue against your clit sends an uncontrollable wave down length of your inner thighs which are pressing my head like a vice. Your body rises with the swelling wave, every muscle firing together taking you higher than you’ve ever imagined possible before being hurled thrillingly down, pussy, tits, ass, nipples all pulsating – all throbbing.