Nisan 24, 2023

Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 27

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Renate part 4

Well, my adventure with Renate screamed for a follow-up.

I just couldn’t wait for the 6 months to be over. We talked on the phone and made an appointment for after the summer. I was going to visit her on a Monday afternoon and would stay for 2 nights and then leave again around noon on Wednesday.

This time I would also fly to Germany and then take a local train for about half an hour. Quite convenient actually.

The day arrived and I got ready to leave for the airport early. Again I had told my wife that I would be in a conference for the merger. Never quite knew if she believed it but I didn’t really care because she was not going to be able to find us out anyway. She was a little too gullible and did not ask for hotel details or whatever. To make her a little more comfortable I would call her in between meetings so I could let her know when I was not to be disturbed.

But, although she still believed me about the conferences, she was not stupid because years later she found some scat photo’s on my computer (still don’t know how because I always deleted my cache and browser history). Then she was really mad and was sure I had visited one of the scat loving ladies she saw on those pictures. But I could honestly say I hadn’t.

So she didn’t trust me completely. But again, I didn’t really care because our marriage was soon to be over anyway.

My wife really hated me for my perversions although I did not ask her anymore to help me with them. She just ignored the fact that I might still be interested in them.

She had helped me by shitting on me in our early years but didn’t want to do that anymore because this was past her boundaries yalova seks hikayeleri and just expected of me to forget all about my desires, which wasn’t really fair. She liked molten cheese very much and I really hated the smell of that. But I couldn’t ask her not to like molten cheese anymore now could I?

What I did was just hide my perversions from her so that she was not confronted with them anymore. And she finally believed I wasn’t interested in those dirty things anymore.

But, enough (really!) about my ex-wife.

It was nice weather and I really enjoyed the walk from the train station to Renate’s home. She had a very nice ground level apartment in a quiet neighborhood.

I was a little nervous and my heart was pounding in my throat. I pushed the bottom bell button when I recognized her surname on the name sign.

Then she opened the door very slightly to see if it was really me. When she recognized me she opened the door fully and I could see she was wearing a very sexy black latex suit. Her boobs were standing out naked and the suit was crotchless. Also her head was fully covered in a latex hood only leaving her mouth and eyes open. This looked so awesome and that got me really hot!

Immediately I gave her a French kiss and while doing that I could smell something very naughty. When I asked she admitted she had applied her special morning cologne: her morning pee. She had put it in a cup and rubbed it all over herself before putting on the latex suit. It really smelled fantastic an got me in the mood straight away.

I gave her the red roses I brought and she was really happy with those although I wasn’t really sure if that was the gift she liked. Fortunately she did.

Next thing was a tour around her house. In the hall there was black tapestry on the walls and little lights on the ceiling resembling a starry sky. Very tasteful.

When I entered the living room I noticed a big black and white poster with an almost naked female peeing in the mouth of a (probably submissive) male who was buried up to his neck in sand. Best picture I had ever seen. “Wouldn’t you have liked the roles the other way round?” I asked. “Of course,” she smiled, “but it’s the act and submission that counts.”

Obviously she was not ashamed at all about her sexual preferences. At least her guests knew at least a little bit what made her tick.

I followed her into the kitchen and meanwhile I put my hand between her buttocks that were also uncovered. She shivered with delight. Sniffed my fingers after that and there was that morning pee smell again. It was all over her. My growing dick wanted to escape from my tight trousers.

In the kitchen she asked me if I would like some coffee. Espresso or double espresso? I asked for a double. Nice. She poured herself a whiskey next to her strong coffee and asked if I would like that too. I declined because I really don’t like it.

Sitting down at the breakfast bar in the kitchen we talked a bit how we faired the last months. We both were alright and she told me she also had been seeing some other men and she asked me if I was ok with that. I was. After all I didn’t own her.

She trusted to me that these other men helped pay the rent because she asked a voluntary amount of them to help her out in exchange for them to be able to treat her the way they wanted too. “So wouldn’t that make you a prostitute in a way? Not that I have any objections to that” I asked. “In a way, yes, but as I said, it’s voluntary and based on friendship and trust. But none of the men I see have any trouble with that.”

I thought to myself that it couldn’t hurt to give her some financial support as well. Why not? So I decided to give her a few hundred Euro’s that I would have to get at an ATM later.

When we finished coffee she continued the tour around her home.

Her bedroom had an ensuite that was pretty large. Big corner bathtub, a walk in shower, a double sink and a toilet. There were also some contraptions in there, one of which I recognized as a toilet box. The toilet box was made of transparent material, I think plexiglass, and a wooden toilet seat on top of it. An opening at the front made sure someone could push his or her head inside so the toilet seat was straight above the face. Nice!

We continued the tour to her play room. Another toilet box in there next to a gynecology chair, a Andreas cross and all kinds of ropes and other bondage materials hanging on the wall in a nice and orderly way.

On a shelve stood some mannequin heads with all kinds of different masks and hoods, mainly black leather or latex. One attracted my attention immediately. A completely closed hood with only an upright funnel attached to the spot where the mouth should be. That really got my fantasy going and I felt my dick throbbing in my pants.

“So, what do you want to do to me?” she asked.

“I am particularly interested in using the hood with the funnel on you. Is that ok?”

“Anything you want. You’re the master now and I am only very happy and longing to serve you the way you want to. I can’t wait to get started.”

… to be continued …