Nisan 25, 2023

Father Punishes His Son

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I stood with my nose in the corner and my belt and work pants pooled around my ankles. My face was red and wet as the frustration tears streamed down my face.

“You better keep that coin on the wall Nai.” My father warned as he walked past me. “I am.” I angrily responded. “You still want to keep that tone with me?” he asked, and I said “No.” trying to sound less annoyed.

I was standing here because my job had notified my father, of all people, that I had showed up to work drunk multiple times. Why they would do that I have no idea. I’m fucking 25 years old, I can hold my own, I didn’t need this.

“So you think it’s more important to get drunk and party at night than to show up to work in the morning sober?” he asked, and I replied with “No.” again. “Well that’s what it seems like.” he said, and I heard him pull his leather belt from his pants.

“Dad I’m an adult I don’t need a spanking.” I pleaded turning around and letting the coin fall. He watched it as it spun in circles on the hard wood floor and I instantly regretted it. “Didn’t I tell you to keep that coin on the wall?” He asked, and I nodded bending down to pick it up.

“Leave it.” he commanded popping the back of my thigh making me stand up rubbing it. “I’m sorry.” I stammered trying not to catch another attitude. I felt like a child being scolded and my dignity was slowly leaving me.

“Get over here, you know the drill. Just like when you were a teenager.” He stated sitting down on the couch. “Dad I am not about to strip and bend over your knee like I’m 18 again.” I protested crossing my arms. “What makes you think I’m giving you a choice.” He snarled looking over at me.

My dad was a tall muscular man in his forties, and he had blonde hair that was usually pulled back in a bun. He didn’t look at all his age and many people mistook him as my slightly older brother.

I stood there watching him as he rose to his feet. I tried to back up but was met with the corner of the wall. “Do I need to repeat my orders boy?” he asked, and I just stood there staring at the floor. He then grabbed a fist full of my hair and walked me back to the couch.

“Dad please, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’ll straighten up.” I begged as he pulled off my white button up. I tried to force my legs tightly shut, but he pulled my briefs down anyway. “Father please, I don’t want a spanking.” I begged as he leaned me down over his lap.

“Then maybe you’ll think about this spanking every time you feel the need to open a bottle of Vodka on a night when you have to work in the morning.” He snapped pulling my ass up into an easily accessible position.

I hadn’t felt so Beşiktaş Escort humiliated and belittled in 7 years. I was once again bent over my fathers knee about to get a belted spanking. Furthermore, I squirmed as he rubbed and squeezed my butt softening it up. I wasn’t as tall as my dad neither was I as muscular, I even had more fleshy thighs as well as an ass compared to his manly features.

I wiggled more and he tightening up his grip around my waist. “Dad please, I won’t drink anymore I swear.” I said almost breaking down and giving in. “Your still getting your ass whipped.” He said and gave me my first 5 smacks. “Ouuuchhhh dad, be softer.” I whined trying to cover my buttocks with my hand.

“Nope Naimehr, you know good and well I’m not about to do that.” He said bringing down the belt again five more times. He wasn’t at all being lenient or merciful with his whacks and my ass was not appreciating it.

“Fuck, your ass always reddens up so beautifully.” He complimented rubbing his hand over my red left ass cheek. He then went to work on my other butt cheek just as mercilessly. I kicked my legs and tried to move away, but he kept his unrelenting grip.

“Daddy owwweeeee please, I’m sorry.” I whined caving in to the pain. My ass felt like it was on fire and I knew he was nowhere near done. My father was a very thorough man, and he wasn’t going to let up just because I whined a little.

“Nai, you’re not getting away with going to work drunk.” He said continuing to lay 20 more belt smacks to my bare bottom on each cheek. “Look at your little hot red ass.” He smirked biting his lip and rubbing his hand over my glowing red butt.

I just laid there softly whimpering and hanging on tightly to my dads sweatpants legs for support. I was determined not to cry, but I didn’t think I could hold it up much longer. “You enjoying this boy?” He asked reaching down and taking hold of my half hard cock making me moan.

“You never change.” He chuckled continuing to fondle me and I couldn’t hold back my whimpers as he simultaneously rubbed my heavily bruised ass. Then he abruptly started spanking me hard again tipping me over the edge and making me cry.

“Daddy owwwccchhhh please I’m so sorry, I won’t drink ever again. I won’t even look at another bottle of spirits. Just please stop spanking me.” I cried flailing my legs and desperately trying to wiggle off to no avail.

My dad didn’t budge and let down another 15 blistering whacks to my already bruised ass. I screamed in pain as he relentlessly brought down smack after smack after smack. If we didn’t live out on Beylikdüzü Escort a farm the neighbors would have definitely called the police by now.

“You Sir are going to learn every bit of your damn lesson, and you’re not getting up until I feel that you have.” He spit out and I sobbed. This went on for another twenty minutes before he stood me up and watched me sob my eyes out.

“You learned your lesson?” He asked, and I nodded my head ‘yes’. It took me a minute to calm down as my father hugged me and rubbed my ass. I also couldn’t help but feel his boner pressing into my pelvic bone, making me even harder.

“Please dad?” I said rubbing my erection against his thigh. “You want your father to appease your little horny desires?” He asked grabbing my ass hard making me wince. I guess now would be the time to admit that I had a sexual relationship with my father.

“Bend over.” my father said as he spun me around so that I was facing the front of the couch. I got on the couch and kneeled down on the sofa bending my arms over the back of the couch. He kissed my hot ass cheeks making my dick throb.

He licked over my dark purples bruises and ran his fingers over my red patches of skin. I felt every taste bud on his tongue running over my abused ass, and it felt absolutely amazing.

He spread my ass open and started lapping at my pink fleshy hole. I whimpered in pleasure as my cock started to drip pre-cum. “You like when your father licks your little tight hole?” he asked, and I moaned in response when he slid a finger across my sphincter.

“Loosen up baby, let daddy in.” He said trying to push past my pink hole with his finger. My father hadn’t been inside me for over four months and I couldn’t help but be tight. “I’m trying.” I moaned as I felt his finger forcefully pushed pass my anus.

“Ouch.” I clenched wiggling as he continued to stretch out my hole. It hurt mildly, but it hurt so, so good. “I know you like it rough but Nai you have to open up.” He moaned and I did my best to listen.

It took a minute, but he finally was able to easily slide two fingers in and out of me. My cock was leaking heavily, and I was starting to push myself back onto his fingers. “Fuck me please dad, I’m so damn horny.” I blurted out as my dad slid his fingers out of me.

He then walked around to the front of the couch and took my chin in his hand. “Don’t be a greedy little bitch, you’ll take what I give you.” He said and I nodded my head. I loved when he talked to me like this, it made me so much more horny.

He held a tight hold on my chin with his hand as Beyoğlu Escort he unbuttoned his pants taking them off as well as his boxers with his other. His hard 8 and a half inch cock came flying out of his pants wetting my lip with a stream of pre-cum.

I instantly licked it off my lip and parted my lips for him to enter in. He smirked and took my offer sliding his tip just past my parted lips. “Stick your tongue out.” he said, and I obeyed. He smeared his tip over my top lip and tongue as his pre-cum coated my mouth.

He then slid his cock all the way down my throat and kept it there looking down at me smirking. I licked his balls as his cock was stuffed down my throat. “What a good boy, keeping my cock sleeve open.” he said as my face started to turn red.

He pulled out right before I started choking and slapped my cheek with his slobbery cock. I orally pleased him for a while until my jaw started to get tired and hurt, but he kept pushing in deeper. “Take it.” he said, and I started choking.

“Damn I love feeling your throat close around me.” He moaned after he pulled out and walked back around the couch to my awaiting asshole. I heard him open the drawer on the coffee table and pop open a bottle of lube.

“I have things to go do, so this is going to be quick.” He told me as he stroked his cock with lube. He never used lube on my hole, when things were going to be really fast and that often meant hard as well. This was going to be quick and a little painful, almost just how I liked it.

He positioned his cock at my pink hole and slowly pushed in to me until he was balls deep. I moaned in pleasure as I pushed back on to him. He didn’t waist anytime and started to pound me hard and quick. Every time his hips met my ass a sharp pain went through me.

He grunted and moaned as he made me moan very unmanly like. “You’re so fucking tight, Daddy loves to fuck your little slut hole.” He moaned as his dick abused my prostate gland. His dick hurt so good in me and I couldn’t help but bite my lip hard.

He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me up wrapping his other hand around my base squeezing it. “You want your father to make you cum?” he growled as he fucked his inches upward into me. “Yes please, I want you to make me cum.” I whimpered out, and I could tell my dad was close.

“To bad, naughty boys don’t get to cum.” he said placing his thumb over the slit in my penis and spewed his cum deep into my hole. It was hot, thick, and creamy like always, and it made my dick throb and pulsate.

He grunted and shoved his cock up into me one last time making my asshole and cheeks burn with pain. He stayed there for a while before he pulled out of me leaving me feeling empty and still horny as hell.

He pulled up his boxers and pants and replaced his belt watching my anus as it leaked his cum. “Go take a cold shower, and don’t even think about touching your cock or having an orgasm.” He commanded grabbing his keys and wallet walking out the front door.